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Scotland General
Catalogue of Fiche, Film and CDs

Note that the spelling of place names may have changed over the years so remember to check all variations.
 Updates highlighted in Red


Jewish Genealogical Consolidated Surname Index 
fiche Misc 33-36
Jewish Genealogical Consolidated Surname Index September 1996 
fiche Misc 37-39
Jewish Genealogical Family Finder December 1996
Database of ancestral towns & surnames throughout the world
 fiche Misc 40-41
Jewish Cemeteries throughout the World [79 countries]
fiche Misc 42-43
Jewish Burials throughout the World 
fiche Misc 44-46
Jewish Genealogical People Finder 
fiche Misc 47-68
For other Jewish records see World Miscellaneous 


Owners of Land, 1872-1873 -
Part 1, Six Southern Counties
Part 2, The South West
Part 3, The Lothians-Stirling-Fife
Part 4, Eastern Counties
Part 5, Highlands & Islands 
fiche Sct 234-238

Note: The collection of Maps held in the library is in paper format, and will be found in either the Maps Stands or on top of the film cabinets in Map holders.
Civil Parishes and Counties of Scotland showing Overall Dates of Old Parochial Records Held in Edinburgh and available Worldwide on microfilm for the counties of Scotland.
Complete Set of Ordnance Survey Maps of Scotland.


Coldstream Bridge Marriages 1793-1797
Late 19th century transcript of unknown register, full listing of all marriages including parish of abode.
fiche Sct 459
Lamberton Toll Marriages 1804-1816 & 1849-1855
Early 20th century index of the lost registers kept by George Lamb and George Sharpe.
Note:  Irregular Marriages for Lamberton Toll for 1833-1849 are in book form at  ENGLAND 929.31 NOR
fiche Nbl 221


Gordon Highlanders (75th Foot)
Item 3 Blotter registers Births (indexed) 1812-188, Marriages (indexed) 1803-1881
LDS Film 1068238


The Australasian Source List
Contains material with Australasian [mainly Australian] connections held in the Scottish Record Office.
1-4 Family & non commercial collections
  Commercial collections - shipping & non- shipping
  Admiralty Court
  Dept of Agriculture & Fisheries
  Board of Trade records
  Custom & Excise records
  Church of Scotland records
  Court Sessions
  Exchequer records
  General Nursing Council for Scotland
  General Registration Office in Scotland
  Highland Destitution
  Scottish Office Home & Health Microfilms-& other forms of photographic reproductions
  Maps, plans & charts
  Sheriff Courts
  Records concerned with transportation
5-8  Records of the Church of Scotland & other Presbyterian Churches
  Court of Sessions Supplement List 1840-1947
fiche Sct 169-172
A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Commoners of Great Britain and Ireland by John Burke 1836
Family History Locality Catalogue 1992 fiche
Jacobite Rebellion 1745-1746
A list of persons concerned in the rebellion: transmitted to the commissioners of excise by the several supervisors in Scotland in obedience to a general letter of the 7th May, 1746
LDS Film 278004
The Knightage of Great Britain & Ireland
A Concise view of Knighthood & its various orders; with historical & biographical details. 
Contents include: Order of the Thistle, p26-39;  Addenda, p220-232; INDEX, p233-242.
Film England IoM 3
A Dictionary of Lowland Scotch with an introductory Chapter on the Poetry, Humour & Literary History of the Scottish Language an appendix of Scottish Proverbs. Film Sct 3
Mcfarlane Genealogies
A wonderful collection of genealogies of ancient Scottish families compiled originally in the mid 18th century by Walter Macfarlane - 'one of the most laborious and accurate antiquaries of his age.'
Obituaries & Death Notices of Scots & Nova Scotian immigrants in Auckland, New Zealand newspapers 1933-1979.
Transcriptions of Obituaries of Scottish Born Immigrants who died in New Zealand found in Newspapers and other periodical. Volume 1.  refer to New Zealand Catalogue
One Stop Website List for Genealogists CD
Parish and Vital Records 1993 fiche
A History of the Scotch Poor Law in connection with the People by Sir George Nicholls 1856
A List of Persons Concerned in the Rebellion (of 1745) CD
Statistical Account of Scotland 1791-1799

fiche Sct 1-3
fiche Sct 4-168
Subscribers to the Company of Scotland - Traders to Africa & the Indies Film England Yks 1
Scots in Geelong & District to 1860 CD
The Scottish Australasian 1910 - This CD contains a complete run of the Scottish Australasian for 1909 and 1910. First published in December 1909, the journal wanted 'to help the young folk of Scottish parentage to better understand the history, literature and songs of the land of their forefathers.' The journals have articles on a wide range of topics relating to Scotland – articles on well known Scots in Australasia, Home News, missing friends, "personal paragraphs', obituaries, the clans, and much more. CD
Cumulative Index to Scottish Genealogist Magazine CD


Births 1851 in The Glasgow Herald  (index) fiche Lks 198
Deaths 1851 in The Glasgow Herald  (index) fiche Lks 199
Marriages 1851 in The Glasgow Herald  (index)
(NB:  The above three indexes include events from all of  Scotland, plus Countries from around the World)
fiche Lks 200


Merchant Seamen Crew Lists & Agreements 1863 -1913 [CLIP]


The Register of Apprentices of the City of Edinburgh 1583 -1800
(Note:  These Apprentices come from all parts of Scotland)              


Historical Clock & Watchmakers Index [UK-wide index]

Law List 1812
Contains details of judges, King's counsel, London attorneys, county attorneys [indexed] & their agents in London, officers of the court, notaries, bankers, army & navy agents & local news regarding coaches, newspapers in London, counties, Scotland & Ireland & the days of publication, court circuits, postal information & the fees of clerks of the court.
fiche Gen 52-54
Medical Register 1779
This register covers England, Wales, Ireland & Scotland as well as foreign parts [mainly Europe].
It contains lists of medical people such as those who belong to the Royal College of Surgeons with their dates of admission. Index to the above.
fiche Gen 93-95

fiche Gen 167
Medical Directory 1847
fiche 55-60

Merchant Seamen’s Crew Agreement Lists 1851 [PRO Catalogue No BT 98]
Note: The area designation relates to the ships’ Port of Registration not the birthplace of the seaman. 
A seaman could sign on anywhere and change ships at will, so if you do not find him where expected try other areas.
  The files include a Master Surname Index to Lists published to date.
Areas covered are:-Aberdeen, Angus, Cornwall, Lanark, Renfrew, Scotland South- East, Scotland South-West, Highlands & Islands, Wales, Ireland North [Ulster], Ireland Mid  & East [Leinster] Ireland South &West [Munster & Connaught].


Childrens Employment Commission
Appendix to the Second Report of The Commissioners - Trades & Manufacturers 1842.
Report into the Employment of Children and Young Persons in Manufactures and on the State,
Condition and Treatment of Such Children and Young Persons.  
This report includes interviews with children in the various industries in Scotland detailing their working conditions [and often the background to their employment] and also information about manufactures and the industry in general.


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