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Catalogue of Fiche, Film & CDs
Note that the spelling of place names may have changed over the years so remember to check all variations.
 Updates highlighted in Red

Abbreviations used: B. Burials, C. Christenings/Baptisms, D. Deaths, M. Marriages.

Ancroft, Haggerstone Castle RC Chapel, 
Births & C.  1790-1840,  M.  1791-1840
Film Dor 11
Bishopwearmouth St Mary's RC Chapel.  Births & C.  1809-1837
Film Dor 11
Croxdale Chapel St Oswalds RC.  C.  1801-1840
Film Dur 2
Durham Chapel of the Secular Clergy RC.  C. 1739-1839,  M.  1739-1769
Film Dur 2
Durham Jesuits & Secular Clergy RC Chapel
Births & C.  1739-1809.  M.  1744-1769
Film Dor 11
Durham Jesuit RC Chapel.  C.  1768-1827
Film Dur 2
Durham Recusants’ Estates   1717-1778
Esh Laude RC Chapel  C.  1768-1839
Film Dur 2
Hartlepool St Hilda RC.  C.  1834-1840
Film Dur 2
Houghton le Spring St Michael RC.  C.  1831-1840
Film Dur 2
Lanchester St Cuthberts RC.   CMB.  1778-1827.  C.  1827-1839
Film Dur 3
Monk Hesleden Hutton House RC Chapel & Hardwick House.  C.  1808-1839
Film Dur 3
Stella St Thomas Aquino RC Chapel.  C.  1775-1838
Film Dur 6
Stockton on Tees St Mary's RC Chapel.   Births & C.  1783-1840
Film Dur 6


Index to Class HO 27:-Index to persons tried in England & Wales 1805-1816
Cumberland, Westmorland, Northumberland & Durham
fiche Cul 3-5


1805-6-7 Holden's Triennial Directory of 85 Provincial Towns in Great Britain & Ireland 
fiche Gen 159-165
1820 Pigot's Directory of Durham
Part of the Nick Vine Hall Collection
fiche Dur 405
1827-1828 Parson & White's Directory of Durham, Northumberland & Berwick on Tweed
fiche Dur 46-65
1828 Pigot's Directory of Durham
Part of the Nick Vine Hall Collection
fiche Dur 406
1848 Pigot's Directory of Durham
1854 Slater's Directory of Durham
fiche Dur 136-137
1856 Directory for Durham 
fiche Dur 9-14
1879 Kelly’s Directory of Durham
Part of the Nick Vine Hall Collection
fiche Dur 407-413
1894 Whellan's Directory of County Durham
fiche Dur 113-135
Ward's Directory of Tyneside & Wearside 1899-1900
Gateshead, South Shields & Jarrow
North Shields
Newcastle & Villages
Sunderland & Villages 
fiche Nbl 128-130
fiche Nbl 131-134
fiche Nbl 135-136
fiche Nbl 137-146
fiche Dur 72-76
1902 Kelly’s Directory of Sunderland
1906 Kelly’s Directory of Durham
Part of the Nick Vine Hall Collection
fiche Dur 414-422
1908 Ward’s Directory - Darlington, Hartlepool, West Hartlepool, Redcar & Coatham, Middlesborough, Stockton & Thornaby and surrounding villages
1915-1916 Ward's Directory for Tyneside [Part 2]
South Shields, Jarrow, Gateshead, Sunderland & South of the River Tyne 
fiche Dur 103-112
1920 Ward's Directory for Tyneside [Part 2]
North Shields, Tynemouth, South Shields, Jarrow & Wallsend 
fiche Dur 97-102
1928 Ward's Directory for;Whitley Bay, Tynemouth, North and South Shields, Jarrow,
Wallsend, Gosforth, Newcastle–on-Tyne & adjacent villages
fiche Dur 389-404


County Durham Marriage Index  1798-1812 
fiche Dur 223-226
County Durham Marriage Index  1813-1837 
fiche Dur 21-45
Hartlepool Deanery Marriages  1754-1812
fiche Dur 375
Durham Marriage Bonds [Miscellanea]  1594-1782 
fiche Dur 289-292
Durham Marriage Bonds  1754-1764 
fiche Dur 367-374
Diocese of Durham Marriage Bonds  1804-1815 
fiche Dur 229-239
Rounces Index to Marriages  Bishopwearmouth 1568-1837 
fiche Dur 138-143
Rounces Index to Marriages  Chester-le-Street 1582-1837 
fiche Dur 151-153
Rounces Index to Marriages  Gateshead, St Mary 1559-1837 
fiche Dur 77-81
Rounces Index to Marriages  Heworth 1696-1837 
fiche Dur 90-91
Rounces Index to Marriages  Lamesley 1603-1837 
fiche Dur 89
Rounces Index to Marriages  Ryton & Winlaton 1581-1837 
fiche Dur 286-288
Rounces Index to Marriages  South Shields St Hilda 1653-1837 
fiche Dur 82-86
Rounces Index to Marriages  Sunderland 1713-1837 
fiche Dur 144-148
Rounces Index to Marriages  Washington 1603-1837, Udworth 1835-1841 
fiche Dur 154
Boyd's Marriage Index 1538-1837
[Also check Misc Series 2, B719-790 & Misc Series 3, B791-909]
fiche B100-134


Member's Interests 1991
fiche Nbl 3


Muster of the Durham Militia 1781-1782.WO 13/608 (PRO KEW) 
fiche Dur 318-319


Feet of Fines of Northumberland & Durham
fiche Nbl 565-566
Antiquities of Sunderland (includes extracts from Monkwearmouth & Whitburn PRs) CD
Aged Merchant Seaman’s Home, Sunderland Records 1839-1856, Trafalgar Square
Index followed by application form details
fiche Dur 464-476
Guild of Upholsterers Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Minute book 1671-1816
Certificates of admission 1675-1864.
Film Dur 35
Local Records or A Historical Register of Remarkable Events in Northumberland and Durham
Vol 1 - 1799 
fiche Nbl 446-449
Local Records or A Historical Register of Remarkable Events in Northumberland and Durham
Vol 1 - 4  (covering earliest events to 1875)
A Volume of Miscellanea Miscellaneous material held in the Newcastle upon Tyne Public Library
inc. Pedigrees, MIs & the Delaval Papers. 
fiche Nbl 567-572
Men That Are Gone From The Households Of Darlington [by Spencer]
A history of many of the people who have lived in Darlington.
Newcastle Custom House Records, Master Mariners  1787-1795
Ship Owners  1787-1795 
fiche Nbl 429-431
North Shields Custom House Records, Master Mariners  1848-1855
Ship Owners  1848-1855 
fiche Dur 304-309
North of England Mining Accident Victims 1859-1899 
fiche Gen 248-253
Return of Papists 1767
Roman Catholics in the Diocese of Durham including Northumberland and County Durham. 
fiche Dur 4
Poll Book 1868 [North Durham]
fiche Dur 93-95
Poll Book 1868 [South Durham]
fiche Dur 149-150
Return of Owners of Land 1873  [Durham]
fiche Dur 96
Stanhope Town Hall Minutes  1846-1861
Film Dur 12
Surtees Society North Country Diaries [Vol 118 & 124]

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