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Many of the records for Essex were donated by the former Essex Special Interest Group and its members.  Essex is now one of the counties
covered by the Eastern Counties Interest Group, so If you have research interests in Essex, why not join the Eastern Counties Interest Group.

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Parish Census Listings 1797-1831
fiche Ess 7-9
Parish Census Listings 1695-1840 (Supplement)
fiche Ess 653

Essex Parishes in the 1841 Census held in the AIGS Library
Note that these items are microfilm of the original Census records and are filed in the Film cabinets under their Piece Numbers.
The designation of HO107 stands for Home Office, the number after the slash is the Piece Number.

Entire County Held
Abberton (HO107/342)
Abbotts Roothing (HO107/336)
Aldham (HO107/335)
Alphamstone (HO107/331)
Althorne (HO107/327)
Ardleigh (HO107/338)
Arkesden (HO107/340)
Alresford  (HO107/338)
Ashdon (HO107/329)
Asheldham (HO107/327)
Ashen (HO107/331)
Ashingdon (HO107/337)
Aveley (HO107/324)
Aythorpe Roding (Roothing) (HO107/328)
Ballingdon (HO107/331)
Bardfield Saling (HO107/329)
Barking (HO107/323 part 1)
Barling (HO107/337)
Barnston (HO107/328)
Basildon (HO/107/322)
Beauchamp (HO107/336)
Beaumont-cum-Moze   (HO107/338)
Belchamp Otton (HO107/331)
Belchamp St Pauls (HO107/331)
Belchamp Walter (HO107/331)
Berden (HO107/327)
Berechurch (HO107/344)
Berners Roding (Roothing) (HO107/336)
Berners Roding (Roothing) (HO107/328)
Birch (HO107/334)
Birchanger (HO107/340)
Birdbrook (HO107/331)
Black Notley (HO107/343)
Blackmore (HO107/325)
Bobbingworth (HO107/336)
Bocking (HO107/331)
Boreham (HO107/325)
Borley (HO107/331)
Bowers Gifford, (HO/107/322)
Boxted (HO107/334)
Bradford (HO107/338)
Bradwell Juxta Mare (HO107/327)
Bradwell next Coggelshall (HO107/343)
Braintree (HO107/331)
Brightlingsea (HO107/338)
Broomfield (HO107/325)
Broxted (HO107/328)
Bulmer (HO107/331)
Bulphan (HO/107/322)
Bures St Mary (Suffolk) (HO107/331)
Burnham (HO107/327)
Canewdon (HO107/337)
Canvey Island (HO/107/322)
Castle Hedingham (HO107/332)
Chadwell (HO/107/322)
Chappel (HO107/335)
Chelmsford (HO107/325)
Chickney (HO107/328)
Chignall Smealy (HO107/325)
Chignall St James (HO107/325)
Chigwell (HO107/336)
Childerditch (HO107/324)
Chingford (HO107/341)
Chipping Ongar (HO107/336)
Chrishall (HO107/340)
Clavering (HO107/327)
Colchester (HO107/344)
Cold Norton (HO107/327)
Colne Engaine (HO107/335)
Copford (HO107/335)
Corringham (HO/107/322)
Cranham (HO107/324)
Creeksea (HO107/327)
Cressing (HO107/343)
Dagenham (HO107/323 part 1)
Danbury (HO107/325)
Debden (HO107/340)
Dedham (HO107/334)
Dengie (HO107/327)
Doddinghurst (HO/107/322)
Dovercourt (HO107/344)
Downham (HO/107/322)
Dunton (HO/107/322)
Earls Colne (HO107/335)
East Donyland (HO107/334)
East Ham (HO107/323 part 1)
East Hanningfield (HO107/325)
East Horndon (HO/107/322)
East Tilbury (HO/107/322)
Easthorpe (HO107/334)
Eastwood (HO107/337)
Elmdon (HO107/340)
Elmstead (HO107/338)
Elsenham (HO107/340)
Epping (HO107/341)
Epping Upland (HO107/341)
Fairsted (HO107/343)
Farnham (HO107/327)
Faulkbourne (HO107/343)
Feering (HO107/335)
Felstead (HO107/331)
Finchingfield (HO107/331)
Fingringhoe (HO107/342)
Fobbing (HO/107/322)
Fordham (HO107/334)
Foulness (HO107/337)
Foxearth (HO107/331)
Frating (HO107/338)
Frinton (HO107/338)
Fryerning (HO107/325)
Fyfield (HO107/336)
Gestingthorpe (HO107/332)
Goldhanger (HO107/339)
Good Easter (HO107/328)
Gosfield (HO107/332)
Grays Thurrock (HO107/324)
Great Baddow (HO107/325)
Great Bardfield (HO107/329)
Great Bentley (HO107/338)
Great Braxted (HO107/343)
Great Bromley (HO107/338)
Great Burstead (HO/107/322)
Great Canfield (HO107/328)
