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London and Middlesex
Catalogue of Fiche, Film and CDs

Note that the spelling of place names may have changed over the years so remember to check all variations.
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Microfiche of volumes 1-39 of the Huguenot Society publications
Each volume has an index, usually at the end of the each set of fiche. A master index is listed at the end of the volumes.  This indicates which volume contains any given name. The volume index should then be consulted.
Berwick Street Le Carre registers 1690-1788
fiche Gen 372
Chapel Royal St James & Swallow Street registers 1700-1756
fiche Gen 379
Glasshouse Street & Leicester Fields Tabernacle registers 1688-1783
fiche Gen 380-383
Hungerford Market later Castle Street register
fiche Gen 385-386
Le Petit Charenton West Street, Pearl Street, & Crispin Street registers
fiche Gen 387-388
London aliens in London, Henry VIII - James I [3 Vols plus index] Part 1
Part 2
Part 3 
fiche Gen 300-305
fiche Gen 306-311
fiche Gen 312-316
fiche Gen 317-321
Rider Court Church register 1700-1738
fiche Gen 384
St Martin Orgar Church register & history and that of Swallow Street
fiche Gen 397
Savoy Church Conversions & reconnaissances 1684-1702
fiche Gen 362
Savoy Spring Gardens, & Les Grecs registers 1684-1900
fiche Gen 373-375
Spitalfields La Patente register 1689-1785
fiche Gen 322-324
Spitalfields St Jean's Church register 1687-1827
fiche Gen 400-401
Threadneedle Street French Church register [vol 1] Baptisms and Marriages
fiche Gen 296-299
Threadneedle Street French Church register [vol 2] Baptisms and Marriages
fiche Gen 328-332
Threadneedle Street French Church register [vol 3]  Baptisms and Marriages  1637-1685
fiche Gen 339-344
Threadneedle Street French Church register [vol 4]  Baptisms
fiche Gen 363-368
Threadneedle Street temoignages 1669-1789 [Witnesses/evidence]
fiche Gen 358-361
Threadneedle Street Church `actes' 1560-1565 [cerificates]
fiche Gen 398-399
Weavers' Company Court Book extracts 1610-1730
fiche Gen 389-390
Surname Index to Vols 1-39 [ Indicates in which volume names may be found]
fiche Gen 402-410
Aufrere Letters & Papers - Calendar and Selection of papers
fiche Gen 622-624
Spitalfields Register of the Artillery Church 1691-1786
fiche Gen 626-628
Correspondence of Jacques Serces [Vol 1]
fiche Gen 629-631
Correspondence of Jacques Serces [Vol 2]
fiche Gen 632-634
Soho Register of the Church of La Patente 1689-1782    
Spitalfields, Registers of Wheelers Street 1703-1741    
Register of the Church of Swanfields 1721-1735    
Register of the Church of Hoxton 1751-1783    
Spitalfields - the Repertoire General of Baptisms in Spitalfields from 1689.
fiche Gen 635-638
A Calendar of the correspondence of J.H. Ott 1658-1671
fiche Gen 639
Register of the Reformed Church at Le Mans 1650-1685
fiche Gen 640
Registers of the Chapel Royal, St James (1700-1756) & Swallow Street (1670-1709)
Registers of the French Churches of the Cities of London & Westminster and of SpitalfieldsVol XXII - Livre des Conversions et des Reconnoissances faites a l’Eglise francoise de La Savoye
Vol XXV - Registers of the Church of Le Carre and Berwick Street 1690-1788
Vol XXVI - Registers of the Churches of the Savoy, Spring Gardens and Les Grecs 1684-1900
Vol XXVIII - Registers of des Eglises de la Chapelle Royal de Saint James et de Swallow Street
Vol XXIX - Registers of the Churches of the Tabernacle, Glasshouse Street & Leicester Fields, London
Vol XXX - Register of the Church of Rider Court, London 1700-1738
Vol XXXI - Register of the Church of Hungerford Market later Castle Street, London
Vol XXXII - Registres des Quartres Eglises du Petit Charenton, de West Street, de Pearl Street et de Crispin Street
Vol XXXVII - Register of the Church of St Martin Orgars with its History and that of Swallow Street
Vol XLII - Register of the Church of the Artillery, Spitalfields 1691-1786
Vol XLV - Registers of the Churches of La Patente de Soho, Wheeler Street, Swanfields and Hoxton also the Reportoire General


Register of the Ashkenazi Jews Great Synagogue London   B. 1791-1837
Film Lnd 159
Register of the Ashkenazi Jews Great Synagogue London   B. 1837-1860
Film Lnd 161
Register of the Ashkenazi Jews Great Synagogue London   M. 1837-1860
Births & M. 1771-1823 [Hebrew script],   Births 1774-1852,    Births  1774-1896
Film Lnd 160
Register of the Ashkenazi Jews Great Synagogue London   B. 1854-187.
Film Lnd 162


St Paul's Cathedral Documents found at Shenley in 1949
Some were created by the Dean & Chapter and some by the Bishop of London and others. In many cases it is difficult to determine who was responsible for their creation.There are mainly three types of documents:
1. Conveyancing of property [deeds, leases, wills etc.]
2. Accounts & financial reports & papers dealing with the rebuilding
3. Cathedral business, officials, chantries, charities & customs etc..
*  Numbers refer to document numbers assigned by the Guildhall Library and which appear at the top of each frame.
Appointment of Lawrence Spencer as Treasurer 1702
Agreement with St Faiths re burials in St Pauls 1757
Deed of Gift.Petition from inhabitants of Portland re quarry 1693
Film Lnd 119
406-409, 411-413
Letter from Charles I, 1634
Warrant from Charles II re rebuilding of Cathedral
Orders & payment for restoration 1623
Warrant of Charles II, 1668

