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Ireland General
Catalogue of Fiche, Film & CDs
Note that the spelling of place names may have changed over the years so remember to check all variations.
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Ireland: Passenger and immigration lists Index 1538-1864


Ireland death records, index of deaths, 1906-1907
LDS Film 101603
Ireland death records, index of deaths, 1932-1934
LDS Film 101739
Ireland marriage records, index of marriages 1906-1909
LDS Film 101261
The Irish Link, INDEX
Issues 1-47, 1984-1995.
fiche Irl 133-136
The Irish Link, INDEX
Issues 48-51, 1996.
fiche Irl 137

Surname INDEX to the Spinning Wheel – Premium Entitlement Lists 1796

fiche Irl 54-65

Index to Irish Marriages 1771-1812
Henry Farrar, Irish Marriages: Being an Index to the Marriages in Walker's
Hibernian Magazine, 1771-1812, with an Appendix from the Notes of Sir Arthur
Vicars … of the Births, Marriages and Deaths in the Anthologia Hibernica, 1793
and 1794 [2 vols 1897]



Jewish Genealogical Consolidated Surname INDEX
fiche WORLD Misc 33-36
Jewish Genealogical Consolidated Surname INDEX 
fiche WORLD Misc 37-39
Jewish Genealogical Family Finder, December 1996
Database of ancestral towns & surnames throughout the World.
fiche WORLD Misc 40-41
Jewish Cemeteries throughout the World [79 Countries]
fiche WORLD Misc 42-43
Jewish Burials throughout the World
fiche WORLD Misc 44-46
Jewish Genealogical People Finder
fiche WORLD Misc 47-68


Land Owners in Ireland 1876
   Part 1   Leinster
   Part 2   Munster
   Part 3   Ulster
   Part 4   Connaught
fiche Irl 93-96


Antrim Tenants.
Manor Court of Armagh 1625-1627, Leases of Land.
Film Irl Gen 30
Armagh Estates: 
Tenants & Bog Rents 1840-1841.
Charlemont and Cladymore Manors, including Maps 1824. 
    Names of Tenants, description of land and its value
    Charlemont Accounts 1850-1865
'Reference to the Book of Maps of the Turf Bogs situate in the Manors of Charlemont
Cladymore & Castle Caulfield in the Counties of Armagh and Tyrone
    Charlemont Estate, Bog Rents.Names of Tenants, description of land and its value 1831-1834
    'Survey & Valuation of the Turf Bogs, situate in the Manors of Charlemont & Cladymore, 
    arranged according to the Residence of theOccupiers, forming a Book of Reference between the
    Rent Ledger  and the Bog Maps, & showing the Location, Extent & Value of the Bogs 1831.'
The Moy Estate situated in Charlemont Manor, The Manor of Castle Caulfield & Claymore Manor rentals.
    Tenants names, description of land and its value.
    'Maps of the Turf Bogs belonging to the Manors of Charlemont, Cladymore & Castle  
     Caulfield in the Counties of Armagh & Tyrone 1828-1831.'
Bog occupiers of Aughtmagorgan, Corclea & Granemore , County Armagh 1844-1845.
Schedule of the leases of the Earl of Charlemonts Ulster Estates. 
Namesof Tenants, land descriptions and its value.County Armagh 1855-1945. 
    Includes Tenants names, description of land and its value & Maps. 
Film Irl Gen 27
Castle Damson Manor Rentals
Vol  1  1707-1745
Vol  2  1707-1745
Film Irl Gen 33
St John the Baptist Manor Rent Roll
Mount Ross Estate, Co. Down, Rent Roll, 1770
Report on Company’s Estates in Londonderry, 1824-1827, 1829, 1838
Killowen, Dunboe & Mocosquin Manor surveys, Londonderry, 1840
Rent Roll of tenants names
Film Irl Gen 36
Incumbered Estates Court, Sale of Lands of Marlacoobeg, Rentals
Rental of the Archbishop of Armagh, 1615
Film Irl Gen 29
Southwell Rent Roll 1742
Robert Maxwell Rent Roll 1742-1743
Leases, Bonds of Co. Armagh 1783-1842
Film Irl Gen 34
Forkhill Estate Armagh
Film Irl Gen 29


Irish Townland Maps, County Cork Full coloured and indexed maps
Taylor & Skinner’s Road Maps of Ireland [2nd  Edition 1783]


Returning Home
Transatlantic Migration from North America to Britain & Ireland  1858-1870
The Search for Missing Friends
Irish Immigrant Advertisements placed in the Boston Pilot 1831-1920
Irish & UK immigrants  1860-1870
Irish & UK immigrants  1870-1872
Irish & UK immigrants  1873-1879


Casualties of War from Freeman's Journal August 31 1917
Irish Militia & Commission Registers T470
Vol 1  1727-1729 
Vol 2  1729-1736
Vol 3  1736-1737 
Vol 4  1737-1739
Vol 5  1739-1741
Film Irl Gen 31
Irish Militia & Commission Registers T470
Vol 6    1740-1742 
Vol 7    1742, 1750-1755
Vol 8    1749-1757 
Vol 9    1757-1760
Vol 10  1760 
Vol 11  1760
Vol12   1770-1772
Film Irl Gen 32
Irish Militia & Commission Registers T470
Vol 13  1737
Vol 14  1739
Film Irl Gen 33
Militia Attestations 1886-1910 Antrim, Ulster & Waterford
fiche Irl 150

Militia Attestations Index Royal Garrison Artillery 1872-1915, Antrim, Ulster & Waterford
(Covers the counties of Clare, Cork, Donegal, Dublin, Limerick, Londonderry, Sligo, Tipperary, Antrim, Waterford and Wicklow).
(Refer also to CD 1109 Scotland RGA Index)

Index to Army of Reserve 1806
INDEX to Officers 
Cavan Militia   1708-1825
Monaghan      1756
Fermanagh     1708
Film Irl Gen 29
Regimental Indexes 1st to 25th Regiments of Foot 1806
Regimental Indexes Cavalry, Foot Guards & Waggon Train 1806
Regimental Indexes 26th to 50th Regiments of Foot 1806

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