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Catalogue of Fiche, Film and CDs

Note that the spelling of place names may have changed over the years so remember to check all variations.
 Updates highlighted in Red

Yorkshire, East Riding,  Parishes in the 1851 Census held in the AIGS Library
Note that these items are microfilm of the original Census records and are filed in the Film cabinets under their Piece Numbers.
The designation of HO107 stands for Home Office, the number after the slash is the Piece Number.

Acaster Malbis (HO107/2354)
Acomb (HO107/2354)
Allerthorp (HO107/2357 part 1)
Angram (HO107/2354)
Arras (HO107/2357 part 2)
Askham Bryan (HO107/2354)
Askham Richard (HO107/2354)
Aughton (HO107/2357 part 1)
Bainton (HO107/2366)
Barmby on the Moor (HO107/2357 part 1)
Battleburn (HO107/2366)
Belthorpe (HO107/2357 part 1)
Beverley St. Nicholas (HO107/2359)
Bielby (HO107/2357 part 2)
Bishop Burton (HO107/2359)
Bishop Wilton (HO107/2357 part 1)
Bishop Wilton (HO107/2357 part 2)
Bishopthorpe (HO107/2354)
Bolton (HO107/2357 part 2)
Bracken (HO107/2366)
Bugthorpe (HO107/2357 part 1)
Burnby (HO107/2357 part 2)
Burton Pidsea (HO107/2364)
Butterwick (HO107/2366)
Catton (HO107/2357 part 1)
Cherry Burton (HO107/2359)
Cottham (HO107/2366)
Cowlam (HO107/2366)
Dringhouses (HO107/2354)
Easington (HO107/2364)
East Cottingwith (HO107/2357 part 1)
East Stamford Bridge (HO107/2357 part 1)
East Thorpe (HO107/2357 part 2)
Eastburn (HO107/2366)
Everingham (HO107/2357 part 2)
Fangfoss (HO107/2357 part 1)
Fimber (HO107/2366)
Foxholes with Boythorpe (HO107/2366)
Fridaythorpe (HO107/2357 part 1)
Full Sutton (HO107/2357 part 1)
Garrowby (HO107/2357 part 1)
Garton on the Wolds (HO107/2366)
Goodmanham (HO107/2357 part 2)
Great Givendale (HO107/2357 part 2)
Grimthorpe (HO107/2357 part 2)
Halsham (HO107/2364)
Hanging Grimston (HO107/2357 part 1)
Harswell (HO107/2357 part 2)
Hayton (HO107/2357 part 2)
Helperthorpe (HO107/2366)
Hessay (HO107/2354)
High Catton (HO107/2357 part 1)
Hilston (HO107/2364)
Hollym (HO107/2364)
Holmpton (HO107/2364)
Houghton (HO107/2357 part 2)
Huggate (HO107/2357 part 2)
Hutton Wandesley (HO107/2354)
Keyingham (HO107/2364)
Kilham (HO107/2366)
Kilnsea (HO107/2364)
Kilnwick Percy (HO107/2357 part 2)
Kinlwick (HO107/2366)
Kirby under Dale (HO107/2357 part 1)
Kirkburn (HO107/2366)
Kirkburn (HO107/2366)
Knapton in Holy Trinity (HO107/2354)
Langtoft (HO107/2366)
Little Grivendale (HO107/2357 part 2)
Londesborough (HO107/2357 part 2)
Low Catton (HO107/2357 part 1)
Market Weighton (HO107/2357 part 2)
Melbourne (HO107/2357 part 1)
Meltonby (HO107/2357 part 2)
Middlethorpe (HO107/2354)
Middleton (HO107/2366)
Millington (HO107/2357 part 2)
Moor Monkton (HO107/2354)
Neswick (HO107/2366)
Newton upon Derwent (HO107/2357 part 1)
North & South Cliff (HO107/2357 part 2)
North Dalton (HO107/2366)
Nun Burnholme (HO107/2357 part 2)
Ottringham (HO107/2364)
Outnewton (HO107/2364
Owsthorpe (HO107/2357 part 2)
Owstwick (HO107/2364
Owthorne (HO107/2364)
Paghill (HO107/2364)
Painsthorpe (HO107/2357 part 1)
Patrington (HO107/2364)
Patrington Union Workhouse (HO107/2364)
Paull (HO107/2364)
Plewland (HO107/2364)
Pocklington (HO107/2357 part 2)
Rimswell (HO107/2364)
Roos (HO107/2364)
Rufforth (HO107/2354)
Ryhill (HO107/2364)
Rysome (HO107/2364)
Sancton (HO107/2357 part 2)
Scrayingham (HO107/2357 part 1)
Seaton Ross (HO107/2357 part 2)
Shipton (HO107/2357 part 2)
Skeckling cum Burstwick (HO107/2364)
Skeffling (HO107/2364)
Skirpenbeck (HO107/2357 part 1)
Sledmere with Croom (HO107/2366)
South Frodingham (HO107/2364)
Southburn (HO107/2366)
Spittle (HO107/2357 part 1)
Spurn (HO107/2364)
Storthwait (HO107/2357 part 1)
Sunk Island (HO107/2364)
Sutton East & West (HO107/2366)
Sutton upon Derwent (HO107/2357 part 1)
Suttons Ambo (HO107/2366)
Thixendale (HO107/2357 part 1)
Thorngunbald (HO107/2364)
Thornton (HO107/2357 part 1)
Thorpe (HO107/2364)
Thorpe le Street (HO107/2357 part 2)
Tibthorpe (HO107/2366)
Towthorpe (HO107/2366)
Tunstall (HO107/2364)
Uncleby (HO107/2357 part 1)
Walton (HO107/2366)
Waplington (HO107/2357 part 1)
Warter (HO107/2357 part 2)
Waxholme (HO107/2364)
Weaverthorpe (HO107/2366)
Weeton (HO107/2364)
Wellwick (HO107/2364)
Wetwang (HO107/2366)
Wharram Percy (HO107/2357 part 1)
Wilberfoss (HO107/2357 part 1)
Winestead (HO107/2364)
Withernsea (HO107/2364)
Woodhouse (HO107/2357 part 1)
Yapham (HO107/2357 part 2)
York Holy Trinity Micklegate (HO107/2354)
York St. Mary Bishophill Senior (HO107/2354)
Youlethorpe with Gowthorpe (HO107/2357 part 1)

