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Catalogue of Fiche, Film and CDs

Note that the spelling of place names may have changed over the years so remember to check all variations.
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Wiltshire Parishes in the 1841 Census held in the AIGS Library
Note that these items are microfilm of the original Census records and are filed in the Film cabinets under their Piece Numbers.
Please note,Those Parishes highlighted green are on  MICROFICHE  not microfilm.
The designation of HO107 stands for Home Office, the number after the slash is the Piece Number.

Entire County Held
Aldbourne (HO107/1185)
Alderbury (HO107/1164)
Alderton (HO107/1171, part 1, fiche 1) ­
Allington (HO107/1165)
Alton Priors (HO107/1176)
Amesbury (HO107/1165)
Ashley (HO107/1181)
Ashton Keynes (HO107/1178)
Avebury (HO107/1185)
Bapton, Norton Bavant (HO107/1187)
Baydon (HO107/1184)
Bemerton (HO107/1167)
Berwick St. James (HO107/1167)
Biddestone, St Peter (HO107/1171, part 3, fiche 1) ­
Biddestone, St. Nicholas (HO107/1171, pt 3, fiche 1) ­
Bishops Canning (HO107/1184)
Bishopstone (Swindon) (HO107/1184)
Bishopstrow (HO107/1187)
Blunsdon St. Andrew (HO107/1178)
Boscombe (HO107/1165)
Box (HO107/1171, part 4, fiche 1) ­
Boyton (HO107/1177)
Boyton and Corton (HO107/1177)
Bradford on Avon (HO107/1166)
Bradford Union Workhouse (HO107/1176)
Bremhill (HO107/1171, part 2, fiche 1) ­
Bremilham (HO107/1181)
Brinkworth (HO107/1181)
Brixton Deverill (HO107/1177)
Broad Hinton (HO107/1165)
Broad Hinton (HO107/1185)
Brokenborough (HO107/1181)
Bromham (HO107/1184)
Broughton Gifford (HO107/1166)
Bulford (HO107/1165)
Burbage (HO107/1180)
Buttermere (HO107/1180)
Castle Eaton (HO107/1178)
Chalfield Magna (HO107/1166)
Charlton (HO107/1181)
Charlton (HO107/1186)
Chilton Foliatt (HO107/1180)
Chippenham (HO107/1171, part 7 fiche 1 & 2) ­
Chippenham Workhouse (HO107/1171, pt 7 f 2 & 3) ­
Chisledon (HO107/1179)
Chitterne All Saints (HO107/1177)
Chitterne St. Mary (HO107/1177)
Christian Malford (HO107/1171, part 6 fiche 1) ­
Christian Malford (HO107/1173)
Chute (HO107/1180)
Chute Forest (HO107/1180)
Clarendon Park (HO107/1164)
Cleaverton (HO107/1181)
Cliffe Pypard (HO107/1179)
Codford St. Mary (HO107/1177)
Codford St. Peter (HO107/1177)
Colerne (HO107/1171, part 8, fiche 1) ­
Collingbourne Ducis (HO107/1176)
Collingbourne Kingston (HO107/1180)
Compton Chamberlain (HO107/1173)
Coombe Castle. (HO107/1177)
Corsham (HO107/1171, part 5, fiche 1 & 2) ­
Corsley (HO107/1187)
Cottles e.p. (HO107/1166)
Cricklade St. Mary (HO107/1178)
Cricklade St. Sampson (HO107/1178)
Crudwell (HO107/1181)
Dauntsey (HO107/1181)
Devizes, St. John the Baptist (HO107/1189)
Devizes, St. Mary the Virgin (HO107/1189)
Dinton (HO107/1187)
Ditteridge (HO107/1172)
Draycott Cerne (HO107/1181)
Draycott Foliatt (HO107/1179)
Durnford (HO107/1165)
Durrington (HO107/1165)
East Coulston (HO107/1188)
East Kennett (HO107/1185)
Easton (HO107/1180)
Edington (HO107/1188)
Eisey, Hannington (HO107/1178)
Enford (HO107/1176)
Erlestoke (HO107/1182)
Everleigh (HO107/1176)
Farley (HO107/1164)
Figheldean (HO107/1165)
Fisherton Anger (HO107/1167)
Fisherton de la Mere (HO107/1187)
Fittleton (HO107/1176)
Ford (HO107/1164)
Foxley (HO107/1181)
Froxfield (HO107/1180)
Fugglestone St. Peter (HO107/1167)
Fyfield (HO107/1176)
Garsdon (HO107/1181)
Great Bedwyn (HO107/1180)
Great Cheverell (HO107/1186)
Great Somerford (HO107/1181)
Great Wishford (HO107/1167)
Ham (HO107/1176)
Hannington, Eisey (HO107/1178)
Hankerton (HO107/1181)
Heytesbury (HO107/1177)
Highway (HO107/1184)
Highworth (HO107/1178)
Hill Deverill Horningsham (HO107/1177)
Hilmarton (HO107/1179)
Hilmarton (HO107/1185)
Hilperton  (HO107/1182)
Hindon (HO107/1176)
Horningsham, Hill Deverill (HO107/1177)
Huish (HO107/1186)
Hullavington (HO107/1181)
Hungerford (HO107/1180)
Idmiston (HO107/1164)
Imber (HO107/1177)
Imber North (HO107/1186)
Inglesham (HO107/1178)
