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London and Middlesex
Catalogue of Fiche, Film and CDs

Note that the spelling of place names may have changed over the years so remember to check all variations.
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1801 Census

1811 Census

1821 Census & Index

1831 Census & Index

1841 Census

1841 Census Indexes

1841 Census Street Index

1851 Census  Metropolitan London

1851 Census   Extra Metropolitan Middlesex

1851 Census Indexes

1861 Census

1861 Census on CD - London

1861 Census on CD - Middlesex

1861 Census Indexes

1871 Census

1871 Census on CD - London

1871 Census on CD - Middlesex

1881 Census Transcripts

1891 Census

1891 Census on CD - London

1891 Census on CD - Middlesex

1891 Census Index 

1901 Census

1901 Census on CD

Anglo German Records

Armed Services Records

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1801  CENSUS

The Parish of Hendon 1801-1811 & 1821 Census

1811  CENSUS

The Parish of Hendon 1801-1811 & 1821 Census

1821  CENSUS  &  INDEX

Marylebone 1821 Census [original returns for 28th May 1821]
See front of 1841 film drawer             
Film Lnd 1821/1

Marylebone 1821 Census [index to the original returns for 28th May 1821]
fiche Lnd 1821/1-4
The Parish of Hendon 1801-1811 & 1821 Census

1831  CENSUS  &  INDEX

Marylebone 1831 Census [original returns]
See front of 1841 film drawer             
Film Lnd 1831/1