Yorkshire, North Riding,  Parishes in the 1851 Census held in the AIGS Library
Note that these items are microfilm of the original Census records and are filed in the Film cabinets under their Piece Numbers.
The designation of HO107 stands for Home Office, the number after the slash is the Piece Number.

Please note, Those Parishes highlighted green are on  MICROFICHE  not microfilm.

Acklam (HO107/2383 Part 1, fiche 4) ­
Ainthorpe (HO107/2375)
Alne (HO107/2370)
Ampleforth Birdforth (HO107/2372)
Ampleforth St. Peters (HO107/2372)
Angram Grange (HO107/2370)
Angrove (HO107/2380)
Appleton-le-Moors (HO107/2372)
Arden with Ardenside (HO107/2372)
Arkengarthdale (HO107/2380)
Balk (HO107/2371)
Barforth (HO107/2387, Part 1, fiche 4) ­
Barningham (HO107/2387, Part 2, fiche 1) ­
Barton (HO107/2382 Part 1, fiche 1) ­

Baxby with Thornton on the Hill (HO107/2370)
Beadlam (HO107/2372)
Bilsdale Midcable (HO107/2372)
Bilsdale West Side (HO107/2372)
Birkdale (HO107/2380)
Blades (HO107/2380)
Boldron (HO107/2387, Part 2 fiche 2) ­
Boltby (HO107/2371)
Bowes (HO107/2387, Part 2, fiche 2) ­
Brafferton & Helperby (HO107/2370)
Brandsby (HO107/2370)
Bransdale Westside (HO107/2372)
Brignall (HO107/2387, Part 2, fiche 1) ­
Brotton (HO107/2375)
Broughton (HO107/2376)
Byland Abbey (HO107/2372)
Calvert Houses (HO107/2380)
Carlton (HO107/2370)
Carlton (HO107/2376)
Castle Levington (HO107/2383 Part 1, fiche 2) ­
Castleton (HO107/2375)
Cawton (HO107/2372)
Cleasby (HO107/2382 Part 1, fiche 1) ­
Cleveland Port (HO107/2375)
Cliffe (HO107/2382 Part 1, fiche 1) ­
Coatham East & West (HO107/2375)
Cold Kirby (HO107/2372)
Colton (HO107/2372)
Commondale (HO107/2375)
Cotherstone (HO107/2387, Part 3 fiche 1) ­
Coulton (HO107/2372)
Cowesby (HO107/2371)
Coxwold (HO107/2370)
Crackpot (HO107/2380)
Craike (HO107/2370)
Crathorne (HO107/2376)
Dalby & Whenby (HO107/2370)
Dalton on Tees (HO107/2382 Part 1, fiche 1) ­
Danby (HO107/2375)
Easby (HO107/2376)
Easington with Boulby (HO107/2375)
Easingwold Union Workhouse (HO107/2370)
East Ness (HO107/2372)
East Rounton (HO107/2376)
Ellerton Abbey (HO107/2380)
Eryholme (HO107/2382 Part 1, fiche 1) ­
Eston (HO107/2375)
Faceby (HO107/2376)
Farlington (HO107/2370)
Farndale East Side (HO107/2372)
Farndale Low Quarter (HO107/2372)
