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Catalogue of Fiche, Film and CDs

Note that the spelling of place names may have changed over the years so remember to check all variations.
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Lincolnshire Parishes in the 1841 Census held in the AIGS Library
Note that these items are microfilm of the original Census records and are filed in the Film cabinets under their Piece Numbers.
The designation of HO107 stands for Home Office, the number after the slash is the Piece Number.

Aby (HO107/626)
Addlethorpe (HO107/626)
Alford (HO107/626)
Algarkirk (HO107/606)
Alkborough (HO107/626)
Althorpe (HO107/626)
Alvingham (HO107/626)
Ancaster (HO107/614)
Anderby (HO107/626)
Anwick (HO107/614)
Apley (HO107/626)
Appleby (HO107/626)
Asgarby (HO107/614)
Asgarby (HO107/626)
Ashby (HO107/626)
Ashby cum Fenby (HO107/626)
Ashby de la Launde (HO107/614)
Ashby Puerorum (HO107/626)
Aslackby (HO107/614)
Asserby (HO107/627)
Asterby (HO107/626)
Aswarby (HO107/614)
Aswardby (HO107/626)
Aubourn (HO107/614)
Aunby (HO107/615)
Aunsby (HO107/614)
Authorpe (HO107/626)
Aylesby (HO107/626)
Bag Enderby (HO107/632)
Bardney (HO107/627)
Barholm (HO107/615)
Barkston (HO107/615)
Barlings (HO107/627)
Barnetby le Wold (HO107/627)
Barnoldby le Beck (HO107/627)
Barrow upon Humber (HO107/627)
Barrowby (HO107/615)
Barton St Mary (HO107/627)
Barton St Peter (HO107/627)
Bassingham (HO107/615)
Bassingthorpe (HO107/615)
Baston (HO107/615)
Baumber (HO107/627)
Beckingham (HO107/615)
Beelsby (HO107/627)
Beesby in the Marsh (HO107/627)
Belleau (HO107/627)
Belshford (HO107/627)
Belton (HO107/627)
Bennington (HO107/606)
Benniworth (HO107/627)
Bicker (HO107/606)
Bigby (HO107/627)
Billingborough (HO107/615)
Billinghay (HO107/615)
Bilsby (HO107/627)
Binbrook St Gabriel (HO107/627)
Binbrook St Mary (HO107/627)
Biscathorpe (HO107/627)
Bishop Norton (HO107/641)
Bitchfield (HO107/615)
Blankney (HO107/615)
Bloxholme (HO107/615)
Blyborough Blyton (HO107/628 (Part 1))
Bolingbroke (HO107/628 (Part 1))
Bolingbroke (HO107/628 Part 2)
Bonby (HO107/628 (PART 1))
Boothby Graffoe (HO107/615)
Boothby Pagnell (HO107/615)
Boston (HO107/613)
Bottesford (HO107/628 (Part 1)
Bottesford (HO107/628 Part 2)
Boultham (HO107/615)
Bourne (HO107/615)
Braceborough (HO107/615)
Braceby (HO107/615)
Brackenborough (HO107/629)
Bradley (HO107/629)
Brant Broughton (HO107/615)
Bratoft (HO107/629)
Brattleby (HO107/629)
Brauncewell (HO107/615)
Brauncewell? (HO107/623)
Brigsley (HO107/629)
Brinkhill (HO107/629)
Brocklesby (HO107/629)
Brocklesby with Limber Parva (HO107/629)
Brothertoft (HO107/608)
Brough (HO107/629)
Broughton (HO107/629)
Broxholme (HO107/629)
Bucknall (HO107/629)
Burgh le Marsh (HO107/629)
Burgh on Bain (HO107/629)
Burton (HO107/629)
Burton by Lincoln (HO107/629)
Burton Coggles (HO107/615)
Burton on Stather (HO107/629)
Burton on Stather (HO107/629)
Burton Pedwardine (HO107/615)
Burwell (HO107/629)
Buslingthorpe (HO107/629)
Butterwick (HO107/606)
Cabourne (HO107/630 Part 1)
Cadney (HO107/630 Part 1)
Caenby (HO107/630 Part 1)
Caistor (HO107/630 Part 1)
Calceby (HO107/630 Part 1)
Calcethorpe (HO107/630 Part 1)
Cammeringham (HO107/630 Part 1)
Candlesby (HO107/630 Part 1)
