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Catalogue of Fiche, Film and CDs

Note that the spelling of place names may have changed over the years so remember to check all variations.
 Updates highlighted in Red

Yorkshire, East Riding, Parishes in the 1861 Census in the AIGS Library
Note that these items are film of the original Census records and are filed in the Film cabinets under their Piece Numbers.
 The designation of RG9 stands for Registrar General, the number after the slash is the Piece Number.
Allerthorpe (RG9/3559)
Barmby on the Moor (RG9/3559)
Beverley St Martin (RG9/3569)
Beverley St Nicholas (RG9/3570)
Beverley St. Martin (RG9/3570)
Beverley St. Martin Poorhouse (RG9/3568)
Beverley St. Mary (RG9/3568)
Beverley Union Workhouse (RG9/3569)
Bielby (RG9/3561)
Bishop Burton (RG9/3570)
Bishop Wilton (RG9/3558)
Bolton (RG9/3560)
Bugthorpe (RG9/3558)
Burnby (RG9/3560)
Burniston (RG9/3612)
Cherry Burton (RG9/3570)
East Cottingwith (RG9/3559)
East Riding House of Correction (RG9/3568)
East Riding Militia Barracks (RG9/3568)
East Stamford Bridge (RG9/3558)
Everingham (RG9/3561)
Falsgrave (RG9/3612)
Fangfoss (RG9/3558)
Full Sutton (RG9/3558)
Goodmanham (RG9/3561)
Great Givendale (RG9/3560)
Harswell (RG9/3561)
Harwood Dale (RG9/3612)
Hayton (RG9/3561)
High Catton (RG9/3558)
Houghton (RG9/3561)
Huggate (RG9/3560)
Kilnwick (RG9/3560)
Kirby under Dale (RG9/3558)
Londesborough (RG9/3561)
Low Catton (RG9/3558)
Market Weighton (RG9/3561)
Melbourne (RG9/3559)
Millington (RG9/3560)
Newton upon Derwent (RG9/3558)
North Cliff (RG9/3561)
Nunburnholme (RG9/3560)
Percy (RG9/3560)
Pocklington (RG9/3559)
Pocklington (RG9/3560)
Sancton (RG9/3561)
Scalby (RG9/3612)
Scrayingham (RG9/3558)
Seaton Ross (RG9/3561)
Shipton (RG9/3561)
South Cliff (RG9/3561)
Staintondale (RG9/3612)
Storthwaite (RG9/3559)
Sutton upon Derwent (RG9/3558)
Thixendale (RG9/3558)
Thornton (RG9/3559)
Thorpe le Street (RG9/3561)
Throxenby (RG9/3612)
Waplington (RG9/3559)
Warter (RG9/3560)
Wilberfoss (RG9/3558)
Yapham (RG9/3560)
Yapham cum Meltonby (RG9/3560)

Yorkshire, North Riding, Parishes in the 1861 Census in the AIGS Library
Note that these items are microfilm of the original Census records and are filed in the Film cabinets under their Piece Numbers.
 The designation of RG9 stands for Registrar General, the number after the slash is the Piece Number.
Aislaby (RG9/3649)
Appleton on Wiske (RG9/3660)
Ayton East (RG9/3621)
Ayton West (RG9/3621)
Barnby (RG9/3650)
Bilsdale. (RG9/3658)
Binnington (RG9/3622)
Birkby (RG93660)
Borrowby (RG9/3650)
Borrowby (RG93661)
Brompton (RG9/3621)
Brompton (RG93661)
Brompton (RG93662)
Brotton (RG 9/3652)
Broxa (RG9/3621)
Carlton (RG9/3658)
Cloughton (RG9/36120)
Cotcliffe (RG93661)
Crathorne. (RG9/3659)
Crosby (RG93661)
