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Catalogue of Fiche, Film and CDs
Note that the spelling of place names may have changed over the years so remember to check all variations.
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Oxfordshire Parishes in the 1851 Census held in the AIGS Library
Note that these items are microfilm of the original Census records and are filed in the Film cabinets under their Piece Numbers.
The designation of HO107 stands for Home Office, the number after the slash is the Piece Number.

Adwell (HO107/1726)
Albury (HO107/1726)
Alkerton (HO107/1733) ­
Alvescot (HO107/1731 ) ­
Arlescote (HO107/1734)
Ascot (HO107/1726)
Ascot  under Wychwood (HO107/1732)­
Asthall (HO107/1731)­
Ashally (HO107/1731)­
Aston (HO107/1731)­
Aston Rowant (HO107/1726)
Attington e.p. (HO107/1726)
Balscott (HO107/1733) ­
Bampton (HO107/1731)­
Banbury (HO107/1734)
Banbury Union Workhouse (HO107/1734)
Barford St. John (HO107/1733)­
Barley Hill (HO107/1732)­
Begbroke (HO107/1730)
Black Bourton (HO107/1731)­
Bladon (HO107/1730)
Bloxham (HO107/1733)­
Bodicote (HO107/1733)­
Bould (HO107/1732)­
Brighthampton (HO107/1731)­
Brize Norton (HO107/1731)­
Broadstone Hill (HO107/1732­)­
Broadwell (HO107/1731)­
Brookend (HO107/1732)­
Broughton (HO107/1731)­
Broughton (HO107/1733) ­
Bruern (HO107/1732)­
Burford (HO107/1731)­
Cassington (HO107/1730)
Chadlington (HO107/1732)­
Chalford (HO107/1726)
Chalford (HO107/1732)­
Chalgrove (HO107/1726)
Charlbury (HO107/1732)­
Chastleton (HO107/1732)­
Chilson (HO107/1732)­
Chilworth (HO107/1726)
Chipping Norton (HO107/1732)­
Church Enstone (HO107/1732)­
Churchill (HO107/1732)­
Clanfield (HO107/1731)­
Claydon (HO107/1734)
Cleveley (HO107/1732)­
Coate (HO107/1731)­
Cogges (HO107/1731)­
Coombe (HO107/1730)
Cornbury Park (HO107/1732)­
Cornwell (HO107/1732)­
Crawley (HO107/1731)­
Cropredy (HO107/1734)
Crowell (HO107/1726)
Crows  Castle (HO107/1732)­
Curbridge (HO107/1731)­
Dean (HO107/1732)­
Deddington (HO107/1730)
Ditchley (HO107/1732)­
Draycott (HO107/1726)
Drayton (HO107/1733)­
Ducklington (HO107/1731)­
Duns Tew (HO107/1730)
Dunthrop (HO107/1732)­
Easington (HO107/1726)
East Adderbury (HO107/1733)­
Emmington (HO107/1726)
Ensham (HO107/1731)­
Enstone (HO107/1732)­
Epwell, Shutford (HO107/1733) ­
Fawler (HO107/1732)­
Fifield (HO107/1732)­
Filkins (HO107/1731)­
Finstock (HO107/1732)­
Foxcote  (HO107/1732)­
Fulbrook (HO107/1731)­
Fulwell (HO107/1732)­
Gagingwell (HO107/1732)­
Glympton (HO107/1730)
Grafton (HO107/1687)­
Great Bourton (HO107/1734)
Great Haseley (HO107/1726)
Great Milton (HO107/1726)
Great Rollright (HO107/1732)­
Great Tew (HO107/1732)­
Hailey (HO107/1731)­
Hampton Gay (HO107/1730)
Hampton Poyle (HO107/1730)
Hanborough (HO107/1731)­
Hanwell (HO107/1734)
Hardwick (HO107/1731)­
Heythrop (HO107/1732)­
High Weston (HO107/1726)
Holwell Westwell (HO107/1731)­
Hook Norton (HO107/1733) ­
Horley (HO107/1733) ­
Idbury (HO107/1732)­
Kelmscott (HO107/1687)­
