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County Cork
Catalogue of Fiche, Film and CDs
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  1841 Census

1901 Census

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County Cork  records in the 1841 Census held in the AIGS Library
Note  these items are microfilm of the original Census records and are filed in the Irish Film cabinets under the designation C 41. ie (Irl C 41.1)

Parish: Creagh, Aghadown [Fragments only, records burned]
Film  Irl C 21.1/C41.1

County Cork Townlands in the 1901 Census held in the AIGS Library
Note that these items are microfilm of the original Census records and are filed in the Irish Film cabinets under the designation C 01,
their County and a Film Number ie (Cor C 01.6-8 )

Ballinabortha (Cor C 01.80)
Ballinaglough East (Cor C 01.77)
Ballinaglough West (Cor C 01.77)
Ballintantassig (Cor C 01.297)
Ballyadock North (Cor C 01.297)
Ballyadock South (Cor C 01.297)
Ballyarthur (Cor C 01.296)
Ballybeg (Cor C 01.297)
Ballybrack (Cor C 01.77)
Ballycasken (Cor C 01.78)
Ballyfouloo (Cor C 01.76)
Ballykenly (Cor C 01.297)
Ballymaddree (Cor C 01.80)
Ballymot (Cor C 01.76)
Ballynacaheragh (Cor C 01.297)
Ballyshardane (Cor C 01.295)
Ballyskerdane (Cor C 01.80)
Ballythomas (Cor C 01.80)
Ballyvisteen (Cor C 01. 292)
Ballyvorisheen East (Cor C 01.78)
Ballyvorisheen West (Cor C 01.78)
Baunnanooneeny (Cor C 01.294)
Bawnanearla (Cor C 01.297)
Boherard (Cor C 01.78)
Boleynanoultagh (Cor C 01. 292)
Booladurragha (Cor C 01.296)
Boolakelly (Co. C 01.296)
Broomhill (Cor C 01.293)
Caherdrinny (Cor C 01.297)
Callenagh East (Cor C 01.295)
Carrignavar (Cor C 01.78)
Cloghleafin (Cor C 01.294)
Clyroe (Cor C 01.296)
Commons (Cor C 01.294)
Coom (Cor C 01.80)
Coom East (Cor C 01.79)
Coom Fitzgerald (Cor C 01.78)
Coom Hudson (Cor C 01.79)
Coom Midleton (Cor C 01.80)
CoomWest (Cor C 01.79)
Cork, Ardmore (Cor C 01.76-79)
Cork, Carrigaline (Cor C 01.76-79)
Cork, Lackaroe (Cor C 01.76)
Cork, Maulbaun (Cor C 01.76)
Cork, Pembroke (Cor C 01.76)
Cork, Pembroke (Cor C 01.76-79)
Cork, Raffeen (Cor C 01.76-79)
Cork, St Anne's-Shandon (Cor C 01.81)
Cork, West Film (Cor C 01.76)
Cullenagh (Cor C 01. 292)
Curraghbowen (Cor C 01.293)
Curragheen (Cor C 01.297)
Curraghgorm (Cor C 01.294)
Currahoos Beg (Cor C 01.297)
Derrylahan (Cor C 01.296)
Derrynanoul (Cor C 01.294)
Doonpeter (Cor C 01.79)
Dromleigh (Cor C 01.297)
Drough (Cor C 01.293)
Drumboy North (Cor C 01.78)
Drumboy South (Cor C 01.78)
Dunbullogue (Cor C 01.80)
Flemingstown (Cor C 01.297)
Glashaboy East (Cor C 01.78)
Glashaboy North (Cor C 01.78)
Glashaboy South (Cor C 01.78)
Glasvaunta (Cor C 01. 292)
Glennahalla Lower (Cor C 01.294)
Glennahalla Upper 294/7
Glenville (Cor C 01.79)
Glenville Village (Cor C 01.79)
Gormlee (Cor C 01.78)
Gortacurrig (Cor C 01. 292)
Gorteenatarriff (Cor C 01.296)
Gortnahown (Cor C 01.297)
Gortnamina (Cor C 01.296)
Gortnasna (Cor C 01.296)
Gortroe (Co. C 01.296)
Graigue (Cor C 01.295)
Graigue East (Cor C 01.77)
Graigue West (Cor C 01.77)
Gurtnalahy (Cor C 01.78)
Island (Cor C 01.78)
Johnstown (Cor C 01.293)
Kilclooney (Cor C 01.295)
Kildorrery (Cor C 01. 292)
Kilgullane (Cor C 01.293)
Killaclug East (Cor C 01.296)
Killaclug West (Cor C 01.296)
Killee (Cor C 01.293)
Killeenemer (Cor C 01.297)
Kilmaculla (Cor C 01. 292)
Kilnadrow (Cor C 01.297)
Kilphelan (Cor C 01.297)
Kiltrislane (Cor C 01.297)
Knockagarry (Cor C 01.293)
Knockanevin (Cor C 01.295)
Knockboy (Cor C 01.80)
Knocknacaheragh (Cor C 01.79)
Knocknalowers (Cor C 01.79)
Labbamolaga East (Cor C 01.295)
Labbamolaga Middle (Cor C 01.295)
Labbamologa West (Cor C 01.295)
Lackaroe (Cor C 01.76)
Lahern (Cor C 01.78)
Lyravarrig (Cor C 01.79)
Lyrenarnon (Cor C 01.78)
Lyre (Cor C 01.80)
Marshalstown (Cor C 01.294)
Maulbaun (Cor C 01.76)
Mitchelstown (Cor C 01.296)
Monkstown (Cor C 01.76)
Monkstown Castlefarm (Cor C 01.76)
Mullinaboree (Cor C 01.79)
Nutgrove (Cor C 01.297)
Oldcastletown (Cor C 01. 292)
Park (Cor C 01.76)
Parkgarriff (Cor C 01.76)
Quitrent Mountain (Cor C 01.292)
Rathanker (Cor C 01.76)
Ryefield East (Cor C 01.78)
Ryefield West (Cor C 01.78)
Scart (Cor C 01. 292)
Springvale (Cor C 01. 292)
Sraharla (Cor C 01.295)
Templemichael (Cor C 01.80)
Toorreagh (Cor C 01.295)

Poor Law Union:  Cork
: Kerricurrihy
Parish:  Marmullane,  Monkstown,  Liscleary
Barony:  Barrymore
Parish:  Ardnageehy, Dunbulloge, Whitechurch
(Townlands listed with 1901 Census Catalogue)
Film Cor C01 76-79
Cork City:
:  Barrymore 
Parish:  Dunbulloge St Michaels
Cork City:
Parish:  St Anne's-Shandon
(Townlands listed with 1901 Census Catalogue)
Film Cor C01 80-81
Barony: Condons & Clougibbon
ParishFarahy, Kildorrery, Kilgullane, Marshalstown, Brigown, Glanworth, Kilphelan, Killeenemer
Barony: Fermoy
Parish:  Ballydeloughy, Templemolaga
(Townlands listed with 1901 Census Catalogue)
Film Cor C01 292-298

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