Great Chesterford (HO107/340)
Great Chishall (HO107/340)
Great Clacton (HO107/338)
Great Coggeshall (HO107/335)
Great Dunmow (HO107/328)
Great Easton (HO107/328)
Great Hallingbury (HO107/330)
Great Henny (HO107/332)
Great Holland (HO107/338)
Great Horkesley (HO107/334)
Great Leighs (HO107/325)
Great Leighs (HO107/343)
Great Maplestead (HO107/333)
Great Oakley (HO107/338)
Great Parndon (HO107/330)
Great Saling (HO107/333)
Great Sampford (HO107/329)
Great Stambridge (HO107/337)
Great Tey (HO107/335)
Great Totham (HO107/339)
Great Wakering (HO107/337)
Great Waltham (HO107/326)
Great Warley (HO107/324)
Great Wigborough (HO107/342)
Great Yeldham (HO107/333)
Greenstead (near Ongar) (HO107/336)
Greenstead near Colchester (HO107/344)
Hadleigh (HO107/337)
Hadstock (HO107/329)
Halstead (HO107/332)
Harlow (HO107/330)
Harwich (HO107/344)
Hatfield Broad Oak (HO107/330)
Hatfield Peverel (HO107/343)
Havengore (HO107/337)
Haverhill (HO107/332)
Havering atte Bower (HO107/330)
Hawkwell (HO107/337)
Hazeleigh (HO107/327)
Helions Bumpstead (HO107/329)
Hempstead (HO107/329)
Henham (HO107/327)
Henham (HO107/340)
Heydon (HO107/340)
High Easter (HO107/328)
High Laver (HO107/336)
High Roding (Roothing)  (HO107/328)
Hockley (HO107/337)
Holyfield, Sewardston (HO107/341)
Hornchurch (HO107/330)
Horndon on the Hill (HO/107/322)
Hutton (HO/107/322)
Ingatestone (HO107/325)
Ingrave (HO/107/322)
Inworth (HO107/335)
Isle of Canvey (HO/107/322)
Kelvedon (HO107/343)
Kelvedon Hatch (HO107/336)
Kirby le Soken (HO107/338)
Laindon (HO/107/322)
Laindon Hills (HO/107/322)
Lamarsh (HO107/332)
Lambourne (HO107/336)
Langenhoe (HO107/342)
Langford (HO107/339)
Langham (HO107/334)
Langley (HO107/327)
Latchingdon (HO107/327)
Latton (HO107/330)
Lawford (HO107/338)
Layer Breton (HO107/342)
Layer de la Haye (HO107/342)
Layer Mersea (HO107/342)
Leaden Roding (Roothing)  (HO107/328)
Leigh (HO107/337)
Lexden (HO107/334)
Lexden (HO107/344)
Leyton (HO107/323 part 2)
Lindsell (HO107/328)
Liston (HO107/332)
Little Baddow (HO107/325)
Little Bardfield (HO107/329)
Little Bentley (HO107/338)
Little Braxted (HO107/343)
Little Bromley (HO107/338)
Little Burstead (HO/107/322)
Little Canfield (HO107/328)
Little Chesterford (HO107/340)
Little Chishall (HO107/340)
Little Clacton (HO107/338)
Little Coggershall (HO107/343)
Little Dunmow (HO107/328)
Little Easton (HO107/328)
Little Hallingbury (HO107/330)
Little Henny (HO107/332)
Little Henny (HO107/333)
Little Holland (HO107/338)
Little Horkesley (HO107/334)
Little Ilford (HO107/323 part 2)
Little Laver (HO107/336)
Little Leighs (HO107/325)
Little Maplested (HO107/333)
Little Oakley (HO107/338)
Little Parndon (HO107/330)
Little Sampford (HO107/329)
Little Stambridge (HO107/337)
Little Tey (HO107/335)
Little Thurrock (HO/107/322)
Little Totham (HO107/339)
Little Wakering (HO107/337)
Little Waltham (HO107/326)
Little Warley (HO107/324)
Little Wigborough (HO107/342)
Little Yeldham (HO107/333)
Littlebury (HO107/340)
Loughton (HO107/336)
Magdalan Laver (HO107/336)
Maldon (HO107/345)
Mandeville (HO107/336)
Manningtree (HO107/338)
Manuden (HO107/327)
Margaret Roding (Roothing)  (HO107/328)
Margaretting (HO107/326)
Marks Tey (HO107/335)
Markshall (HO107/335)
Mashbury (HO107/328)
Matching (HO107/330)
Mayland (HO107/327)
Messing (HO107/335)
Middleton (HO107/333)
Mistley (HO107/338)
Moreton (HO107/336)
Mount Bures (HO107/334)
Mountnessing (HO107/326)
Mucking (HO/107/322)
Mundon (HO107/327)
Navestock (HO107/336)
Nazeing (HO107/341)
Netteswell (HO107/330)
Nevendon (HO/107/322)
Newport (HO107/340)
North Benfleet (HO/107/322)
North Fambridge (HO107/327)
North Ockendon (HO107/324)
North Shoebury (HO107/337)
North Weald Bassett (HO107/336)
Norton (HO107/336)
Ongar Union Workhouse (HO107/336)