Kencott (HO107/1731)­
Kiddington (HO107/1730)
Kidlington (HO107/1730)
Kingham (HO107/1732)­
Kingsey (HO107/1726)
Kingston Blount (HO107/1726)
Kingston Stert (HO107/1726)
Langford (HO107/1687)­
Langley (HO107/1732)
Latchford (HO107/1726)­
Leafield (HO107/1732)­
Lee Place (HO107/1732)­
Lew (HO107/1731)­
Lewknor (HO107/1726)
Lidstone (HO107/1732)­
Little Bourton (HO107/1734)
Little Faringdon (HO107/1687)­
Little Haseley (HO107/1726)
Little Milton (HO107/1726)
Little Rollright (HO107/1732)­
Little Tew (HO107/1732)­
Long Handborough (HO107/1731)­
Lower Milton (HO107/1732)­
Lyneham (HO107/1732)­
Middle Aston (HO107/1730)
Milcombe (HO107/1733) ­
Milton under Wychwood (HO107/1732)­
Minster Lovell (HO107/1731)­
Mollington (HO107/1734)
Moreton (HO107/1726)
Neat Enstone (HO107/1732)­
Neithrop (HO107/1734)
Nether Worton (HO107/1730)
New Thame (HO107/1726)
Newland (HO107/1731)­
North Aston (HO107/1730)
North Newington (HO107/1733) ­
Northleigh (HO107/1731)­
Northmoor (HO107/1731)­
Old Thame (HO107/1726)
Over Norton (HO107/1732)­
Over Worton (HO107/1730)
Poggs (HO107/1731)­
Poole’s Lodge (ep) (HO107/1732)­
Pudlicote (HO107/1732)­
Radcot (HO107/1687)­
Radford (HO107/1732)
Radley (HO107/1733)­
Radway (HO107/1733) ­
Ramsden (HO107/1731)­
Rangers  Lodge (HO107/1732)­
Rock Hill (HO107/1732)­
Rose Hill (HO107/1732)­
Rousham (HO107/1730)
Rycote (HO107/1726)
Ryme Hill (HO107/1732)­
Salford (HO107/1732)­
Sandford (HO107/1730)
Sarsden (HO107/1732)­
Sarsgrove (HO107/1732)­
Shennington (HO107/1733) ­
Shifford (HO107/1731)­
Shilton (HO107/1731)­
Shipton on Cherwell (HO107/1730)
Shipton under Wychwood (HO/1732)­
Shirburn (HO107/1726)
Shorthampton (HO107/1732)­
Shotswell (HO107/1734)
Sibford Ferris (HO107/1733) ­
Sibford Gower (HO107/1733) ­
Signet  (HO107/1731)­
South Newington (HO107/1733) ­
South Weston (HO107/1726)
Southleigh (HO107/1731)­
Spelsbury (HO107/1732)­
St Michael, Milton (HO107/1733) ­
Standlake (HO107/1731)­
Stanton Harcourt (HO107/1731)­
Steeple Aston (HO107/1730)
Steeple Barton (HO107/1730)
Stoke Talmage (HO107/1726)
Stonesfield (HO107/1730)
Swalcliffe (HO107/1733) ­
Swerford (HO107/1732)­
Sydenham (HO107/1726)
Tackley (HO107/1730)
Tadmarton (HO107/1733) ­
Tangley (HO107/1732)­
Taston (HO107/1732)­
Taynton (HO107/1731)­
Tetsworth (HO107/1726)
Thame Workhouse (HO107/1726)
Thamekirk (HO107/1726)
Thornley (HO107/1726)
Tiddington (HO107/1726)
Towersey (HO107/1726)
Tythrop (HO107/1726)
Upton (HO107/1731)­
Upton (HO107/1733) ­
Walcot (HO107/1732)­
Wardington (HO107/1734)
Warpsgrove (HO107/1726)
Warmington (HO107/1734)
Waterman’s Lodge (HO107/1732)­
Waterperry (HO107/1726)
Waterstock (HO107/1726)
Weald (HO107/1731)­
West Adderbury (HO107/1733) ­
Westcott Barton (HO107/1730)
Weston, Long Compton (HO107/1732)­
Wheatfield (HO107/1726)
Wiggington (HO107/1733) ­
Witney (HO107/1731)­
Woodstock (HO107/1730)
Wolvercote  (HO107/1730)
Wootton (HO107/1730)
Wroxton (HO107/1733) ­
Yarnton (HO107/1730)
Yelford (HO107/1731)­


