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Catalogue of Fiche, Film and CDs
Note that the spelling of place names may have changed over the years so remember to check all variations.
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Somerset Parishes in the 1841 Census held in the AIGS Library
Note that these items are microfilm of the original Census records and are filed in the Film cabinets under their Piece Numbers.Please note: 
Those Parishes marked GREEN are on  MICROFICHE  not microfilm.

The designation of HO107 stands for Home Office, the number after the slash is the Piece Numbe

Abbots Leigh (HO107/956)
Aisholt (HO107/935)
Alford (HO107/937)
Aller (HO107/957)
Angersleigh (HO107/959)
Ansford (HO107/937)
Ash Prior (HO107/950)
Ashbrittle (HO107/951)
Ashcott (HO107/964)
Ashington (HO107/958)
Asholt (HO107/935)
Axbridge (HO107/967)
Babcary (HO107/937)
Badgworth (HO107/967)
Bailbrook Lunatic Asylum (HO107/931)
Baltonsborough (HO107/943 pt 1, fiche 1)
Bankland (HO107/953, Part 7, fiche1)
Banwell (HO107/967)
Barrington (HO107/933)
Barrington (HO107/954, Part 1)
Barton St David (HO107/937)
Barwick (HO107/946)
Batcombe (HO107/943  pt 5, fiche 1)
Batcombe (HO107/963)
Bath Gaol (HO107/931)
Bath General Hospital (HO107/969)
Bath St James (HO107/969)
Bath St Michael (HO107/969)
Bath St Peter & St Paul (HO107/969)
Bath United Hospital (HO107/969)
Bath Workhouse (HO107/931)
Bathealton (HO107/951)
Batheaston (HO107/931)
Bathford (HO107/931)
Bathwick (HO107/931)
Bawdrip (HO107/953, Part 1)
Berrow (HO107/933)
Bicknoller (HO107/965)
Biddisham (HO107/932)
Binegar (HO107/962)
Bishops Hull (HO107/959)
Bishops Lydeard (HO107/950)
Blackford (HO107/964)
Blagdon (HO107/967)
Bleadon (HO107/967)
Bradford (HO107/959)
Brean Burnham (HO107/932)
Brewham North (HO107/934)
Brewham South (HO107/934)
Bridgewater (HO107/971, fiche 1 - 4)
Bridgewater Borough Gaol (HO107/971, fiche 4)
Bridgewater Infirmary (HO107/971, fiche 4)
Bridgewater Union Workhouse (HO107/971, fiche 4)

Brimpton (HO107/958)
Brislington (HO107/947)
Brockley (HO107/939)
Brompton Ralph (HO107/965)
Brompton Regis (HO107/965)
Broomfield (HO107/930)
Brushford (HO107/965)
Bruton (HO107/934)
Bruton Free Grammar School (HO107/934)
Bruton Hospital & Almshouse (HO107/934)
Buckland (HO107/950)
Burnett (HO107/947)
Butleigh (HO107/964)
Butleigh Wootton (HO107/964)
Camely (HO107/939)
Cannington (HO107/935)
Carhampton (HO107/936)
Castle Cary (HO107/937)
Catcott (HO107/964)
Chaffcombe  (HO107/954, Part 2)
Chapel  Allerton (HO107/932)
Charlinch (HO107/935)
Charlton Adam (HO107/957)
Charlton Mackrell (HO107/957)
Charterhouse Ville (ep) (HO107/967)
Cheddar (HO107/967)
Cheddon Fitzpaine (HO107/959)
Chedzoy (HO107/953, Part 2)
Chelwood (HO107/947)
Chew Magna (HO107/938)
Chew Stoke (HO107/938)
Chewton Mendip (HO107/939)
Chilcompton (HO107/939)