Danby (RG 9/3656)
Deighton (RG93660)
Duggleby (RG9/3623)
Easby. (RG 9/3657)
East Cowton (RG9/3660)
East Harlsey  (RG9/3660)
Egton (RG9/3646)
Ellerbeck (RG93661)
Ellerby (RG9/3650)
Eskdaleside (RG9/3646)
Eston (RG 9/3653)
Faceby (RG9/3658)
Fylingdales (RG9/3649)
Ganton (RG9/3622)
Glaisdale (RG9/3646)
Goathland (RG9/3646)
Great Ayton (RG9/3658)
Great Broughton (RG 9/3657)
Great Busby (RG 9/3657)
Great Smeaton (RG93660)
Hackness (RG9/3621)
Hawsker  with Stainsacre (RG9/3649)
Hemlington (RG 9/3657)
Heslerton East (RG9/3623)
Heslerton West (RG9/3623)
Hilton (RG9/3658)
Hinderwell (RG9/3650)
Hornby (RG9/3066)
Hutton Bonville  (RG9/3660)
Hutton Bushell (RG9/3621)
Hutton Mulgrave (RG9/3650)
Ingleby Arncliffe (RG9/3659)
Ingleby Barwick (RG9/3670)
Ingleby Greenhow (RG 9/3657)
Irton (RG9/3621)
Kildale (RG 9/3657)
Kirby (RG 9/3657)
Kirby Grindalythe (RG9/3623)
Kirby Sigston (RG9/3661)
Kirkham (RG9/3658)
Kirkleatham (RG 9/3653)
Knapton (RG9/3623)
Lackenby Old & New (RG 9/3653)
Lazenby (RG 9/3653)
Landmoth with Catto  (RG9/3661)
Leake (RG93661)
Leathley RG9/3217
Little Ayton (RG 9/3657)
Little Broughton (RG 9/3657)
Little Busby (RG 9/3657)
Little Smeaton (RG93660)
Lythe (RG9/3650)
Marske (RG 9/3652)
Marton (RG9/3658)
Mickleby (RG9/3650)
Nether Silton (RG93661)
Newholme with Dunsley (RG9/3649)
Newton Mulgrave (RG9/3650)
North Grimston (RG9/3623)
Northallerton (RG9/3662)
Northallerton Union Workhouse (RG9/3662)
Nunthorpe (RG9/3658)
Osmotherley (RG93661)
Over Silton (RG9/3661)
Potter Brompton (RG9/3622)
Potto (RG9/3659)
Redcar (RG 9/3652)
Reedby (RG9/3659)
Rillington (RG9/3623)
Roxby (RG9/3650)
Ruswarp (RG9/3648)
Ruswarp (RG9/3649)
Sawdon (RG9/3621)
Scagglethorpe (RG9/3623)
Scampston (RG9/3623)
Scarborough (RG9/3618 & 3619)
Seamer (RG9/3621)
Seamer (RG9/3658)
Settrington (RG9/3623)
Sherburn (RG9/3622)
Silpho (RG9/3621)
Skelton (RG 9/3652)
Snainton (RG9/3621)
Sneaton (RG9/3646)
South Cowton (RG9/3660)
Sowerby under Cotcliffe (RG9/3661)
Staxton (RG9/3622)
Stokesley (RG 9/3657)
Suffield cum Everley (RG9/3621)
Swainby (RG9/3659)
Thimbleby (RG93661)
Thorpe Bassett  (RG9/3623)
Ugglebarnby (RG9/3646)
Ugthorpe (RG9/3650)
Welbury (RG9/3660)
West Harlsey  (RG9/3660)
West Rounton (RG9/3660)
Westerdale. (RG 9/3656)
Whitby (RG9/3647)
Whitby (RG9/3648)
Whitby Union Workhouse (RG9/3649)
Whorlton (RG9/3659)
Wilton (RG 9/3653)
Winteringham (RG9/3623)
Winton with Stansel under Hallesteld (RG9/3661)
Wykenham (RG9/3621)
Yarm (RG9/3689)
Yedingham (RG9/3623)

Yorkshire, West Riding, Parishes in the 1861 Census in the AIGS Library
Note that these items are microfilm of the original Census records and are filed in the Film cabinets under their Piece Numbers.
 The designation of RG9 stands for Registrar General, the number after the slash is the Piece Number.

