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Catalogue of Fiche, Film and CDs

Note that the spelling of place names may have changed over the years so remember to check all variations.
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Yorkshire Parishes, West Riding , in the 1841 Census held in the AIGS Library
Note that these items are microfilm of the original Census records and are filed in the Film cabinets under their Piece Numbers.
The designation of HO107 stands for Home Office, the number after the slash is the Piece Number.

Entire County Held on Fiche & Film
Ackworth (HO107/1309)
Ackworth Friends School (HO107/1309)l
Addingham (HO107/1287)
Aldborough (HO107/1287)
Aldfield (HO107/1286)
Allerton (HO107/1287)
Allerton (HO107/1292)
Almondbury (HO107/1273)
Almondbury. (HO107/1274)
Altofts (HO107/1269)
Ardsley East (HO107/1267)
Ardsley West (HO107/1267)
Askwith (HO107/1289)
Attercliffe with Darnall (HO107/1333)
Auckley (HO107/1341)
Austonley (HO107/1273)
Badsworth (HO107/1309)
Balby with Hexthorpe (HO107/1341)
Batley (HO107/1267)
Batley Workhouse (HO107/1267)
Beamsley (HO107/1287)
Beamsley (HO107/1289)
Beamsley Hospital (HO107/1289)
Birstall. (HO107/1291)
Blaxton (HO107/1341)
Bowling (HO107/1292)
Bradford (Allerton) (HO107/1292)
Bradford (Bowling) (HO107/1292)
Bradford (Clayton) (HO107/1295)
Bradford (Eccleshill) (HO107/1295)
Bradford (Haworth) (HO107/1295)
Bradford (Heaton) (HO107/1295)
Bradford (HO107/1293)
Bradford (HO107/1294)
Bradford (HO107/1296)
Bradford (HO107/1297)
Bradford (North Brierley) (HO107/1292)
Bradford Barracks (HO107/1294)
Bradford Court House (HO107/1294)
Bradford Gaol (HO107/1294)
Bradford Infirmary (HO107/1294)
Bradford Workhouse (HO107/1294)
Bradford, Horton (HO107/1296)
Bradford, Manningham (HO107/1297)
Bradford, Shipley (HO107/1297)
Bradford, Thornton (HO107/1297)
Burghwallis (HO107/1309)
Campsall (HO107/1309)
Castleford (HO107/1309)
Castley (HO107/1288)
Cattall (HO107/1287)
Clayton (HO107/1287)
Clayton (HO107/1295)
Cleckheaton (HO107/1291)
Clint (HO107/1286)
Coneythorpe (HO107/1287)
Cowthorpe (Cowthorp) (HO107/1287)
Darnall (HO107/1333)
Darrington (HO107/1309)
Deighton North (HO107/1287)
Denton (HO107/1288)
Doncaster (HO107/1340-1)
Doncaster Borough Gaol (HO107/1340)
Dunkeswick (HO107/1287)
Dunsforth (HO107/1287)
Ecclesall Bierlow (HO107/1333)
Eccleshill (HO107/1295)
Edlington (HO107/1331)
Emley-Cumberworth (HO107/1274)
Farnley (HO107/1288)
Farnley Tyas (HO107/1273)
Featherstone (HO107/1269)
Featherstone (HO107/1309)
Ferry Fryston (HO107/1309)
Finningly (HO107/1341)
Firbeck (HO107/1331)
Fishlake (HO107/1331)
Flaxby (HO107/1287)
Follifoot (HO107/1289)
Goldsborough (HO107/1287)
Great Ouseburn (HO107/1286)
Great Ouseburn Poorhouse (HO107/1286)
Halifax (HO107/1302)
Halifax (HO107/1304)
Hammerton Green (HO107/1289)
Handsworth (HO107/1331)
Harewood (HO107/1287)
Harrogate Bath Hospital (HO107/1286)
Harthill (HO107/1331)
Hatfield (HO107/1331)
Haworth (HO107/1295)
Hazlewood with Storiths (HO107/1289)
Heaton (HO107/1295)
Heckmondwike (HO107/1291)
Hightown (HO107/1291)
Holmfirth (HO107/1273)
Hooton Roberts (HO107/1331)
Hopperton (HO107/1287)
Hunsingore (HO107/1287)
Ilkley (HO107/1287)
