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Ireland General
Catalogue of Fiche, Film & CDs
Note that the spelling of place names may have changed over the years so remember to check all variations.
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The Agricultural Labourer 1893  Parts 1 - 4
Counties in Time
Documents & Commentaries from the National Archives of Ireland
Fictitious Votes: Appendices only
Select Committee on Fictitious Votes 1837-1838
Gresham's Irish Surnames
Handran Townlands in Poor Law Unions
Irish in Geelong & District (CD 2551)
Leaving Ireland
Ships arriving in Geelong Harbour and Point Henry
Ships loading wool and cargo at Point Henry
Some passenger ships arriving at Point Henry
Early Geelong Police map of Geelong 1856
Geelong rate books: 1850 - Irish Town
Early Catholic Churches
Early Catholic Schools
Irish Settlers A-Z
A-Z Names
Irish Flax Growers List 1796
Irish Source Records 1500s-1800s
Townlands in Poor Law Unions
Macfarlanes's Genealogical Collections
Mr Tuke's Fund for Assisted Emigration 1882-1885
Emigrants assisted in moving to the USA, Canada and Australia
The 1798 Rebellion: Claimants & Surrenders
Lewis’s Topographical Dictionary of Ireland
Sinn Fein & Republican Suspects 1899-1921
Dublin Castle Special Branch Files [CO 904] [193-21 6] on 6 CDs
Index to the Catholic Qualification Rolls from the Chancery Rolls Office 1778-1790
Index to the Catholic Qualification Rolls, Leinster, Ulster, Munster & Connaught 1793-1798
Film Irl Gen 37
Calendar Convert
Vol 1    1703 – 1789
Vol 2    1789-1845
Film Irl Gen 37
Calendar of 1703-1795 
inc Co. Waterford & Dublin
Film Irl Gen 38
The Knightage & Ireland
A concise view of Knighthood & its various orders with historical & biographical details
Contents include: Order of St Patrick, p40-47; Addenda, p220-232; INDEX, p233-242
Film England IoM 3
Irish heroes in the War:
The Irish in Great Britain by TP O’Connor and The Tyneside Irish Brigade by Joseph Keating
CD 3963
Scots-Irish origins 1600-1800, genealogical gleanings of the Scots-Irish, Part 2: the Plantation of Londonderry c1600-1670:
Including appendices – Phillips Survey of 1622 and the 1630 Muster Roll of the City and County of Londonderry and the Summonister Rolls/Court Records of County Londonderry 1615-1670. Bob Forrest
CD 3992

Merchant Taylor Documents, 1615-1840
Merchant Taylor holding in Derry & Coleraine
St John the Baptist Manor Rent Roll
Company of Cloth Workers, 
Co. Londonderry Rent Roll 1756.
Indentures 1759-1769
Mount Ross Estate Co. Down Rent Roll 1770
Report on Company’s Estates in Londonderry, 1824-1827, 1829, 1838
Killowen, Dunboe & Mocosquin Manor surveys, Londonderry, 1840
Rent Roll of tenants names
Film Irl Gen 36
Miscellaneous documents including Census & Muster Rolls.
Extracts from Irish Newspapers, 1713-1854
Stockholders, 1779
Londonderry Muster Rolls 1796-1804
Census Extracts for 1821-1841, 1851, from: 
   County Down
   Kings County
Film Irl Gen 35
Miscellaneous documents including Electoral Rolls.
State of Diocese of Derry & Armagh, 1693 [Lists of clergy, state of churches, etc.]
An account of the Battle of the Boyne, 1691-1692.
Belfast Electors 1837 - listed by street
School registers & Rent Rolls 1700-1865
Inch School Records 1840-1847
Southwell Rent Roll 1742
Annacloy School Roll 1825-1865
Robert Maxwell Rent Roll 1742-1743
Law Officials Co. Fermanagh 1663-1844
Peace Book warrants 1663-1844
High Sheriffs of Co. Armagh 1656-1704
Leases, Bonds of Co. Armagh 1783-1842
Creggan Parish 1611-1840
Fermanagh Poll Book 1788
Conditions in Belfast 1840-1860
Film Irl Gen 34
Miscellaneous documents including Muster, Militia, etc.