Ackton (RG9/3438)
Ackworth Friends’ School (RG9/3440)
Ackworth Moor Top (RG9/3440)
Adlingfleet (RG9/3527)
Adwick upon Dearne (RG9/3515)
Aismunderby (RG9/3197)
Aldfield (RG9/3197)
Allerton Mauleverer (RG9/3202)
Alwoodley  (RG9/3217)
Althorpe (RG9/3526)
Alverthorpe (RG9/3428)
Alverthorpe with Thornes (RG9/3427-28)
Amcotts (RG9/3526)
Armin (RG9/3528)
Aston cum Aughton (RG9/3502)
Attercliffe cum Darnall (RG9/3500)
Azerley (RG9/3198)
Badsworth (RG9/3440)
Balby with Hexthorpe (RG9/3514)
Balne (RG9/3436)
Barkisland (RG9/3290)
Barnbrough (RG9/3515)
Barnsley (RG9/3448)
Barnsley (RG9/3451)
Barnsley Union Workhouse (RG9/3447)
Barnsley, St George (RG9/3445 - 46)
Barnsley, St John (RG9/3446 - 47)
Barnsley, St Mary (RG9/3444 - 45)
Barugh (RG9/3448)
Beaghall (RG9/3434)
Beauchief  (RG9/3467)
Biggin (RG9/3534)
Bilham & Stotfold (RG9/3515)
Billingley (RG9/3450)
Bingley (RG 9/3219-3221)
Birkin (RG9/3435)
Birkin (RG9/3532)
Bishop Monkton (RG9/3197)
Bishopton (RG9/3197)
Blayton (RG9/3532)
Blubberhouses RG9/3217
Bolsterstone (RG9/3461)
Bolton upon Dearne (RG9/3515)
Bondgate (RG9/3197)
Braithwell (RG9/3513)
Bramhope RG9/3217
Bramley (RG9/3512)
Brampton Bierlow (RG9/3510-11)
Brayton (RG9/3532)
Brayton Barlow (RG9/3532)
Bretton (RG9/3417, fiche 1) ð
Bridsworth (RG9/3515)
Brierley (RG9/3440)
Brightside Bierlow (RG9/3494-9)
Brinsworth (RG9/3505)
Brotherton (RG9/3434)
Burley (RG9/3213)
Burn (RG9/3532)
Burton Salmon (RG9/3435)
Byram cum Pool (RG9/3435)
Camblesforth (RG9/3531)
Carleton (RG9/3437)
Carlton (RG9/3213)
Carlton (RG9/3442)
Carlton (RG9/3531)
Castleford (RG9/3438 - 39)
Catcliffe (RG9/3502)
Cawood (RG9/3534)
Cawthorne (RG9/3453)
Chapel Haddlesey  (RG9/3531)
Clareton (RG9/3202)
Clayton West (RG9/3454)
Clayton with Frickley (RG9/3515)
Clifford cum Boston (RG9/3540)
Clotherholme (RG9/3197)
Collingham (RG9/3540)
Coneythorpe (RG9/3202)
Conisbrough (RG9/3513-14)
Conyers (RG9/3199)
Copt Hewick (RG9/3197)
Cowick (RG9/3530)
Cridling Stubbs (RG9/3435)
Crigglestone (RG9/3417, fiche 3 & 4) ð
Crowle (RG9/3526)
Dalton (RG9/3505)
Darfield (RG9/3450)
Darrington (RG9/3437)
Darton (RG9/3442)
Denby (RG9/3454)
Densthorpe (RG9/3526)
Denton (RG9/3213)
Dodworth (RG9/3449)
Doncaster East Ward (RG9/3517)
Doncaster North Ward (RG9/3517)
Dore (RG9/3466)
Drax (RG9/3531)
East & West Tanfield (RG9/3199)
East Hardwick (RG9/3437)
Eastley RG9/3217
Eastoft (RG9/3526-7)
Eavestone (RG9/3198)
Ecclesall  Bierlow (RG9/3468 - 70)
Ecclesall  Bierlow (RG9/3472)
Ecclesall  Bierlow (RG9/3475)
Ecclesall  Bierlow Eldon Street (RG9/3471 - 2)
Ecclesall  Bierlow Gillcar (RG9/3471)
Ecclesall  Bierlow St Mary (RG9/3473-4)
Ecclesall  Bierlow St Matthew (RG9/3472)
Edlington (RG9/3513)
Eggborough (RG9/3436)
Elmley (RG9/3417, fiche 1 & 2) ð
Elmsall North & South (RG9/3440)
Esholt RG9/3216)
Farnley (RG9/3217)
Featherstone (RG9/3438)
Felkirk (RG9/3441)
Ferry Fryston  (RG9/3434 - 35)
Fewston RG9/3217
Flockton (RG9/3417, fiche  2) ð
