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Northamptonshire Parishes in the 1841 Census held in the AIGS Library
Note that these items are microfilm of the original Census records and are filed in the Film cabinets under their Piece Numbers.
The designation of HO107 stands for Home Office, the number after the slash is the Piece Number.

Abington (HO107/810)
Abthorpe (HO107/811)
Alderton (HO107/796)
Aldwinkle All Saints (HO107/803)
Aldwinkle St Peters (HO107/803)
Althorpe (ep) (HO107/806)
Apethorpe (HO107/812)
Arthingworth (HO107/809)
Ashby St Ledgers (HO107/798)
Ashley (HO107/797)
Ashton (HO107/796)
Ashton (HO107/816)
Aston le Walls (HO107/795)
Aynho (HO107/804)
Badby (HO107/798)
Bainton (HO107/815)
Barby (HO107/798)
Barnack (HO107/815)
Barnwell All Saints (HO107/803)
Barnwell St Andrew (HO107/808)
Blakesley (HO107/799)
Blisworth (HO107/813)
Borough Fen (ep) (HO107/815)
Bozeat (HO107/802)
Brackley St James (HO107/804)
Brackley St Peter (HO107/804)
Bradden (HO107/799)
Brafield on the Green (HO107/813)
Brampton (HO107/797)
Braunston (HO107/798)
Braybrooke (HO107/809)
Brigstock (HO107/797)
Brington (HO107/806)
Brixworth (HO107/807)
Brockhall (HO107/806)
Broughton (HO107/807)
Broughton (HO107/810)
Bugbrooke (HO107/806)
Burton Latimer (HO107/803)
Burton Seagrave (HO107/803)
Byfield (HO107/795)
Canons Ashby (HO107/799)
Carlton (HO107/797)
Castle Ashby (HO107/813)
Castor (HO107/815)
Catesby Abbey (HO107/798)
Chacombe (HO107/804)
Chapelry Adstone (HO107/799)
Chapel Brampton (HO107/806)
Charwelton (HO107/798)
Chelveston (HO107/802)
Chipping Warden (HO107/795)
Church Brampton (HO107/806)
Clapton (HO107/805)
Clipston (HO107/809)
Cogenhoe (HO107/813)
Cold Ashby (HO107/800)
Cold Higham (HO107/811)
Collingtree (HO107/813)
Corby (HO107/797)
Cosgrove (HO107/796)
Cotterstock (HO107/812)
Cottesbrooke (HO107/800)
Cottingham (HO107/797)
Courtenhall (HO107/813)
Cranford (HO107/803)
Cranford St John (HO107/803)
Cransley (HO107/807)
Crick (HO107/800)
Croughton (HO107/804)
Culworth (HO107/804)
Dallington (HO107/806)
Daventry (HO107/798)
Denford (HO107/803)
Denton (HO107/813)
Desborough (HO107/809)
Dingley (HO107/797)
Dodford (HO107/798)
Draughton (HO107/809)
Duddington (HO107/812)
Duston (HO107/806)
Earls Barton (HO107/801)
East Farndon (HO107/809)
East Haddon (HO107/806)
Easton (HO107/812)
Easton Maudit (HO107/802)
Easton Neston (HO107/796)
Edgcote (HO107/795)
Elkington (HO107/800)
Etton (HO107/815)
Evenley (HO107/804)
Everdon (HO107/798)
Eydon (HO107/795)
Farthinghoe (HO107/804)
Farthingstone (HO107/798)
Fawsley (HO107/798)
Finedon (HO107/803)
Flore (HO107/806)
Fotheringhay (HO107/812)
Faxton cum Mawsley (ep) (HO107/807)
Furtho (HO107/796)
Gayton (HO107/811)
Geddington (HO107/797)
Glapthorn (HO107/812)
Glendon (HO107/809)
Glinton (HO107/815)
Grafton Regis (HO107/796)
Grafton Underwood (HO107/803)
Great Addington (HO107/803)
Great Billing (HO107/810)
Great Creaton (HO107/800)
Great Doddington (HO107/801)
Great Harrowden (HO107/807)
Great Houghton (HO107/813)
Great Oakley (HO107/797)
Great Oxendon (HO107/809)