Marylebone 1831 Census [index to the original returns of householders]
fiche Lnd 1831/1-5
Hackney 1831 Census [index & street Index]
4 fiche
London Parishes in the 1841 Census held in the AIGS Library
Note that these items are microfilm  of the original Census records and are filed in the Film cabinets under their Piece Numbers.
The designation of HO107 stands for Home Office, the number after the slash is the Piece Number.
Acton, St Luke (HO107/687)
Aldgate, St Botolph, (HO107/695)
All Hallows Barking (HO107/719)
All Hallows Bread St (HO107/719)
All Hallows Honey Lane (HO107/719)
All Hallows Lombard St (HO107/719)
All Hallows London Wall (HO107/719)
All Hallows Staining (HO107/719)
All Hallows the Great (HO107/719)
All Hallows the Less (HO107/719)
Alperton (HO107/657)
Amwell (HO107/659)
Artillery (HO107/701)
Ashford (HO107/718)
Barnsbury (HO107/665)
Beaufort House Licensed Madhouse (HO107/689)
Bedfont East with Hatton (HO107/718)
Bethnal Green (HO107/691-2)
Bethnal Green (HO107/693)
Bethnal Green St Matthew (HO107/694)
Blackwall (HO107/702)
British Museum (HO107/672)
Bromley St Leonards (HO107/695)
Buckingham Palace (HO107/740)
Caledonian Asylum (HO107/665)
Charlotte Street Police Station (HO107/672)
Charter House (HO107/659)
Chelsea (HO107/688)
Chiswick (HO107/689)
Christ Church (HO107/720)
Church Missionary Institution (HO107/665)
Clerkenwell House of Correction (HO107/662)
Clerkenwell Workhouse (HO107/662)
Clerkenwell, St James (HO107/660)
Clerkenwell, St James (HO107/661)
Clerkenwell, St James (HO107/662)
Colney Hatch (HO107/659)
Cowley (HO107/655)
Cranford (HO107/655)
Cricklewood (HO107/657)
Crouch End (HO107/663)
Deacon's Farm House (HO107/712)
Ealing (HO107/689)
Edgeware (HO107/657)
Edgeware Road (HO107/657)
Elstree (HO107/657)
Ely Place (HO107/671)
Ely Rents (HO107/671)
Feltham (HO107/718)
Finchley (HO107/663)
Finsbury St Luke (HO107/668)
Finsbury St Sepulchre (HO107/669)
Finsbury, St Lukes (HO107/666-8)
Fleet Prison (HO107/726)
Folgate (Norton) (HO107/701)
Fortis Green (HO107/663)
Friern  Barnet (HO107/659)
Fulham (HO107/689)
Fulham Workhouse (HO107/689)
Furnival's Inn (HO107/729)
Gaol of Newgate (HO107/728)
Giltspur St Prison (HO107/728)
Glass House Yard (HO107/659)
Golders Green (HO107/657)
Gray's Inn (HO107/729)
Great Greenford (HO107/655)
Great Stanmore (HO107/657)
Greenhill (HO107/657)
Hackney South (HO107/699)
Hackney Stamford Hill. (HO107/700)
Hackney Upper Clapton (HO107/700)
Hackney West (HO107/700)
Hackney, St John (HO107/698)
Hammersmith (HO107/690)
Hampstead, St John (HO107/674)
Hampton (HO107/718)
Hampton Court Barracks (HO107/718)
Hampton Court Palace (HO107/718)
Hanwell (HO107/655)
Hanwell Lunatic Asylum (County Asylum) (HO107/656)
Hanworth (HO107/718)
Harefield (HO107/655)
Harlington (HO107/655)
Harmondsworth (HO107/655)
Harrow on the Hill (HO107/657)
Hatton Gardens (HO107/671)
Hayes (HO107/656)
Hendon (HO107/657)
Hendon Workhouse (HO107/657)
Heston (HO107/658)
Heston, St Giles Infant Poorhouse (HO107/658)
Highbury College (HO107/665)
Highgate (HO107/663)
Hillingdon (HO107/656)
Holborn St Andrew (HO107/724)
Holborn St Andrew (HO107/729)
Holborn Union Workhouse (HO107/670)
Holborn, St Andrew above Bars (HO107/670)
Holloway (HO107/665)
Holy Trinity Minories (HO107/728)
Holy Trinity the Less (HO107/723)
Hornsey (HO107/663)
Hornsey Mad House (HO107/663)
Hounslow Barracks (HO107/658)
Hoxton Old Town (HO107/708)
Ickenham (HO107/656)
Inner Temple (HO107/729)
Inns of Court (HO107/728-730)
Isleworth (HO107/658)
Isleworth Union Workhouse (HO107/658)
Islington St Mary (HO107/664)
Islington Workhouse (HO107/665)
Islington, St Mary (HO107/665)
