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Catalogue of Fiche, Film and CDs

Note that the spelling of place names may have changed over the years so remember to check all variations.
 Updates highlighted in Red

The designation of HO107 stands for Home Office, the number after the slash is the Piece Number .

Gainsborough Registration District
1 fiche
Louth Registration District
1 fiche
Horncastle Registration District
1 fiche
Spilsby Registration District
1 fiche

1841 CENSUS on CD
The 1841 Census for the whole of the County of Lincolnshire is available on CD from the fiche counter.
Disc one contains a simple alphabetical list of parishes.

Entire County Held

CD 2
CD 4
Holland Parishes A – D
CD 1
Holland Parishes F – G
CD 1
Holland Parishes G – K
CD 1
Holland Parishes L – Q
CD 1
Holland Parishes S
CD 1
Holland Parishes S           
CD 2
Holland Parishes T-W
CD 2
Kesteven Parishes A
CD 2
Kesteven Parishes B
CD 2
Kesteven Parishes C           
CD 3
Kesteven Parishes D
CD 3
Kesteven Parishes E-G
CD 3
Kesteven Parishes H
CD 3
Kesteven Parishes I-M
CD 3
Kesteven Parishes N-R
CD 3
Kesteven Parishes S
CD 4
Kesteven Parishes T-U
CD 4
Kesteven Parishes W
CD 4
Lincoln City
CD 11
Lindsey Parishes A
CD 4
Lindsey Parishes B
CD 5
Lindsey Parishes C
CD 5
Lindsey Parishes C           
CD 6
Lindsey Parishes D-E
CD 6
Lindsey Parishes F
CD 6
Lindsey Parishes G
CD 6
Lindsey Parishes H
CD 7
Lindsey Parishes I-K
CD 7
Lindsey Parishes L
CD 7
Lindsey Parishes M
CD 8
Lindsey Parishes N-O
CD 8
Lindsey Parishes R
CD 8
Lindsey Parishes S
CD 8
Lindsey Parishes S
CD 9
Lindsey Parishes T
CD 9
Lindsey Parishes T
CD 10
Lindsey Parishes W
CD 10
Lindsey Parishes S
CD 10
CD 1
CD 4

Lincolnshire  Parishes in the 1851 Census held in the AIGS Library
Note that these items are microfilm of the original Census records and are filed in the Film cabinets under their Piece Numbers.
The designation of HO107 stands for Home Office, the number after the slash is the Piece Number.
Please note. Most of these Pieces are on  microfilm.
For those on microfiche, ask for Piece Number and part at the  Fiche Counter