414-415, 417-420
Warrant from Charles II, 1676
Repair work & Salaries, 1639-1640, 1664
Mr. Nevill's disbursements for repairs.Cities gifts for repairs 1664
Orders for repairs 1662
Appointment of Sir John Dillon as Surveyor General 1662

421-422, 424-426
Orders to Indigo Jones.Commandeering boats to carry stone 1631-1677
Letters to Dr Peter Barwick 1663-1677
Orders for Officer of Works 1662
List of repair work 1664
Order for temporary choir & auditory  c1623

427-429, 431-437
Rental book for cathedral properties 1623
Temporary choir & auditory c1667
Memorandum of work

Conventicles from Humphrey, Bishop of London 1670
Warrant by Francis Turner for Edward Stillingfleet 1681
Dean & Chapter: Land Tax correspondence
Memorial of Frances Madryll Cheere & Emma Cheere
Warrant to suspend Robert Comyn 175?

Discharging Dean & Chapter fines 1693
Appointment of Thomas Smith as Steward 1790
Bonds by James Comyn & Stephen Comyn 1755, 1751
Letter to Dean re sewers 1805
Leases to John Ambler, Bell's Pond, Islington 1829

Petition to House of Lords re leases to John Ambler 1829
Bill to enable Dean & Chapter to grant leases 1828
Correspondence re John Ambler's leases 1856
Tithes 1810
St Paul's School 1810

Monies paid to Almoner 1667
Almoner's accounts 1677, 1683-1684

621-632, 635-638
Almoner's accounts 1686
Minor canons' & vacant places accounts, 1674, 1678, 1680,1683-1684
Letters Patent [in Latin]
Dr. Millington's charity 1746
Lands in Hemel Hempstead, St Albans & Berkhampstead left by Will of Francis Combes 1641
Grant by Elizabeth I of manors and other property 1572

Resolution to split the Parish of St Pancras [10 March 1846]
St Gregory & St Mary Magdalen Old Fish Street 1809


St Paul's Cathedral Deeds 1700-1800
Summaries relating to the manors of:- Averley, Barling [Essex], Barnes,
Beauchamp St Pauls [Essex], Barnes Farm, Boyton Hall [Essex],
Cadington Hertford, Chiswick, Edmonton, Egerton Kent,
Ether alta, Barnet, Barnes Hadleigh [Essex], Halstead [Essex],
Hemel Hempstead  [Herts], Heybridge [Essex], Islington, Laindon Hills,
Kensworth, Kingsbury, Mucking [Essex], Notley, St Pancras,
Shadwell, Sunbury, Tharfield, Tillingham, Tottenham.
Paymaster's Ledger Monthly Records 1706-1708
Peculiar Court of the Dean & Chapter of St Pauls
Probate & Admon Act Book  1646-1681
Film Gen 5

Dean & Chapter of St Paul's Manor & Estate Papers.
Valuation of Diocese of Ely, Norfolk  1254 & 1256
Taxation of Pope Nicholas IV 1291-1302
Petitions of St Paul's Cathedral
St Paul's Cathedral Rents London  1400-1500
St Paul's Cathedral Accounts  1502-1537
Lease of Glebe of Aveley & Parsonage of Barling  1600-1700
Manors of:- Barnes, Belchamp St Pauls, Bowes Edmonton  1667-1668,
Boyton Hall 1660-1661, Caddington 1649 & 1669, Chiswick 1649,
Edmonton, Egerton 1668, High Easter 1668, Frien Barnett  1660-1669,
Hadleigh 1663-1666, Halstead 1649, Hemel Hempstead  1320-1495, 1670, Heybridge 1666
& Islington 1661-1662
Film Gen 6


15 Miles Around London in 1786
John Cary’s one inch to the mile pocket atlas of the County at the time of George III
Index of owners and places


Boyd's Marriage Index for London and Middlesex 1538-1837
[Check Misc. Series 2, B719-790 & Misc.Series 3, B791-909]
fiche B367-508
Pallot's Marriage Index 1780-1837
Covers 101 of the 103 City Parishes and 2,500 parishes outside the City of London
Catholic Marriage Index c1750-1940 [Marriages in London and Essex parishes]  
Surrey Marriages to 1837 - 2010 Edition [Includes some of Middlesex 1813-1837]
St Dunston, Stepney Marriage Registers 1719-1754
fiche Lnd 131-136
St John the Evangelist, Wembley Marriage Index
fiche Lnd 115
Holy Trinity Minories Clandestine Marriages 1676-1692
fiche Lnd 177-180
Holy Trinity Minories Clandestine Marriages 1692-1754
fiche Lnd 95-97


Archdeanery of Middlesex Marriage Allegations  1633-1718
    Knightsbridge Chapel  1667-1669
    Essex Surrogate Allegations  1633-1639
    Stepney & various places in Middlesex   1703-1719.
Marriage Allegations for London & Middlesex Churches
    All Hallows London Wall  c1707
    Holy Trinity Minories
    St Dunstan Stepney
    St James, Dukes Place
    St Martin in the Fields
    St Marylebone, Westminster
    St Paul's, Shadwell.
Film Lnd 66
London Marriage Licences & Allegations 1521-1869
fiche Lnd 58-66
London Marriage Licences 1521 - 1869 on CD
    Bishop of London's Office 1521-1828
    Dean & Chapter of Westminster 1599-1699
    Faculty Office, Archbishop of Canterbury 1543-1869
    Vicar General, Archbishop of Canterbury 1660-1679
Please note: there does NOT appear to be many entries past 1700 in spite of the title.

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