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Ireland General
Catalogue of Fiche, Film & CDs
Note that the spelling of place names may have changed over the years so remember to check all variations.
 Updates highlighted in Red


The Muster Roll of Armagh 1630   p131-164
Men in alpha sequence from 1831-c1855, with many interesting observations relative to
issues of arms, transfers to Armagh Militia, police, etc, also details such as deaths & enrolments
Seagrove Yeomanry, Journal Occurrence & Memorandum Book 1820 [1792 -1839]
Armagh Militia Records
8th The Armagh Regiment, 1793 -1833
75th Regiment, 1833 -1854
75th Armagh Light Infantry, 1854 -1881
3rd Battalion Princess Victoria's Regiment, 1881-1907
Officers serving in the Armagh Regiment, 1801, 1813, 1854
Officers serving in the Light Infantry, 1855, 1857-1859, 1864 -1865, 1868 -1871, 1874 -1881
Officers serving in 3rd Battalion Princess Victoria's [Royal Irish Fusiliers] 1881-1907
Film Irl Gen 28
Londonderry Muster Rolls 1796 -1804
Film Irl Gen 35
T 561
Muster Roll Springhill Corps 27 January 1852
Armagh Militia A -C  1808
Film Irl Gen 30
Muster Roll of Ulster 1630
Film Irl Gen 29


Merchant Seamen's Crew Agreement Lists 1851   PRO Catalogue No BT 98
Note: The area designation relates to the ships' Port of Registration not the birthplace of the seaman.
A seaman could sign on anywhere and change ships at will, so if you do not find him where expected try other areas.

Ireland North [Ulster]

Includes ships registered at the following ports: -Belfast, Coleraine, Londonderry, Newry
wrongly filed in Ireland-should be Wales, Strangford.
Ireland Mid & East [Leinster]
Includes ships registered at the following ports: -Dundak, Drogheda, Dublin, Dundee, New Ross,
Wexford, Weymouth wrongly filed in Ireland - should be England.
Ireland South & West [Munster & Connaught]
Includes ships registered at the following ports: Baltimore, Ballina, Cork, Galway, Limerick, Sligo, Tralee, Waterford





Medical Directory for Ireland 1852


Belturbet Co Cavan.
Corporation Minute Books, 1708 -1755, plus a few earlier entries
Minutes Freemen’s Oaths
Lists of Burgesses
Lists of Persons entitled to graze beasts on town property
Corporation Leases
Rules from Belturbet Plate Horse Race
Handwritten document – no headings apart from beginning.
Film Irl Gen 43

The AIGS Library holds a number of Church of Ireland and Presbyterian Parish Records. See individual Counties for holdings.

Irish Miscellanea Annaghmore Parish
Film Irl Gen 29
Creggan Parish 1611-1840
Film Irl Gen 34
Grange Parish, Armagh
Film Irl Gen 29
T 500 - Londonderry Vestry Minutes,  Ardveagh Church
Film Irl Gen 30
History of the Parish of Portadown, Armagh
Includes List of Chairmen of Town Commissioners & Clerks   1828 -1901; and History of the Parish
also History of the Parochial Schools;
   List of Clergy of Portadown Parish, 1826 -1899
   List of Church Wardens1826 -1901
   Parochial Treasurers & Secretaries of Select Vestry 1870 -1899
   Organists 1859 -1897.
Film Irl Gen 29
Tullaniskin Parish Records transcripts Co. Tyrone
also Notes on The Parish of Tullaniskin
Vol 1  Notes on The Parish of Tullaniskin
Vol.2  includes MIs, Baptismal Register 1794 -1816,  1819 -1907
Film Irl Gen 26
Parish Registers in Northern Ireland
Iincludes Down, Londonderry, Armagh,Tyrone, Antrim, Fermanagh,   Derry, Donegal & Cavan
Church of Ireland Parish Registers: Belfast, includes Antrim & Down
Roman Catholic Church Registers: Belfast
Presbyterian Church Registers: Belfast
Methodist Church Registers; Belfast
Film Irl Gen 26