Farndale West Side (HO107/2372)
Feetham (HO107/2380)
Feliskirk (HO107/2371)
Flawith Aldwark (HO107/2370)
Gillamoor (HO107/2372)
Gilling (HO107/2372)
Gilmonby (HO107/2387, Part 2, fiche 2) ­
Girsby (HO107/2382 Part 1, fiche 1)
Great  &  Little Busby (HO107/2376)
Great Ayton (HO107/2376)
Great Broughton (HO107/2376)
Great Edstone  (HO107/2372)
Grimston (HO107/2372)
Grinton (HO107/2380)
Guisborough (HO107/2375)
Gunnerside (HO107/2380)
Harkerside  (HO107/2380)
Harum (HO107/2372)
Hawnby (HO107/2372)
Hawsker cum Stainsacre(HO107/2370)
Healaugh (HO107/2380)
Helmsley (HO107/2372)
Hemlington (HO107/2376)
High Worsall (HO107/2383 Part 1, fiche 2) ­
Hilton (HO107/2376)
Holwick (HO107/2387, Part 3, fiche 2) ­
Hood Grange Ex. Par. (HO107/2371)
Hope (HO107/2387, Part 2, fiche 1) ­
Huby (HO107/2370)
Hunderthwaite (HO107/2387, Part 3, fiche 1) ­
Husthwaite (HO107/2370)
Hutton (HO107/2376)
Hutton Magna (HO107/2387, Part 2, fiche 1) ­
Hutton Rudby (HO107/2376)
Hutton-le-Hole (HO107/2372)
Ingleby Arncliffe (HO107/2376)
Ingleby Barwick (HO107/2383 Part 1, fiche 4) ­
Ingleby Cross (HO107/2376)
Ingleby Greenhow (HO107/2376)
Ivelet (HO107/2380)
Kearton (HO107/2380)
Keld (HO107/2380)
Kepwick (HO107/2371)
Kilburn (HO107/2371)
Kildale (HO107/2376)
Kilton (HO107/2375)
Kilvington North (HO107/2371)
Kirby (HO107/2376)
Kirby Knowle (HO107/2371)
Kirkleatham  (HO107/2375)
Kirklevington (HO107/2383 Part 1, fiche 2) ­
Knayton with Brawith (HO107/2371)
Lackenby (HO107/2375)
Laithkirk  (HO107/2387, part 3 fiche 2) ­
Lane Head (HO107/2387, Part 2, fiche 1) ­
Lartington (HO107/2387, Part 2, fiche 6) ­

Laskill Pasture (HO107/2372)
Lazenby (HO107/2375)
Linthorpe (HO107/2383 Part 1, fiche 4) ­
Linton upon Ouse (HO107/2370)
Little Ayton (HO107/2376)
Little Edstone (HO107/2372)
Liverton (HO107/2375)
Lodge Green (HO107/2380)
Lofthouse (HO107/2375)
Loftus (HO107/2375)
Low Worsall (HO107/2383 Part 1, fiche 2) ­
Low Row (HO107/2380)
Lunedale (HO107/2387, Part 3, fiche 2) ­
Maltby (HO107/2383 Part 1, fiche 4) ­
Manfield (HO107/2382 Part 1, fiche 1) ­

Marrick (HO107/2380)
Marske (HO107/2375)
Marton (HO107/2376)
Marton in the Forest (HO107/2370)
Melbecks (HO107/2380)
Mellwaters  (HO107/2387, Part 2, fiche 2) ­
Mickleton (HO107/2387, Part 3, fiche 2) ­