Greatworth (HO107/795)
Greens Norton (HO107/799)
Grendon (HO107/813)
Gretton (HO107/797)
Guilsborough (HO107/800)
Hackleton (HO107/813)
Hannington (HO107/807)
Hardingstone (HO107/813)
Hardwick (HO107/807)
Hargrave (HO107/802)
Harleston(e) (HO107/806)
Harpole (HO107/806)
Harpole East (HO107/806)
Harrington (HO107/809)
Harringworth (HO107/797)
Hartwell (HO107/796)
Hellidon (HO107/798)
Helmdon (HO107/804)
Helpston (HO107/815)
Hemington (HO107/808)
Higham Ferrers (HO107/802)
Hinton in the Hedges (HO107/804)
Holcot (HO107/801)
Holdenby (HO107/806)
Horton (HO107/813)
Irchester (HO107/802)
Irthlingborough (HO107/803)
Isham (HO107/807)
Islip (HO107/803)
Kelmarsh (HO107/809)
Kettering (HO107/803)
Kilsby (HO107/798)
Kings Cliffe (HO107/812)
Kings Sutton (HO107/804)
Kingsthorpe (HO107/810)
Kislingbury (HO107/806)
Lamport (HO107/807)
Laxton (HO107/797)
Lilbourne (HO107/800)
Lilford (HO107/803)
Litchborough (HO107/798)
Little Addington (HO107/803)
Little Billing (HO107/810)
Little Bowden (HO107/809)
Little Harrowden (HO107/807)
Little Houghton (HO107/813)
Little Oakley (HO107/797)
Loddington (HO107/809)
Long Buckby (HO107/800)
Lower Benefield (HO107/808)
Lower Boddington (HO107/795)
Lowick (HO107/803)
Luddington (HO107/808)
Maidford (HO107/799)
Maidwell (HO107/809)
Marholm (HO107/815)
Marston St Lawrence (HO107/804)
Marston Trussell (HO107/809)
Maxey (HO107/816)
Mears Ashby (HO107/801)
Middleton Cheney (HO107/804)
Milton (HO107/813)
Morton Pinkney (HO107/799)
Moulton (HO107/810)
Naseby (HO107/800)
Nassington (HO107/812)
Nether Heyford (HO107/806)
Newborough (HO107/816)
Newbottle (HO107/804)
Newnham (HO107/798)
Newton Bromswold (HO107/802)
Northborough (HO107/816)
Northampton (HO107/814)
Old (HO107/807)
Orlingbury (HO107/807)
Orton (HO107/809)
Oundle (HO107/808)
Overstone (HO107/810)
Passenham (HO107/796)
Paston (HO107/816)
Pattishall (HO107/811)
Paulerspury (HO107/796)
Peakirk (HO107/816)
Peterborough Minster (ep) (HO107/817)
Peterborough St John the Baptist (HO107/815)
Peterborough St John the Baptist (HO107/817)
Piddington (HO107/813)
Pilton (HO107/805)
Pitsford (HO107/810)
Plumpton (HO107/799)
Polebrook (HO107/808)
Potterspury (HO107/796)
Preston Capes (HO107/798)
Preston Deanery (HO107/813)
Pytchley (HO107/807)
Quinton (HO107/813)
Radstone (HO107/804)
Raunds (HO107/802)
Ravensthorpe (HO107/806)
Ravensthorpe (HO107/800)
Ringstead (HO107/802)
Roade (HO107/796)
Rockingham (HO107/797)
Rothersthorpe (HO107/813)
Rothwell (HO107/809)
Rushden (HO107/802)
Rushton (HO107/809)
Scaldwell (HO107/807)
Shutlanger (HO107/796)
Sibbertoft (HO107/809)
Silverstone (HO107/799)
Slapton (HO107/799)
Slipton (HO107/803)
Southwick (HO107/812)
Spratton (HO107/810)
St Andrew (HO107/803)
Stamford St Martins (HO107/816)
Stanford (HO107/800)
Stanion (HO107/797)
Stanwick (HO107/802)
Stoke Albany (HO107/797)
Stoke Bruerne (HO107/796)
Stoke Doyle (HO107/805)
Stowe Churches (HO107/798)
Strixton (HO107/802)
Stuchbury (HO107/804)
Sudborough (HO107/803)
Sulby (ep) (HO107/809)
Sulgrave (HO107/795)
Sutton (HO107/812)
Sutton (HO107/815)
