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Kings County  (County Offaly)
Catalogue of Fiche, Film and CDs

Note that the spelling of place names may have changed over the years so remember to check all variations.
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1821 Census     

Church of Ireland Records     

Huguenot  Transcripts & Indexes   
Manor Records


Kings County Townlands in the 1821 Census held in the AIGS Library
Note  these items are microfilm of the original Census records and are filed in the Irish Film cabinets under the designation C 21. ie (Irl. C 21.1).
Aghagurty (Irl C.21.4)
Aghody (Irl C.21.4)
BalIykelIy (Irl C.21.2)
Ballamoney (Irl C.21.4)
Ballasmore (Irl C.21.4)
Ballickmorayela (Irl C.21.4)
Ballinafoly (Irl C.21.2)
Ballinalack (Irl C.21.4)
Ballindarra (Irl C.21.2)
Ballinlough (Irl C.21.2)
Ballinree (Irl C.21.2)
Ballybritt (Irl C.21.4)
Ballycurragh (Irl C.21.4)
Ballyduff (Irl C.21.4)
Ballygaddy (Irl C.21.4)
Ballygunchon (Irl C.21.4)
Ballyphilip (Irl C.21.4)
Ballyshane (Irl C.21.4)
Beagh (Irl C.21.4)
Birr (Irl C.21.2)
Boherdeel (Irl C.21.2)
Breaghmore (Irl C.21.4)
Cadamstown (Irl C.21.2)
Carrig (Irl C.21.2)
Castle Bunard (Irl C.21.4)
Castletown (Irl C.21.2)
Castletown (Irl C.21.4)
Clashroe (Irl C.21.4)
Clonbeg (Irl C.21.2)
Clonbrone (Irl C.21.2)
Clonconobillan (Irl C.21.4)
Clonke (Irl C.21.4)
Clonkelly Lower (Irl C.21.2)
Clonkelly Upper (Irl C.21.2)
Clonoghil (Irl C.21.2)
Clonoghil Elm Grove (Irl C.21.2)
Clonoghil Singfield (Irl C.21.2)
Clonoghil Whitford (Irl C.21.2)
Coolacrease (Irl C.21.2)
Cooleshill (Irl C.21.4)
Coolnagrower (Irl C.21.2)
Cree (Irl C.21.2)
Crinkill (Irl C.21.2)
Crinkill Rocks (Irl C.21.2)
Cumber (Irl C.21.4)
Curragh (Irl C.21.2)
Danganreagh (Irl C.21.4)
Deerpark (Irl C.21.2)
Derrinduff (Irl C.21.2)
Derrykeel (Irl C.21.4)
Dungar (Irl C.21.4)
Fancroft (Irl C.21.4)
Forelacka (Irl C.21.4)
Fortel (Irl C.21.2)
Glannock (Irl C.21.2)
Glebe (Irl C.21.2)
Glenacurragh (Irl C.21.2)
Glenafelly (Irl C.21.4)
Glenletter (Irl C.21.2)
Glenregan (Irl C.21.4)
Glinsk (Irl C.21.4)
Gorraun (Irl C.21.4)
Gorraun (Irl C.21.4)
Gorteen (Irl C.21.4)
Gorteen (Irl C.21.4)
Grange (Irl C.21.4)
Keeloge (Irl C.21.4)
Kilcolman (Irl C.21.2)
Kilcreman (Irl C.21.4)
Kilkieran (Irl C.21.4)
Killavilla (Irl C.21.4)
Killeen (Irl C.21.4)
Killeen (Irl C.21.4)
Killeenbreaghan (Irl C.21.2)
Kilmacudy (Irl C.21.2)
Kilmain (Irl C.21.4)
Kinnitty (Irl C.21.4)
Knock (Irl C.21.2)
Knockarley (Irl C.21.4)
Kyle (Irl C.21.4)
Lackroe (Irl C.21.2)
Laughile (Irl C.21.4)
Leap (Irl C.21.2)
Leap (Irl C.21.4)
Letter (Irl C.21.2)
Lettybrook (Irl C.21.2)
Liagh (Irl C.21.4)
Lismoney (Irl C.21.4)
Lissanierin (Irl C.21.4)
Lohalan (Irl C.21.4)
Longford (Irl C.21.4)
Loretta (Irl C.21.2)
lrishtown (Irl C.21.2)
Magherbane (Irl C.21.2)
Marymount (Irl C.21.4)
Moneyguyneen (Irl C.21.2)
 Moneyguyneen (Irl C.21.4)
Mossfield (Irl C.21.4)
Newtown (Irl C.21.4)
Pidgeonstown (Irl C.21.2)
Rabatullagh (Irl C.21.2)
Roscomroe (Irl C.21.4)
Seefin (Irl C.21.2)
Seirkieran Glebe (Irl C.21.4)
Sheskin (Irl C.21.2)
Spink (Irl C.21.2)
Tullaroe (Irl C.21.2)
Tullow (Irl C.21.4)

