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AIGS Surname Interests Database
The Surname Interests database is available for any financial member of the AIGS to register as many as six surnames they are researching.
If you would like to add your family surnames, fill out the Submission form, carefully following the instructions. Return the form to the AIGS Office for processing.
After the details have been confirmed as being correctly entered on the form, your surnames will be added to the database on the AIGS web site.
Please Note:  Where three places are allowed per entry, this only refers to the column headed 'Places', and not 'Country' or 'County/State.'
AIGS Surnames Database
Searching for surnames can be done in a number of ways:
•   Any letter from the alphabetical index can be chosen
•   'Surname' option followed by typing your query in the 'Search for' box.
•   As little as two or three letters are required for the 'Surname' search option.
Searching by Country or County / State:
•   Chapman Codes for both Country and County/State are to be used when selecting the option for either 'Country' or 'County / State'.
Searching by Membership Number:
•  Select ‘Membership Number’ option. Type your membership number in the 'Search for' box to see a list of your submissions.
Help and information about Privacy are available through the links to the right of the Search area.





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