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Catalogue of Fiche, Film and CDs
Note that the spelling of place names may have changed over the years so remember to check all variations.
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This catalogue is divided into the following categories.
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1861 Census   

1861  Census Indexes

1881 Census Transcription & Index

1891 Census Index

Court Records

Death Indexes





Nonconformist Records    

Occupational Records  

Parish Registers     New

Parish Register Transcripts   

Probate Records & Wills

Parishes in the 1861 Census held in the AIGS Library
Note that these items are microfilm of the original Census records and are filed in the Film cabinets under their Parish Numbers.
Assynt (44)
Quoad Sacra Parish of Stoer
Clyne (45)
Creich (46)
Dornoch (47)
Durness (48)
Eddrachillis (49)
Quoad Sacra Parish of Kinlochbervie
Farr (50)
Golspie (51)
Kildonan (52)
Lairg (53)
Loth (54)
Rogart (55)
Tongue (56)

Census of Merchant and Royal Navy Ships
The film of 1861 Census of Merchant and Royal Navy Ships in Port covers all of Scotland.  For Sutherland, ships are listed in the following Registration Districts: -  Assynt, Clyne, Creich, Dornoch, Eddrachillis, Golspie, Kildonan and Tongue.  These entries are all listed on film 902.


Index to the Marine Returns for Scotland
fiche Sct 1E

1881 Census Index  for entire County of Sutherland in 6 sets of fiche. 
(Surname Index, Birth Place Index, Census Place Index, As Enumerated, Misc. Notes, Ships, Institutions) 
Also on CD (1881 British Census and Index)

Parishes in the Sutherland 1891 Census in the AIGS Library

We have a complete set of Indexes for all parishes for the 1891 Census on microfiche.


Decisions of the Court of Session 1781-1822
Published by David Hume in 1839 this is a wonderful record of hundreds of court decisions
involving people from all over Scotland.



Analytical Index to the Statutory Registers of Deaths for Scotland
'McKirdy Index'  Sutherland 1855-1875.
fiche Sut 1-5


1825 Pigot & Co. Directory of Scotland CD
1852 Sutherlandshire Directory
fiche Sut 6
1837 Directory of Sutherlandshire
Part of the Nick Vine Hall Collection
fiche Sut 7

1915 Directory of Scotland [Private Residents & Trades]
(Part of The Nick Vine Hall Collection)

fiche Sct 419-425

1915 Directory of Sutherlandshire.
Part of the Nick Vine Hall Collection
fiche Sut 8


Francis Groome's 1896 Ordnance Gazetteer of Scotland [6 volumes]
together with additional material and  indexes. 


Ordnance Gazetteer of Scotland


The collection of Maps held in the library is in paper format, and will be found in either the Maps Stands
or on top of the film cabinets in Map holders.

Civil Parishes and Counties of Scotland showing Overall Dates of Old Parochial Record held in Edinburgh
and available Worldwide on microfilm for the Counties of Caithness, Sutherland and Ross & Cromarty.
Complete Set of Ordnance Survey Plans for Scotland


The Northern Highlands in the 19th Century – Newspaper Index & Annals [James Barron]   
Volume 1, 1800-1824.


The Northern Highlands in the 19th Century – Newspaper Index & Annals [ James Barron]  
Volume 2, 1825-1842.


Loth Free Church [54].  Marriages 1813-1855
Film Sct 26


Merchant Seamen Crew Lists & Agreements. 1863-1913 [CLIP]


The Register of Apprentices of the City of Edinburgh 1583-1800
(Note:  These Apprentices come from all parts of Scotland)              


Historical Clock & Watchmakers Index [UK-wide index]


Merchant Seamen’s Crew Agreement Lists 1851 PRO Catalogue No. BT 98
(Note: The area designation relates to the ships’ Port of Registration not the birthplace of the seaman.  A seaman could sign on anywhere and change ships at will, so if you do not find him where expected try other areas.)
The files include a Master Surname Index to Lists published to date.
Areas covered are:-Aberdeen, Angus, Cornwall, Lanark, Renfrew, Scotland South- East,
Scotland South-West, Highlands & Islands, Wales, Ireland North (Ulster),
Ireland Mid  & East (Leinster) Ireland South &West (Munster & Connaught).