Chillington (HO107/954, Part 3)
Chilthorne Domer (HO107/958)
Chilton Cantelo (HO107/946)
Chilton Polden (HO107/964)
Chilton Trinity (HO107/953, Part 3 & 9)
Chipstable (HO107/965)
Chisel Borough (HO107/946)
Christon (HO107/967)
Churchill (HO107/967)
Clapton (HO107/956)
Clatworthy (HO107/965)
Clevedon (HO107/956)
Closworth (HO107/946)
Clutton (HO107/938)
Combe Florey (HO107/959)
Compton Bishop (HO107/967)
Compton Dando (HO107/947)
Compton Dundon (HO107/964)
Compton Durville (HO107/954, Part 11)
Compton Martin (HO107/939)
Compton Pauncefoot (HO107/937)
Congresbury (HO107/967)
Corfe (HO107/959)
Cossington (HO107/964)
Cothelstone (HO107/959)
Creech St Michael (HO107/930)
Crewkerne (HO107/940)
Cricket St Thomas (HO107/954, Part 4)
Croscombe (HO107/963)
Crowcombe (HO107/965)
Cudworth (HO107/954, Part 5)
Culbone (HO107/936)
Cutcombe (HO107/936)
Dinder (HO107/962)
Dinnington (HO107/954, Part 6)
Ditcheat (HO107/963)
Dodington (HO107/965)
Doulting (HO107/963)
Dowlish-Wake (HO107/954, Part 7)
Downhead (HO107/963)
Downside College (HO107/939)
Dulverton (HO107/965)
Dundry (HO107/938)
Dunster (HO107/936)
Dunwear (HO107/971, fiche 3)
Durleigh (HO107/930)
Durston (HO107/953, Part 4)  ­
East Bower (HO107/971, fiche 3)
East Brent (HO107/933)
East Chinnock (HO107/946)
East Coker (HO107/946)
East Harptree (HO107/967)
East Lydford (HO107/957)
East Pennard (HO107/963)
East Quantoxhead (HO107/966)
Easton in Gordano (St George) (HO107/956)
Edington (HO107/964)
Edstock and Beer (HO107/935)
Elworthy (HO107/965)
Emborrow (HO107/939)
Enmore (HO107/930)
Evercreech (HO107/962)
Exford (HO107/936)
Exmoor (ep) (HO107/965)
Exton (HO107/965)
Farmborough (HO107/947)
Farrington Gurney (HO107/939)
Fiddington (HO107/935)
Fitzhead (HO107/950)
Flax Bourton (HO107/956)
Freshford (HO107/931)
Glastonbury St Benedict & John (HO/943 pt 3, f 1-2)
Goathurst (HO107/930)
Godney (HO107/943 pt 4, fiche 1)
Greinton (HO107/964)
Halse (HO107/965)
Hamp (HO107/971, fiche 2)
Hardington Mandeville (HO107/946)
Haslebury Plucknett (HO107/946)
Hawkridge (HO107/965)
Haydon (HO107/972, part 1, fiche 3)
Haygrove (HO107/971, fiche 3)
Heathfield (HO107/959)
High Ham (HO107/964)
High Littleton (HO107/939)
Hillfarrance (HO107/959)
Hinton Blewett (HO107/939)
Hinton St George (HO107/940)
Holford (HO107/964)
Holton (HO107/964)
Holway (HO107/972, part 1, fiche 3)
Hornblotton (HO107/963)
Huish Champflower (HO107/965)
Huntspill (HO107/946)
Huntsworth (HO107/953, Part 7, fiche 2)
Hutton (HO107/967)
Ilchester (HO107/960)
Keinton (HO107/937)
Kelston (HO107/931)
Kenn (HO107/967)
Kewstoke (HO107/967)
Kilton (HO107/966)
Kilve (HO107/966)
Kingsdon (HO107/957)
Kingston (HO107/959)
Kingston Seymour (HO107/939)
Kingstone (HO107/960)
Kingweston (HO107/937)
Kittisford (HO107/951)
Knighton (HO107/954, Part 10)
Knowle St Giles  (HO107/954, Part 8)
Lamyatt (HO107/963)
Langford Budville (HO107/951)