Foulby (RG9/3440)
Garthorpe & Fockerby (RG9/3527)
Gateforth (RG9/3532)
Gawber (RG9/3448)
Glass Houghton (RG9/3438)
Goole (RG9/3528-9)
Gowdall (RG9/3530)
Grantley (RG9/3198)
Greasbrough (RG9/3509)
Great Houghton & Little Houghton(RG9/3441)
Green (RG9/3461)
Green Hammerton (RG9/3202)
Grewelthorpe RG9/3198
Grimethorpe (RG9/3440)
Guiseley (RG9/3216))
Gwendale (RG9/3197)
Haddlesey  West (RG9/3532)
Haldenby (RG9/3527)
Halifax (RG9/3292 - 4)
Hambleton (RG9/3532)
Hamphall Stubbs (RG9/3441)
Handsworth (RG9/3501)
Harlsey (RG9/3291)
Havercroft (RG9/3440)
Hawksworth (RG9/3213)
Headquarters of 58th Regiment of Foot (RG9/3465)
Heck (RG9/3436)
Hemsworth (RG9/3440 - 41)
Herringthorpe  (RG9/3197)
Hensall (RG9/3436)
Hessle (RG9/3440)
Hickleton (RG9/3515)
High & Low Ackworth (RG9/3440)
High Hoyland (RG9/3454)
High Melton (RG9/3515)
Higher Common, (RG9/3448)
Hill Top (RG9/3440)
Hillam (RG9/3434)
Hirst Courtney (RG9/3531)
Hook (RG9/3528-9)
Hooton Levitt (RG9/3512)
Hooton Pagnell (RG9/3515)
Hooton Roberts (RG9/3512)
Horsforth (RG9/3217)
Houghton Magna & Little (RG9/3441)
Huddleston  cum Lumby (RG9/3435)
Hutton Conyers. (RG9/3199)
Ilkley (9RG9/3213 – 3214))
Ingerthorpe (RG9/3197)
Keadby (RG9/3526)
Keighley (RG 9/3223-3226)
Keighley Union Workhouse (RG 9/3224)
Kellington (RG9/3435)
Kexborough (RG9/3453)
Kildwick (RG9/3219)
Kildwick (RG9/3222)
Kilnhurst (RG9/3508)
Kimberworth (RG9/3506-8)
Kirby Hall (RG9/3202)
Kirk Hammerton (RG9/3202)
Kirk Smeaton (RG9/3441)
Kirkby (RG9/3198)
Kirklington (RG9/3199)
Knottingley (RG9/3433)
Langfield (RG9/3235)
Laughton en le Morthen (RG9/3512)
Laverton (RG9/3198)
Lindley (RG9/3217)
Lindrick (RG9/3197)
Little Houghton & Great Houghton(RG9/3441)
Little & Great Ouseburn (RG9/3202)
Little Fenton (RG9/3534)
Little Smeaton (RG9/3441)
Long Drax (RG9/3531)
Loversall (RG9/3513)
Lower Cudworth (RG9/3442)
Luddington (RG9/3527)
Maltby (RG9/3512)
Malzeard (RG9/3198)
Markington (RG9/3197)
Marr (RG9/3515)
Melmerby (RG9/3199)
Menston (RG9/3214)
Mexborough  (RG9/3516)
Micklebring (RG9/3513)
Middlestone (RG9/3417, fiche 2 & 3) ð
Middleton (RG9/3199)
Midgley (RG9/3295)
Midgley (RG9/3417, fiche 3)
Midhope (RG9/3461)
Monk Bretton (RG9/3449)
Monk Chatton (RG9/3442)
Monk Fryston  (RG9/3435)
Monkhill (RG9/3438)
Morewood  (RG9/3461)
Morton (RG 9/3221)
Nether Hallam (RG9/3462 - 65)
Nether Hallam (RG9/3475)
Nether Hoyland (RG9/3451)
Netherton (RG9/3417, fiche 3)
Newall (RG9/3217)
Newland (RG9/3531)
Notton (RG9/3442)
Norland (RG9/3292)
North Stainley (RG9/3197)
Norton (RG9/3199)
Norton (RG9/3467)
Norwood (RG9/3217)
Nostell  Huntwick (RG9/3440)
Nosterfield RG9/3199
Nun Monkton (RG9/3202)
Ossett cum Gawthorpe (RG9/3414 - 15) ­
Otley (RG9/3214 - 3215)
Ousefleet (RG9/3527)
Ovenden (RG9/3296)
Overton (RG9/3417, fiche  3)
Pollington (RG9/3530)
Pontefract (RG9/3437)
Pontefract Park (RG9/3438)
Pontefract, All Saints (RG9/3438)
Pontefract, St Giles (RG9/3438)
Pool (RG9/3217)
Purston Jaglin (RG9/3438)