Keevil (HO107/1188)
Kellaways (HO107/1172)
Kemble (HO107/1181)
Kingston Deverill (HO107/1183)
Kingswood (HO107/1172)
Kington Langley (HO107/1173)
Kington St. Michael (HO107/1173)
Knook (HO107/1177)
Lacock (HO107/1172)
Langley Burrell (HO107/1172)
Latton (HO107/1178)
Laverstock (HO107/1164)
Lea (HO107/1181)
Liddiard Millicent (HO107/1178)
Liddington (HO107/1179)
Little Bedwyn (HO107/1180)
Little Cheverell (HO107/1186)
Little Langford (HO107/1167)
Little Somerford (HO107/1181)
Long Newnton (HO107/1181)
Longbridge Devrill (HO107/1173)
Luckington (HO107/1172)
Ludgershall (HO107/1165)
Lydiard Tregoze (HO107/1179)
Lyneham (HO107/1179)
Maddington (HO107/1167)
Maiden Bradley (HO107/1183)
Malmesbury Abbey (HO107/1181)
Malmsbury St. Paul (HO107/1181)
Manningford Abbots (Manningford Abbas) (HO107/1186)
Manningford Bruce (HO107/1186)
Marlborough, St. Mary the Virgin (HO107/1189)
Marlborough, St. Peter & St Paul (HO107/1189)
Marston Meysey (HO107/1178)
Martin (HO107/1173)
Melchet Park (HO107/1164)
Melksham (HO107/1182)
Mere (HO107/1183)
Mildenhall (HO107/1185)
Milford (HO107/1186)
Milston (HO107/1165)
Milton Lilbourne (HO107/1180)
Monkton Deverill (HO107/1173)
Monkton Farleigh (HO107/1166)
Netheravon (HO107/1176)
Newton Tony (HO107/1165)
Newton  Tony (HO107/1181)
North Bradley (HO107/1188)
North Savernake (E.P.) (HO107/1185)
North Tidworth (HO107/1165)
Norton Bavant (HO107/1187)
Oaksey (HO107/1181)
Ogbourne St Andrew (HO107/1185)
Ogbourne St George (HO107/1185)
Orcheston St George (HO107/1177)
Orcheston St Mary (HO107/1167)
Overton (HO107/1185)
Pertwood Upper (HO107/1187)
Pewsey (HO107/1180)
Pewsham (HO107/1172)
Pitton (HO107/1164)
Plaitford (HO107/1164)
Poole Keynes (HO107/1181)
Potterne (HO107/1184)
Poulshot (HO107/1182)
Preshute (HO107/1185)
Purton (HO107/1178)
Ramsbury (HO107/1184)
Rodbourne  Cheney (HO107/1178)
Rollstone (HO107/1167)
Rollstone (HO107/1176)
Rowde (HO107/1184)
Rushall (HO107/1186)
Salisbury Cathedral Close (HO107/1190)
Salisbury St. Edmunds (HO107/1190)
Salisbury St. Martin (HO107/1190)
Salisbury St. Thomas (HO107/1190)
Seagry (HO107/1181)
Shalbourne (HO107/1180)
Sherrington (HO107/1167)
Sherston Magna (HO107/1172)
Sherston Parva (HO107/1172)
Shinfield (HO107/1165)
Shorncote (HO107/1178)
Shrewton (HO107/1167)
Slaughterford (HO107/1172)
Somerford Keynes (HO107/1178)
Sopworth (HO107/1172)
South Damerham (HO107/1173)
South Newton (HO107/1167)
South Savernake (HO107/1180)
Stanton Fitzwarren (HO107/1178)
Stanton St. Quinton (HO107/1181)
Stapleford (HO107/1167)
Steeple Ashton (HO107/1188)
Steeple Langford (HO107/1167)
Stockton  (HO107/1176)
Stourton (HO107/1183)
Stratford Subcastle (HO107/1186)
Stratton St. Margaret (HO107/1178)
Sutton Benger (HO107/1181)
Sutton Veny (HO107/1187)
Swallowfield (HO107/1165)
Swindon (HO107/1179)
Teffont  Magna (HO107/1187)
Tidcombe (HO107/1180)
Tilshead (HO107/1167)
Tockenham (HO107/1179)
Trowbridge (HO107/1182)
Tytherington (HO107/1177)
Upavon (HO107/1186)
Upton Lovell (HO107/1177)
Upton Scudamore (HO107/1187)
Urchfont (HO107/1186)
Wansborough (HO107/1179)
Warminster (HO107/1187)
West Cholderton (HO107/1165)
West Dean (HO107/1164)
West Grimstead (HO107/1164)
West Knoyle (HO107/1183)
West Lavington (HO107/1184)
West Wellow (HO107/1165)
Westbury (HO107/1188)
Westport St. Mary (HO107/1181)
Westwood with Iford (HO107/1176)
Whaddon (HO107/1182)
Whiteparish. (HO107/1176)
Wilcot (HO107/1186)
Wilsford (HO107/1186)
Wilsford With Lake (HO107/1186)
Wilton (HO107/1167)
Winkfield (HO107/1166)
Winterbourne Bassett (HO107/1185)
Winterbourne Dauntsey (HO107/1164)
Winterbourne Earls (HO107/1164)
Winterbourne Gunner (HO107/1164)
Winterbourne Monkton (HO107/1185)
Winterbourne Stoke (HO107/1167)
Winterslow (HO107/1164)
Wokingham (HO107/1165)
Woodborough (HO107/1186)
Woodford. (HO107/1186)
Wootton Bassett (HO107/1179)
Wootton Rivers (HO107/1180)
Wroughton (HO107/1176)
Wylye (HO107/1167)

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