T473  Antrim MSS 1603-1814
Copy of extracts from the family papers of the Earl of Antrim, 1924-1925
Grants of lands in County Antrim to Randall McDonald, 1604-1629
Kintyre papers relative to Antrim
Earl of Antrim created Marquis, 1644
Raising of £3,000 for arms against Scotland
Antrim Tenants
T475 Calendar of Armagh
Manor Court of Armagh, 1625-1627
Londonderry Vestry Minutes  Ardveagh Church
Leases of Land.Indentures
Muster Roll Springhill Corps  - 27 January 1852
Armagh Militia   A-C   1808
Will of Richard Gervas Ker 1823
Film Irl Gen 30

Miscellaneous documents for
1 Irish Miscellanea
Tartaraghan Townlands 
Cricket in Armagh, also List of Players, 1859-1861 
'History of Benburb,' by Marshall 
Letter from Lisburn Hospital, Lisburn, 1954 
Local Celebrities; Capt James Bolton, RN, Sailor and Philanthropist,  and pedigree chart 
Economy, Agriculture 
Skelton family 
Dissenting Ministers in the Counties of Down & Antrim, implicated in the  Rebellion, 1798 
The Lands of the Abbey of StPeter and StPaul 
Lurgan Links with County Armagh 
Castle Dillon, and pedigree chart 
Hughes of Sillis 
Cole family 
Mullaglass Parish Church, 80th Anniversary 
Distribution of the Lands of John Averell, Bishop of Limerick
2 Irish Miscellanea 
Annaghmore Parish Lislooney 
Ardress and the Ensor family
Brownlows of Armagh 
McCrum of Monaghan, pedigree chart 
A Letter from the Crimea
3 Irish Miscellanea 
The Beresford Arms under the present designation
'A Relic of 1782' by TGF Paterson 
Jackson of Lurgan, Co Armagh, Cavan, Dublin & Tipperary 
History of the Parish of Portadown, Armagh, includes:
List of Chairmen of Town Commissioners & Clerks, 1828-1901; and History of the Parish; 
History of the Parochial Schools; List of Clergy of Portadown Parish, 1826-1899; 
List of Church Wardens 1826-1901;
Parochial Treasurers & Secretaries of Select Vestry,  1870-1899; 
Organists, 1859-1897 
The Old Armagh Fever Hospital 
Action Church, Armagh 
The Edifying Bishop  'Bishop's Folly'
Film Irl Gen 29
4 Irish Miscellanea - Bolton genealogy
Letter from Lisburn Hospital, 1954
Notes on the owners of the Glen, Newry, Co Down 
Petitions of Protestant Dissenters in October & November, 1775 
The Mays of Maydown, Co Armagh 
Incumbered Estates Court, Sale of Lands of Marlacoobeg, Rentals 
The Chambers Family of Armagh 
Aughlish & Terryhoogan and their sub-denominations of Belnabeck & Relicarn 
Methodism in Markethill, Armagh;
includes Elders of the Markethill Presbyterian Church, 1703-1820 
Rental of the Archbishop of Armagh, 1615 
Hearth Money Roll 1664
Ashe's Account of the Lands of the Archbishop of Armagh in 1703 
Rental of the Archbishop of Armagh, 1713 
Grange Parish, Armagh 
Muster Roll for 1630 Armagh
Castle Dillon Tenants, 1631, 
Armagh Poll Tax, 1660
Hearth Money Roll, 1664 
Tenants, 1714
5 County Donegal, Hearth Money Roll, 1665
6 County Down, Subsidy Roll 1663
7 County Fermanagh, Poll of the Electors 1788
8 General Munro, 1642-1643
9 CoArmagh, Book of Survey & Distribution, 1654-1703
10 A Distribution of Forfeited Lands, 1641
11 INDEX to Muster Rolls 1630
12 Armagh people  Doctors, etc; Politicians; Scribes; Architects; Historians Parsons;
      The Primates of all Ireland;
13 Armagh genealogies & Wills: Person/Peirson/Pierson/Pearson,  1611-1888; 
      Wills of John Mackey; Francis Winter; Jacob Pearson; David Kell; William Stevenson;
     William Allen; George Wickliff; Joseph Pearson
14 Cope family of Loughgall, including Church records
15 Atkinson family of Co Armagh; Armstrong; Bredon; Buckby; Burleigh;  Christy;
      Clarke; Crosbie; Dawson; 