Aisby (HO107/2120 Part 2, fiche 1) ­
Algarkirk (HO107/2098)
Algarkirk Fen (HO107/2099)
Alvingham (HO107/2112)
Anwick (HO107/2100)
Asgarby (HO107/2108)
Ashby de la Launde (HO107/2100)
Ashby Puerorum (HO107/2108)
Asterby (HO107/2107)
Atterby (HO107/2115)
Aubourn (HO107/2104)
Aunsby (HO107/2100)
Bag Enderby (HO107/2108)
Bardney (HO107/2104)
Barholm (HO107/2094, Part 2)
Barnetby le Wold (HO107/2116)
Bassingthorpe (HO107/2102 Part 1, fiche 3) ­
Baston (HO107/2095)
Baumber (HO107/2107)
Belchford (HO107/2108)
Benington (HO107/2098)
Benniworth (HO107/2107)
Bicker (HO107/2099)
Billinghay (HO107/2100)
Binbrook  (HO107/2112)
Biscathorpe (HO107/2112)
Bishop Norton (HO107/2115)
Bitchfield (HO107/2102 Part 1, fiche 3) ­
Blankney (HO107/2100)
Bloxholme (HO107/2100)
Boothby (HO107/2104)
Boothby Pagnell (HO107/2102 Part 1, fiche 3) ­
Boston (HO107/2098-9)
Bourne (HO107/2095)
Braceborough (HO107/2094)
Braceby (HO107/2102 Part 1, fiche 1) ­
Brampton (HO107/2120 Part 3, fiche 1) ­
Bransby (HO107/2120 Part 2, fiche 2 & 3) ­
Branston (HO107/2104)
Brigg (HO107/2116)
Brothertoft (HO107/2099)
Broughton (HO107/2116)
Brouncewell (Branswell) (HO107/2100)
Bucknall (HO107/2107)
Burgh on Bain (HO107/2112)
Burton Gate (HO107/2120 Part 3, fiche 1) ­
Buslingthorpe (HO107/2115)
Butterwick (HO107/2098)
Burton Coggles (HO107/2102 Part 1, fiche 3) ­
Cadney (HO107/2116)
Calcethorpe (HO107/2112)
Canwick (HO107/2094, Part 2)
Carlby (HO107/2095)
Carrington (HO107/2098)
Cheatham (HO107/2116)
Claxby Pluckacre (HO107/2108)
Coates (HO107/2120 Part 2, fiche 2) ­
Coleby (HO107/2104)
Colsterworth (HO107/2102 Part 1, fiche 3 & 4) ­
Coningsby (HO107/2108)
Conisholme (HO107/2112)
Copping Dyke Plots (e.p.). (HO107/2108)
Covenham (HO107/2112)
Cowbit (HO107/2096. Part 1 & 2)
Crowland (HO107/1747 Part 2)
Croxton (HO107/2116)
Culverthorpe (HO107/2100)
Dalderby (HO107/2108)
Deeping St. James (HO107/2095)
Deeping St. Nicholas. (HO107/2095)
Dembleby (HO107/2100)
Denton (HO107/2102 Part 2, fiche 5) ­
Digby (HO107/2100)
Doddington (HO107/2104)
Dogdyke (HO107/2099)
Donington (HO107/2096. Part 1)
Donnington on Bain (HO107/2112)
Dorrington (HO107/2100)
Dunstall (HO107/2120 Part 2, fiche 1) ­
Dunston (HO107/2104)
Eagle (HO107/2104)
East Barkwith (HO107/2107)
East Carlton (HO107/2112)
East Fen Allotments for Butterwick (HO107/2098)
East Stockwith (HO107/2120 Part 1, fiche 5) ­
East Torrington (HO107/2115)
East Wykeham (HO107/2112)
Easton (HO107/2102 Part 2, fiche 1) ­
Edenham (HO107/2095)
Edlington (HO107/2107)
Elsham (HO107/2116)
Fenton (HO107/2120 Part 3, fiche 2) ­
Fillingham (HO107/2120 Part 2, fiche 2) ­
Fishtoft (HO107/2098)
Fleet (HO107/2097. Part 1)
Fleet (HO107/2097. Part 1)
Fosdyke (HO107/2098)
Fosdyke Fen (HO107/2099)
Frampton (HO107/2098)
Freiston (HO107/2098)
Fulletby (HO107/2108)
Fulstow, (HO107/2112)
Gainsborough (HO107/2120 Part 1, fiche 1 - 5) ­
Gautby (HO107/2107)
Gayton le Wold (HO107/2112)
Gedney (HO107/2097. Part 1)
Gedney Hill (HO107/2097. Part 1)
Glanford (HO107/2116)
Glentham (HO107/2115)
Glentworth (HO107/2120 Part 2, fiche 1 & 2) ­
Gosberton (HO107/2096. Part 1)
Goulceby (HO107/2107)
Grainsby (HO107/2112)
Grainthorpe (HO107/2112)
Great Carlton (HO107/2112)
Great Corringham (HO107/2120 Part 2, fiche 1) ­
Great Humby (HO107/2102 Part 1, fiche 2) ­
Great Ponton (HO107/2102 Part 2, fiche 1 & 2) ­
Great Sturton (HO107/2107)
Greatford (HO107/2094, Part 2)
Greatford Braceborough (HO107/2094 Part 2)
Greatford Wilsthorpe (HO107/2094)
Greetham (HO107/2108)
Grimblethorpe (e.p.). (HO107/2112)
Grimoldby (HO107/2112)
Gunby St. Nicholas (HO107/2102 Part 1, fiche 5) ­
Hacconby (HO107/2095)
