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Catalogue of Fiche, Film and CDs

Note that the spelling of place names may have changed over the years so remember to check all variations.
 Updates highlighted in Red

Cumberland Parishes in the 1871 Census held in the AIGS Library
Note that these items are microfilm of the original Census records and are filed in the Film cabinets under their Piece Numbers.
The designation of RG10 stands for Home Office, the number after the slash is the Piece Number.

Abbey Lanercost (RG10/5211)
All Hallows (RG10/5231)
Arthuret (RG10/5213)
Askerton (RG10/5211)
Aspatria (RG10/5231)
Baillie (RG10/5212)
Bellbank (RG10/5212)
Bewcastle (RG10/5212)
Blennerhassett  (RG10/5231)
Bolton High & Low (RG10/5232)
Brampton (RG10/5209)
Brampton (RG10/5210)
Breckonhill (RG10/5213)
Burtholme (RG10/5210)
Burtholme (RG10/5211)
Caldbeck (RG10/5232)
Calthwaite (RG10/5207)
Carlatton (RG10/5208)
Carlisle (RG10/5213)
Castle Carrock (RG10/5208)
Cleator (RG10/5261)
Cumrew (RG10/5208)
Cumwhitton (RG10/5208)
Denton Nether (RG10/5210)
Denton Upper (RG10/5210)
Easby (RG10/5210)
East Linton (RG10/5214)
Farlam (RG10/5210)
Faugh (RG10/5208)
Fenton (RG10/5208)
Geltsdale Forest (RG10/5208)
Gilsland (RG10/5211)
Hayton (RG10/5208)
Hayton (RG10/5231)
Hethersgill  (RG10/5214)
Hensingham (RG10/5259-60)
Hesket in the Forest (RG10/5207)
High Hesket (RG10/5207)
Ireby High & Low (RG10/5232)
Irthington (RG10/5211)
Itonfield (RG10/5207)
Kinkery (RG10/5212)
Kirkandrews on Esk (RG10/5213&14)
Kirkandrews on Esk Middle and Nether (RG10/5214)
Kirkland (RG10/5231)
Kirklinton (RG10/5214)
Kirklinton Middle (RG10/5214)
Kirkoswald (RG10/5207)
Laversdale (RG10/5211)
Lazonby (RG10/5207)
Little Corby (RG10/5208)
Longtown (RG10/5213)
Longtown Union Workhouse (RG10/5213)
Low (Nether) Hesket (RG10/5207)
Lower Quarter (RG10/5259)
Lyneside (RG10/5213)
Midgeholme (RG10/5210)
Moat (RG10/5213)
Moorthwaite (RG10/5208)
Naworth (RG10/5210)
Netherby (RG10/5213)
Newby (RG10/5211)
Newtown (RG10/5211)
Nichol Forest  Chapelry (RG10/5212)
Nixons (RG10/5212)
Northsceugh (RG10/5208)
Petteril Crooks (RG10/5207)
Plumpton Street (RG10/5207)
Preston Quarter (RG10/5259-60)
Road Head (RG10/5212)
Rottington (RG10/5259)
Salport (RG10/5212)
Sandwith (RG10/5259)
Scaleby (RG10/5214)
St Bees (RG10/5260)
Staffield (RG10/5207)
Stapleton (RG10/5212)
Talkin (RG10/5208)
Torpenhow (RG10/5231)
Trough (RG10/5212)
Walton (RG10/5211)
Walton High & Walton Low (RG10/5211)
Waterhead (RG10/5210)
Waterhead (RG10/5211)
Westlinton (West Linton) (RG10/5214)
Whitehaven (RG10/5259)
Whitehaven Union Workhouse (RG10/5260)

1881 Census Index  for entire County of Cumberland in 7 sets of fiche. 
(Surname Index, Birth Place Index, Census Place Index, As Enumerated, Misc. Notes, Ships, Institutions). 
Also on CD (1881 British Census and Index)

Parishes in the Cumberland 1891 Census in the AIGS Library
The designation of RG12  stands for Registrar General,  the number after the slash is the Piece Number.
All 1891 Census are produced as microfiche. Please ask for the fiche by RG.12 number.