Barony: Ballybritt
Parish:  Birr, Ettagh, Kilcolman, Litter or Letterluna,  Town of Birr
Film Irl C21.2
Barony: Ballybritt
Parish:  Letterluna, Kinnitty, Seirkieran, Aghancon, Roscomroe, Roscrea
Film Irl C21.4
Census Extracts 1821-1851
Film Irl Gen 35

Abbreviations used: B. Burials,  C. Christenings/Baptisms,  D. Deaths,  M. Marriages.

Birr PR.   C. 1760-1838,   M. 1760-1838,   B. 1786-1838.
Registry Book for Parishes of Birr & Lockeen.
M. 1801-1830,  C. 1801-1838,   B. 1801-1832.
Film Tip 2

Birr PR.   C.  1838-1858,   M. 1838-1844,   B.  1838-1871.
Film Off 3
Borrisnafarney PR.   B. 1828-187,   C. 1827-1876,   M.  1827-1851.
Film Off 4/1
Corbally PR.  C. 1834-1849.
with a petition of Protestant inhabitants probably c1830
Film Off 4/1
Dunkerrin PR.   C. 1825-1852, 1852-1873,  M.  1826-1845,  B.  1825-1850, 1852-1873.
Film Off 4/1
Ettagh PR.   C. 1825-1907,   M. 1826-1868,   B  1826-1856.
Film Off 4/1
Kilcolman Saint Colman PR.   C.  1839-1876.
Film Off 4/1
Kilrush PR.   C.  1773-1803,  M.  1773-1802,  B.  1773-1802,
Vestry Minutes    1774-1872,    CMB.  1804-1841.
Film Off 4/1
Roscrea PR.   C. 1784-1844,   B. 1792-1844,   M. 1792-1845.
 Film Off 3
Roscrea & Kyle PR.  C. 1845-1878,   B. 1845-1872 
Vestry Book 1793-1834
Assessment of taxes
Valuations with names of householders 1813-1817
Churchwardens 1793-1831
Poor Lists 1794-1814
Pew Holders 1813 
Film Off 3

Shinrone PR.  CMB.  1741-1827,   C.  1827-1877.
M. 1828-1844,   B.  1827-1876.
Poor money lists  1828-1834.
Film Off 4/1
Templeharry PR. United Parishes of Templeharry and Cullenwaine.
C. 1800-1834,   M. 1800-1834,   B. 1800-1834.
Film Off 4/2
Templeharry PR.   C.  1835-1875,   M. 1835-1845,  B. 1830-1877.
Two entries 1949-1952 with Confirmation list 1862.
Film Off 4/1

Microfiche of volumes 1-47 of the Huguenot Society publications. Each volume has an index, usually at the end of the each set of fiche.
A master index is listed at the end of the volumes. This indicates which volume contains any given name. The volume index should then be consulted.

19 Portarlington Ireland French Church Register
fiche ENG Gen 352-354


Antrim Tenants,Manor Court of Armagh 1625-1627 Leases of Land
Film Irl Gen 30
Miscellaneous (including Muster, Militia, etc.)  T.473 Antrim MSS, 1603-1814 
Copy of extracts from the family papers of the Earl of Antrim 1924-1925 
Grants of lands in County Antrim to Randall McDonald 1604-1629 
Kintyre papers relative to Antrim 
Earl of Antrim created Marquis 1644 
Raising of £3,000 for arms against Scotland 
Antrim Tenants
Film Irl Gen 30




Tithe Applotment Books c1823-1838
Film Tithes S 56-58
Laois, Meath, Carlow, Offaly & Kerry
Tithe Defaulters - Ireland 1831 
fiche Lex 1

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