Careby (HO107/616)
Carlby (HO107/616)
Carlton le Moorland (HO107/616)
Carlton Scroop (HO107/616)
Carrington (HO107/630 (Part 2))
Castle Bytham (HO107/615)
Castle Carlton (HO107/630 Part 1)
Cawkwell (HO107/630 (PART 2))
Caythorpe (HO107/616)
Cherry Willingham (HO107/649)
Claypole (HO107/616)
Claythorpe (HO107/627)
Cleathorpe (HO107/630 (Part 2))
Clee (HO107/630 (PART 2))
Coates (HO107/631)
Cold Hanworth (HO107/636)
Coleby (HO107/616)
Colsterworth (HO107/616)
Coningsby (HO107/631)
Conisholme (HO107/631)
Copping Syke (HO107/606)
Corby (HO107/616)
Corringham (HO107/631)
Covenham St Bartholomew (HO107/631)
Covenham St Mary (HO107/631)
Cowbit (HO107/606)
Cranwell (HO107/616)
Creeton (HO107/616)
Croft (HO107/631)
Crowland (HO107/606)
Crowle (HO107/631)
Croxby (HO107/631)
Croxton (HO107/631)
Culverthorpe (HO107/619)
Cumberworth (HO107/631)
Cuxwold (HO107/631)
Dalby (HO107/632)
Dalderby (HO107/632)
Deeping Fen (e.p.) (HO107/606)
Deeping Fen (e.p.) (HO107/617)
Deeping St James (HO107/617)
Dembleby (HO107/617)
Denton (HO107/617)
Dexthorpe (HO107/632)
Dickworth (HO107/621)
Digby (HO107/617)
Doddington (HO107/617)
Donington (HO107/606)
Donnington on Bain (HO107/632)
Dorrington (HO107/617)
Dowsby (HO107/617)
Driby (HO107/632)
Dunholm (HO107/632)
Dunsby (HO107/617)
Dunston (HO107/617)
Eagle (HO107/618)
Eagle Woodhouse (e.p.) (HO107/618)
Eagle Hall (e.p.) (HO107/618)
East Allington (HO107/614)
East Barkwith (HO107/627)
East Butterwick (HO107/628 Part 2)
East Firsby (HO107/633)
East Kirkby (HO107/638)
East Ravendale (HO107/642)
East Torrington (HO107/647)
Eastville (HO107/632)
Edenham (HO107/618)
Edlington (HO107/632)
Elsham (HO107/632)
Epworth (HO107/632)
Evedon (HO107/618)
Ewerby (HO107/618)
Ewerby Thorpe (HO107/618)
Faldingworth (HO107/633)
Farforth cum Maidenwell (HO107/633)
Farlesthorpe (HO107/633)
Fenton (HO107/618)
Fenton (HO107/638)
Fillingham (HO107/633)
Firsby (HO107/633)
Fishtoft (HO107/607)
Fiskerton (HO107/633)
Fleet (HO107/607)
Flixborough (HO107/633)
Folkingham (HO107/618)
Fosdyke (HO107/607)
Foston (HO107/618)
Fotherby (HO107/633)
Frampton (HO107/607)
Freiston (HO107/607)
Friesthorpe (HO107/633)
Friskney (HO107/633)
Frithville (HO107/633)
Frodingham (HO107/633)
Fulbeck (HO107/618)
Fulletby (HO107/633)
Fulnetby (HO107/642)
Fulstow (HO107/633)
Gainsborough (HO107/634)
Gate Burton (HO107/629)
Gautby (HO107/634)
Gayton le Marsh (HO107/634)
Gayton le Wold (HO107/634)
Gedney (HO107/607)
Gedney Hill (HO107/607)
Glentham (HO107/635)
Glentworth (HO107/635)
Goltho (HO107/635)
Gosberton (HO107/607)
Gosberton (HO107/608)
Goulceby (HO107/635)
Goxhill (HO107/635)
Grainsby (HO107/635)
Grainthorpe (HO107/635)
Grantham (HO107/625)
Grasby (HO107/635)
Grayingham (HO107/635)
Great Carlton (HO107/630 (Part 2))
Great Coates (HO107/631)
Great Gonerby (HO107/618)
Great Grimsby (HO107/630 (Part 2))
Great Grimsby (HO107/635)
Great Hale (HO107/619)
Great Limber (HO107/639)
Great Ponton (HO107/621)
Great Steeping (HO107/645)
Great Sturton (HO107/645)
Greatford (HO107/618)
Green Hill (e.p.) (HO107/628 (Part 1))
Greetham (HO107/635)
Greetwell (HO107/635)
Grimblethorpe (HO107/634)
Grimoldby (HO107/635)
Gunby (HO107/618)
Gunby (HO107/635)
Habrough (HO107/636)
Hacconby (HO107/619)
Haceby (HO107/619)