Jackson’s Asylum for Lunatics (HO107/689)
Kensington (HO107/738)
Kenton (HO107/657)
Kingsbury (HO107/657)
Knightsbridge (HO107/738)
Laleham (HO107/718)
Liberty of the Rolls (HO107/686)
Limehouse Union Workhouse (HO107/701)
Lincoln's Inn (HO107/729)
Little Stanmore (HO107/657)
Littleton (HO107/718)
London Female Mission (HO107/662)
London Female Penitentiary (HO107/662)
London House Lunatic Asylum. (HO107/699)
Ludbury (HO107/657)
Manor House Asylum for Lunatics (HO107/689)
Marylebone (HO107/676-677)
Marylebone (HO107/678)
Marylebone (HO107/679)
Marylebone (HO107/680)
Marylebone All Souls (HO107/675)
Marylebone Female Orphan Institution (HO107/684)
Marylebone, St Pancras (HO107/684)
Middle Temple (HO107/729)
Mile End New Town (HO107/711)
Mile End Old Town (HO107/712)
Mill Hill (HO107/657)
Monken  Hadley (HO107/654)
Morecroft Lunatic Asylum (Hillingdon) (HO107/656)
Muswell Hill (HO107/663)
New Brentford (HO107/655)
New Inn (HO107/729)
Newgate Prison (HO107/728)
Newington Green (HO107/663)
Normand House Licensed Madhouse (HO107/689)
Northolt (HO107/656)
Northwood (HO107/656)
Norton (HO107/701)
Norton Folgate (HO107/701)
Old Artillery Ground (e.p.) (HO107/659)
Old Brentford (HO107/689)
Otho House Licensed Madhouse (HO107/689)
Pancras (HO107/681)
Pancras (HO107/682-3)
Pentonville (HO107/662)
Perrivale (HO107/656)
Pinner (HO107/657)
Poplar All Saints (HO107/702)
Poplar Hospital (HO107/702)
Poplar Union Workhouse (HO107/702)
Precinct of the Savoy (HO107/686)
Precinct of the Tower Without (HO107/715)
Precinct of Whitefriars (HO107/728)
Radcliffe (HO107/701)
Regent Park Barracks (HO107/684)
Roxeth (HO107/657)
Royal Free Hospital Greville Street (HO107/670)
Ruislip (HO107/656)
Saffron Hill (HO107/671)
Serjeant's Inn (HO107/726)
Serjeant's Inn (HO107/729)
Shadwell, St Pauls (HO107/703)
Shepperton (HO107/718)
Shoreditch Hoxton Old Town (HO107/708)
Shoreditch St Leonards (HO107/706-7)
Shoreditch St Leonards (HO/704-5)
Shoreditch St Leonards (HO107/709)
Somers Town (HO107/685)
South Mimms (HO107/654)
Spitalfields (HO107/710)
St Alban (HO107/719)
St Alphage London Wall (HO107/719)
St Andrew by Wardrobe (HO107/719)
St Andrew Hubbard (HO107/719)
St Andrew Undershaft (HO107/719)
St Ann Blackfriars (HO107/719)
St Anne & St Agnes (HO107/719)
St Anne Soho (HO107/730)
St Anne's  Limehouse (HO107/701)
St Antholin (HO107/720)
St Augustine (HO107/720)
St Bartholomew by Exchange (HO107/720)
St Bartholomew the Great (HO107/724)
St Benet Finck (HO107/720)
St Benet Gracechurch (HO107/720)
St Benet Paul's Wharf (HO107/720)
St Benet Sherehog (HO107/720)
St Botolph Aldergate (HO107/659)
St Botolph Aldersgate (HO107/724)
St Botolph Aldgate (HO107/725)
St Botolph Billingsgate (HO107/720)
St Botolph Bishopsgate (HO107/724)
St Bride (HO107/726)
St Catherine by the Tower (HO107/695)
St Christopher le Stock (HO107/720)
St Clement Danes (HO107/671)
St Clement Danes (HO107/729)
St Clement Danes (HO107/731)
St Clement East Cheap (HO107/720)
St Dionis Backchurch (HO107/720)
St Dunstan in the East (HO107/720)
St Dunstan in the West (HO107/726)
St Dunstan in the West (HO107/729)
St Edmund the King & Martyr (HO107/720)
St Ethelburga (HO107/720)
St Faith under St Pauls HO107/720
St Gabriel Fenchurch St (HO107/721)
St George Bloomsbury (HO107/672)
St George Hanover Sq (HO107/732)
St George Hanover Sq (HO107/733)
St George Hanover Sq (HO107/734)
St George in the East (HO107/696)
St George in the East (HO107/697)
St George the Martyr (HO107/671)
St George, Botolph Lane. (HO107/721)
St Giles & St George Charity School (HO107/672)
St Giles Cripplegate (HO107/727)
St Giles in the Field (HO107/672)
St Giles in the Field (HO107/673)