Sutton Bassett (HO107/797)
Syresham (HO107/804)
Sywell (HO107/801)
Tansor (HO107/812)
Theddingworth (HO107/809)
Thenford (HO107/804)
Thornby (HO107/800)
Thornhaugh (HO107/816)
Thorpe Achurch (HO107/805)
Thorpe Lubenham (ep) (HO107/809)
Thorpe Malsor (HO107/809)
Thorpe Mandeville (HO107/804)
Thrapston (HO107/805)
Thurning (HO107/808)
Tiffield (HO107/811)
Titchmarsh (HO107/805)
Towcester (HO107/811)
Twywell (HO107/803)
Ufford (HO107/816)
Upper Benefield (HO107/808)
Upper Boddington (HO107/795)
Upper Heyford (HO107/806)
Upton (HO107/806)
Upton (HO107/815)
Wadenhoe (HO107/805)
Wakerley (HO107/797)
Walgrave (HO107/807)
Wansford (HO107/816)
Wappenham (HO107/804)
Warkton (HO107/803)
Warkworth (HO107/804)
Warmington (HO107/808)
Watford (HO107/800)
Weddington (HO107/816)
Weekley (HO107/797)
Welford (HO107/800)
Wellingborough (HO107/801)
Welton (HO107/798)
Werrington (HO107/816)
West Haddon (HO107/800)
Weston by Welland (HO107/797)
Weston Favell (HO107/810)
Weston/Weedon Lois (HO107/799)
Whilton (HO107/806)
Whiston (HO107/813)
Whitfield (HO107/804)
Whittlebury (HO107/799)
Wicken (HO107/796)
Wigsthorpe (HO107/803)
Wilbarston (HO107/797)
Wilby (HO107/801)
Winwick (HO107/800)
Winwick (HO107/808)
Wittering (HO107/816)
Wold (HO107/807)
Wollaston (HO107/802)
Woodford (HO107/795)
Woodford (HO107/803)
Woodnewton (HO107/812)
Wootton (HO107/813)
Yardley Hastings (HO107/813)
Yarwell (HO107/812)
Yelvertoft (HO107/800)

Northamptonshire Parishes in the 1851 Census held in the AIGS Library
Note that these items are microfilm of the original Census records and are filed in the Film cabinets under their Piece Numbers.
The designation of HO107 stands for Home Office, the number after the slash is the Piece Number.

Adstone (HO107/1736)
Alderton (HO107/1737)
Aldwinkle St Peter (HO107/1745)
Althorpe (HO107/1736)
Ashby St Ledgers (HO107/1741 Part 2)
Ashton (HO107/1737)
Ashton (HO107/2094 Part 2)
Badby (HO107/1741 Part 2)
Bainton (HO107/2094 Part 2)
Bainton (HO107/2094)
Barnack (HO107/2094 Part 2)
Barnack (HO107/2094)
Blakesley (HO107/1736)
Blisworth (HO107/1736)
Bradden (HO107/1736)
Braunston (HO107/1741 Part 2)
Brigstock (HO107/1745)
Brington (Hunts) (HO107/1745)
Brockhall (HO107/1741 Part 1)
Byfield (HO107/1741 Part 1)
Bythorn (Hunts) (HO107/1745)
Canons Ashby (HO107/1741 Part 1)
Catesby (HO107/1741 Part 2)
Charwelton (HO107/1741 Part 1)
Chelveston cum Caldecott (HO107/1745)
Clapton (HO107/1745)
Cold Higham (HO107/1736)
Colly Weston (HO107/2094 Part 2)
Colly Weston (HO107/2094)
Cosgrove (HO107/1737)
Covington (HO107/1745)
Daventry (HO107/1741 Pt 2)
Denford (HO107/1745)
Dodford (HO107/1741 Part 1)
Duddington (HO107/2094 Part 2)
Duddington (HO107/2094)
Easton (HO107/2094 Part 2)
Easton (HO107/2094)
Easton Neston (HO107/1736)
Everdon (HO107/1741 Part 1)
Farthingstone (HO107/1741 Part 1)
Fawsley (HO107/1741 Part 1)
Flore (HO107/1741 Part 1)
Gayton (HO107/1736)
Grafton Regis (HO107/1737)
Great Addington (HO107/1745)
Greens Norton (HO107/1736)
Hargrave (HO107/1745)
Harringworth (HO107/2093)
Hartwell (HO107/1737)
Hellidon (HO107/1741 Part 1)
