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Catalogue of Fiche, Film and CDs
Note that the spelling of place names may have changed over the years so remember to check all variations.
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Brandford Wesleyan Methodist Chapel.    Births & C. 1830-1837
Film Wil 23
Bremhill & East Tytherton Moravian Church [Church of the United Brethren] [RG-4 / 3061]
Births and C. & B.  1748-1840
Includes Adult Baptisms  & recording of marriages.
Plan of Lambs Acre Burial Ground 1748
Film Wil 57
Brinkworth Primitive Methodists Chapel.  Births & C.  1829-1835
Film Wil 23
Broad ChalkeIndependent Church.    Births & C.  1808-1836
Film Wil 23
Bulford Independent Church.    Births & C.  1806-1837
Film Wil 23
Castle Combe Independent Church.    Births & C.  1785, 1810-1836
Film Wil 23
Chippenham Primitive Methodists Chapel.   Births & C.  1774-1793, 1796-1837,  B.  1796-1837
Film Wil 56
Chippenham Primitive Methodists Chapel.   Births & C.  1835-1837
Film Wil 23
Chapmanslade Independent Church.   Births & C. 1765-1837,   Burials  1826-1837
Film Wil 23
Chippenham Independent Tabernacle.   Births & C. 1790-1837,   Burials 1826-1837
Film Wil 23
Chippenham Baptist Church.    Births  1789-1837
Film Wil 23
Christian Malford Independent Chapel.  Births & C. 1809-1836
Film Wil 23
Codford St. Mary Independent Chapel.   Births & C. 1812-1837
Film Wil 23
Colerne Independent Church.   Births & C.  1801-1837
Film Wil 23
Devizes Baptist Chapel.  Births  1772-1836,   Burials  1780-1836
Film Wil 23
Devizes Presbyterian Church. Births & C.  1700-1835,  B. 1792-1837
Film Wil 56
Devizes St. Mary's Independent Chapel.   Births & C. 1774-1837,   B. 1819-1837
Film Wil 56
Devizes Wesleyan  St. Mary Church.    Births & C. 1824-1837

Donhead-St. Mary Bird Bush Independent Chapel.  Births & C. 1799-1837
Film Wil 56
Downton South Lane Particular Baptist Chapel.  Births. 1767-1837,   B. 1794-1828
Film Wil 56
Ebbesborne-Wake Independent Church.    Births & C. 1783-1836
Film Wil 56
East Knoyle Particular Baptist Church.   Births. 1821-1837
Film Wil 56
East Tytherton & Bremhill Moravian Church [Church of the United Brethren] [RG-4 / 3061]
Births, C. & B.  1748-1840
Includes Adult Baptisms  & recording of marriages.
Plan of Lambs Acre Burial Ground  1748
Film Wil 57
Fovant Independent Dissenters Church.   Births & C.   1817-1836
Film Wil 56
Heytesbury Congregational Independent Church.    Births & C. 1811-1837
Film Wil 56
Highworth High Street Zion Independent Chapel.    Births & C. 1821-1836
Film Wil 56
Horningsham Independent Church.   Births & C  1784-1836,   B. 1787-1836
Film Wil 56
Hullavington Independent Church.   Births & C. 1825-1836
Film Wil 56
Kingswood nr Wooton-under-Edge Independent Church.  Births & C. 1807-1836
Film Wil 56
Littleton-Drew Independent Church.   Births & C. 1825-1837
Film Wil 56
Ludgershall Baptist Church.   Births.  1817-1837,   B. 1817-1837
Film Wil 56
Lyneham Independent Clack Chapel    Births & C.  1810-1836
Film Wil 56
Maiden Bradley Independent Church.   Births & C.  1825-1837
Film Wil 24
Malmesbury Independent Church.  Births & C. 1812-1837
Film Wil 24
Malmesbury Moravian Church.    Births & C. 1827-1840,   Burials  1826
Film Wil 24
Malmesbury Baptist Church.   C. 1749-1837
Film Wil 24
Market Lavington Independent.   Births & C. 1797-1836
Film Wil 24
Marlborough Independent Church.   Births & C. 1820-1837
Film Wil 24
Melksham Wesleyan Methodist Church.    Births & C. 1796-1837
Film Wil 24
Melksham Independent Church.    Births & C. 1776-1837
Film Wil 24
Melksham Baptist Church.  Births   1786-1837,   Burials  1784-1837
Film Wil 24
Mere Independent Church.    Births & C. 1796-1837
Film Wil 24
Monks Corsham Independent Chapel.   Births & C. 1767-1837
Film Wil 24
Netheravon Baptist Church.  Births  1814-1837
Film Wil 24
Nettleton Baptist Church.  Births  1827-1836,  Deaths  1826-1832
Film Wil 24
North Bradley Baptist Church.    Births & C. 1797-1837,   B. 1779-1836
Film Wil 58
Salisbury Brown Street Baptist Church.   Births.  1763-1837,   B. 1763-1837
Film Wil 58
Salisbury Church Street Independent Chapel.   Births & C.  1819-1837
Film Wil 58
Salisbury Endless Street Independent Chapel.   Births & C. 1807-1837
Film Wil 58
Salisbury New Sarum Presbyterian Church.   Births & C.  1723-1835
Film Wil 24
Salisbury Old George Yard Swedenborgian Church.   Births & C. 1834
Film Wil 59
Salisbury Scot's Lane Independent Chapel.  Births & C. 1757-1837,   B. 1757-1837
Film Wil 58
Sutton-Veny Independent Church.   Births & C. 1801-1837
Film Wil 59
Swindon Newport Street Independent Chapel.   Births & C. 1803-1837,   B. 1812-1834,
Accounts 1805-1810
Film Wil 59
Swindon Wesleyan Church.   Births & C.  1817-1837
Circuit Membership,  Births & C. 1838-1856
Film Wil 59
Tisbury Independent Chapel.   Births & C. 1765-1837, Miscellaneous entries 1723-1765
Film Wil 59
Trowbridge Baptist Back Street Meeting House.   Burials  1823-1837
Film Wil 59
Trowbridge Congregational Unitarian Chapel. C. & Burials 1714-1914,   C. 1871,  M. 1837-1875, 
B. 1720-1757, Trowbridge Cemetery Interments 1856-1869
Film Wil 54
Trowbridge Congregational Baptist Chapel.   Births 1823-1837
Film Wil 59
Trowbridge Independent Tabernacle Bark Street.   Births & C.  1773-1837
Film Wil 59
Trowbridge Silver Street Presbyterian Church.   Births & C. 1738-1837, Deaths 1782-1837
Film Wil 59
Trowbridge Wesleyan Church.    Births & C. 1793-1837
Film Wil 59
Warminster Common Close Independent Chapel[RG-4 / 3276].  Births & C.  1772-1837
Film Wil 57
Warminster North Row Ebenezer Baptist Chapel [RG-4 / 2740].  Burials 1812-1837
Film Wil 57
Warminster George Street Wesleyan Chapel [RG-4 / 3369].  Births & C. 1796-1837
Film Wil 57
Warminster Presbyterian Old Meeting House [RG-4 / 3768a]  Births & C. 1762-1835, 1855
Film Wil 57