Langport-Eastover (HO107/955)
Langridge (HO107/931)
Leigh upon Mendip (HO107/951)
Lilstock (HO107/966)
Limington (HO107/958)
Litton (HO107/962)
Long Sutton (HO107/957)
Lopen (HO107/954, Part 9)
Lovington (HO107/937)
Luccombe (HO107/936)
Lufton (HO107/958)
Luxborough (HO107/936)
Lydeard St Lawrence (HO107/959)
Lympsham (HO107/933)
Lyncombe (HO107/931)
Lyng (HO107/930)
Maperton (HO107/937)
Mark (HO107/932)
Marksbury (HO107/947)
Martock (HO107/951)
Meare (HO107/943 pt 4, fiche 1)
Merriott (HO107/940)
Middle Chinnock (HO107/946)
Middlezoy (HO107/964)
Midsomer Norton (HO107/939)
Milton Clevedon (HO107/934)
Milverton (HO107/951)
Minehead (HO107/936)
Misterton (HO107/940)
Monksilver (HO107/966)
Monkton Combe (HO107/931)
Montacute (HO107/960)
Moorland (HO107/953, Part 7, fiche 1)
Moorlinch (HO107/964)
Muchelney (HO107/955)
Mudford (HO107/958)
Nailsea (HO107/956)
Nempnett Thrubwell (HO107/947)
Nether Stowey (HO107/966)
Nettlecombe (HO107/966)
Niden (HO107/954, Part 10)
North Barrow (HO107/937)
North Brewham (HO107/934)
North Cadbury (HO107/937)
North Newton (HO107/953, Part 7, fiche 1)
North Perrott (HO107/946)
North Petherton (HO107/953, Part 7, fiche 1 & 2)
North Stoke (HO107/931)
North Wootton (HO107/943 pt 7, fiche 1)
Northover (HO107/960)
Norton Fitzwarren (HO107/959)
Norton Malreward (HO107/938)
Norton Sub  Hamdon (HO107/946)
Nyland (HO107/943 pt 5, fiche 1)
Nynehead (HO107/959)
Oake (HO107/959)
Oare (HO107/936)
Odcombe (HO107/946)
Old Cleeve (HO107/965)
Orchard Portman (HO107/959)
Othery (HO107/964)
Otterford (HO107/959)
Otterhampton (HO107/935)
Over Stowey (HO107/935)
Over Stratton (HO107/954, Part 11)
Parbrook (HO107/943 pt 2, fiche 1)
Paulton (HO107/939)
Pawlett (HO107/953, Part 6)
Pendomer (HO107/946)
Pilton (HO107/963)
Pitcombe (HO107/934)
Pitminster (HO107/959)
Pitney (HO107/955)
Podimore Milton (HO107/964)
Porlock (HO107/936)
Portbury (HO107/956)
Portishead (HO107/956)
Preston Plucknett (HO107/958)
Priddy (HO107/962)
Priston (HO107/947)
Publow (HO107/947)
Puriton (HO107/946)
Pylle (HO107/963)
Queen Camel (HO107/937)
Queen Charlton (HO107/947)
Raddington (HO107/966)
Rimpton (HO107/959)
Ruishton (HO107/959)
Runnington (HO107/951)
Saltford (HO107/947)
Sampford Arundel (HO107/951)
Sampford  Brett (HO107/966)
Seaborough (HO107/940)
Seavington Abbott (HO107/954, Part 12)
Seavington St Mary (HO107/954, Part 12)
Seavington  St Michael Church (HO107/953, Part 5)
Seavington St Michael Church (HO107/953, Part 7, fiche 1)
Seavington St Michael (HO107/954, Part 13)
Selworthy (HO107/936)
Shapwick (HO107/964)
Shearston (HO107/953, Part 7, fiche 2)
Shearston (HO107/953, Part 8)
Shepton Beauchamp (HO107/954, Part 14)
Shepton Mallet (HO107/963)
Shoreditch (HO107/972, part 1, fiche 3)
Skilgate (HO107/966)
Somerton (HO107/957)
South Barrow (HO107/937)
South Brent (HO107/933)
South Brewham (HO107/934)