Kearby with Netherby (HO107/1287)
Killinghall (HO107/1286)
Kirby Hill (HO107/1286)
Kirk Bramwith (HO107/1309)
Kirk Deighton (HO107/1287)
Kirk Hammerton (HO107/1287)
Kirk Smeaton (HO107/1310)
Kirkburton (HO107/1277)
Kirkby Overblow (HO107/1287)
Kirkheaton (HO107/1278)
Kirk Sandall (HO107/1332)
Laughton en le Morthen (HO107/1332)
Leathley (HO107/1288)
Leeds (HO107/1347)
Lindley (HO107/1288)
Lindrick Ex. Par. (HO107/1286)
Linthwaite (HO107/1274)
Linton (HO107/1289)
Little Ribston  (HO107/1289)
Liversedge (HO107/1291)
Lockwood (HO107/1274)
Long Sandall (HO107/1341)
Loversall (HO107/1341)
Maltby (HO107/1332)
Marsden (HO107/1274)
Marton with Grafton (HO107/1288)
Meltham (HO107/1273 - 4)
Methley (HO107/1269)
Mexborough (HO107/1332)
Middleton (HO107/1287)
Millbridge (HO107/1291)
Mirfield (HO107/1269)
Morley Grafton (HO107/1267)
Nesfield with Langbar (HO107/1287)
Netherthong (HO107/1274)
Newall  with Clifton (HO107/1288)
Normanton (HO107/1269)
North Bierley (HO107/1292)
Nun Monkton, (HO107/1288)
Otley (HO107/1288)
Ouseburn Little (HO107/1286)
Ouseburn Little (HO107/1288)
Ovenden (HO107/1302)
Owston (HO107/1310)
Pannal (HO107/1286)
Plumpton (HO107/1289)
Pontefract (HO107/1310)
Ravenfield (HO107/1332)
Ribston Little (HO107/1289)
Rigton (HO107/1287)
Ripley (HO107/1286)
Ripon (HO107/1286)
Robert Town (HO107/1291)
Rochdale. (HO107/1279)
Rossington (HO107/1341)
Rotherham Gaol (HO107/1332)
Rotherham Union Workhouse (HO107/1332)
Rothwell (HO107/1269)
Sandal (HO107/1270)
Sandal Magna (HO107/1270)
Sharlestone (HO107/1272)
Sheffield Debtors Gaol (HO107/1335)
Sheffield Hollis Hospital (HO107/1338)
Sheffield Infirmary (HO107/1335)
Sheffield North (HO107/1335)
Sheffield Park (East Sheffield) (HO107/1336)
Sheffield Shrewsbury Hospital (HO107/1336)
Sheffield South (HO107/1337)
Sheffield Town Hall Prison (HO107/1338)
Sheffield West (HO107/1338)
Sheffield Workhouse (HO107/1335)
Sheffield, Attercliffe with Darnall (HO107/1333)
Sheffield, Ecclesall  Bierlow (HO107/1333)
Sheffield, Nether Hallam (HO107/1334)
Sheffield, Upper Hallam (HO107/1334)
Shelf (HO107/1304)
Sicklinghall (HO107/1287)
Skelding (HO107/1286)
Skipton (HO107/1289)
Skircoat (HO107/1304)
Smithies (HO107/1291)
Snydale (HO107/1269)
South Crosland (HO107/1273)
South Kirkby (HO107/1310)
Sowerby (HO107/1304)
Soyland (HO107/1304)
Spofforth (HO107/1289)
St Johns (HO107/1331)
Stainburn (HO107/1287)
Stainley South With Clayton (HO107/1286)
Staveley (HO107/1286)
Studley Roger (HO107/1286)
Studley Royal (HO107/1286)
Thornhill (HO107/1270)
Thorpe Underwood (HO107/1286)
Thurstonland (HO107/1270)
Timble Little (HO107/1288)
Tong (HO107/1291)
Upper Thong (HO107/1274)
Vagrant Office & Prison (HO107/1294)
Wakefield (HO107/1272)
Wakefield House of Correction (HO107/1272)
Wakefield Union Workhouse (HO107/1272)
Walshford (HO107/1287)
Warmfield (HO107/1272)
Warmfield cum Heath (HO107/1272)
Weeton (HO107/1287)
Weston (HO107/1289)
Wetherby (HO107/1289)
Wheatley with Holmes (HO107/1341)
Whixley (HO107/1289)
Whixley Hospital (HO107/1289)
Widdington (HO107/1288)
Wilsden (HO107/1297)
Winksley (HO107/1286)
Wragby (HO107/1310)
Wyke (HO107/1291)
Yorkshire Inst. for Deaf & Dumb (HO107/1340)

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