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Catalogue of Fiche, Film and CDs
Note that the spelling of place names may have changed over the years so remember to check all variations.
 Updates highlighted in Red


Northumberland Poll Book 1710-1721
fiche Nbl 767
Northumberland Poll Book 1722, 1734
fiche Nbl 768
Northumberland Poll Book 1747-8, 1774
fiche Nbl 769-770
Northumberland Poll Book 1826
fiche Nbl 771
Northumberland Poll Book, Southern Division 1832
Lists all voters, addresses & property qualifications [includes Newcastle].
fiche Nbl 94-96
Northumberland Poll Book 1841
fiche Nbl 772


Northumberland County Record Office Catalogue of Parish Chest Material.
Lists all registers and ancillary material lodged in the CRO such as maps and plans,
correspondence, legal matters, Poor Law etc. From early dates to modern.

Read introduction to find out how to obtain copies of records .
fiche Nbl 180-192

Northumberland County Record Office Indexes of Hexham Apprentices
  Charity Applications 1818-1906
  Alphabetical list of 1500 applicants giving trade, parents & masters names
  as well as some extra details
Read introduction to find out how to obtain copies of records.
fiche Nbl 193-194
Alnwick Union List of Paupers 1839
fiche Nbl 715
Berwick Bastardy Orders 1844-1861
fiche Nbl 687
Berwick Workhouse Deaths 1837-1914
Berwick upon Tweed Meal Book 1799-1800
  Identifies those receiving meals from the Workhouse or the Overseers of the Poor
  Meal Book 1799-1800
  Meal Account Book 1799-1800
  Recommendation notes for Relief 1820-1821
Film Nbl 6
Tynemouth Workhouse
Workhouse Register Indexes 1873-1898
Workhouse Registers 1867-1903
Workhouse Index 1898-1908
fiche Nbl 792-798


Benfieldside, Darnvan Waters Meeting House [Northumberland]  [RG6/1252]
Record of Sufferings 1655-1657
Births 1653-1696, 1710-1770, 1719-
Marriages 1658-1677, 1709-1787, 
Burials 1660-1767, 1778-1812
Covers many areas of the northern counties.
Film Dur 4

Darlington Monthly Meeting [RG6/1333]
Births 1628-1840,  Marriages 1628-1840,  Burials 1628-1840
Covers Cotherstone, Larvington, Barnard Castle, Bowes etc. [RG6/1540]
Births 1619-1836,  Marriages 1836,  Burials 1619-1836
Darlington Monthly Meeting Raby Meeting [RG6/1549] 
Births, Marriages & Burials  1651-1778
Covers many areas of the northern counties
Film Dur 4


Darlington Monthly Meeting [Durham & York] [RG6/229] 
Births 1724-1837 [Stockton upon Tees]
[RG6/203]  Marriages 1795-1836 [Stockton upon Tees]
Marriages 1796-1817 [Staindrop Monthly Meeting]
[RG6/651] Burials 1776-1800 [Stockton Monthly Meeting]
[RG6/47] Burials 1776-1837 [Stockton upon Tees]
Covers many areas of the northern counties.
Film Dur 5



Newcastle Monthly Meeting [Northumberland] [RG6/1491] 
Births 1816-1836,  Marriages 1816-,  Burials 1775-1816
Covers many areas of the northern counties.
Film Dur 4
Newcastle Monthly Meeting [Durham & Northumberland] [RG6/465]
Burials 1776-1792 inc. Index [RG6/434]
Burials 1792-1795 inc. Index [RG6/228]
Burials 1795-1837 inc. Index [RG6/202] 
Marriages 1795-1837 [RG6/1245] 
Marriages 1659-1839,  Births1657-1840,  Burials 1657-1840 [RG6/1334] 
Marriages 1669-1776
Film Dur 7


Index to Newcastle Quarter Session Rolls 1818-1855
fiche Nbl 8-17
Index to Newcastle Quarter Session Rolls 1867-1876
fiche Nbl 18-23
Northumberland Quarter Sessions Roman Catholic Estates
fiche Nbl 716
Northumberland County Record Office Quarter Sessions Indictments Index
  a. 1580-1630 lists of all accused at these Courts with details of offences and names of victims
  b. 1771-1807 lists of all accused at these Courts with details of offences and names of victims,
      also some sentences noted
**Read introduction to find out how to obtain copies of records
fiche Nbl 195-200
Northumberland & Durham Quarter Sessions & Assize Courts Newspaper Index 1782-1829 
fiche Nbl 227-228
Northumberland & Durham Quarter Sessions & Assize Courts Newspaper Index 1830-1851 
fiche Nbl 241-243