Middlesbrough (HO107/2383 Part 1, fiche 4-9) ­
Middleton on Leven (HO107/2376)
Moorsholm  cum Gerrick (HO107/2375)
Morton (HO107/2375)
Moxby (HO107/2370)
Muker (HO107/2380)
Munthorpe (HO107/2376)
Muscoates (HO107/2372)
Myton on Swale (HO107/2370)
Nawton (HO107/2372)
Newburgh (HO107/2370)
Newby (HO107/2376)
Newholm cum Dunsley (HO107/2370)
Newton in Cleveland (HO107/2375)
Newton Morrell (HO107/2382 Part 1, fiche 1) ­
Newton upon Ouse (HO107/2370)
Normanby (HO107/2372)
Normanby (HO107/2375)
North Holme (HO107/2372)
Nunnington (HO107/2372)
Old Byland (HO107/2372)
Oldstead (HO107/2372)
Ormesby (HO107/2375)
Oswaldkirk (HO107/2372)
Oulston (HO107/2370)
Over Dinsdale (HO107/2382 Part 1, fiche 1) ­
Ovingham (HO107/2387, Part 2, fiche 1) ­
Ovington (HO107/2387, Part 2, fiche 1) ­

Oxnop (HO107/2380)
Pickton (HO107/2383 Part 1, fiche 2) ­
Pinchinthorpe  (HO107/2375)
Pockley (HO107/2372)
Potto (HO107/2376)
Raskelf (HO107/2370)
Ravenseat (HO107/2380)
Raw (HO107/2380)
Redcar (HO107/2375)
Reeth (HO107/2380)
Rievaulx (HO107/2372)
Rokeby (HO107/2387, Part 2, fiche 1 - 2) ­
  (HO107/2387, Part 3, fiche 1) ­
Rudby (HO107/2376)
Salton (HO107/2372)
Satron (HO107/2380)
Scargill (HO107/2387, Part 2, fiche 1) ­
Scawton (HO107/2372)
Scotterthorpe  (HO107/2376)
Seamer (HO107/2376)
Sexhow (HO107/2376)
Sheriff Hutton (HO107/2370)
Skelton (HO107/2375)
Skelton (HO107/2375)
Skewsby (HO107/2370)
Skiningrove (HO107/2375)
Skiplam (HO107/2372)
Smarber (HO107/2380)
Smilesworth (HO107/2372)
Spoxton (HO107/2372)
Stainton (HO107/2383 Part 1, fiche 3 & 4) ­
Staithes (HO107/2375)
Stanghow (HO107/2375)
Stapleton (HO107/2382 Part 1, fiche 1) ­
Startforth (HO107/2387, Part 2, fiche 3) ­

Stillington (HO107/2370)
Stokesley (HO107/2376)
Stonegrave (HO107/2372)
Stonesdale (HO107/2380)
Sutton in the Forest (HO107/2370)
Sutton under White Stone Cliffe (HO107/2371)
Tallerton & Tholthorpe (HO107/2370)
Thirkleby (HO107/2371)
Thirlby (HO107/2371)
Thormanby (HO107/2370)
Thornaby (HO107/2383 Part 2, fiche 1) ­
Thornborough (HO107/2371)
Thorns (HO107/2380)
Thornton le Moor (HO107/2371)
Thornton le Street (HO107/2371)
Thornton Riseborough (HO107/2372)
Thorpe (HO107/2387, Part 2, fiche 1) ­
Thorpe-le-Willows (HO107/2372)
Thwaite (HO107/2380)
Tockets (HO107/2375)
Upleatham (HO107/2375)
Upsall (HO107/2371)
Upsall (HO107/2375)
Wammergill (HO107/2387, Part 3, fiche 2) ­
Wass (HO107/2372)
Welburn (HO107/2372)
West Ness (HO107/2372)
Westerdale (HO107/2375)
Whitaside High & Low (HO107/2380)
Whitby Union Workhouse(HO107/2370)
Whorlton (HO107/2376)
Wildon Grange (HO107/2370)
Winterings (HO107/2380)
Wombleton (HO107/2372)
Wycliffe (HO107/2387, Part 2, fiche 1) ­
Yarm (HO107/2383 Part 1, fiche 2 & 3) ­

Yearby (HO107/2375)
Yearsley (HO107/2370)
Youlton (HO107/2370)

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