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Norfolk Parishes in the 1841 Census held in the AIGS Library
Note that these items are microfilm of the original Census records and are filed in the Film cabinets under their Piece Numbers.
The designation of HO107 stands for Home Office, the number after the slash is the Piece Number.

Acle (HO107/785)
Alderford (HO107/763)
Ashill (HO107/785)
Barford (HO107/767)
Barnham Broom (HO107/767)
Bawburgh (HO107/767)
Bawdeswell (HO107/763)
Beighton (HO107/785)
Billingford (HO107/763)
Bintree (HO107/763)
Bodney (HO107/773)
Bowthorpe (HO107/767)
Bradenham East (HO107/773)
Bradenham West (HO107/773)
Brandiston (HO107/763)
Brandon Parva (HO107/767)
Breckles (HO107/785)
Buckenham Tofts (HO107/774)
Bylaugh (HO107/763)
Caister on Sea (HO107/765)
Caister  next Yarmouth (HO107/765)
Caldecote (HO107/773)
Carbrooke (HO107/785)
Carleton Forehoe (HO107/767)
Caston (HO107/785)
Clenchwarton (HO107/770)
Cockley Cley (HO107/773)
Colton (HO107/767)
Colveston (HO107/774)
Cossey  (HO107/767)
Costessey (HO107/767)
Coston (HO107/767)
Cranwich (HO107/774)
Cranworth (HO107/780)
Crownthorpe (HO107/767)
Croxton (HO107/774)
Dedham (HO107/767)
Dereham East (HO107/780)
Didlington (HO107/773)
Downham (HO107/767)
Easton (HO107/767)
Elsing (HO107/763)
Emneth (HO107/770)
Feltwell (HO107/774)
Filby (HO107/765)
Foulden (HO107/773)
Foulsham (HO107/763)
Foxley (HO107/763)
Garvestone (HO107/780)
Gooderstone (HO107/773)
Great Cressingham (HO107/773)
Great Witchingham (HO107/764)
Griston (HO107/785)
Guestwick (HO107/763)
Guist (HO107/763)
Hackford (HO107/763)
Hackford nr. Wymondham (HO107/767)
Halvergate (HO107/785)
Hardingham (HO107/780)
Haveringland (HO107/763)
Hemblington (HO107/785)
Hilborough (HO107/773)
Hindolveston (HO107/763)
Hingham (HO107/767)
Hockering (HO107/780)
Hockwold cum Wilton (HO107/774)
Holme - Hale (HO107/773)
Honingham (HO107/767)
Houghton on the Hill (HO107/773)
Ickburgh (HO107/774)
Kerdiston (HO107/763)
Kimberley (HO107/767)
Langford (HO107/773)
Letton (HO107/780)
Little Cressingham (HO107/773)
Little Ellingham (HO107/785)
Little Witchingham (HO107/764)
Lynford (HO107/774)
Lyng (HO107/764)
Marburg (HO107/773)
Marford (HO107/773)
Marlingford (HO107/767)
Mattishall  Burgh (HO107/780)
Mattishall (HO107/780)
Mautby (HO107/765)
