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AIGS offers Research & Look Up Services to all Members
and the Genealogical Community

Research & Look Up Service
If you have any questions about our Research Service please email
All Research and Look Up requests must be on the appropriate form

Research Application Form
Look Up Service Application Form

Please complete a separate form for each name to be researched
Please note that payment is required in advance for both types of services.

Research  Service

Research charges are $25 per hour for members, $40 per hour for non-members.
(Please Note: The minimum initial search required is two hours per person, with one hour increments after that.)

In order that research can be undertaken, it is necessary to provide as much data as possible about the person to be researched with an indication of the information required. The more information you can provide the better results will be (this can be forwarded as an attachment).

Please ensure that your request is concise and asks specific questions. Please also forward copies of any relevant documents that you may have pertaining to this request.

Look  Up  Service

Look Up Service charges for 2015 are $12 per look up for members, $20 for non-members. This includes copying or transcribing, and postage.

If you would like a member of the Research Team to look up a fiche/film/record held at AIGS, this quick transcription service will be completed provided you can supply the detail, i.e. name, date, place, fiche number, record number, etc.  Precise information is essential.  If the task has no detail provided it will be treated as a Research Request and the applicable higher rates will apply.

Any additional information that you can supply may be helpful.

Special Offer for Regional, Interstate & International Members

Since many members are unable to visit AIGS to access our records, a special research service for Regional, Interstate and International members is provided.

Each member is entitled to two hours free research per year. Any other research above this would be chargeable. Please note your request must be submitted prior to 31st October of each year.

You must be a financial member at the time of your request, and your membership number must accompany the request on the research application form. A Regional Member is defined as one who lives more than 100 km from the AIGS Library.

* * Any certified documents requested would be an extra cost to the research charges * *

Please note that original records over 100 years old may be difficult to read or copy in any Archive or Library. Our Research Team will do their best to answer your request, but please be aware that some records may be illegible or unfit to copy.


Written enquiries should be addressed to:
        Research Co-ordinator
        PO Box 339,  Blackburn VIC 3130



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