Haceby (HO107/2102 Part 1, fiche 1) ­
Hagworthingham (HO107/2108)
Hainton (HO107/2112)
Haltham upon Bain (HO107/2108)
Hameringham (HO107/2108)
Hardwick (HO107/2120 Part 3, fiche 1) ­
Harlaxton (HO107/2102 Part 2, fiche 6) ­
Harmston (HO107/2104)
Harpswell (HO107/2120 Part 2, fiche 1) ­
Harrington (HO107/2107)
Harts Grounds (HO107/2099)
Hatton (HO107/2107)
Heapham (HO107/2120 Part 2, fiche 1) ­
Heighington (HO107/2104)
Hemingby (HO107/2107)
Hibaldstow (HO107/2116)
High & Low Toynton (HO107/2108)
Holbeach (HO107/2097 Part 1 & 2)
Holbeach Bank (HO107/2097 Part 2)
Holdingham (HO107/2100)
Holton le Clay (HO107/2112)
Horncastle (HO107/2107)
Hungerton (HO107/2102 Part 2, fiche 2) ­
Ingoldsby (HO107/2102 Part 1, fiche 2 & 3) ­
Keelby (HO107/2100)
Keisby (HO107/2102 Part 1, fiche 2) ­
Kelstern with Lambcroft (HO107/2112)
Kettlethorpe (HO107/2120 Part 3, fiche 2) ­
Kexby (HO107/2120 Part 2, fiche 3) ­
Kingerby (HO107/2115)
Kirkby Green (HO107/2100)
Kirkby cum Osgodby (HO107/2115)
Kirkby upon Bain (HO107/2108)
Kirkstead (HO107/2108)
Kirmington (HO107/2116)
Kirmond le Mire (HO107/2115)
Kirton (HO107/2098)
Kirton (HO107/2116)
Kirton Fen (HO107/2099)
Kirton in the parts of Lindsey (HO107/2116)
Knaith (HO107/2120 Part 3, fiche 1) ­
Langtoft (HO107/2095)
Langton (HO107/2107)
Laughterton (HO107/2120 Part 3, fiche 2) ­
Laughton (HO107/2107)
Lavington (HO107/2102 Part 1, fiche 2) ­
Lea (HO107/2120 Part 3, fiche 1) ­
Leake (HO107/2098)
Leasingham (HO107/2100)
Legsby (HO107/2115)
Lenton (HO107/2102 Part 1, fiche 2) ­
Leverton (HO107/2098)
Linwood (HO107/2100)
Linwood (HO107/2115)
Lissington (HO107/2115)
Little Carlton (HO107/2112)
Little Corringham (HO107/2120 Part 2, fiche 1) ­
Little Ponton (HO107/2102 Part 2, fiche 2) ­
Long Sutton (HO107/2097. Part 1)
Longthorpe (HO107/2102 Part 1, fiche 5)
Ludborough (HO107/2112)
Ludford Magna  (HO107/2112)
Ludford Parva (HO107/2112)
Lusby (HO107/2108)
Manby (HO107/2112)
Manton (HO107/2116)
Mareham le Fen (HO107/2108)
Mareham le Hill (HO107/2108)
Market Deeping (HO107/2095)
Market Rasen (HO107/2115)
Market Stainton (HO107/2107)
Marshchapel (HO107/2112)
Martin (HO107/2100)
Martin (HO107/2107)
Marton (HO107/2120 Part 3, fiche 1) ­
Melton Ross (HO107/2116)
Metheringham (HO107/2104)
Middle Rasen (HO107/2115)
Miningsby (HO107/2108)
Minting (HO107/2107)
Moorby (HO107/2108)
Morton (HO107/2095)
Morton (HO107/2120 Part 1, fiche 5) ­
Moulton (HO107/2096. Part 2)
Navenby (HO107/2104)
New Sleaford (HO107/2100)
Newton (HO107/2115)
Newton upon Trent (HO107/2120 Part 3, fiche 2) ­
Nocton (HO107/2104)
North Coates (HO107/2112)
North Cockerington (HO107/2112)
North Forty Foot Bank (e. p.) (HO107/2099)
North Hykeham (HO107/2104)
North Kyme (HO107/2100)
North Ormsby (HO107/2112)
North Owersby (HO107/2115)
North Somercotes (HO107/2112)
North Stoke (HO107/2102 Part 2, fiche 1) ­
North Thoresby (HO107/2112)
North Willingham (HO107/2115)
North Witham (HO107/2102 Part 1, fiche 4) ­
Old Sleaford (HO107/2100)
Orford (e.p.). (HO107/2112)
Osgodby (HO107/2102 Part 1, fiche 2) ­
Paddocks (HO107/2120 Part 1, fiche 5) ­
Panton (HO107/2107)
Pickworth (HO107/2102 Part 1, fiche 1) ­
Pinchbeck (HO107/2096. Part 1 & 2)
Pinchbeck (HO107/2096. Part 1 & 2)
Potterhanworth (HO107/2104)
Quadring (HO107/2096. Part 1)
Quarrington (HO107/2100)
Ranby (HO107/2107)
Redbourne (HO107/2116)
Revesby (HO107/2108)
Ropsley (HO107/2102 Part 1, fiche 1 & 2) ­
Roughton (HO107/2108)
Rowston (HO107/2100)
Roxholme (HO107/2100)
Ruskington (HO107/2100)
Salmonby (HO107/2108)
Saltfleetby (HO107/2112)
Sapperton (HO107/2102 Part 1, fiche 1) ­
Scamblesby (HO107/2107)
Scawby (HO107/2116)
