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Catalogue of Fiche, Film and CDs

Note that the spelling of place names may have changed over the years so remember to check all variations.
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Lincolnshire Poll Book 1725 [includes index]
Poll Book of Lincolnshire.  Published 1824 for election of  26 Nov - 6 Dec 1823
Shows Parishes & Occupations and accountof election
fiche Lin 264-267
Lincolnshire Parliament Elections -  List of Freeholders & Voting Register  1725.
[Includes index of Freeholders & Parish details. Note pages 160-170 have been repeated]
Grantham Elections  Poll Books of 3 elections 1818,1820.
[Includes addresses and petitions]
Film Lin 1


Apprenticeship Index to Pauper Apprenticeship Indentures in 116 Parishes
fiche Lin 288-289
Bastardy Documents in the Holland Quarter Sessions
fiche Lin 277
Bastardy Lindsey & Sleaford Petty Sessions Caistor Union Bastardy Documents
fiche Lin 622-623
Removal Lincolnshire Removal Orders
fiche Lin 624-625
Removal Index to Parish Removal Orders & Settlement Examinations
fiche Lin 296
Removal Poor Law Parish Removal Orders & Settlement Examinations [Part 12]
fiche Lin 781
Removals Holland Quarter Sessions Index to Removal Orders
fiche Lin 268-269
Settlement Examinations Index to Settlement Certificates
fiche Lin 262-263
Settlement Lincolnshire Settlement Certificates 1688-1834
Index to Settlement Certificates [Part 2]
fiche Lin 278
Settlement Examinations from Holland Quarter Sessions 1703-1846
fiche Lin 274-276
Settlement Examinations from Kesteven Quarter Sessions 1700-1847
fiche Lin 257-261
Lindsey Petty Sessions Settlement Examinations
fiche Lin 63-65
Sleaford Petty Sessions Settlement Examinations [Vol 1-6]
fiche Lin 62
Bourne Union Workhouse Records 1836-1890
fiche Lin 626-630
Lincoln Union Workhouse  1839-1843
Lincoln House of Industry  1834-1837
C1827-1862,   B 1828-1845, 1858-1882
fiche Lin 282-287
Lincolnshire Poor Law Union Boston Union [Vol 1]
Lincolnshire Poor Law Index [Part 13, Vol 1]  Lindsey Quarter Sessions
    fiche Lin 756-760
Lincolnshire Poor Law Index [Part 1,3 Vol 2]  Lindsey Quarter Sessions 1801-1820
fiche Lin 782-785
Poor Law Miscellany [Vol 1]
Includes Boston Workhouse Register of Births 1866-1879,
Boston Borough Quarter Sessions Poor Documents 1719/20-1881 Sleaford Petty Sessions,
Bastardy Order Book 1824-1839 including Bourne Petty Sessions from 1834
fiche Lin 786
Poor Law Miscellany [Vol 2]
Includes  Boston Workhouse Girls School Admission/Discharge register 1850-1872,
Certificate Book for the Detention of Lunatics 1890-1902,
Louth Workhouse Register of Births C 1837-1866 & Deaths 1837-66,
Caistor Workhouse Bastardy Order Register 1899-1902
fiche Lin 787-788
Poor Law Miscellany [Vol 3]
Includes Lincolnshire Union Workhouse Registers,
Boston Union Deaths 1866-1902,
Bourne Union Deaths 1890-1917,
Gainsborough Union Births 1866-1902 & Deaths 1866-1914,
Lincoln Union Burials 1882-1889
fiche Lin 789-790


Lincolnshire [Spalding & Wainfleet] Monthly Meeting
Births  1672-1704,  Marriages 1671-1684,   Burials  1669-1709
Film Hrt 30


Boston St Botolph’s School Admision Register
fiche Lin 883-884
Grantham Spittlegate [Spitalgate] School Admission Register 1882-1899
fiche Lin 885
Grantham Spittlegate [Spitalgate] School Admission Register 1899-1913
fiche Lin 886
Grantham Inner Street School, Spittlegate Admission Register 1896-1909
fiche Lin 887
Grantham Huntingtower Road, Council School Admission Register 1914-1935
fiche Lin 888-890


Lincolnshire Pedigrees [4 volumes with index]

Wills before 1858 were proved in Ecclesiastical Courts.
The principal one for  Lincolnshire were the Consistory Court of Lincoln and the Archdeaconry Court of Stow. 

The Superior Court was the  PCC. Prerogative Court of Canterbury.  See England General

Lincoln Consistory Court Wills 1801-1858
fiche Lin 600-605
Index to the Admons of the Linconshire Consistory Court 1801-1858
fiche Lin 620-621
Wills Beneficiary Index  [Vol 1-4]
fiche Lin 611-619
Wills Beneficiary Index  [Vol 5]
fiche Lin 791-792
Lincolnshire Death Duties  [Vol 1] 1812-1816
Testators Series IR26/535 to IR26/695
fiche Lin 761-764
Lincolnshire Death Duties 1796-1821
Lincolnshire Probate Indexes
Lincoln Consistory Court Wills 1801-1858
Lincoln Consistory Court Administrations 1800-1857
Archdeaconry of Stow Wills 1700-1834
Archdeaconry of Stow Administrations 1700-1834
Lincolnshire Wills 1858-1910

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