      Hollingsworth; Jones; Mathers;  Moneypenny; Overend; Paul; Pepper; Sacheverall;
     Searight; Shillington;
     Sloan; Waldron; Wentworth; Woodhouse; Workman; Armory
16 Persons of Armagh interest, alpha A-V
17 Protestant Householders 1740
18 County Tyrone Undated Hearth Money Roll  c1670
     Poll Book 1660 
     Subsidy Roll 1665
19 Seaver family of Armagh
20 Poll Tax Abstracts 1660 Down
21 Calendar of the Patent Rolls of James I
22 Acheson family, Co Armagh
23 Atkinson, Barker, D'Estrange, Kings Co; MacKeray; Simpson, Walker
Film Irl Gen 29
24. Carte Papers, Ulster Province 1654-1661
25 Muster Roll of Ulster 1630
26 Radcliffe family, CoAntrim
27 Rose, Turner & Verner families of Co Armagh
28 Mullavilly Parish, Armagh INDEX to Tombstone Inscriptions and Church History; Tythe Payers, 1831-1833; Extracts from Kilmore Vestry Books, 1841-1930; Preacher Books, 1845-1887
29 StPatrick's Cathedral & Churchyard "Inscriptions", Co Armagh
30 Irish Miscellanea Election Expenses, 1753; Poll Book, 1753; INDEX to Roll of Electors The Presbyterian Church of Donaghmore, Co Tyrone
31 Annual lists of field officers of Regiments in Ireland, 1730-1761
32-33 Armagh families
34 Hutchinson & Maxwell Will extracts
35 Seagoe Parish Act
36 Register of Prisoners in Armagh Jail, c1881
37 Summonister’s Rolls, County Tyrone 1615-1636
38 Tyrone Chancery Inquisition Juries, 1614-1661
39 Miscellaneous Irish Wills; Powell family, Co Armagh
40 Caulfield family, Co Armagh
41 Patent Rolls extracts of Ireland 1600-1800
42 Hall family, Co Armagh
43 Chambers family, Co Armagh
44 Poyntz family, Co Armagh
45 Bruchur famly, Co Armagh
46 Clinton family wills, Co Armagh
47 Armstrong Co Armagh; Blacker family, Balintaggart & its owners
Film Irl Gen 29
Miscellaneous Records Armagh & Tyrone
12 Armagh Estates Tenants & Bog Rents 1840-1841
3  Townlands of Keady: reference to the Town & Town Parks of Keady, Armagh
4  Armagh County townlands Elector lists,1841 & 1851
5  Charlemont and Cladymore Manors, including Maps, 1824 
    Names of Tenants, description of land and its value
6  Charlemont Accounts, 1850-1865
7  'Reference to the Book of Maps of the Turfbogs situate in the Manors of  Charlemont, 
    Cladymore & Castle Caulfield in the Counties of Armagh  and Tyrone' 
    Charlemont Estate, Bog Rents  Names of Tenants, description of land and its value, 1831-1834
8  'Survey & Valuation of the Turf Bogs, situate in the Manors of  Charlemont & Cladymore, 
    arranged according to the Residence of the Occupiers, forming a Book of Reference
    between the Rent Ledger and the  Bog Maps, & showing the Location,
    Extent & Value of the Bogs, 1831'
9  The Moy Estate situated in Charlemont Manor,
    The Manor of Castle Caulfield & Claymore Manor rentals 
    Tenants names, description of land and its value
10 'Maps of the Turf Bogs belonging to the Manors of Charlemont, Cladymore & Castle Caulfield in
     the Counties of Armagh & Tyrone, 1828-1831'
11 Bog occupiers of Aughtmagorgan, Corclea & Granemore, County Armagh 1844-1845
12 Schedule of the leases of the Earl of Charlemonts Ulster Estates
     Names of Tenants, land descriptions and its value
13  Sale of Estates
     Transfer of Property under the Landed Estates Court, County Armagh, 1855-1945 
     Includes Tenants names, description of land and its value & Maps 
Film Irl Gen 27
Miscellaneous Records [Armagh & Tyrone]
1 Creggan Parish History, 1611-1840
2 Draft Sectional List of Parish Registers in NIreland 
   Draft Sectional List  of Pre Ordnance Maps, etc 
   Draft Sectional List of Records of Administration 