Index to christenings in Wiltshire Nonconformist chapels in registers deposited 1837
fiche Wil 512-519
Index by chapel of christenings in Wiltshire Nonconformist chapels in registers deposited 1837
fiche Wil 520-527
Wiltshire Nonconformist Index   [PRO CLASS RG4 Registers deposited 1837]
Allington in All Cannings (Baptist)
Atworth (Independent)
Avebury (Independent)
Bearfield in Bradford (Countess of Huntingdon)
Bradford Morgan's Hill (Independent)
Bradford (Wesleyan)    
Brinkworth (Primitive Meth.)
Broad Chalke (Independent)
Bulford (Independent)
Castle Combe (Independent)
Chapmanslade Lower Meeting (Independent)
Chippenham (Baptist)
Chippenham Causeway (Primitive Methodist)
Chippenham Emery Lane Tabernacle (Independent)
Christian Malford (Independent)
Codford St Mary & Wylye Chapel (Independent)
Colerne (Independent)
Corsham Monk’s Chapel (Ind)
Devizes (:Baptist)
Devizes (Presbyterian)
Devizes St Mary's Chapel (Ind.)
Devizes St. Mary (Wesleyan)
Donhead St Mary Bird Bush Chapel (Independent)
Downton South Lane Chapel (Baptist)
East Knoyle & Semley (Baptist)
Ebbesborne Wake (Ind.)
Fovant (Independent)
Heytesbury (Independent)
Highworth High Street Zion (Independent)
Horningsham (Independent)
Hullavington (Independent)
Littleton Drew (Independent)
Ludgershall (Baptist)
Lyneham Clack (Independent)
Maiden Bradley (Independent)
Malmesbury Westport Chapel (Independent)
Malmesbury Episcopi Church (Moravian)
Malmesbury Abbey Row (Baptist)
Market Lavington (Ind.)
Marlborough (Independent)
Melksham (Wesleyan)
Melksham (Independent)
Melksham (Baptist)
Mere Boar Street (Independent)
Netheravon (Baptist)
Nettleton (Baptist)
North Bradley (Baptist)
Salisbury Salt Lane (Presbyterian)
Salisbury Scot's Lane (Ind.)
Salisbury Endless Street (Independent)
Salisbury Endless Street (New Jerusalem)
Salisbury Brown Street (Baptist)
Salisbury Church St (Wes.)
Sutton Veny (Independent)
Swindon Newport St (Ind.)
Swindon (Wesleyan)
Tisbury (Independent)
Trowbridge Back Street (Baptist)
Trowbridge Silver St (Presby.)
Trowbridge Back Street Tabernacle (Independent)
Trowbridge Congregational Chapel (Baptist)
Trowbridge (Wesleyan)
Tytherton East in Bremhill (Moravian)
Warminster North Row Ebenezer Chapel (Baptist)
Warminster Old Meeting House (Presbyterian)
Warminster Common Close Chapel (Independent)
Warminster George Street Chapel (Wesleyan)
Westbury Upper Meeting (Independent)
Westbury Old Meeting (Independent)
Wilton Crow Lane (Independent)
Wootton Bassett Hephzibah Chapel (Independent)


Notices of Marriages for the district of Westbury Superintendent 1878 - 1921
This includes the parishes of: Westbury, North Bradley, Steeple Ashton and Edington .
These notices pertain to marriages in Nonconformist and RC Churches as well as those in the Registry Office. 

Film Wil 54

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