Merton (HO107/785)
Methwold (HO107/774)
Morton on the Hill (HO107/764)
Moulton (HO107/785)
Mundford (HO107/774)
Necton (HO107/773)
Newton (HO107/773)
North Lynn (HO107/770)
Northwold (HO107/774)
Norton (HO107/773)
Ormsby St. Margaret (HO107/765)
Ormsby St. Michael (HO107/765)
Ovington (HO107/785)
Oxborough (HO107/773)
Pickenham North (HO107/773)
Pickenham South (HO107/773)
Ranworth cum Paxworth (HO107/785)
Reedham (HO107/785)
Reepham (HO107/764)
Reymerston (HO107/780)
Ringland (HO107/764)
Rockland St. Peter (HO107/785)
Runhall (HO107/767)
Runham (HO107/765)
Saham Toney (HO107/785)
Sall (HO107/764)
Santon (HO107/774)
Scoulton (HO107/785)
Scratby (HO107/765)
Shipdham (HO107/780)
South Acre (HO107/773)
Southburgh  (HO107/780)
South Walsham (HO107/785)
Sparham (HO107/764)
Sporle with Palgrave (HO107/773)
St. Botolph Morley (HO107/767)
St. Peter Morley (HO107/767)
Stanford (HO107/774)
Stokesby with Herringsby (HO107/765)
Stow Bedon (HO107/785)
Sturston (HO107/774)
Swaffham (HO107/773)
Swaffham Gaol (HO107/773)
Swaffham House of Correction (HO107/773)
Swaffham Union Workhouse (HO107/773)
Swanington (HO107/764)
Terrington St. Clements (HO107/770)
Terrington St. John (HO107/770)
Themelthorpe (HO107/764)
Thompson (HO107/785)
Threxton (HO107/785)
Thrigby (HO107/765)
Thurning (HO107/764)
Thuxton (HO107/780)
Tilney All Saints (HO107/770)
Tilney cum Islington (HO107/770)
Tilney St. Lawrence (HO107/770)
Tottington (HO107/785)
Tuddenham East (HO107/780)
Tuddenham North (HO107/780)
Tunstall (HO107/785)
Twyford (HO107/764)
Upton with Fishley (HO107/785)
Walpole St. Andrew (HO107/770)
Walpole St. Peter (HO107/770)
Walsham St. Mary (HO107/785)
Walsoken (HO107/770)
Walton West (HO107/770)
Wattlefield (HO107/767)
Watton. (HO107/785)
Weeting with Broomhill (HO107/774)
Welbourne (HO107/767)
West Lynn (HO107/770)
West Tofts (HO107/774)
Westfield (HO107/780)
Weston Longville (HO107/764)
Whinburgh (HO107/780)
Whitwell (HO107/764)
Wickhampton (HO107/785)
Wicklewood (HO107/767)
Wiggenhall St. Germans (HO107/770)
Wiggenhall St. Mary the Virgin (HO107/770)
Wiggenhall St. Peter (HO107/770)
Wood Dalling (HO107/764)
Wood Norton (HO107/764)
Woodbastwick (HO107/785)
Woodrising (HO107/780)
Wramplingham (HO107/767)
Wramplingham Workhouse (HO107/767)
Wymondham (HO107/767)
Yaxham (HO107/780)

