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Catalogue of Fiche, Film and CDs

Note that the spelling of place names may have changed over the years so remember to check all variations.
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Yorkshire, West Riding,  Parishes in the 1851 Census held in the AIGS Library
Note that these items are microfilm of the original Census records and are filed in the Film cabinets under their Piece Numbers.
The designation of HO107 stands for Home Office, the number after the slash is the Piece Number.

Addingham (HO107/2279 Part 2)
Adwick upon Dearne (HO107/2346)
Allerton Bywater (HO107/2329)
Almondbury (HO107/2294)
Alverthorpe  with Thornes (HO107/2328)
Anston (HO107/2122)
Appletreewick (HO107/2279 Part 2)
Arncliffe (HO107/2278 Part 1)
Aston (HO107/2343 )
Attercliffe cum Darnall (HO107/2342 Part 2)
Baildon (HO107/2276)
Bank Newton (HO107/2278 Part 1)
Barden (HO107/2279 Part 2)
Barlow (HO107/2351)
Barnbrough (HO107/2346)
Barnoldswick (HO107/2278 Part 1 & 2)
Barnsley (HO107/2332 )
Barugh (HO107/2332 )
Batley (HO107/2314)
Beauchief  Liberty (e.p.) (HO107/2336)
Beauisley (HO107/2279 Part 2)
Bewerley (HO107/2280)
Bilham (HO107/2346)
Birkin (HO107/2351)
Bishopside High & Low (HO107/2280)
Bolton (HO107/2312)
Bolton Abbey (HO107/2279 Part 2)
Bolton upon Dearne (HO107/2346)
Bordley (Burnsall) (HO107/2278 Part 1)
Bowling (HO107/2305)
Bowthwaite (HO107/2280)
Bracewell (HO107/2278 Part 1)
Bradford (HO107/2305)
Bradford (HO107/2307)
Bradleys Both (HO107/2278 Part 2)
Braisty Wood (HO107/2280)
Brampton-en-le-Morthen (HO107/2343 )
Brayton (HO107/2351)
Brinham (HO107/2280)
Brinsworth (HO107/2343 )
Brodsworth (HO107/2346)
Brogden (HO107/2278 Part 1)
Broughton (HO107/2279 Part 1)
Broughton in Craven (HO107/2279 Part 1)
Buckden (HO107/2278 Part 1)
Burn (HO107/2351)
Burnsall (HO107/2279 Part 2)
Cadeby (HO107/2346)
Calton (HO107/2278 Part 1)
Camblesforth  (HO107/2351)
Carlton (HO107/2276)
Carlton (HO107/2279 Part 1)
Carlton (HO107/2316)
Carlton (HO107/2351)
Catcliffe (HO107/2343 )
Cawood (HO107/2351)
Chapel  Haddlesey (HO107/2351)
Clayton (HO107/2346)
Coates (HO107/2278 Part 1)
Coniston Cold (HO107/2278 Part 1)
Conistone with Kilnsey (Burnsall) (HO107/2278 Part 1)
Cononley (HO107/2278 Part 2)
Cowling (HO107/2278 Part 2)
Cracoe (HO107/2279 Part 2)
Cross Hills (HO107/2278 Part 2)
Cumberworth Half (HO107/2293)
Dacre (HO107/2280)
Dacre Banks (HO107/2280)
Dacre cum Bewerley (HO107/2280)
Dalton (HO107/2294)
Dalton (HO107/2343 )
Dent (HO107/2276)
Dinnington (HO107/2122)
Dodworth (HO107/2332 )
Dore (HO107/2336)
Draughton (HO107/2279 Part 2)
Drax (HO107/2351)
Drebley Howgill (HO107/2279 Part 2)
Earby (HO107/2278 Part 2)
Ecclesall  Bierlow (HO107/2337 Part 1 & 2)
Eccleshill (HO107/2312)
Elmley (HO107/2293)
Elslack (HO107/2279 Part 1)
Embsay with Eastby (HO107/2279 Part 1 & 2)
Esholt (HO107/2276)
Eshton (HO107/2278 Part 1)
Fairburn (HO107/2329)
Farnley (HO107/2314)
Farnley Tyas (HO107/2294)
Firbeck (HO107/2122)
Flasby with Winterburn (HO107/2278 Part 1)
Fountains Earth (HO107/2280)
Garforth (HO107/2329)
Gargrave (HO107/2278 Part 1)
Garsdale (HO107/2276)
Gateforth (HO107/2351)
Gildersome (HO107/2314)
Gildingwells (HO107/2122)
Glusburn (HO107/2278 Part 2)
Grassington (HO107/2279 Part 2)
Great Preston (HO107/2329)
Greenhow Hill (HO107/2280)
Guiseley (HO107/2276)
Halton East (HO107/2279 Part 2)
Hambleton (HO107/2351)
Handsworth (HO107/2342 Part 2)
Harthill with Woodall (HO107/2122)
Hartlington (HO107/2279 Part 2)
Hartwith (HO107/2280)
Hawksworth (HO107/2276)
Hayshaw (HO107/2280)
Hazlewood with Storiths (HO107/2279 Part 2)
Hebden (HO107/2279 Part 2)
Hetton (Burnsall) (HO107/2278 Part 1)
Hickleton (HO107/2346)