Quaker or Society of Friends - Lurgan Quarterly Meeting [LGM 5/1]
Testimonies against Quakers  1632 -1700
Marriage Certificate copies 1670 -1768
CMB. for various families with index 1670 -1806
Marriage certificate book 1715 -1811
Marriages  1812 -1848
Marriages  1845 -1912
at Lugan, Bessbrook, Portadown, Moyallen
Film Irl Gen 44

Quaker or Society of Friends - Lurgan Quarterly Meeting  [LGM 5/12/13/14]
Testimonies of Disownment [Lurgan]  1688 -1796
List of Members  1810 -1883
Miscellaneous Wills  c1776
Account of Sufferings 1812 -1868
Film Irl Gen 45

Ulster Quaker Records [Mic 16]
Marriage certificates 1731-1786
Marriage Register 1812-1848
Book of sufferings 1748-1809
Ulster, Armagh, Monaghan, Down, Antrim, Tyrone, Meath - Births & Burials 1841-1858
Minutes of Ulster School 1823-1827
Film Gen 46


Royal Irish Constabulary Collection - History of the Royal Irish Constabulary [Robert Curtis]
Royal Irish Constabulary Manual or Guide to Discharge of Police Duties 6th edition 1909 Constabulary List and Directories: ½ year commencing 1/7/1889, ½ year commencing 1/1/1910; Jan 1915, Jan 1920
Royal Irish Constabulary INDEX  Part 1  1816 -1882
        fiche Irl 1-7A
Royal Irish Constabulary INDEX  Part 2  1882 -1921
        fiche Irl 8-14


Irish Education Inquiry
Second report from the Commissioners 1826 on state of education pre-famine Ireland. Returns from Protestand and Roman Catholic clergy 1824 with many appendixes. Appendix 22, the largest one, lists 11823 individual schools with Barony, Parish, Townland, Master or Mistress, and Religion.
List of Teachers, Monitors, Inspectors – Ireland 1850
fiche Irl 132
School registers & Rent Rolls 1700 -1865
Inch School Records 1840 -1847
Annacloy School Roll 1825 -1865
Film Irl Gen 34


Tithe Applotment Books of Northern Ireland   c1823 -1838 
       Film Tithes N 38-66
Tithe Applotment Books of Northern Ireland  c1823 -1838,
INDEX to Surnames
      Film Tithes N 1-35
Tithe Applotment Books of Northern Ireland  c1823 -1838,
INDEX to Townlands
     Film Tithes N 36-37
Tithe Applotment Books of Southern Ireland   c1823 -1838
County Carlow 
County Cavan
County Clare 
County Cork East
County Cork North 
County Cork South 
County Donegal
County Dublin
County Kerry 
County Kilkenny 
County Kings Offaly
County Leitrim
County Limerick
County Longford
County Mayo
County Meath
County Monaghan
County Roscommon
County Sligo
County Tipperary
County Waterford
County Wexford

Film Tithes S 1-2
Film Tithes S 3-5b
Film Tithes S  6-11
Film Tithes S 12-16
Film Tithes S 17-20
Film Tithes S 21-26
Film Tithes S 27-32
Film Tithes S 33-36
Film Tithes S 42-45
Film Tithes S 50-55
Film Tithes S 56-58
Film Tithes S 59-61
Film Tithes S 62-67
Film Tithes S 68-69
Film Tithes S 73-76
Film Tithes S 77-80
Film Tithes S 82-83
Film Tithes S 84-90
Film Tithes S 91-94
Film Tithes S 95-101
Film Tithes S 102-104
Film Tithes S 108-111


Alumni Dublinenses
Registry of Students, Graduates, Professors & Provosts of Trinity College Dublin 1637 - 1846
Queen’s Colleges (Ireland)
Return of the names of the Matriculates Students who entered the Queen’s Colleges in Ireland since 1849, alphabetically arranged showing date of Matriculation, religious profession and the Faculty or Department to which student belonged.
Lists of Non-matriculated students who entered the Colleges
Returns of number of students who took First Degrees 31/3/1858-31/3/1859
Number of Matriculated Students in the Colleges of Cork, Belfast, and Galway 31/3/1859
List of Non-Matriculated students 31/3/1859
Number of students holding Scholarships or Exhibitions 31/3/1859
Amount paid out for the support & maintenance of Queen’s Colleges and University 31/3/1859-31/3/1859

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