1841 CENSUS on CD
The 1841 Census for the whole of the County of Norfolk is available on CD  from the fiche counter.
See CD for detailed list of Parishes. The following will give an idea of the areas covered on each Piece.

CD 1
CD 5
CD 4
CD 2
CD 7
CD 2
Great Yarmouth
CD 9
CD 5
King’s Lynn
CD 8
CD 6
CD 6
CD 8
CD 9
CD 3
CD 9
CD 7
CD 4
CD 3

Norfolk Parishes in the 1851 Census held in the AIGS Library

Note that these items are microfilm of the original Census records and are filed in the Film cabinets under their Piece Numbers.
The designation of HO107 stands for Home Office, the number after the slash is the Piece Number.

Acle (HO107/1819)
Alby (HO/107/1810 Pt 2)
Anmer (HO107/1827)
Arminghall (HO107/1818)
Aylsham (HO/107/1810 Pt 2)
Bacton (HO107/1808)
Bagthorpe (HO107/1827)
Bampton (HO/107/1810 Pt 2)
Banham (HO107/1822)
Banningham (HO/107/1810 Pt 2)
Barningham (HO/107/1810 Pt 2)
Barton Turf (HO107/1808)
Barwick (HO107/1827)
Bedingham (HO107/1822)
Beeston St. Lawrence (HO107/1808)
Beighton (HO107/1819)
Belaugh (HO/107/1810 Pt 2)
Billingford (HO107/1821 Part 2)
Bircham Newton (HO107/1827)
Bircham Tofts (HO107/1827)
Bixley (HO107/1818)
Blickling (HO/107/1810 Pt 2)
Blo Norton (HO107/1822)
Blofield (HO107/1819)
Blofield Union Workhouse (HO107/1819)
Brabiston (HO107/1819)
Bracon Ash & Hethel (HO107/1818)
Bramerton (HO107/1818)
Brancaster (HO107/1827)
Bressingham (HO107/1822)
Brundall (HO107/1819)
Brunstead (HO107/1808)
Buckenham (HO107/1819)
Burgh (HO/107/1810 Pt 2)
Burlingham (HO107/1819)
Burlingham St. Andrew (HO107/1819)
Burlingham St. Peter (HO107/1819)
Burmer (HO107/1827)
Burnham Deepdale (HO107/1827)
Burnham Norton (HO107/1827)
Burnham Overy (HO107/1827)
Burnham Sutton (HO107/1827)
Burnham Thorpe (HO107/1827)
Burnham Westgate (HO107/1827)
Burston (HO107/1821 Part 2)
Buxton (HO/107/1810 Pt 2)
Caistor St. Edmunds (HO107/1818)
Calthorpe (HO/107/1810 Pt 2)
Cantley (HO107/1819)
Catfield (HO107/1808)
Cawston (HO/107/1810 Pt 1)
Cawston (HO/107/1810 Pt 2)
Colby (HO/107/1810 Pt 2)
Colney (HO107/1818)
Coltishall (HO/107/1810 Pt 2)
Corpusty (HO/107/1810 Pt 2)
Creake South & North (HO107/1827)
Cringleford (HO107/1818)
Crostwight (HO107/1808)
Depwade Union Workhouse (HO107/1821 Part 2)
Dersingham (HO107/1827)
Dilham (HO107/1808)
Diss (HO107/1821 Part 2)
Docking (HO107/1827)
Dunston (HO107/1818)
East Carleton (HO107/1818)
East Harling (HO107/1822)
East Ruston (HO107/1808)
Eccles (HO107/1808)
Eccles (HO107/1822)
Edingthorpe (HO107/1808)
Erpingham (HO/107/1810 Pt 2)
Felmingham (HO107/1808)
Fersfield (HO107/1822)
Flordon (HO107/1818)
Foulsham (HO/107/1810 Pt 1)
Framlington Earl (HO107/1818)
Framlington Pigot (HO107/1818)
Freethorpe (HO107/1819)
Frenze (HO107/1821 Part 2)
Fring (HO107/1827)
Garboldisham (HO107/1822)
Gasthorpe (HO107/1822)
Gissing (HO107/1821 Part 2)
Great Bircham (HO107/1827)
Great Hautbois (HO/107/1810 Pt 2)
Great Waxham (HO107/1808)
Great Yarmouth (HO/107/1806 Pt 1 & 2)
Great Yarmouth Market Ward (HO/107/1806 Part 3)
Great Yarmouth Regent Ward (HO/107/1806 Part 3)
Great Yarmouth Workhouse (HO/107/1806 Part 3)
Guestwick (HO/107/1810 Pt 1)
Guiltcross Workhouse (HO107/1822)
Hackford next Reepham (HO/107/1810 Pt 1)
Halvergate (HO107/1819)
Happisburgh (HO107/1808)
Hardwick (HO107/1821 Part 2)
Hassingham (HO107/1819)
Heacham (HO107/1827)
Hemblington (HO107/1819)
Hempstead (HO107/1808)
Henstead Union Workhouse (HO107/1818)
Hethersett (HO107/1818)
Hevingham (HO/107/1810 Pt 2)
Heydon (HO/107/1810 Pt 1)
Hickling (HO107/1808)
Hindolveston (HO/107/1810 Pt 1)