Hackthorne (HO107/636)
Hagnaby (HO107/636)
Hagworthingham (HO107/636)
Hainton (HO107/636)
Hallington (HO107/636)
Haltham on Bain (HO107/636)
Halton East (HO107/636)
Halton Holgate (HO107/636)
Halton West (HO107/636)
Hameringham (HO107/636)
Hannah (HO107/636)
Hareby (HO107/636)
Harlaxton (HO107/619)
Harmston (HO107/619)
Harpswell (HO107/636)
Harrington (HO107/636)
Hatcliffe (HO107/636)
Hatton (HO107/636)
Haugh (HO107/636)
Haugham (HO107/636)
Hawerby cum Beesby (HO107/636)
Haxey (HO107/636)
Haydor (Heydour) (HO107/619)
Heckington (HO107/614)
Heckington (HO107/619)
Helpringham (HO107/619)
High & Low Toynton (HO107/647)
Holbeach (HO107/608)
Holton le Moor (HO107/630 Part 1)
Holywell (HO107/615)
Honington (HO107/619)
Horbling (HO107/619)
Hough on the Hill (HO107/619)
Hougham (HO107/619)
Howell (HO107/619)
Immingham (HO107/638)
Ingham (HO107/638)
Ingoldmells (HO107/638)
Ingoldsby (HO107/620)
Irby (HO107/638)
Irnham (HO107/620)
Keal East (HO107/638)
Keal West (HO107/638)
Keddington (HO107/638)
Keelby (HO107/638)
Kelby (HO107/619)
Kelsey North (HO107/638)
Kelsey South (HO107/638)
Kelstern (HO107/638)
Kettlethorpe (HO107/638)
Killingholme (HO107/638)
Kingerby (HO107/638)
Kirkby cum Osgodby (HO107/638)
Kirkby Green (HO107/620)
Kirkby la Thorpe (HO107/620)
Kirkby on Baine (HO107/638)
Kirkby Underwood (HO107/620)
Kirmond (HO107/638)
Kirkstead (HO107/638)
Kirmington (HO107/638)
Kirton (HO107/608)
Kirton in Holland (HO107/608)
Kirton in Lindsey (HO107/638)
Laceby (HO107/639)
Lamcroft (HO107/638)
Langrick Ville (Langrickville) (HO107/639)
Langtoft (HO107/620)
Langton (HO107/639)
Langton by Spilsby (HO107/639)
Langton by Wragby (HO107/639)
Laughterton (HO107/638)
Laughton (HO107/639)
Lavington (HO107/620)
Legsby (HO107/639)
Leverton (HO107/609)
Linwood (HO107/639)
Lissington (HO107/639)
Little Bytham (HO107/615)
Little Carlton (HO107/630 (Part 2))
Little Cawthorpe (HO107/630 (Part 2))
Little Coates (HO107/631)
Little Corringham (HO107/631)
Little Grimsby (HO107/635)
Little Hale (HO107/619)
Little Ponton (HO107/621)
Little Steeping (HO107/645)
London Thorpe (HO107/620)
Long Bennington (HO107/615)
Loughton (HO107/620)
Louth (HO107/639)
Louth Park (HO107/639)
Ludborough (HO107/639)
Luddington (HO107/639)
Ludford Magna (HO107/639)
Ludford Parva (HO107/639)
Lusby (HO107/639)
Mablethorpe St Mary (HO107/640)
Mablethorpe St Peter (HO107/640)
Maltby le Marsh (HO107/640)
Manby (HO107/640)
Manton (HO107/640)
Mareham le Fen (HO107/640)
Mareham on the Hill (HO107/640)
Markby (HO107/640)
Market Deeping (HO107/617)
Market Rasen (HO107/642)
Market Rasen Drax (HO107/642)
Market Stainton (HO107/645)
Marsh Chapel (HO107/640)
Marston (HO107/620)
Martin (HO107/623)
Martin (HO107/640)
Marton (HO107/640)
Mavis Enderby (HO107/640)
Melton Ross (HO107/640)
Messingham (HO107/640)
Metheringham (HO107/620)
Middle Rasen Tupholme (HO107/642)
Midville (HO107/640)
Miningham (HO107/640)
Miningsby (HO107/640)
Minting (HO107/640)
Moorby (HO107/640)
Morton (HO107/620)
Moulton (HO107/609)
Muckton (HO107/640)
Mumby (HO107/640)
Navenby (HO107/621)
Nettleham (HO107/641)
Nettleton (HO107/641)
New Sleaford (HO107/622)
Newark Workhouse (HO107/616)
Newstead Abbey (e.p.) (HO107/630 Part 1)
Newton (HO107/621)