   PRONI Landed Estate records of Armagh, Fermanagh, Londonderry and Tyrone 
   PRONI Pre-Ordnance Survey Maps & Plans, Surveys & Valuations of  Armagh,
   Fermanagh, Londonderry & Tyrone 
   Parish Registers in N Ireland, includes Down, Londonderry, Armagh, Tyrone, Antrim,
   Fermanagh, Derry, Donegal & Cavan
   Church of Ireland Parish Registers: Belfast, includes Antrim & Down 
   Roman Catholic Church Registers: Belfast 
   Presbyterian Church Registers: Belfast 
   Methodist Church Registers; Belfast
3  Ulster place names and dialects
    Sources of Place Names in County Armagh 
    County Armagh, Registration Unit- Portadown Borough [No 13], Sarah  Street - Woodside Hill only
4  Matthew Bell Letters, 1830-1837
5  Parkanaur Estate with description of house
6  Chronicles of the Kirkpatrick Family
7  County Armagh Pedigrees; includes Lodge, Kidd, Reed, Roe, Kelly,  Lucas, Hobson, Whily
8  Memorial of the Voyages and Travels of Leonard Gillespie MD, RN, 1804-1805 
    Extracted from journals, diaries and  letters, born Armagh,  1772-1841
9  Armagh Corporation records, 1792-1840 
    Extracts from the Minute Book of The Sovereign and Burgesses of the 
    Borough of Armagh, Vol 1, 1738-1818;
    listing officials, Free Men & their occupations and residents 
    As above, Vol 2, 1818-1840, listing officials; 
    Armagh City Grand  Jury Presenment Book, 1776-1816, names jurors, 1731-1775 & 1816-1833
10 Belfast Library Catalogue of Irish books
11 Electoral registers of Armagh, 1851-1872  In Baronies
12 Notes on StPatrick & The Book for the Fifteenth Centenary [432-1932] St Patrick: His Life & Mission
13 Tullaniskin Parish Records transcripts, Co Tyrone also Notes on The Parish of Tullaniskin, Vol 1 
    Hearth Money Rolls, 1664 & 1666 
    Notes on The Parish of Tullaniskin, Vol 2: includes MI's; 
    Baptismal Register, 1794-1816,  1819-1907; 
    Hearth Money, 1666 & 1664; 
    Pedigrees for Cornwall, Swan & Richardson 
    As above, Vol 3: includes Church Wardens, 1790-1915; Officials, Residents
    As above, Vol 4, includes: Officials & Residents; Hearth Money Rolls, 1664 & 1666; 
    Register of Deeds, 1747-1804, p102-160; 
    Richardson Pedigree 
    Notes on The Parish of Tullaniskin, Vol 5, includes: Statements;  Indentures; 
    Church Wardens for Drumglass & Tullaniskin United Parishes 1694-1789 
    United Parishes of Drumglass & Tullaniskin, 
    Parish Register extracts, 1685-1780; 
    Pedigrees for Burke & Richardson; 
    Newmills Roll of Honour for the Great War, p142-143;
    some MI's; Hearth Money Rolls,1664 & 1666 for Tillinesken & Killaman & Drumglass Parishes
14 Abstracts of Wills, Family Charts, etc, of Armagh Families, Vol1,  includes: Atkinson,
    Hockley Estate, Graham, McKinstry, Murray, Hardy, Williams, Campbell, Boyd, Walker,
    Swann, Clarke, Coburn, McCartney,  Tweedy, Ross, Fulton, Tipping, Hull, Richardson,
    Cardwell, Scott, Baxter, Rowan, Maclean, Couser, Magowan, Moffitt & Cross 
 Film Irl Gen 26
Miscellaneous Records [Armagh & Tyrone]
1  Extracts from "Diary of Alexander Hamilton" of Newtown Hamilton,  Co Armagh; Oaklawn,
    Co Dublin; and Rutland Sq Dublin 
    The Muster Roll of Armagh, 1630, p131-164 
    Protestants attainted, 1689, by James II, p165 & 169-170 
    Ministers of the General Assembly in Armagh Presbytery 1847, p171- 178 
    For Ministers of Wester Synod with Stipende for 1779 
    Petitions for Dissenters, 1775, p180-184 
    MIs, p185 
     Report on Ancient Monuments in the Co of Armagh, p189-237
2  Book of Maps of the Turf Bogs situated in the Manors of Charlemont, Cladymore & Castle Caulfield 
