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Catalogue of Fiche, Film and CDs

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Europe General
  Army, Census

Family History



Huguenot Society  



Jewish Records

Long Term Loan - Film / Fiche    New

Maps and Gazetteers



St Helena    New



Vital Records

West Indies   

Inward Passengers from Foreign Ports 1852-1899  - Lists and Indexes
Inward Passengers from Foreign Ports 1900-1923  - Lists, no Indexes
(See Australia, Victoria)
fiche Vic

Immigrants to Pennsylvania 1600-1800
1.  William Penn and the Dutch Migration to Pennsylvania (William I. Hull)
2.  Immigration of the Irish Quakers into Pennsylvania 1682-1750, with their
     Early History in Ireland (Albert C. Myers)
3.  Emigrants to Pennsylvania, 1641-1819: A consolidation of Ship Passenger Lists
     from the Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography (Ed. Michael Tepper)
4.  Pennsylvania German Pioneers. A Publication of the Original Lists of Arrivals
     in the Port of Pennsylvania from 1727-1808 (Ralph B. Strassburger & William J. Hinke)
5.  Names of Foreigners Who Took the Oath of Allegiance to the Province
     and State of Pennsylvania 1727-1775, with the Foreign Arrivals, 1786-1808
     (William Henry Egle)
6.  A Collection of Upwards of Thirty Thousand Names of Germans, Swiss, Dutch,
     French and Other Immigrants in Pennsylvania from 1727-1776 (Israel D. Rupp)
7.  Record of Indentures of Individuals Bound Out as Apprentices, Servants etc.
     and of German and Other Redemptioners in the Office of the Mayor of Pennsylvania 1771-1773
8.  Passenger Arrivals at the Port of Pennsylvania1800-1819 (ed. Michael Tepper
     and Elizabeth P. Bentley) 


The Deserter Index
Men who Deserted from the British Army 1828 - 1840.


Census 1870

Europeans in the US Federal Census of 1870
Immigrants from numerous European backgrounds including Switzerland, Holland, Bohemia, Austria, Italy, Poland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Russia and Hungary. Indexed by Name, age, Sex, Race, Birthplace, Locality & County.


Germans in the US Federal Census of 1870


Scandinavians in the US Federal Census of 1870



Southam Family History
Contains name index, Will abstracts, Fine Rolls and GRO entries.

fiche 164-174


Emigrants from Hamburg to Australia 1850-1859
An Index to the six volumes of books in the 'Emigrants from Hamburg to Australia 1850-1859'
[929.390994 KOP EUROPE, GERMANY]

fiche Ger 1- 5

Immigrants to Pennsylvania 1600-1800
(Refer Emmigration above)


German Sick & Relief Society Membership (Darragh Index) Melbourne 1861-1924
(Melbourner Deutcher Krankenverein)

2 fiche Vic
Mitteilungsblatt Extra Edition Members Journal 1987-2004 (No 1-70)
Anglo-German Family History Society stories of German & Prussian families in England by members.


Families of South Holland: Index to Christenings 1695-1812 (5 CDs)
Gives names of parents, christening date, town, date and place of parent's marriage as well as references.
CD 1.   Goeree & Overflakkee Voorne en Putten Beijerland
CD 2.   Alblasserwaard Vijfherenlanded Krimpenerwaard Rijswijk Voorburg
CD 3.   Delftland ten Westen van Delft Delftland ten Oosten van Delft Rijnland Noord
CD 4.   Rijnland – ten Zuiden van Leiden Rijnland ten Oosent van Leiden Rijnland Rondon Woerder
Addendum: Women’s Maiden Name Index

Index to the Court Records of South Holland 1600-1800
Include Wills, Estates, Marriages, Auctions, Guardianships, Property purchases.


Utrecht Province BDM and Church Membership 1600-1811
The complete original record in many cases. Some records predate the 1600 in the title.


Volume III - Register of the Protestant Church at Guisnes, France 1668-1685
Volume XXXVI - Register of the Walloon Church at Cadzand, Holland 1685-1724
Volume XLVII - Registers of Le Mans Registers of the French Church at Dover, Kent
[privately printed in 1888 by F. A. Crisp]


All European countries.
Note: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway & Sweden have indexes by both surname & given name.