St Gregory by St Paul's (HO107/721)
St Helens, Bishopsgate (HO107/721)
St James Clerkenwell (HO107/659)
St James Palace (HO107/740)
St James Westminster (HO/736-737)
St James Westminster (HO107/735)
St James, Dukes Place (HO107/721)
St James, Garlickhithe (HO107/721)
St John the Baptist (HO107/721)
St John the Evangelist (HO107/721)
St John the Evangelist (HO107/737)
St John Zachary (HO107/721)
St John, Hackney (HO107/698)
St Katherine Coleman (HO107/721)
St Katherine Creechurch (HO107/721)
St Lawrence Jewry, (HO107/721)
St Lawrence Pountney (HO107/721)
St Leonard, Eastcheap HO107/721
St Leonard, Foster Lane (HO107/721)
St Magnus the Martyr (HO107/721)
St Margaret Lothbury (HO107/721)
St Margaret Moses (HO107/721)
St Margaret New Fish St (HO107/721)
St Margaret Pattens. (HO107/721)
St Margaret Westminster (HO107/738)
St Margaret Westminster (HO107/741)
St Martin in the Fields (HO107/739-740)
St Martin in the Fields (HO107/740)
St Martin Ludgate (HO107/721)
St Martin Orgar (HO107/721)
St Martin Outwich (HO107/721)
St Martin Pomary (HO107/721)
St Martin Vintry (HO107/721)
St Mary Abchurch (HO107/722)
St Mary Aldermanbury  (HO107/722)
St Mary Aldermary (HO107/722)
St Mary at Hill (HO107/722)
St Mary Bothaw (HO107/722)
St Mary Bothaw (HO107/723)
St Mary Colechurch (HO107/722)
St Mary le Bow (HO107/722)
St Mary le Strand (HO107/741)
St Mary Magdalen (HO107/722)
St Mary Magdalen Milk St (HO107/722)
St Mary Mountshaw (HO107/722)
St Mary Somerset (HO107/722)
St Mary Staining (HO107/722)
St Mary Woolchurch Haw (HO107/722)
St Mary Woolnoth (HO107/722)
St Matthew Friday St (HO107/722)
St Michael Bassishaw (HO107/722)
St Michael Cornhill (HO107/722)
St Michael Crooked Lane (HO107/722)
St Michael le Querne (HO107/722)
St Michael le Querne (HO107/723)
St Michael R College Hill (HO107/722)
St Michael, Queenhithe. (HO107/722)
St Michael, Wood Street (HO107/722)
St Mildred Poultry (HO107/722)
St Mildred, Bread St (HO107/722)
St Nicholas Acon (HO107/722)
St Nicholas Cole Abbey (HO107/722)
St Nicholas Olave (HO107/722)
St Olave, Hart St (HO107/723)
St Olave, Old Jewry (HO107/723)
St Olave, Silver St (HO107/723)
St Pancras (HO107/681)
St Pancras (HO107/682-3)
St Pancras (HO107/685)
St Pancras, All Saints (HO107/686)
St Pancras, Queen St (HO107/723)
St Paul's Covent Garden (HO107/741)
St Peter, Cornhill (HO107/723)
St Peter, Le Poor (HO107/723)
St Peter, Paul's Wharf (HO107/723)
St Peter, Westcheap (HO107/723)
St Sepulchre (HO107/728)
St Stephen, Coleman St (HO107/723)
St Stephen, Walbrook (HO107/723)
St Swithin (HO107/723)
St Thomas the Apostle (HO107/723)
St Vedast (HO107/723)
St Vedast, Foster Lane (HO107/722)
Staines (HO107/718)
Stanwell (HO107/718)
Staples Inn (HO107/729)
Stepney (HO107/711)
Stepney (HO107/711-712)
Stepney (HO107/712)
Stepney (HO107/714)
Stepney College (HO107/712)
Stepney St Dunstan (HO107/713)
Stoke Newington St Mary (HO107/669)
Strand Union Workhouse (HO107/686)
Stroud Green (HO107/663)
Sunbury (HO107/718)
Teddington (HO107/718)
The New Prison (HO107/662)
The Tower of London (HO107/715)
Tottenham (HO107/654)
Turnham Green (HO107/689)
Twickenham (HO107/658)
University College Hospital (HO107/686)
Uxbridge (HO107/656)
Uxbridge Union Workhouse (HO107/656)
Wapping (HO107/703)
Wapping St John (HO107/715)
Wembley (HO107/657)
West Drayton (HO107/655)
Westminster St James (HO/736-737)
Westminster, St James (HO107/735)
Westminster, St Margaret (HO107/741)
Whetstone (HO107/659)
Whitechapel St Mary (HO107/716)
Whitechapel St Mary (HO107/716)
Whitechapel Union Workhouse (HO107/711)
Whittington College (HO107/665)

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