Islip (HO107/1745)
Keyston (Hunts) (HO107/1745)
Litchborough (HO107/1736)
Little Addington (HO107/1745)
Long Buckby (HO107/1741 Part 2)
Lowick (HO107/1745)
Maidford (HO107/1736)
Molesworth (Hunts) (HO107/1745)
Newnham (HO107/1741 Part 1)
Norton (HO107/1741 Part 2)
Old Weston (Hunts) (HO107/1745)
Passenham (HO107/1737)
Pattishall (HO107/1736)
Paulerspury (HO107/1737)
Pilsgate (HO107/2094 Part 2)
Pilsgate (HO107/2094)
Plumpton (HO107/1736)
Potterspury (HO107/1737)
Preston Capes (HO107/1741 Part 1)
Raunds (HO107/1745)
Ringstead (HO107/1745)
Rockingham (HO107/2093)
Seaton (HO107/2093)
Shutlanger (HO107/1736)
Silverstone (HO107/1736)
Slapton (HO107/1736)
Slipton (HO107/1745)
Southorpe (HO107/2094 Part 2)
Southorpe (HO107/2094)
Stamford St Martin (HO107/2094)
Stanwick (HO107/1745)
Staverton (HO107/1741 Part 2)
Stoke Bruerne (HO107/1736)
Stowe (HO107/1741 Part 1)
Sudborough (HO107/1745)
Thornhaugh (HO107/2094 Part 2)
Thornhaugh (HO107/2094)
Thrapston (HO107/1745)
Tiffield (HO107/1736)
Titchmarsh (HO107/1745)
Towcester (HO107/1736)
Twywell (HO107/1745)
Ufford (HO107/2094 Part 2)
Ufford (HO107/2094)
Ufford Ashton (HO107/2094)
Wansford (HO107/2094 Part 2)
Wansford (HO107/2094)
Wappenham (HO107/1736)
Watford (HO107/1741 Part 2)
Weedon Beck (HO107/1741 Part 1)
Weedon Lois (HO107/1736)
Weedon Military Barracks (HO107/1741 Part 1)
Welton (HO107/1741 Pt 2)
West Haddon (HO107/1741 Part 2)
Whilton (HO107/1741 Pt 2)
Whittlebury (HO107/1736)
Wicken (HO107/1737)
Winwick (HO107/1741 Part 2)
Wittering (HO107/2094 Part 2)
Wittering (HO107/2094)
Woodford (HO107/1741 Part 1)
Woodford (HO107/1745)

The designation of HO107 stands for Home Office, the number after the slash is the Piece Number.

HO107/1735 - 1737   Hundred of Greens Norton:
Adstone, Blakesley, Braddden, Canons Ashby, Greens Norton, Maidford, Moreton Pinkney,
Plumpton, Silverstone, Slapton, Weedon Lois, Whittlebury & Woodend.
HO107/1742 - 1743    Hundred of Hamfordshoe:
Great Doddington, Earls Barton, Ecton, Holcot, Mears Ashby, Sywell, Wellingborough & Wilby.
HO107/1743 - 1745  Hundred of Huxloe:
Gt. Addington, Lt. Addington, Aldwinkle, Barnwell All Saints, Barnwell St. Andrews, Barton Seagrave,
Burton Latimer, Cranford St. John, Cranford St. Andrew, Denford, Finedon, Grafton Underwood, Irthlingborough,
Islip, Kettering, Lilford Cum Wigsthorpe, Lowick, Slipton, Sudborough, Twywell, Warkton & Woodford:
HO107/1744, 1746, 2079 & 2093    Hundred of Corby:Ashley:
Blatherwycke, Brigstock, Bulwick, East Carlton, Corby, Cottingham, Deene, Deenethorpe, Dingley,
Fineshade, Geddington, Gretton, Harringworth, Laxton, Middleton, Newton le Willows, Great Oakley,
Little Oakley, Rockingham, Stanion, Stoke Albany, Sutton Bassett, Wakerley, Great Weldon, Little Weldon,
Weston by Welland & Wilbarston.
HO107/1746 - 1747 &  2094  Hundred of Willybrook:
Apethorpe, Colly Weston, Cotterstock, Duddington, Easton on the Hill, Fotheringhay, Glapthorne,
Kings Cliffe, Lutton, Nassington, Southwick, Tansor, Woodnewton & Yarwell

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