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Catalogue of Fiche, Film and CDs
Note that the spelling of place names may have changed over the years so remember to check all variations.
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Oxfordshire 1861 Census Index covering the following complete Registration Districts:
Abingdon (RG9/730-735),
Banbury (RG9/913-920)
Bicester (RG9/913-920),
Bradfield (RG9/742 & 744)
Chipping Norton (RG9/909-912)
Faringdon (RG9/727-729)
Headington (RG9/889-892)
Henley (RG9/880-884)
Oxford City (RG9/893-896)
Thame (RG9/885-888)
Wallingford (RG9/739-741)
Wantage (RG9/904-908
Woodstock (RG9/901-902)
Wycombe (RG9/860-863)
(RG10/730-735)  Abingdon Registration District   
3 fiche
(RG10/913-920 & 741) Banbury Registration District
4 fiche
(RG10/736-738) Bicester Registration District
2 fiche
(RG10/909-912) Chipping Norton Registration District
2 fiche
(RG9/739-741) Wallingford Registration District
2 fiche

Parishes in the Oxfordshire 1871 Census in the AIGS Library
Note that these items are microfilm of the original Census records and are filed in the film cabinets under their Piece Numbers.
The designation of RG10 stands for Registrar General, the number after the slash is the Piece Number.

Alvescot (RG10/1451)
Arlescote (RG10/1463)
Aston Cote (RG10/1451)
Bampton (RG10/1451)
Banbury (RG10/1464)
Black Bourton (RG10/1451)
Brighthampton (RG10/1451)
Brize Norton (RG10/1451)
Chimney (RG10/1451)
Clanfield (RG10/1451)
Clattercott (RG10/1463)
Claydon (RG10/1463)
Coggs (RG10/1452)
Crawley (RG10/1452)
Cropredy (RG10/1463)
Curbridge (RG10/1452)
Ducklington (RG10/1452)
Great Bourton (RG10/1463)
Hanwell (RG10/1463)
Hardwick (RG10/1452)
Harley (RG10/1452)
Lew (RG10/1451)
Little Bourton (RG10/1463)
Lower Boddington (RG10/1463)
Mollington (RG10/1463)
Neithrop (RG10/1464)
Prescott (RG10/1463)
Shifford (RG10/1451)
Standlake (RG10/1451)
Weald (RG10/1451)
Williamscote (RG10/1463)
Witney (RG10/1452)
Yelford (RG10/1451)


1871 Census for Oxfordshire & parts of Berkshire
Includes the following Registration Districts:
Abingdon, Banbury, Bicester, Chipping Norton. Faringdon, Headington, Henley, Oxford City, Thame, Wallingford, Wantage, Witney & Woodstock. Also Bradfield Brackley & Wycombe.

1881 Census Index  for entire County of Oxfordshire in 7 sets of fiche. 
(Surname Index, Birth Place Index, Census Place Index, As Enumerated, Misc. Notes, Ships, Institutions). 
Also on CD (1881 British Census and Index)

Parishes in the Oxfordshire 1891 Census in the AIGS Library
All 1891 Census are produced as microfiche. Please ask for the fiche by RG.12 number.

All Souls College (RG12/1167, fiche 2)
Balliol College (RG12/1167, fiche 3)
Beacon End (RG12/1141, fiche 4)
Brazenose College (RG12/1167, fiche 2)
Cadmore End (RG12/1141, fiche 3),
Christchurch College (RG12/1167, fiche 1)
Grafton (RG12/975, fiche 2)
Holywell (RG12/1167, fiche 2)
Ibstone (Oxford & Bucks) (RG12/1141, fiche 4)
Kelmscott (RG12/975, fiche 2)
Langford (RG12/975, fiche 3)
Lincoln College (RG12/1167, fiche 1)
Little Faringdon (RG12/975, fiche 3)
Magdalen College (RG12/1167, fiche 2)
Magdalen Hall (RG12/1167, fiche 2)
New College (RG12/1167, fiche 2 & 3)
Oriel College (part) (RG12/1167, fiche 2)
All Souls College (RG12/1167, fiche 2)
Oxford All Saints (RG12/1167, fiche 2)
Oxford St Aldate (RG12/1167, fiche 1)
Oxford St Martin (RG12/1167, fiche 1)
Oxford St Mary Magdalen (RG12/1167, fiche 3 & 4)
Oxford St Mary the Virgin (RG12/1167, fiche 2)
Oxford St Peter in the East (RG12/1167, fiche 2)
Pembroke College (RG12/1167, fiche 1)
Queen's College (RG12/1167, fiche 2)
Radcot (RG12/975, fiche 1 & 2)
St Mary Hall (RG12/1167, fiche 2)
St Edmund Hall (RG12/1167, fiche 2)
St John's College (RG12/1167, fiche 3)
Stokenchurch (RG12/1141, fiche 3 & 4),
Trinity College (RG12/1167, fiche 3)
University College (RG12/1167, fiche 2)
Wadham College (RG12/1167, fiche 3)


RG12/977 - 981        Abingdon Registration District
3 fiche
RG12/1180-1184    Banbury Registration District
4 fiche
RG12/1170-1171    Bicester Registration District
3 fiche
RG12/1178-1179    Chipping Norton Reg District
3 fiche
RG12/1162-1163    Headington Registration District
5 fiche
RG12/1156 - 1159    Henley Registration District
4 fiche
RG12/1167-1169    Oxford City Registration District
3 fiche
RG12/1160-1161    Thame Registration District
2 fiche
RG12/985 - 986        Wallingford Registration District
2 fiche
RG12/982-984        Wantage Registration District
2 fiche
RG12/1174-1177    Witney Registration District
3 fiche
RG12/1172-1173    Woodstock Registration District
2 fiche


Oxford City Baptism Index 1800-1837
fiche Oxf 280-282


Index to Class HO 27:- Index to persons tried in England & Wales 1805-1816 -
Oxfordshire & Berkshire.
fiche Oxf 315-317


1805-6-7 Holden's Triennial Directory of 85 Provincial Towns in Great Britain & Ireland 
fiche Gen 159-165
1805 Holden’s Directory of Oxford
Part of the Nick Vine Hall Collection
fiche Oxf 765
1823 Pigot's Directory of Oxfordshire
Part of the Nick Vine Hall Collection
fiche Oxf 766
1823/4 Pigot's Directory of Oxfordshire
fiche Oxf 5
1830 Pigot's Directory of Oxfordshire
fiche Oxf 30
1842/44 Pigot & Co  Directory [with detailed maps]
Combined edition for:Buckinghamshire, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Hampshire,
Herefordshire, Monmouthshire, Oxfordshire, Somerset, Wiltshire, North & South Wales

1864 Kelly’s Directory of Oxfordshire
1864 Post Office Directory of Oxfordshire
Part of the Nick Vine Hall Collection 
fiche Oxf 773-776
1876 Harrod’s Directory of Oxfordshire
1891 Kelly’s Directory of Oxfordshire [with map]
Part of the Nick Vine Hall Collection
fiche Oxf 767-772
1903 Kelly’s Directory of Oxfordshire
1939 Kelly’s Directory of Oxfordshire


Electoral Registers for the Mid Division of Oxfordshire 1885-1886
fiche Oxf 719-723
Electoral Registers for the Northern Division of Oxfordshire1885-1886
fiche Oxf 724-728
Electoral Registers for the Southern Division of Oxfordshire.1885-1886
fiche Oxf 729-733

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