Ravenfield (RG9/3512)
Rawcliffe (RG9/3530)
Rawdon (RG9/3215)
Rawmarsh (RG9/3508-9)
Reedness (RG9/3527)
Ripon (RG9/3196)
Rishworth (RG9/3290)
Rochdale (RG9/3237)
Rotherham (RG9/3503-4)
Royston  (RG9/3442)
Ryhill (RG9/3441)
Ryther & Ozendyke (RG9/3534)
Saddleworth (RG9/3238-3241)
Saddleworth Union Workhouse (RG9/3241)
Sawley. (RG9/3198)
Selby (RG9/3532-4)
Sevington (RG9/3511)
Shafton (RG9/3441)
Sharow (RG9/3197)
Sheffield (RG9/3462)
Sheffield (RG9/3499)
Sheffield Barracks (RG9/3465)
Sheffield, Carver St (RG9/3478)
Sheffield Dyers Hill (RG9/3489)
Sheffield, Dyers Hill (RG9/3492-3)
Sheffield, Eldon St (RG9/3478)
Sheffield, Gillcar (RG9/3478)
Sheffield, Heeley (RG9/3493)
Sheffield, Hollies Croft (RG9/3484-5)
Sheffield, Porter (RG9/3488-9)
Sheffield, St George (RG9/3485-6)
Sheffield, St John (RG9/3490-1)
Sheffield, St Mary (RG9/3488-9)
Sheffield, St Paul (RG9/3487- 89)
Sheffield, St Peter (RG9/3476)
Sheffield, St Peter (RG9/3489)
Sheffield, St Stephen (RG9/3483-4)
Sheffield North (RG9/3480 - 82)
Sheffield West (RG9/3479)
Sheffield West, St George (RG9/3477)
Sheffield West, St James (RG9/3476-7)
Shipping, Dodworth. (RG9/3448)
Shipping. (RG9/3450)
Shitlington (RG9/3417, fiche 2 & 3) ð
Silkstone (RG9/3453)
Skelbrook (RG9/3441)
Skelding (RG9/3198)
Snaith (RG9/3528 & 30)
South Hiendley (RG9/3441)
South Kirkby (RG9/3441)
South Milford (RG9/3434)
Sowerby (RG9/3293-4)
Sowerby Bridge (RG9/3292)
Soyland (RG9/3289)
Sprotbrough (RG9/3516)
St Phillip (RG9/3462)
Stainbrough (RG9/3452)
Stainburn (RG9/3217)
Stainton with Hillaby (RG9/3513)
Stannington (RG9/3461)
Stapleton (RG9/3437)
Steeton (RG9/3219)
Steeton with Eastburn (RG 9/3222)
Studley Rodger (RG9/3197)
Studley Royal (RG9/3197)
Sutton (RG 9/3223)
Sutton (RG9/3197)
Sutton Howgrave (RG9/3199)
Swinefleet (RG9/3527)
Swinton (RG9/3511)
Temple Hirst (RG9/3531)
Thornbrough (RG9/3199)
Thorner (RG9/3539)
Thornes (RG9/3427)
Thornhill (RG9/3417, fiche 3) ð
Thorp Arch (RG9/3540)
Thorp Audlin (RG9/3441)
Thorpe (RG9/3197)
Thorpe Underwood  (RG9/3202)
Thorpe Willoughby (RG9/3532)
Thrybergh (RG9/3512)
Thurgoland (RG9/3453)
Thurnscoe (RG9/3516)
Tickhill (RG9/3513)
Timble Little & Great (RG9/3217)
Tinsley (RG9/3505)
Todmorton (RG9/3235-3237)
Tollerton (RG9/3202)
Treeton (RG9/3502)
Upper Hallam (RG9/3466)
Upton (RG9/3441)
Wadworth (RG9/3514)
Walden Stubbs (RG9/3441)
Wallerthwaite (RG9/3197)
Walsden (RG9/3235 & 37)
Warley (RG9/3291 & 95)
Warmsworth (RG9/3514)
Wath (RG9/3199)
Wath upon Dearne (RG9/3510)
Wentworth (RG9/3510)
Wesley College (RG9/3469)
Weston. (RG9/3215)
Whiston (RG9/3505)
Whitcliffe (RG9/3197)
Whitgift (RG9/3527)
Whitley (RG9/3435)
Whitwood (RG9/3439)
Whixley (RG9/3202)
Widdington (RG9/3202)
Wickersley (RG9/3505)
Winksley (RG9/3198)
Wintersett (RG9/3441)
Wistow (RG9/3534)
Wombwell (RG9/3450)
Womersley (RG9/3436)
Woolley (RG9/3442)
Worsbrough (RG9/3452)
Yeadon (RG9/3216))


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