Aiket Gate (RG12/4278, fiche 2)
Ainstable (RG12/4278, fiche 1)
Alston (RG12/4274, fiche 1 - 3)
Armathwaite (RG12/4278, fiche 3)
Berrier (RG12/4277, fiche 1)
Blencarn (RG12/4276, fiche 2)
Bowscale (RG12/4277, fiche 2)
Braithwaite (RG12/4277, fiche 1)
Brampton (RG12/4280, fiche 1 & 2)
Burtholme (Burholme)  (RG12/4280, fiche 3)
Carlatton (RG12/4279, fiche 1)
Castle Carrock (RG12/4279, fiche 1)
Castle Sowerby (RG12/4277, fiche 1 & 4)
Catterlen (RG12/4276, fiche 2)
Croglin (RG12/4278, fiche 1)
Culgaith (RG12/4276, fiche 2)
Cumrew (RG12/4279, fiche 1)
Cumwhitton (RG12/4279, fiche 1)
Dacre (RG12/4276, fiche 2 & 3)
Dockray (RG12/4277, fiche 2)
Edenhall (RG12/4276, fiche 2)
Ellenby (RG12/4277, fiche 3)
Farlam (RG12/4280, fiche 2 & 3)
Faugh (RG12/4279, fiche 1)
Fenton (RG12/4279, fiche 1)
Gamblesby (RG12/4278, fiche 1)
Garrigill (RG12/4274 fiche 2 & 3)
Geltsdale Forest (RG12/4279, fiche 1)
Gill (RG12/4277, fiche 2)
Glassonby (RG12/4278, fiche 1)
Great Blencowe (RG12/4276, fiche 3)
Great Salkeld (RG12/4278, fiche 2)
Greystoke (RG12/4277, fiche 1)
Hallbankgate  (RG12/4280, fiche 2 & 3)
Hayton (RG12/4279, fiche 1 &2)
Hesket in the Forest (RG12/4278, fiche 3 & 4)
Hunsonby (RG12/4278, fiche 1 & 2)
Hutton in the Forest (RG12/4277, fiche 1)
Hutton John (RG12/4277, fiche 2)
Hutton Roof (RG12/4277, fiche 1)
Hutton Soil (RG12/4277, fiche 1)
Johnby (RG12/4277, fiche 1 & 2)
Kirkland (RG12/4276, fiche 2)
Kirkoswald (RG12/4278, fiche 2)
Laithes (RG12/4277, fiche 3)
Lamonby (RG12/4277, fiche 3)
Langwathby (RG12/4276, fiche 1 & 2)
Lazonby (RG12/4278, fiche 2)
Little Blencow (RG12/4277, fiche 2)
Little Corby (RG12/4279, fiche 1 & 2)
Little Salkeld (RG12/4278, fiche 1)
Longdale (RG12/4278, fiche 1)
Matterdale (RG12/4277, fiche 2)
Melmerby (RG12/4276, fiche 2)
Middlesceugh (RG12/4277, fiche 1)
Midgeholme (RG12/4280, fiche 1)
Moorthwaite (RG12/4279, fiche 1)
Mosedale (RG12/4277, fiche 2)
Motherby (RG12/4277, fiche 2)
Mungrisdale (RG12/4277, fiche 2)
Murrah (RG12/4277, fiche 1)
Nenthead (RG12/4274 fiche 2)
Nether Denton (RG12/4280, fiche 3)
New Rent (RG12/4277, fiche 1)
Newbiggin (RG12/4276, fiche 3)
Newbiggin (RG12/4278, fiche 1)
Newton Reigny (RG12/4276, fiche 2)
Northsceugh (RG12/4279, fiche 1)
Ousby (RG12/4276, fiche 2)
Penrith (RG12/4275 fiche 1 - 3)
Penrith (RG12/4276, fiche 1)
Penruddock (RG12/4277, fiche 1)
Plumpton Wall (RG12/4276, fiche 3)
Renwick (RG12/4278, fiche 1)
Ruckcroft (RG12/4278, fiche 1)
Scale Houses (Scalehouses) (RG12/4278, fiche 1)
Skelton (RG12/4277, fiche 3)
Skirwith (RG12/4276, fiche 2)
Soulby (RG12/4276, fiche 3)
Staffield (RG12/4278, fiche 3)
Stainton (RG12/4276, fiche 3)
Talkin (RG12/4279, fiche 2)
Threlkeld (RG12/4277, fiche 2)
Unthank (RG12/4277, fiche 1)
Unthank (RG12/4278, fiche 3)
Upper Denton (RG12/4280, fiche 3)
Watermillock (RG12/4277, fiche 2 & 3)
Winskill (RG12/4278, fiche 1 & 2)


Index to the Army of Reserve 1803 [Vol 4]
Details of men drawn from the counties of Cumberland, Lancashire & Westmoreland found in PRO.
fiche Gen1111-1113

A copy of the Parish Registers which the Vicar of a Parish sent to his Bishop annually for safe keeping.