    in the Counties of  Armagh & Tyrone, 1828-1831; includes Maps
3  Charlemont & Cladymore Turf Bog Rentals, INDEX; Survey and Valuation, 1831
4  Turf Bog Rentals for Aughmagorgan, Corclea & Granemore, 1844-1845
5  Charlemont, Cladymore & Castle Caulfield Rentals List of Tenants, 1761-1847
6  Charlemont Ulster Estate Schedule of leases
7  Rental of the Estate of Ralph S Obre Esq 1863-1874,  1876-1886
8  As above, 1854-1863
9  Charlemont Lease, 1846
10  List of Members of the Armagh Natural History & P Society, 1844-1863 
      Notes of the Armagh Mechanics Institute, 1825 & 1859
11  Rentals of Ballymore & Kernan, 1781-1782
12  As above, 1789
13  Pedigree Charts of Armagh: includes Stuart, Mathers & Montgomery
14  Genealogies of Armagh: includes Atkinson, Barker, Greer, Johnston,  Bannerman & Skelton
15  Blackwater Town Rentals, 1841-1842, 1849 
16  Description Book, Seagoe Yeomanry Corps, 1831-c1855 
     Gives Roll of Men in alpha sequence from 1831-c1855, with many interesting observations
      relative to issues of arms, transfers to Armagh Militia, police, etc, also details such as
      deaths & enrolments
      Seagrove Yeomanry, Journal Occurrence & Memorandum Book 1820 [1792-1839]
17 Journal of the Commissioners of Pipe Water for the City of Armagh, 1792-1863
Film Irl Gen 28
18  Armagh Militia Records 8th The Armagh Regiment, 1793-1833 
      75th Regiment, 1833-1854 75th Armagh Light Infantry, 1854-1881 
      3rd Battalion Princess Victoria's Regiment, 1881-1907 
      Officers serving in the Armagh Regiment, 1801, 1813, 1854 
      Officers serving in the Light Infantry, 1855, 1857-1859,1864-1865, 1868-1871,1874-1881      
      Officers serving in 3rd Battalion Princess Victoria's [Royal Irish Fusiliers] 1881-1907
19  Leases to Armagh inhabitants, 1796-1802
20 As above, 1788-1846
21 As above, 1796-1806 

Miscellaneous Manuscript Transcripts & Petitions including Lists of Names
Castle Damson Manor Rentals:
Vol  1    1707-1745
Vol  2    1707-1745
Film Irl Gen 50
British & Irish Vagrants passing through Wiltshire
Vol 1    1785-1789
Vol 2    1790-1796
Vol 3    1702-1705, 1708-1712, 1740-1742, 1774-1776
fiche WIL 572-575

Burke’s Landed Gentry of Ireland 1899
A genealogical and heraldic history of the Landed Gentry of Ireland with   Supplement 9th Edition


The Letters of John O’Donovan from Fermanagh 1834
Letters of Denizations for Aliens in England and Ireland, 1603-1700
A master INDEX is listed at the end of the CD with cross reference numbers indicating which page the name is on.Naturalizations from James 1, Charles 1, Commonwealth, James 11, Charles 11, Wiliam and Mary; William III, and Irish Denizens.
William Smith O’Brien Petition 1848-1849
Surname INDEX to the Spinning Wheel – Premium Entitlement Lists, 1796
fiche Irl 54-65
Surnames of Ireland 
fiche Gen 52-53
The Irish Ancestor 1969-1986 Edited by Rosemary Ffolliott
Finucanc of Co. Clare, by George F. Mott
The Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, by Kenneth Darwin,
Deputy Keeper of the Records
Entries from the Randall Family Bible
The Value of Tombstone Inscriptions, by Dr R. S. J. Clarke
Admiralty Passing Certificates 1808-1811
ffolliott of Co. Menth, by Rosemary ffolliott
Christian Names in Ireland, by Brian de Breffny
Administrations from the Peculiar of Newry and Mourne
Household Stuff, by Rosemary ffolliott
Mallow Testamentary Records
The Irish Genealogist Volumes 1-8   1937-1993
Researching Derry & Londonderry Ancestors
A practical guide for the family and local historian [William Macafee]

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