Holme next the Sea (HO107/1827)
Holverston (part) (HO107/1821 Part 2)
Holverstone (HO107/1818)
Honing (HO107/1808)
Honing (HO107/1808)
Horsey (HO107/1808)
Houghton (HO107/1827)
Hoveton St. John (HO107/1808)
Hoveton St. Peter (HO107/1808)
Hunstanton (HO107/1827)
Ingham (HO107/1808)
Ingoldesthorpe (HO107/1827)
Ingworth (HO/107/1810 Pt 2)
Intwood (HO107/1818)
Irstead (HO107/1808)
Itteringham (HO/107/1810 Pt 2)
Kenninghall (HO107/1822)
Keswick (HO107/1818)
Ketteringham (HO107/1818)
Kirby Bedon (HO107/1818)
Lamas with Hautpois Parva (HO/107/1810 Pt 2)
Lessingham (HO107/1808)
Limpenhoe. (HO107/1819)
Lingwood (HO107/1819)
Ludham (HO107/1808)
Mannington (HO/107/1810 Pt 2)
Markshall (HO107/1818)
Marsham (HO/107/1810 Pt 2)
Melton Magna (HO107/1818)
Melton Parva (HO107/1818)
Moulton (HO107/1819)
Mulbarton (HO107/1818)
Neatishead (HO107/1808)
New Buckenham (HO107/1822)
Newton Flotman (HO107/1818)
North Lopham (HO107/1822)
Old Buckenham (HO107/1822)
Oulton (HO/107/1810 Pt 2)
Oxnead (HO/107/1810 Pt 2)
Palling (HO107/1808)
Panxworth (HO107/1819)
Paston (HO107/1808)
Plumstead Great & Little (HO107/1819)
Poringland Great & Little (HO107/1818)
Postwick (HO107/1819)
Potter Heigham (HO107/1808)
Pulham St. Mary Magdalene (HO107/1821 Part 2)
Pulham St. Mary the Virgin (HO107/1821 Part 2)
Quidenham (HO107/1822)
Radfield (HO107/1808)
Ranworth (HO107/1819)
Reedham (HO107/1819)
Reepham with Kerdiston (HO/107/1810 Pt 1)
Riddlesworth (HO107/1822)
Ridlington (HO107/1808)
Ringstead (HO107/1827)
Rockland St. Mary (HO107/1818)
Roydon (HO107/1822)
Rudham East & West (HO107/1827)
Sall (HO/107/1810 Pt 1)
Saxlingham Nethergate & Thorpe (HO107/1818)
Sco Ruston (HO107/1808)
Scole (HO107/1821 Part 2)
Scottow (HO/107/1810 Pt 2)
Sedgeford (HO107/1827)
Shelfanger (HO107/1822)
Shernborne (HO107/1827)
Shimpling (HO107/1821 Part 2)
Shotesham All Saints (HO107/1818)
Shotesham St. Mary (HO107/1818)
Skeyton (HO/107/1810 Pt 2)
Sloley (HO107/1808)
Smallburgh (HO107/1808)
Snettisham (HO107/1827)
South Lopham (HO107/1822)
Southwood (HO107/1819)
St. Andrew Thorpe next Norwich (HO107/1819)
Stalham (HO107/1808)
Stanhoe (HO107/1827)
Stoke Holy Cross (HO107/1818)
Stratton Strawless (HO/107/1810 Pt 2)
Strumpshaw (HO107/1819)
Surlingham (HO107/1818)
Sutton (HO107/1808)
Swafield (HO107/1808)
Swainsthorpe (HO107/1818)
Swanton Abbott (HO/107/1810 Pt 2)
Swardeston (HO107/1818)
Syderstone (HO107/1827)
Themelthorpe (HO/107/1810 Pt 1)
Thornham (HO107/1827)
Thorpe Parva (HO107/1821 Part 2)
Thurning (HO/107/1810 Pt 1)
Thwaite (HO/107/1810 Pt 2)
Titchwell (HO107/1827)
Tivetshall St. Margaret (HO107/1821 Part 2)
Tivetshall St. Mary (HO107/1821 Part 2)
Trowse Newton (HO107/1818)
Tunstall (HO107/1819)
Tunstead (HO107/1808)
Tuttington (HO/107/1810 Pt 2)
Upton (HO107/1819)
Walcott (HO107/1808)
Walsham St. Lawrence (HO107/1819)
Walsham St. Mary (HO107/1819)
West Harling (HO107/1822)
Westwick (HO107/1808)
Whitlingham (HO107/1818)
Whitwell (HO/107/1810 Pt 1)
Wickhampton (HO107/1819)
Wickmere (HO/107/1810 Pt 2)
Wilby (HO107/1822)
Wilton (HO107/1808)
Winfarthing (HO107/1822)
Witton (HO107/1819)
Wolterton (HO/107/1810 Pt 2)
Wood Dalling (HO/107/1810 Pt 1)
Wood Norton (HO/107/1810 Pt 1)
Woodbastwick (HO107/1819)
Worstead (HO107/1808)
Wreningham (HO107/1818)

The designation of HO107 stands for Home Office, the number after the slash is the Piece Number.

1851 Census Index for Norfolk
(Surname Index, Birth Index, Census Place Index, As Enumerated, Misc. Notes & Institutions)

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