LDS Family History Locality Catalogue 1990 (Worldwide)


LDS Family History Locality Catalogue 1992
   Latin America



Anglo Italian Military Service Agreement 1917
During WW1 the British Government completed agreements with a number of allied governments which required nationals of military service age to return to their country of origin.This CD contains names, ages, occupations and addresses in Britain of those men of Italian origin compulsory returned to Italy for military service at this time.


Index to Births, Marriages & Deaths for Anglo Italians
Births       1800-1943
Marriages 1200-1973
Deaths     1707-2002




Jewish Genealogical Consolidated Surname Index 1992

fiche Misc 33-36

Jewish Genealogical Consolidated Surname Index 1996

fiche Misc 37-39

Jewish Genealogical Family Finder 1996
Database of ancestral towns & surnames throughout the world

fiche Misc 40-41

Jewish Cemeteries throughout the World

fiche Misc 42-43

Jewish Burials throughout the World

fiche Misc 44-46

Jewish Genealogical People Finder

fiche Misc 47-68


Jewish Residents in Canadian Census 1871-1901
Montreal & Quebec city 1871-1901
Toronto 1861-1901
Western Canada 1870-1901
Maritime Provinces 1871-1901
Greater Quebec Province 1871-1901

fiche Misc 69-74

Alsatian Census of 1784
Indexed by surname, given name, town & maiden name.
fiche Misc 80
Austria-Hungary: Jewish names in protection of interests of US Citizens
Note: the material is in three time series, 1910-1929, 1930-1939 & 1940-1944, but this is not indicated in the indexes.
fiche Misc 144

Budapest Jewish Birth index 1820-1852, 1868
Includes some dates of death.

fiche Misc 77-78

Hungary Obuda Census 1850

fiche Misc 76

Moroccan Jewish Surnames (Noms des Juifs du Maroc)

fiche Misc 79

Romanian Census of Jews 1824-1825 and  Monesti Jews 1852

fiche Misc 75

Slovakian Archives: Jewish Vital Statistics,  indexes to Births, marriages & deaths

fiche Misc 81-82

Europe - Holocaust

Index to the Memorial to the Jews deported from France

fiche Misc 149

Black Book of Localities whose Jewish population was exterminated by the Nazis

fiche Misc 150-151


Palestine Gazette of those who legally changed their name whilst living in the British Mandate 1921-1948

fiche Misc 152-157

United States

Index to Russian Consular Records 1849-1926
Persons who transacted business with Tzarist Russia.

fiche Misc 107-113

Publications of the Jewish Genealogical Societies 1977-1990
Newsletters & publications of Jewish American genealogy.

fiche Misc 114-137

Jewish Applications for Emergency US Passports 1915-1924

fiche Misc 138-139

Jerusalem: Registration of US Citizens 1914-1918

fiche Misc 140

Romania, Germany & Poland: Jewish names in protection of interests of US Citizens

fiche Misc 141-142

Russia: Jewish names in protection of interests of US Citizens (3 parts)

fiche Misc 143

Washington Hebrew Congregation Cemetery old section burials

fiche Misc 148

Washington Adas Israel Cemetery burials 1870-1919

fiche Misc 147


British India
The India Office list, 1886-1940: containing an account of the services of the officers in the Indian service and other information:
Fiche 6028163 [3 fiche] 
Fiche 6028164 [4 fiche] 
Fiche 6028165 [6 fiche] 
India Office. Board of Control. Film 2046652. Items 1-2, registers of Board's collections, 1857-1858. Items 3-4, indexes to wills & administrations 1618-1779; wills & administrations 1710-1779; inventories, etc. 1753-1779; administrations 1774-1888 Film 2046652 
Indexes to administrations, Bengal 1889-1909; wills, etc., Bengal 1780-1908; administrations, Madras 1780-1909; wills, Madras 1780-1908; wills & administrations, Bombay 1776-1909; wills & administrations, Bengal (natives) 1890-1900; calendars of probate granted by district courts, 1865-1910; inventories & accounts current, 1780-1909. Film 2046671 
Indexes to inventories, Madras 1780-1909; inventories, Bombay 1778-1910; treasury deposits, Bengal 1792-1919; treasury deposits, Madras 1806-1896. Film 2046672 
Indexes to treasury deposits, Bombay 1822-1895; estates advertised by administrators general, 1877-1911; wills, administrations, inventories & accounts, Straits settlements (Prince of Wales's Island, Singapore & Malacca, etc.) 1728-1853; wills, administrations, inventories & accounts, St. Helena, 1705-1836. Film 2046673, Items 1-4 
Registers/indexes of Home Correspondence and registers/indexes of Correspondence with India, 1858-1879, 1867-1877. Film 2046673, Items 5-8 
Isle of Man
Ballaugh parish register printouts, christenings 1607-1883. Film 933178, Item 12 
Jurby parish register printouts, christenings 1608-1883. Film 933178, Item 13 
Civil Registration births and marriages 1871-1880. LDS Fiche. Fiche 6355827 (46 fiche) and 6355832 (9 fiche) 