High Hoyland (HO107/2293)
High Melton (HO107/2346)
Hirst Courtney (HO107/2351)
Hooton Pagnell  (HO107/2346)
Horbury (HO107/2328)
Horton (HO107/2310 Part 1)
Idle (HO107/2312)
Kelbrook (HO107/2278 Part 2)
Kettlewell (HO107/2278 Part 1)
Kildwick (HO107/2278 Part 2)
Kippax (HO107/2329)
Kirkburton (HO107/2293)
Kirkby Malzeard (HO107/2280)
Kirkheaton (HO107/2294)
Kirkheaton Workhouse (HO107/2294)
Langfield (HO107/2289)
Ledsham (HO107/2329)
Ledston  (HO107/2329)
Leeds (HO107/2314)
Leeds (HO107/2319-20)
Leeds All Saints (HO107/2319)
Leeds Mendicity Office (HO107/2319)
Lepton (HO107/2294)
Letwell (HO107/2122)
Linton (HO107/2279 Part 2)
Lofthouse (HO107/2316)
Lofthouse High & Low (HO107/2280)
Long Drax (HO107/2351)
Lothersdale (HO107/2279 Part 1)
Luddenden (HO107/2300)
Maningham  (HO107/2310 Part 2)
Marr (HO107/2346)
Marton (HO107/2278 Part 1)
Menwith with Darley (HO107/2280)
Methley (HO107/2329)
Mexborough (HO107/2346)
Micklefield  (HO107/2329)
Middlesmoor (HO107/2280)
Middleton (HO107/2316)
Midgley (HO107/2300)
Moorhouse (HO107/2346)
Morley (HO107/2322)
Mysholmroyd (HO107/2300)
Nesfield with Langbar  (HO107/2279 Part 2)
Nether Hallam (HO107/2336)
Nether Hallam (HO107/2337 Part 2)
New Laiths (HO107/2280)
Newland (HO107/2351)
Newthorpe (HO107/2329)
North Anston (HO107/2122)
Norton. (HO107/2336)
Orgreave (HO107/2343 )
Otley (HO107/2276)
Otley Union Workhouse (HO107/2276)
Padside (HO107/2280)
Pateley Bridge (HO107/2280)
Ramsgill (HO107/2280)
Rawdon (HO107/2276)
Rilston (HO107/2279 Part 2)
Ripon (HO107/2280)
Rotherham (HO107/2343 )
Rothwell (HO107/2316)
Ryther (HO107/2351)
Salterforth (HO107/2278 Part 2)
Sedbergh (HO107/2276)
Selby (HO107/2351)
Selby Union Workhouse (HO107/2351)
Sheffield (Hollis Croft) (HO107/2339. Part 3)
Sheffield Brightside Bierlow (HO107/2342 Pt 1 & 2)
Sheffield Carver Street (HO107/2338 Part 2.)
Sheffield Dyers Hill (HO107/2340)
Sheffield Dyers Hill (HO107/2341)
Sheffield Eldon (HO107/2338 part 2.)
Sheffield Heeley (HO107/2341)
Sheffield Hollis Croft (HO107/2339. Part 2)
Sheffield Moorfield (HO107/2339. Part 1)
Sheffield Netherthorpe (HO107/2339. Part 2)
Sheffield part of Gillear (HO107/2338 part 2.)
Sheffield Porter Street (HO107/2340)
Sheffield St George (HO107/2338 Part 1 & 2.)
Sheffield St George (HO107/2339. Part 3)
Sheffield St James (HO107/2338 Part 1)
Sheffield St Johns (HO107/2341)
Sheffield St Mary (HO107/2340)
Sheffield St Pauls (HO107/2340)
Sheffield St Peter (HO107/2338 Part 1)
Sheffield St Peters (HO107/2339. Part 1)
Sheffield St Peters (HO107/2340)
Sheffield St Philips (HO107/2339. Part 1 & 2)
Sheffield Union Workhouse (HO107/2339. Part 3)
Shepley (HO107/2293)
Sigworth (HO107/2280)
Silkstone (HO107/2293)
Skipton (HO107/2279 Part 1)
South Anston (HO107/2122)
Southowram (HO107/2297)
Sprotborough (HO107/2346)
Stansfield (HO107/2289)
Starbotten (HO107/2278 Part 1)
Stirton with Thorlby (HO107/2279 Part 1)
Stonebeck Up (HO107/2280)
Stonebeckdown (HO107/2280)
Stotfold (HO107/2346)
Summersbridge (HO107/2280)
Temple Hirst (HO107/2351)
The Heights (HO107/2280)
Thornthwaite (HO107/2280)
Thornton (HO107/2278 Part 2)
Thornton in Craven (HO107/2278 Part 2)
Thorp Willoughby (HO107/2351)
Thorpe (HO107/2279 Part 2)
Thorpe Salvin (HO107/2122)
Thruscross (HO107/2280)
Thurnscoe (HO107/2346)
Thurstonland (HO107/2293)
Tinsley (HO107/2343 )
Totley (HO107/2336)
Treeton (HO107/2343 )
Treshfield (HO107/2279 Part 2)
Ulley (HO107/2343 )
Upper Hallam (HO107/2336)
Warley (HO107/2300)
West Haddlesey (HO107/2351)
Whiston (HO107/2343 )
Whitley Upper (HO107/2294)
Wickersley (HO107/2343 )
Winsley (HO107/2280)
Wistow (HO107/2351)
Woodsetts (HO107/2122)
Wortley (HO107/2314)
Yeadon (HO107/2276)

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