Assynt Parish Registers [44]
Baptisms 1798-1820, Marriages 1798-1820, Baptisms 1820-1854
Stoer Quoad Sacra Parish
Baptisms 1842-1844, Marriages 1830-1844
Film Sut 1
Clyne Parish Registers [45]
Baptisms 1782-1819, Marriages 1805-1819,  Baptisms 1820-1854,  Marriages 1819-1854
Film Sut 1
Golspie Parish Registers [51] [Item 1]
Baptisms 1740-1817 [copy], 1739-1821, 1817-1854,
Marriages 1744-1817, 1825- 1853
(Missing years: Marriages May 1799 - Jan 1807, May 1807- Aug 1810, 1817- 1825)
LDS Film 990563
Kildonan Parish Registers [52] [Item 2]
Baptisms 1791-1822, Marriages 1790-1824, Baptisms and marriages 1820-1854
LDS Film 990563
Lairg Parish Registers [53] [Item 1]
Baptisms 1768-1819, 1819-1854,  Marriages 1784-1828, 1820-1854
Burials 1804-1844
(Missing years: Marriages 1789-1796, 1808; deaths only two entries 1817-1828)
LDS Film 990575
Loth Parish Registers [54] [Item 2]
Baptisms 1795-1819, 1820-1854,  Marriages 1809-1819, 1818-1854
LDS Film 990575
Rogart Parish Registers [55] [Item 3]
Baptisms 1768-1819, 1819-1854, Marriages 1769-1773, 1838-1854
LDS Film 990575
Tongue Parish Registers [56] [Item 4]
Baptisms 1780-1826, 1818-1854, Marriages 1792-1824, 1820-1854
LDS Film 990575
Tongue Parish Registers [56]
Kirk Session Minutes 1781-1825
Film Sct 26


Durness Parish Registers (48).   Baptisms & Marriages 1764-1814 CD

Wills before 1875 were proved in Commissariot Courts.
The areas covered by Commissariot Courts pre 1800 in Scotland relate to Church jurisdiction and not county borders so more than one Court can cover a County. 

The Commissariot Court of Edinburgh had jurisdiction for the whole of Scotland and abroad and should also be checked. 
These Testaments are for personal property only.

The Library has a complete set of Indexes for pre 1800 Commissariot Court Wills.

The Commissariot of Caithness comprised the County of Sutherland.
fiche T5
Land was covered by separate laws and is covered by the records detailed in:
The Service of Heirs Index  1544 - 1699
The Retours of Services of Heirs index 1700 - 1859
The two CD’s are indispensable to the genealogist as they record from 1544 to1859 an
authentic history of inheritance of the greater part of the landed property in Scotland and the
descent of most of the leading families.

British Probate Calendar  1858-1898
Contains English and Welsh Wills and Administrations as well as some Irish and Scottish entries.
Entries can also be found from around the world and from deaths many years earlier. 
Where a Scottish testator also held property in England, for the years listed below, wills were also proved in London, and indexes to these are found at the end of the films listing English probate
(on the last film for each year after the letter 'Z.'

1858 to 1866 inclusive
1869 to 1876 inclusive
Register of Defuncts
Index to the Inventories of the Personal Estates of Defuncts recorded in the Commissary Court Books of
Fife, Dundee, Clackmannan, Kinross, Stirling, Aberdeen, Kincardine, Banff, Elgin, Nairn, Inverness,
Ross & Cromarty, Sutherland, Caithness, Orkney and Zetland (RH 3/211/2).
Film Sct 5

Register of Testaments - Pre 1800
The Commissariot of Edinburgh was the main court and covers all of Scotland and Overseas as well
as the local area and should always be checked.
The Commissariot of Caithness covered the Countyof Sutherland.
fiche T11-T23

fiche T5

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