Passport Applications 1921-1938
Armies of the Crown, Regimental Bibliographies


Gazetteer of Eastern Europe
Alphabetical sequence, Daitch-Mokotoff Soundex sequence

fiche Misc 1-15

Central European Maps 1832 -1870

fiche Misc 16-23

Galician (Southern Poland) Towns & Administrative Districts

fiche Misc 83-85

Gazetteer of Central & Eastern Europe
3 indexes: Grid numbers, Daitch-Mokotoff Soundex, and alphabetical place name, latitude & longitude.

fiche Misc 86-106

Civil Registration births and marriages 1871-1880 (46 fiche) &
(9 fiche)
LDS Fiche 6355827
LDS Fiche 6355832


1835 Census Denmark
Nybol (Nybol herred)
(Augustenborg District)Gods, Grasten (Gravensten), Fiskbaek, (Fischbeck), Kiding (Kieding), Arup (Arup), Kilstrup (Kielstrup), Auenbullgard (Disse godser ligger I fiere sogne I Sonderbor og Abenra amter)Sonderborg kobstad (I Als Sonder herred).

Film DEN 1
1870 Census America
Scandinavians in the US Federal Census of 1870 
Includes immigrants from Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway
1801 census Norway (b. 44) for Lærdal clerical district includes Tønjum, Hauge, Borgund, and Årdal parishes.
LDS Film 123004
Vital Records: Scandinavia Index of Births, Christenings and Marriages (WS 13)
Swedish Research Basics ( E.Wade Hone)
A simple, successful introduction to the records.  Includes:Geography/Jurisdiction, individual record sources, ecclesiastical records, births, marriages and deaths, clerical surveys, civil records, civil registration, emigration, probate, military records.Research methodology, understanding patronymics and name equivalents, and essential vocabulary.Use web sites/addresses are also included.


St James Parish, Jamestown. Diocese of St Helena, baptisms 1680-1838, marriages 1681-1939, burials 1767-1888 CD 3999 

Parish Registers
Praden, Graubonden Parish Registers  BMD 1820 -1875
Tschiertschen Parish Registers 1646 -1876  Includes Praden before 1820
Parish register of Tschierstschen
Taufen 1646-1790, 1776-1803 822-1825, 1791-1825 1820-1867
Taufen, Konfirmirten 1837-1876
Hieraten 1697-1790, 1700-1862
Hieraten, Toten 1837-1875
Toten 1646-1824, 1826-1862
Parish register of Praden
Taufen 1820 -1862
Heiraten 1828 -1862
Toten 1826 -1862
Taufen, Konf., Heraten, Toten 1709 -1875
Parish Register of Malix
Taufen, Konf., Heiraten, Toten 1709-1875
Film SUI 2
Parish Registers of Semione, Canton Tucino 1578-1851
Film SUI 1
Lausanne - Actes de notaire May 1779-1785
Notarial records; wills, transfer of property, leases and contracts, exchange etc. Indexed by Surnames.
Film SUI 3

Registers of Marriages at Adana, Turkey, 1913, 1942, 1946
LDS Film 1485272


Vital Records: Western Europe
Index of Births, Christenings and Marriages.
Family Search Computer - discs (WS 13)


Monumental Inscriptions of Barbados to c1750
Monumental Inscriptions of Jamaica
Fiche 1-7
The history of the Island of Antigua: One of the leeward Caribbees in the West Indies from the first settlement in 1635 to the present time ( V L Oliver).
Film WI 1

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