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London and Middlesex
Catalogue of Fiche, Film and CDs

Note that the spelling of place names may have changed over the years so remember to check all variations.
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St George's Lutheran Church , London  CB.  1763-1895
Information on parents of the baptised  1763-1895
Marriages  1825-1895
fiche Lnd 119-129

St Paul's German Reformed Church
Abstractions of Baptisms and parent  1824-1940
Abstractions of Marriages & Burials  1858-1938
fiche Lnd 116-118


The National Roll of the Great War 1914-1918 [Sections 1, 3 and 7]
An incomplete record of the men and women who served in the Great War with details of their service as supplied by themselves or their relatives.
National Roll of the Great War. 1914-1918 - London [Section 2]
A record of the men and women who served in the Great War not just servicemen with details of their service as supplied by themselves or their relatives.
The National Roll of the Great War 1914-1918 [Section 13]
An incomplete record of the men and women who served in the Great War with details of their service as supplied by themselves or their relatives.


Pallot's Baptism Index  1780-1837
Parishes in London and Middlesex and 27 parishes from other areas.


British Lying Hospital, Holborn
Particulars of Patients in the Lying in Hospital
1  1797-1819
2  1819-1868
Film Gen 8

British Lying in Hospital  C.  1814-1830
Film Cam 6
Index to British Lying in Hospital Baptisms [Vol 1 & 2]
fiche Lnd 373-374


Index to City of London Burials 1813-1853   [Parts 1 & 2]
fiche Lnd 14-17
Index to City of London Burials 1813-1853   [Part 3]
fiche Lnd 325-329
Bethnal Green, Victoria Park Cemetery Index 1853-1856
Bunhill Fields Burial Ground Index 1841-1853
fiche Lnd 376-377
London & Middlesex Burial Index 2010 Edition
Leytonstone, St Patricks Cemetery
Tower Hamlets Cemetery  Index 1841-1852
fiche Lnd 378


Catholic Baptism Index 1795-1888
This index covers mainly adult baptisms, chiefly for London & Essex.
fiche Lnd 421
Catholic Marriage Index c1750-1940  [Marriages in London and Essex parishes]
fiche Lnd 412-420
Fr Anstruther's Catholic Marriages & Baptisms for London & Essex
C. 1795-1885,  M. 1700-1940
Miscellaneous London District Catholic Transcripts
Bavarian Embassy Catholic Transcripts [now Our Lady of the Assumption & St Gregory, Soho]
C. 1748-1838,   M. 1747-1840
St Aloysius, Clarendon Square Catholic Transcripts. C. 1802-1839,  Confirmations 1808-1820
St Boniface, German Church, London Catholic Transcripts.  C. 1812-1862
St Mary Moorfields Catholic Transcripts.  C. 1763-1839,   M. 1777-1821,   B. 1819-1853
Wapping, Virginia St Chapel, Catholic Transcripts.  C. 1789-1800
Westminster St Mary Catholic.Transcripts.  C. 1809-1839
Miscellaneous London District Transcripts [Vol 2]
French Chapel Royal, Little King St Carton St Transcripts.  C. 1842-1911,  M. 1846-1910
St Alexis, Kentish Town Transcripts.  C. 1849-1854
Polish Chapel, Clerkenwell Road, Hatton Garden Transcripts.  C. 1863-1865
Polish Chapel, St Stanislaus Kostka, Gower Street Transcripts  C. 1867-1877
St Patrick’s Catholic Chapel, Sutton Place, Soho Transcripts.  C. 1779-1851, M. 1809-1856
  Confirmations 1818-1854,  Christening Index 1793-1937
St George’s Chapel, London Road, Southwark Transcripts.  C. 1788-1809, 1801-1827,   M. 1823-1837
St James’, Spanish Place, Westminster Transcripts.  C. 1732-1848,   M. 1732-1845
Virginia Street Chapel, Wapping Transcripts.   C. 1832-1840
Catholic Registers of the Sardinian Embassy Chapel, London 1772-1841
Poplar St Mary & Joseph RC Chapel
Christenings & Burials 1818-1856


London Goldsmiths 1200-1800
A record of the names & addresses of the craftsmen, their shop-signs & trade-cards
from the records of the Goldsmiths Company.
  Lists goldsmiths, jewellers, bankers and pawnbrokers.
Film Lnd 199
Coach & Coach Harness Makers' Company
Court Minutes  1830-1893             
Film Lnd 43
Ledgers  1879-1887              
Film Lnd 44
Cash Books  1868-1896
Warden's Accounts  1803-1868
Apprentice Bindings  1722-1822
Film Lnd 45
Company of Fletchers
Freemen  1519-1545, 1559-1602
Film Lnd 43
Some account of the Worshipful Company of Grocers of the City of London 1829
Company of Watermen & Lightermen
Index of Bindings           
1692-1716, 1716-1742
Contract licences for over-aged boys   1865-1926
fiche Lnd 38-57A
Affidavits and Binding Dates  1898-1949
fiche Lnd 340-342
Corporation of Trinity House Watermen
fiche Lnd 391-392
Watermen & Lightermen
Birth Register of Contracted Men 1865-1921


Middlesex: County Records, Edward VI to 1603,  Middlesex Session Rolls
Indictments, Coroners Inquests & Recognizances
Middlesex: County Records 1689-1709, Calendar of the Sessions Books
Reports of Heraldic Cases in The Court of Chivalry [Civil Courts] 1623-1732


Guildhall Library  Court Records [AJCP film M5801]
1.  Index to indictments - Jan 1756-1792
2.  Sessions: Minute Book - Dec. 1783 – Jan 1785
3.  Sessions: Gaol Delivery Minute Book - Feb 1785 -Feb 1789
4.  Sessions: Gaol Delivery Book. – Apr 1789 -June 1793
5.  Transportation Accounts 1829-1840
Provides names of the men and women convicted, the crimes committed and the sentence.
Where transportation is the sentence, only the number of years is given.

Film Lnd 168
Middlesex Record Office Court Records [AJCP film M5811]
1. Index to indictments - Jan 1774-Dec 1790
    Old Bailey Vol 2 List of names with offences leading to Gaol Delivery books
2. Middlesex Sessions - Jan 1785
3. Middlesex Sessions - Oct 1787-July 1790
4. Middlesex Sessions – Oct 1787-July 1790
5. Middlesex Sessions – Sep 1790-June 1793
Arranged chronologically by date of Court of session, each session’s record is divided into:-
a.   Gaol Delivery, giving names of justices, jurors and those tried, with a note of their offences and sentences
b.   Oyer and Terminer trials where appropriate, giving names of jurors and recognizances
brought forward
c.   Gaol Calendar giving names of prisoners arranged by sentences

Film Lnd 167


Index to Class HO 27:-Index to persons tried in England & Wales 1805-1816
Middlesex [1805-1816] with Clerkenwell & Westminster [1807-1812]
fiche Lnd 312-313
Newgate Calendar - Covering eighteenth & nineteenth century

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