South Cadbury (HO107/937)
South Harp (HO107/954, Part 11)
South Petherton, (HO107/954, Part 11)
South Stoke (HO107/931)
Southwood (HO107/943 pt 1, fiche 1)
Sparkford (HO107/937)
Spaxton (HO107/935)
St Catherine (HO107/931)
St Decumans (HO107/965)
St Thomas in Pensford  (HO107/947)
Stanton Drew (HO107/938)
Stanton Drew (HO107/947)
Stanton Prior (HO107/947)
Staplegrove (HO107/959)
Stawell (HO107/964)
Stawley (HO107/951)
Stockland Bristol (HO107/935)
Stocklinch  (HO107/943 pt 6, fiche 1)
Stogumber (HO107/966)
Stogursey (HO107/935)
Stoke Lane (HO107/963)
Stoke Pero (HO107/936)
Stoke St Mary (HO107/959)
Stoke St Michael (HO107/963)
Stoke under Hamdon (HO107/960)
Stone Easton (HO107/939)
Stowey (HO107/938)
Street (HO107/964)
Stringston (HO107/935)
Sutton Bingham (HO107/946)
Sutton Mallet (HO107/964)
Sutton Montis (HO107/937)
Swainswick (HO107/931)
Taunton & Somerset Hospital (HO107/972, pt 1, fiche 3)
Taunton Barracks (HO107/972, part 1, fiche 3)
Taunton St James (HO107/972, part 2, fiche1 - 2)
Taunton St Mary Magdalan (HO/972, pt 1, fiche1 - 3) ­
Taunton Union Workhouse (HO107/972, part 1)
Thorne Coffin (HO107/960)
Thorne St Margaret (HO107/951)
Thurloxton (HO107/953, Part 8) ­
Tickenham (HO107/956)
Timberscombe (HO107/936)
Timsbury (HO107/938)
Tintinhull (HO107/960)
Tolland (HO107/959)
Treborough (HO107/936)
Trull (HO107/959)
Tuckerton (HO107/953, Part 7, fiche 1)
Ubley (HO107/939)
Upton (HO107/966)
Upton Noble (HO107/934)
Walcot (HO107/931)
Walcot (HO107/970, fiche 1-9)
Walton (HO107/964)
Walton in Gordano (HO107/956)
Wayford (HO107/940)
Weare (HO107/932)
Wedmore (HO107/932)
Week (HO107/943 pt 3, fiche 1)
Wellington (HO107/950)
Wells, St Andrew (HO107/962)
Wells, St Cuthbert (HO107/962)
Wembdon (HO107/953, Part 9)
Weolmersdon (HO107/953, Part 7, fiche 2)
West Bagborough (HO107/959)
West Bower (HO107/971, fiche 3)
West Bradley (HO107/943 pt 2, fiche 1)
West Camel (HO107/957)
West Chinnock (HO107/946)
West Coker (HO107/946)
West Cranmore (HO107/962)
West Harptree (HO107/939)
West Lydford (HO107/937)
West Monkton (HO107/964)
West Newton (HO107/953, Part 7, fiche 1)
West Pennard (HO107/943 pt 6, fiche 1)
West Quantoxhead (HO107/966)
Westbury (HO107/962)
Westhay (HO107/943 pt 4, fiche 1)
Weston (HO107/931)
Weston Bampfylde (HO107/937)
Weston in Gordano (HO107/956)
Weston Zoyland (HO107/964)
Wheathill (HO107/964)
Whitestaunton (HO107/954, Part 15)
Whitchurch (HO107/947)
Widcombe (HO107/931)
Williton (HO107/959)
Wilton (HO107/959)
Winsford (HO107/966)
Withycombe (HO107/936)
Withypoole (HO107/966)
Wiveliscombe (HO107/950)
Wookey (HO107/962)
Woolavington (HO107/964)
Woolley (HO107/931)
Woolmersdon (HO107/953, Part 7, fiche 2)
Wootton Courtney(HO107/936)
Wraxall (HO107/956)
Wrington (HO107/933)
Yarlington (HO107/934)
Yeovil (HO107/958)
Yeovilton (HO107/957)

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