Newton by Toft (HO107/641)
Newton on Trent (HO107/641)
Nocton (HO107/621)
Normanby (HO107/641)
Normanby on the Wold (HO107/641)
Normanton (HO107/621)
North Carlton (HO107/630 (Part 2))
North Coates (HO107/631)
North Cockerington (HO107/631)
North Elkington (HO107/632)
North Forty Foot Bank (e.p.) (HO107/609)
North Hykeham (HO107/619)
North Kyme (HO107/620)
North Scarle (HO107/622)
North Stoke (HO107/622)
North Thoresby (HO107/646)
North Willingham (HO107/649)
North Witham (HO107/624)
Northolme (HO107/641)
Northorpe (HO107/623)
Northorpe (HO107/641)
Northorpe (HO107/644)
Norton Disney (HO107/621)
Olaxby (HO107/630 (Part 2))
Old Sleaford (HO107/622)
Orby (HO107/641)
Orford (e.p.) (HO107/627)
Ormsby North (HO107/641)
Ormsby South (HO107/641)
Osbournby (HO107/621)
Owersby North (HO107/641)
Owersby South (HO107/641)
Owmby (HO107/641)
Owston (HO107/641)
Oxcombe (HO107/641)
Partney (HO107/641)
Pelham Sands (e.p.) (HO107/609)
Pilham (HO107/641)
Pinchbeck (HO107/609)
Potter Hanworth (HO107/621)
Quadring (HO107/609)
Quarrington (HO107/621)
Raithby (HO107/642)
Raithby cum Maltby (HO107/642)
Ranby (HO107/642)
Rand (HO107/642)
Rauceby North (HO107/621)
Rauceby South (HO107/621)
Redbourne (HO107/642)
Reepham (HO107/642)
Reston North(HO107/642)
Reston South(HO107/642)
Revesby (HO107/642)
Riby (HO107/642)
Rigby (HO107/642)
Rippingale (HO107/621)
Rixholme or Riseholme (HO107/642)
Ropsley (HO107/621)
Rothwell (HO107/642)
Roughton (HO107/642)
Rowlands Marsh (e.p.) (HO107/644)
Rowston (HO107/621)
Roxby with Risby (HO107/642)
Ruckland (HO107/642)
Saleby (HO107/643)
Salmonby (HO107/643)
Saltfleetby All Saints (HO107/643)
Saltfleetby St Clements (HO107/643)
Saltfleetby St Peter (HO107/643)
Sappererton (HO107/622)
Sausthorpe (HO107/643)
Saxby (HO107/643)
Saxilby (HO107/643)
Scamblesby (HO107/643)
Scampton (HO107/643)
Scartho (HO107/643)
Scawby (HO107/643)
Scopwick (HO107/622)
Scotter (HO107/643)
Scotton (HO107/643)
Scredington (HO107/622)
Scremby (HO107/643)
Scrivelsby (HO107/643)
Searby cum Ownby (HO107/644)
Sedgerbrook (HO107/622)
Sempringham (HO107/622)
Sibsey (HO107/644)
Silk Willoughby (HO107/624)
Sixhills (HO107/644)
Skegness (HO107/644)
Skellingthorpe (HO107/622)
Skendleby (HO107/644)
Skidbrooke with Saltfleet (HO107/644)
Skillington (HO107/622)
Skinnand (HO107/622)
Skirbeck (HO107/610)
Snarford (HO107/644)
Snelland (HO107/644)
Snitterby (HO107/644)
Somerby (HO107/622)
Somerby (HO107/644)
Somercotes North (HO107/644)
Somercotes South (HO107/644)
Somersby (HO107/644)
Sotby (HO107/644)
South Carlton (HO107/630 (Part 2))
South Cockerington (HO107/631)
South Elkington (HO107/632)
South Ferriby (HO107/633)
South Hykeham (HO107/619)
South Kyme (HO107/620)
South Thoresby (HO107/646)
South Willingham (HO107/649)
South Witham (HO107/624)
Southorpe (HO107/644)
Spalding (HO107/610)
Spanby (HO107/622)
Spilsby (HO107/644)
Spridlington (HO107/644)
Springthorpe (HO107/644)
Stainfield (HO107/645)
Stainton (HO107/645)
Stainton le Vale (HO107/645)
Stallingborough (HO107/645)
Stamford All Saints (HO107/625)
Stamford St George (HO107/625)
Stamford St John the Baptist (HO107/625)
Stamford St Mary (HO107/625)
Stamford St Michael (HO107/625)
Stapleford (HO107/622)
Stratfield (HO107/643)