Scopwick (HO107/2100)
Scotland (HO107/2102 Part 1, fiche 2) ­
Scrafield (HO107/2108)
Scrivelsby (HO107/2108)
Shillingthorpe (HO107/2094, Part 2)
Sibsey (HO107/2098)
Silk Willoughby (HO107/2100)
Sixhills (HO107/2115)
Skellingthorpe (HO107/2104)
Skidbrook with Saltfleet (HO107/2112)
Skillington (HO107/2102 Part 2, fiche 1) ­
Skirbeck (HO107/2098-9)
Sleaford Union Workhouse (HO107/2100)
Snitterby (HO107/2115)
Somerby (HO107/2102 Part 1, fiche 2) ­
Somerby (HO107/2120 Part 2, fiche 1) ­
Somersby (HO107/2108)
Sotby (HO107/2107)
South Cockerington (HO107/2112)
South Hykeham (HO107/2104)
South Owersby (HO107/2115)
South Somercotes (HO107/2112)
South Stoke (HO107/2102 Part 2, fiche 1) ­
South Willingham (HO107/2112)
South Witham (HO107/2102 Part 1, fiche 5) ­
Spalding (HO107/2096. Part 1 & 2)
Spalding Workhouse (HO107/2096. Part 2)
Springthorpe (HO107/2120 Part 2, fiche 1) ­
Stainby (HO107/2102 Part 1, fiche 5) ­
Stainfield (HO107/2104)
Stainsby (HO107/2108)
Stainton le Vale (HO107/2115)
Stamford All Saints (HO107/2094, Part 1)
Stamford Baron (HO107/2094, Part 1)
Stamford St George (HO107/2094, Part 1)
Stamford St John the Baptist (HO107/2094, Part 1)
Stamford St Mary (HO107/2094, Part 1)
Stamford St Michael (HO107/2094, Part 1)
Stamford Union Workhouse (HO1-7/2094 Part 2)
Stenigot (HO107/2112)
Stixwould (HO107/2107)
Stowe (HO107/2094, Part 2)
Stowe (HO107/2120 Part 2, fiche 2) ­
Stroxton (HO107/2102 Part 2, fiche 2) ­
Sturgate (HO107/2120 Part 2, fiche 1) ­
Sturton (HO107/2120 Part 2, fiche 2 & 3) ­
Surfleet (HO107/2096. Part 1)
Sutterton (HO107/2098-9)
Sutton St Edmunds (HO107/2097. Part 1)
Sutton St Mary (HO107/2097. Part 1)
Sutton St Nicholas (HO107/2097. Part 1)
Swaby (HO107/2100)
Swineshead (HO107/2099)
Tallington (HO107/2094, Part 2)
Tattershall (HO107/2108)
Tattershall Thorpe (HO107/2108)
Tealby (HO107/2115)
Tetford (HO107/2108)
Tetney (pt) (HO107/2112)
Theddlethorpe (HO107/2112)
Thimbleby (HO107/2107)
Thornton (HO107/2107)
Thornton le Fen. (HO107/2098)
Thornton le Moor (HO107/2115)
Thorpe Tilney (HO107/2100)
Thorpe on the Hill (HO107/2104)
Thurlby (HO107/2095)
Timberland (HO107/2100)
Toft by Newton (HO107/2115)
Torksey (HO107/2120 Part 3, fiche 1) ­
Tumby (HO107/2108)
Tupholme (HO107/2107)
Twyford (HO107/2102 Part 1, fiche 4) ­
Tydd St Mary (HO107/2097. Part 1)
Uffington (HO107/2094, Part 2)
Upton (HO107/2120 Part 2, fiche 3) ­
Usselby (HO107/2115)
Waddingham (HO107/2115)
Waddington (HO107/2104)
Waddingworth (HO107/2107)
Waithe (HO107/2112)
Walcot (HO107/2100)
Walesby (HO107/2115)
Walkerith (HO107/2120 Part 1, fiche 5) ­
Washingborough (HO107/2104)
West Ashby (HO107/2107)
West Deeping (HO107/2094, Part 2)
West Fen Allotment for Boston (HO107/2098)
West Fen Allotments (HO107/2108)
West Rasen (HO107/2115)
West Torrington (HO107/2107)
Westby (HO107/2102 Part 1, fiche 3) ­
Weston (HO107/2096. Part 2)
Whaplode (HO107/2097 Part 1 & 2)
Whisby (HO107/2104)
Wildmore Fen Allotments (HO107/2108)
Wilksby (HO107/2108)
Willingham (HO107/2120 Part 2, fiche 3) ­
Wilsthorpe (HO107/2094, Part 2,)
Winceby (HO107/2108)
Wispington (HO107/2107)
Witham on the Hill (HO107/2095)
Woodhall (HO107/2107)
Wood Enderby  (HO107/2108)
Woolsthorpe (HO107/2102 Part 1, fiche 4) ­
Woolsthorpe (HO107/2102 Part 2, fiche 5) ­
Worlaby (HO107/2116)
Wothorpe (HO107/2094, Part 1)
Wragby (HO107/2107)
Wrangle (HO107/2098)
Wrawby (HO107/2116)
Wyberton (HO107/2098)
Wyham cum Cadeby (Wytham cum Cadeby) (HO107/2112)
Wytoft (HO107/2099)
Wyville (HO107/2102 Part 2, fiche 2) ­
Yarburgh (HO107/2112)
Yawthorpe (HO107/2120 Part 2, fiche 1) ­

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