Berwick Charity Schools Admissions 1757-1860
fiche Nbl 681
Register of the Duke’s School, Alnwick   1811-1911
School Admission Registers Morpeth District -
Part 1 - Belsay, Cambo, Capheaton, Kirkwhelpington & Netherwitton
fiche Nbl 424


Records of Masters, Pilots and Seamen of the Trinity House of Newcastle
Seamans Guild Admittance Book 1809-1838
Seamans Guild Admission Certificates 1838-1900
Seamans Guild Enrolment of Freemen Index 1728-1846
Seamans Guild Apprentice & Admission book 1826-1882
Seamans Guild Books 1728-1733, 1783-1878
Seamans Guild Apprenticeships 1754-1845
Film Nbl 25


Newcastle Voters List 1836-1837 (Gives abode and Property qualification)
fiche Nbl 317-318
Newcastle Voters List 1858-1859
fiche Nbl 319-320
Newcastle Voters List 1877
(includes Elswick, Heaton, Byker and Jesmond)
fiche Nbl 321-327

Newcastle Upon Tyne Electoral Roll 1886
fiche Nbl 393-402
Newcastle Constituencies - Berwick  [7 Nov 1885 - 1 Jan 1887]
Covers the north of the county; Alnwick, Ancroft, Belford, Berwick, Chatton, Cornhill, Eglingham,
Ellingham, Embleton, Felton, Ford, Holy Island, Kirknewton, Lesbury, Norham, North Sunderland,
Tweedmouth, Whittingham & Wooler.
fiche Nbl 328-337

Newcastle Constituencies - Hexham [7 Nov 1885 - 1 Jan 1887]
Allendale, Allenheads, Bellingham, Bywell, Corbridge, Espershields, Falstone, Haltwhistle,
Haydon Bridge, Harbottle, Hepple, Hexham, Hexhamshire, Humshaugh, Knaresdale,
Kirkwhelpington, Longframlington, Matfen, Mickley, Newbrough, Ninebanks, Otterburn,
Ovingham, Prudhoe, Rothbury, Saley, Stamfordham & Wark.
fiche Nbl 338-348
Newcastle Constituencies - Wansbeck  [7 Nov 1885 - 1 Jan 1887]
fiche Nbl 349-354
Newcastle Roll of Citizens entitled to vote at Municipal Elections 1901-1902
fiche Nbl 500-512
Absent Voters List 1919
List in ward & street order of soldiers & sailors absent owing to World War 1. Gives rank, unit ship etc.Newcastle North & West.
fiche Nbl 355-359
Absent Voters List 1919  Newcastle East & Central
fiche Nbl 360-364
Absent Voters List 1920  [all constituencies]
fiche Nbl 365

        Wills before 1858 were proved in Ecclesiastical Courts.
       The whole of Northumberland  was within the jurisdiction of the Consistory Court of  Durham & the Peculiar Court of the Archbishop of York in Hexhamshire .

       The Superior Court was the PCY Prerogative Court of York and above that, the PCC Prerogative Court of Canterbury [See England General].

Index to Hexhamshire Wills 1688-1799
fiche Nbl 91-92
Hexhamshire Wills & Inventories 1676-1707 [Indexed]
Film Nbl 15
Durham Will Index 1787-1791
fiche Dur 18-20
Durham Will Index 1540-1800
Film Dur 1

The Exchequer and Prerogative Court of York [PCY]  Calendar of Wills & Admons
The PCY was the second most important Court, after Canterbury, dealing with the Probate of Wills prior to 1858.
Counties covered were in the north of England and were:-Cheshire, Cumberland, Durham, Flint [part], Lancashire, Northumberland, Nottinghamshire, Westmorland and Yorkshire. Also included was the Isle of Man .
1. 1688-1690, 1698-1699, 1705-1714
9 Films
2. 1713-1741  
3. 1741-1770

4. 1771-1799

5. 1800-1819

6. 1819-1830

7. 1830-1842

8. 1842-1851

9. 1851-1858


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