(HO107/1725)  Henley Union
10 fiche
(HO107/1733) Banbury South Union
2 fiche
(HO107/1733) Banbury South Union  Includes:
Hook Norton, Wiggington, South Newington, Bloxham, Milcombe,
Barford St John & St Michael, Milton, West & East Adderbury,
Bodicote, Broughton & North Newington, Tadmarton, Swalcliffe,
Sibford Gower & Sibford Ferris, Epwell, Shutford, Alkerton &
Shenington, Radway, Ratley & Upton, Horley & Drayton, Wroxton & Balscote
5 fiche
(HO107/1729) Bicester Union
3 fiche
(HO107/1729)  Bicester Union            
6 fiche
(HO107/1732)  Chipping Norton Union
6 fiche
(HO107/1687) Faringdon Union
1 fiche
(HO107/1731) Witney Union
8 fiche

Parishes in the Oxfordshire 1871 Census in the AIGS Library
Note that these items are microfilm of the original Census records and are filed in the film cabinets under their Piece Numbers.
The designation of RG9 stands for Registrar General, the number after the slash is the Piece Number.

Adwell (RG9/885)
Albury (RG9/887)
Aston Rowant (RG9/886)
Attington (RG9/886)
Bix (RG9/884)
Brightwell Baldwin (RG9/884)
Britwell Salome (RG9/884)
Caversham (RG9/883)
Chalgrove (RG9/885)
Checkendon (RG9/883)
Crowell (RG9/886)
Cuxham (RG9/884)
Dunsden (RG9/882)
Emmington (RG9/886)
Eye (RG9/882)
Goring (RG9/742)
Great Haseley (RG9/885)
Great Milton (RG9/885)
Harpsden (RG9/882)
Ipsden (RG9/883)
Lewknor (RG9/885)
Little Milton (RG9/885)
Mapledurham (RG9/744)
Nettlebed (RG9/883)
Newington (RG9/884)
Nuffield (RG9/883)
Piddington (RG9/887)
Pishill (RG9/884)
Pyrton (RG9/884)
Rotherfield Greys (RG9/882)
Rothertfield Peppard (RG9/882)
Shiplake (RG9/882)
Shirburn (RG9/885)
Sonning (RG9/882)
South Weston (RG9/885)
Stoke Talmage (RG9/885)
Swyncombe (RG9/884)
Sydenham (RG9/886)
Tetsworth (RG9/886)
Thame (RG9/886)
Thame Workhouse (RG9/886)
Waterperry (RG9/888)
Watlington (RG9/884)

1861 CENSUS on CD

CD 4
CD 2
Chipping Norton
CD 4
CD 1
CD 1
CD 2
CD 1
CD 3
CD 3

Registration Districts do not keep to County Boundaries for Census hence:-
RG9/880 & 882 contains a Berkshire parish, RG9/880, RG9/886- 888 & RG9/899 contain Buckinghamshire parishes.
RG9/908 contains a Gloucestershire parish, RG9/917 & RG9/919 contain Northamptonshire parishes.
RG9/911-912, & RG9/916- 917 contain Warwickshire parishes.
See Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Gloucestershire, Northamptonshire & Warwickshire Counties for a list of Parishes

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