Stenigot (HO107/645)
Stewton (HO107/645)
Stickford (HO107/645)
Stickney (HO107/645)
Stixwold (HO107/645)
Stourton (HO107/643)
Stowe (HO107/622)
Stowe (HO107/645)
Stragglethorpe (HO107/622)
Stroxton (HO107/622)
Strubby (HO107/645)
Stubton (HO107/622)
Sudbrooke (HO107/645)
Surfleet (HO107/611)
Sutterby (HO107/645)
Sutterton (HO107/611)
Sutton in the Marsh (HO107/645)
Sutton St Edmonds (HO107/611)
Sutton St James (HO107/611)
Sutton St Mary (HO107/611)
Sutton St Nicholas (HO107/611)
Swaby (HO107/645)
Swallow (HO107/645)
Swarby with Cofton (HO107/622)
Swaton (HO107/622)
Swayfield (HO107/622)
Swinderby (HO107/622)
Swineshead. (HO107/611)
Swinethorpe (HO107/622)
Swinhope (HO107/645)
Swinstead (HO107/622)
Tallington (HO107/623)
Tathwell (HO107/646)
Tattershall (HO107/646)
Tealby (HO107/646)
Temple Bruern (e.p.) (HO107/623)
Tetford (HO107/646)
Tetney (HO107/646)
Theddlethorpe All Saints (HO107/646)
Theddlethorpe St Helens (HO107/646)
Thimbleby (HO107/646)
Thoresway (HO107/646)
Thorganby (HO107/646)
Thornton (HO107/646)
Thornton Curtis (HO107/646)
Thornton le Fen (HO107/646)
Thornton le Moor (HO107/646)
Thorpe (HO107/646)
Thorpe le Fallows (HO107/646)
Thorpe on the Hill (HO107/623)
Threckingham (Threeckingham) (HO107/623)
Thurlby (HO107/623)
Thurlby (HO107/627)
Timberland (HO107/623)
Toft (HO107/647)
Torksey (HO107/647)
Tothill (HO107/647)
Toynton All Saints (HO107/647)
Toynton St Peters (HO107/647)
Trusthorpe (HO107/647)
Tumby (HO107/638)
Tupholme (e.p.) (HO107/647)
Tydd St Mary (HO107/612)
Uffington (HO107/623)
Ulceby (HO107/647)
Upton (HO107/647)
Usselby (HO107/647)
Utterby (HO107/647)
Waddingham (HO107/648)
Waddingworth (HO107/648)
Wainfleet All Saints (HO107/648)
Wainfleet St Mary (HO107/648)
Waith (HO107/648)
Walcot (HO107/624)
Walesby (HO107/648)
Walmgate (HO107/648)
Waltham (HO107/648)
Washingborough (HO107/624)
Waston (HO107/618)
Welbourn (HO107/624)
Welby (HO107/624)
Well (HO107/648)
Wellingore (HO107/624)
Welton (HO107/648)
Welton le Marsh (HO107/648)
Welton le Wold (HO107/648)
West Allington (HO107/614)
West Ashby (HO107/626)
West Barkwith (HO107/627)
West Butterwick (HO107/641)
West Deeping (HO107/617)
West Deeping (HO107/623)
West Firsby (HO107/633)
West Rasen (HO107/642)
West Torrington (HO107/647)
West Ville (Westville) (HO107/648)
Westborough (HO107/624)
Weston (HO107/612)
Whaplode (HO107/612)
Whaplode Drove (HO107/612)
Whitton (HO107/648)
Wickenby (HO107/649)
Wigtoft (HO107/612)
Wilksby (HO107/649)
Willingham (HO107/649)
Willoughby (HO107/649)
Willoughton (HO107/649)
Wilsford (HO107/624)
Wilsthorpe (HO107/618)
Winceby (HO107/649)
Winteringham (HO107/649)
Winterton (HO107/649)
Winthorpe (HO107/649)
Wispington (HO107/649)
Witham on the Hill (HO107/624)
Withcall (HO107/649)
Withern with Stain.(HO107/649)
Wold Newton (HO107/641)
Wood Enderby (HO107/650)
Woodhall (HO107/650)
Woolsthorpe (HO107/616)
Woolsthorpe (HO107/624)
Wootton (HO107/650)
Worlaby (HO107/650
Wragby (HO107/650)
Wrangle (HO107/612)
Wrawby (HO107/650)
Wroot (HO107/650)
Wyberton (HO107/612)
Wyham cum Cadeby (HO107/650)
Wykeham (HO107/650)
Wyville with Hungerton. (HO107/624)
Yaddlethorpe (HO107/628 Part 2)
Yarburgh (HO107/650)


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