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Catalogue of Fiche, Film and CDs
Note that the spelling of place names may have changed over the years so remember to check all variations.
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The Northern Genealogist -  many items including:
Grimsby Burgess Roll, Ely Marriage Licences 1582-1588, Manor Court of Edwinstowe,.
Notts. (wills, admons & inventories),
Lincoln Marriage LicencesWills &c. in the Peculiar Courts at Wakefield,
Manor Rolls of Hexham, Northumberland,
Wills & Administrations in the Peculiar Courts at Lincoln, Newark-on-Trent PR, Kingerby PR,
Carlisle, Allertonshire & Durham Marriage Bonds,
Peculiar Courts of the Manors of Warmfield & Altofts, Co. York (wills, administrations)
Derbyshire & Leicestershire Wills, Lancashire Wills, St Peter's, York - School Register,
Some Wills from the Richmond Registry,
Clay Coton, Northamptonshire PR,
Marriage Bonds of the Dean and Chapter of York,  Act Books of the Prerogative Court of York,
Startforth Parish Register,
Cumberland Wills, Fangfoss PR Transcripts, Givendale PR Transcripts,
Sandal Magna PR,
Marriage Registers of St Maurice York, Heriots etc. in the Wakefield Manor Rolls,
Wills from the Manor Court of Arkengarthdale, All Saints, Pavement,
York PR and many other items.

Abbreviations used:  B. Burials,  C. Christenings/Baptisms,  D. Deaths,  M. Marriages

Nottingham Stoney Street Baptist Church.  Births  1812-1837
Film Ntt 2
Nottingham George Street Baptist Chapel [Friar Lane].  Births  1742-1837
Film Ntt 2
Nottingham Broad Street Baptist Chapel.  Births  1784-1837
Film Ntt 2
Nottingham High Pavement Presbyterian Chapel [RG-4 / 1587].
Births & C.  1690-1837
Film Gen 47

Abbreviations used:  B. Burials,  C. Christenings/Baptisms,  D. Deaths,  M. Marriages

Annesley PR.  CMB.  1599-1900
fiche Ntt 80-91
East Bridgford PR.   CMB. 1557-1900
fiche Ntt 5-21
Granby PR.   CMB.  1567-1900
fiche Ntt 134-143
Kirkby in Ashfield PR.  C. 1621-1900,   M.  1621-1669, 1671-1900,   B.  1621-1854
fiche Ntt 552-586
Langar cum Barnston PR.   CMB.  1595-1900
fiche Ntt 123-133
Mansfield PR.   C.   1813-1901
fiche Ntt 184-220
Mansfield PR.   M.  1810-1901
fiche Ntt 233-266
Mansfield PR.   M.  1737-1738
fiche Ntt 293
Mansfield PR.   B.  1813-1901
fiche Ntt 267-284
North Wheatley PR.   CMB.  1649-1900
fiche Ntt 36-46
Nottingham St Marys PR.   C.  1802-1821,   M.  1801-1821,  B.  1804-1822
fiche Ntt 404-452
Nottingham St Marys PR.   C.  1821-1831,   B.  1822-1832
fiche Ntt 144-163
Nottingham St Marys PR.   C.  1789-1802,  1831-1841,   M.  1789-1800,  1821-1840,    
B.  1783-1804,  1832-1841
fiche Ntt 471-531
Radford PR.  CMB.  1563-1812
fiche Ntt 315-329
Ruddington PR.   CMB.  1633-1900
fiche Ntt 92-122
South Wheatley PR.   CMB.  1546-1900
fiche Ntt 33-35
Tithby PR.   CMB.  1559-1990
fiche Ntt 22-32
Upton PR.   C. 1585-1902,  M.  1580-1706, 1709-1901,   B. 1580-1901
Vicars of Upton, Deeds,  Will,  Map of Upton 1795.
From 17/11/1750-14/6/1813 entries are from Phillimore as the original register is missing
fiche Ntt 532-542
Warsop PR.   CMB.  1538-1900.
fiche Ntt 47-77
Weston PR.   CMB.  1559-1900.
fiche Ntt 294-302


Carburton PR Transcript.   CMB. 1528-1812, Banns 1756-1768
Headon PR Transcript.   CMB.  1566-1812
Walesby PR Transcripts.   C. 1580-1792,  M. 1594-1753,  B. 1585-1791


Visitation of Nottinghamshire 1569 & 1614
Visitation of Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire 1662-1664

Wills before 1858 were proved in Ecclesiastical Courts. The principal one for  Nottinghamshire was the Archdeaconry of Nottingham. 
The Superior Court was the  PCC. Prerogative Court of Canterbury.  (See England General).

The Exchequer and Prerogative Court of York [PCY] Calendar of Wills & Admons.
The PCY was the second most important Court, after Canterbury, dealing with the Probate of Wills prior to 1858.  Counties covered were in the north of England and were:- Cheshire, Cumberland, Durham, Flint (part), Lancashire, Northumberland, Westmorland and Yorkshire. Also included was the Isle of Man.
1. 1688-1690, 1698-1699, 1705-1714
2. 1713-1741
3. 1741-1770
4. 1771-1799
5. 1800-1819
6. 1819-1830
7. 1830-1842
8. 1842-1851
9. 1851-1858
9 Films



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