Orsett (HO/107/322)
Ovington (HO107/333)
Paglesham (HO107/337)
Panfield (HO107/333)
Pattiswick (HO107/335)
Pebmarsh (HO107/333)
Peldon (HO107/342)
Pentlow (HO107/333)
Pitsea (HO/107/322)
Pleshey (HO107/328)
Pontisbright (HO107/335)
Poorfleet Barracks (HO107/324)
Prittlewell (HO107/337)
Purleigh (HO107/327)
Quendon (HO107/340)
Radwinter (HO107/329)
Rainham (HO107/324)
Ramsden Bellhouse (HO/107/322)
Ramsden Crays (HO/107/322)
Ramsey (HO107/338)
Rawreth (HO107/337)
Rayleigh (HO107/337)
Rayne (HO107/333)
Rettendon (HO107/326)
Rickling (HO107/340)
Ridgewell (HO107/333)
Rivenhall (HO107/343)
Rochford (HO107/337)
Romford (HO107/330)
Romford Workhouse (HO107/330)
Roding (Roothing) (HO107/336)
Roxwell (HO107/326)
Roydon (HO107/330)
Roydon (HO107/341)
Runwell (HO107/326)
Rye Hill (HO107/341)
Saffron Walden (HO107/345)
Salcott (HO107/342)
Sandon (HO107/326)
Shalford (HO107/333)
Sheering (HO107/330)
Shelley (HO107/336)
Shellow Bowells (HO107/328)
Shenfield (HO/107/322)
Sible Hedingham (HO107/332)
South Benfleet (HO/107/322)
South Frambridge (HO107/337)
South Ockendon (HO107/324)
South Shoebury (HO107/337)
South Weald (HO107/324)
Southchurch (HO107/337)
Southminster (HO107/327)
Springfield (HO107/326)
Springfield County Gaol (HO107/326)
St Lawrence (HO107/327)
St Osyth (HO107/338)
Stambourne (HO107/333)
Stanford le Hope (HO/107/322)
Stanford Rivers (HO107/336)
Stansted Montfichet (HO107/327)
Stansted Montfichet (HO107/340)
Stanway (HO107/334)
Stapleford Abbots (HO107/336)
Stapleford Tawney (HO107/336)
Stebbing (HO107/333)
Steeple (HO107/327)
Steeple Bumpstead (HO107/331)
Stifford (HO107/324)
Stisted (HO107/333)
Stock (HO107/326)
Stondon Massey (HO107/336)
Stow Maries (HO107/327)
Strethall (HO107/340)
Sturmer (HO107/333)
Sutton (HO107/337)
Takeley (HO107/340)
Tendring (HO107/338)
Tendring Workhouse (HO107/338)
Terling (HO107/343)
Thaxted (HO107/328)
Thorpe le Soken (HO107/338)
Thorrington (HO107/338)
Theydon Bois (HO107/336)
Theydon Garnon (HO107/336)
Theydon Mount (HO107/336)
Thundersley (HO/107/322)
Thundersley (HO107/337)
Tilbury juxta Clare (HO107/333)
Tilbury Port (HO/107/322)
Tillingham (HO107/327)
Tilty (HO107/328)
Tollesbury (HO107/339)
Tolleshunt Darcy (HO107/339)
Tolleshunt Knights (HO107/339)
Tolleshunt Major (HO107/339)
Toppesfield (HO107/333)
Twinstead (HO107/333)
Ugley (HO107/327)
Ulting (HO107/343)
Upminster (HO107/324)
Upshire (HO107/341)
Vange (HO/107/322)
Virley (HO107/342)
Wakes Colne (HO107/335)
Waltham Abbey (HO107/341)
Waltham Abbey Madhouse (HO107/341)
Waltham Holy Cross (HO107/341)
Walthamstow (HO107/323 part 2)
Walton (HO107/338)
Wanstead (HO107/323 part 2)
Weeley (HO107/338)
Wendens Ambo (HO107/340)
Wendon Lofts (HO107/340)
Wennington (HO107/324)
Wethersfield (HO107/333)
West Bergholt (HO107/334)
West Ham (HO107/323 part 1)
West Ham (HO107/323 part 2)
West Hanningfield (HO107/325)
West Horndon (HO/107/322)
West Mersea (HO107/342)
West Thurrock (HO107/324)
West Tilbury (HO/107/322)
Weybridge (HO107/339)
White Colne (HO107/335)
White Notley (HO107/343)
White Roding (Roothing) (HO107/328)
Wicken Bonhunt (HO107/340)
Wickford (HO/107/322)
Wickham Bishops (HO107/339)
Wickham St Pauls (HO107/333)
Widdington (HO107/340)
Widford (HO107/326)
Willingale Doe (HO107/328)
Willingale Spain (HO107/328)
Wimbish (HO107/340)
Winstree Workhouse (HO107/334)
Witham (HO107/343)
Wivenhoe (HO107/334)
Wix (HO107/338)
Woodford (HO107/323 part 2)
Woodham Ferrers (HO107/326)
Woodham Mortimer (HO107/327)
Woodham Walter (HO107/327)
Wormingford (HO107/334)
Wrabness (HO107/338)
Writtle (HO107/326)

The designation of HO107 stands for Home Office, the number after the slash is the Piece Number.

HO107/330    Romford
1 fiche

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