Abbreviations used:  B. Burials,  C. Christenings/Baptisms,  D. Deaths,  M. Marriages.
Addingham BT.  CMB.  1660, 1669-1812,  CB.  1814-1886,  M.  1814-1838, 1854, 1857
Film Cul 23
Allhallows BT.  CMB.  1663-1874
Film Cul 20
Allonby chapelry in Bromfield BT.  CMB.  1774-1891
Film Cul 20
Arthuret BT.  CMB.  1666-1812
Arthuret BT.  CMB.  1813-1842 
Film Cul 17
Film Cul 11
Bassenthwaite BT.  CMB.  1664-1893  - includes replies to Visitations
Film Cul 9
Bewcastle BT.  CMB.  1665-1894 
Film Cul 8
Carlisle St Cuthberts BT.  CMB.  1831-1850
Film Cul 5
Carlisle Christchurch. BT.   CB.  1831-1849 
Film Cul 7
Dalston BT.  CMB.  1814-1870
Film Cul 15
Ennerdale St Bees BT.  CMB.  1626, 1668-1877 - includes replies to Visitations 
Film Cul 13
Eskdale BT.  CMB.  1689-1871 - includes replies to Visitations 
Film Cul 13
Hensingham St Bees  BT.  CMB.  1811-1876
Film Cul 18
Hesket in the Forest BT.  CMB.  1666-1894
Film Cul 14
Kirkland near Penrith BT.  CMB.  1663-1876 
Film Cul 26
Lanercost BT.  CMB.  1666-1876 
Film Cul 27
Langwathby BT.  CMB.  1588-1874 
Film Cul 21
Lazonby BT.  CMB.  1662-1875 - includes replies to Visitations
Film Cul 21
Lorton BT.  CMB.  1616-1875 - includes replies to Visitations
Film Cul 22
Loweswater  BT.  CMB.  1676-1875 - includes replies to Visitations
Film Cul 22
Morland  BT.  CMB.  1794-1850
Film Cul 30
Orton BT.  CMB.  1665-1878 
Film Cul 32
Penrith BT.  CMB.  1644-1812
Film Cul 31
Penrith BT.    CB.  1862-1879 
Film Cul 25
Plumbland BT.  CMB.  1664-1874 
Film Cul 25
Plumpton - Wall Chapelry BT.  CB.  1828-1871
 Film Cul 25
Renwick BT.  CMB.  1662-1867 - includes replies to Visitations
Film Cul 19
Rockcliffe BT.  CMB.  1668-1886  - includes replies to Visitations 
Film Cul 19
St Bees BT.  CMB.  1841-1855 ?
Records mixed in between others on film 
Film Cul 6
Torpenhow BT.  CMB.  1663-1873 
Film Cul 16
Whitehaven Holy Trinity BT.  CMB.  1717-1830 
Film Cul 2
Whitehaven Holy Trinity BT.  CMB.  1831-1856 
Film Cul 3
Whitehaven Holy Trinity BT.  CMB.  1841-1855 ?
Records mixed in between others on film. 
Film Cul 6
Whitehaven St Nicholas BT.  CMB.  1841-1855 ?
Records mixed in between others on film
Film Cul 6
Wigton BT.  CMB  1846-1879 
Film Cul 12
Workington St Johns BT.    CB.  1855-1861
Workington St Michaels BT.    CB.  1856-1863
Workington Parish church BT.   CMB.  1689-1812
Film Cul 10
Workington  BT.  CMB.  1841-1855 ?
Records mixed in between others on film. 
Film Cul 6
Wreay St Mary's Carlisle Chapel of Wreay BT.  CMB.  1776-1812,  CB.  1813-1872 
Film Cul 1
Wythburn BT.  C.  1777-1812,  CB.  1813-1873
Film Cul 1
Wythop BT Chapelry, Parish of Brigham & St Margaret.   CB.  1813-1914
Film Cul 1


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