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Catalogue of Fiche, Film & CDs
Note that the spelling of place names may have changed over the years so remember to check all variations.
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The designation of HO107 stands for Home Office, the number after the slash is the Piece Number .

HO1907/471- 476  Milton next Sittingbourne Registration District
HO107/476   Upchurch
Kent CD 3
HO107/477   Hernehill
Kent CD 3

CENSUS  INDEXES: 1841 - 1881
The designation of HO107 stands for Home Office, the number after the slash is the Piece Number.

Ashley Northbourne
 2 fiche
Chilham 1851 2 fiche (see Marriage Index)
fiche Ken 694-695
East Langdon
4 fiche
3 fiche
4 fiche
Langdon Strays
1 fiche
1 fiche
5 fiche
3 fiche
River & Poulton
6 fiche
5 fiche
St. Margaret at Cliffe
8 fiche
Sutton Dover
3 fiche
West Langdon
2 fiche
2 fiche
3 fiche

Kent Parishes in the 1851 Census held in the AIGS Library
Note that these items are microfilm of the original Census records and are filed in the Film cabinets under their Piece Numbers.
The designation of HO107 stands for Home Office, the number after the slash is the Piece Number.
Please note. ­ ­** This Piece is on microfiche not microfilm. Ask for Piece Number and part at Fiche Counter

Addington (HO107/1612)
Allington (HO107/1612)
Appledore (HO107/1620)
Ashford (HO107/1621)
Aylesford (HO107/1612)
Barming (HO107/1616, fiche 24 & 25)  ** ­
Bearsted (HO107/1616, fiche 19)  **
Beckenham (HO107/1606)
Belmont House School (HO107/1630)
Benenden (HO107/1619)
Bethersden (HO107/1621)
Bexley (HO107/1607)
Bicknor (HO107/1618)
Biddenham (HO107/1620)
Birling (HO107/1612)
Boughton Malherbe (HO107/1618)
Boxley (HO107/1618)
Brasted (HO107/1613 Part 2)
Bredhurst (HO107/1618)
Brenchley (HO107/1615)
Broadstairs (HO107/1630)
Bromley (HO107/1606)
Broomfield (HO107/1618)
Boughton Monchelsea (HO107/1616, fiche 16-18) ­  **
Burham (HO107/1612)
Capel (HO107/1615)
Charing (HO107/1621)
Chart (HO107/1618)
Chart next Sutton Valence (HO107/1618)
Chatham House School
Chatham Place School (HO107/1630)
Chelsfield (HO107/1606)
Chevening (HO107/1613 Part 1)
Chiddingstone (HO107/1613 Part 2)
Chislehurst (HO107/1606)
Cowden (HO107/1613 Part 2)
Cranbrook (HO107/1619)
Cranbrook Workhouse (HO107/1619)
Crayford (HO107/1607)
Cudham (HO107/1606)
Darenth (HO107/1607)
Dartford (HO107/1607)
Dartford Workhouse (HO107/1607)
Deptford St. Paul (HO107/1584 Part 1 & 2)
Detling (HO107/1618)
Ditton (HO107/1612)
Downe (HO107/1606)
East Church (HO107/1628)
East Farleigh (HO107/1616, fiche 22-24)
East Malling (HO107/1612)
East Sutton (HO107/1618)
East Wickham (HO107/1607)
Ebony (HO107/1620)
Edenbridge (HO107/1613 Part 2)
Egerton (HO107/1621)
Elmley (HO107/1628)
Erith (HO107/1607)
Farnborough (HO107/1606)
Flimwell (HO107/1619)
Footscray (HO107/1606)
Frinsted (HO107/1618)
Frittenden (HO107/1619)
Goudhurst (HO107/1619)
Great Chart (HO107/1621)
Greenwich (HO107/1584 Part 1 & 2)
Greenwich St. Alphege. (HO107/1586)
Grove House Academy (HO107/1630)
Hadlow (HO107/1615)
Halstead (HO107/1613 Part 1)
Harrietsham (HO107/1618)
Harty (HO107/1628)
Hawkhurst (HO107/1619)
Hayes (HO107/1606)
Headcorn (HO107/1618)
Hever (HO107/1613 Part 2)
High Halden (HO107/1620)
High Street School (HO107/1630)
Hollingbourne (HO107/1618)
Horsmonden (HO107/1615)
Hothfield (HO107/1621)
Hucking (HO107/1618)
Hunton (HO107/1616, fiche 8 & 9) ­  **
Ightham (HO107/1612)
Isle of Thanet (HO107/1630)
Kemsing (HO107/1613 Part 1)
Kenardington (HO107/1620)
Keston (HO107/1606)
Kidbrooke (HO107/1591)
Kilndown (HO107/1619)
Kingsnorth (HO107/1621)
Knockholt (HO107/1606)
Lamberhurst (HO107/1639)(Sussex)
Langley (HO107/1618)
Lee (HO107/1591)
Leeds (HO107/1618)
Leigh (HO107/1613 Part 2)
Lenham (HO107/1618)
Lewisham (HO107/1591)
Leybourne (HO107/1612)
Leysdown (HO107/1628)
Linton (HO107/1616, fiche 15 & 16) ­  **
Linton Workhouse (HO107/1616, fiche 16) ­
Little Chart (HO107/1621)
Lock’s Bottom Union Workhouse (HO107/1606)
Loddington (HO107/1616, fiche 15) ­  **
Loose (HO107/1616, fiche 19-22) ­  **
Maidstone (HO107/1616, fiche 15) ­  **
Marden (HO107/1616, fiche 10-12) ­  **
Mereworth (HO107/1612)
Milkhouse Street (HO107/1619)
Minster (HO107/1628)
Minster in Sheppey (HO107/1628)
Mount Albion School (HO107/1630)
Nettlestead (HO107/1616, fiche 6) ­  **
Newenden (HO107/1620)
North Cray (HO107/1606)
Offham (HO107/1612)
Orpington (HO107/1606)
Otford (HO107/1613 Part 1)
Otham (HO107/1616, fiche 18 &19) ­  **
Otterden (HO107/1618)
Peckham East (HO107/1612)
Peckham West (HO107/1612)
Pembury (HO107/1615)
Penshurst (HO107/1613 Part 2)
Platt (HO107/1612)
Pluckley (HO107/1621)
Queenborough (HO107/1628)
Ramsgate (HO107/1630)
Ramsgate Christchurch (HO107/1630)
Ramsgate St. George (HO107/1630)
Ramsgate St. Lawrence (HO107/1630)
Ramsgate St. Peters (HO107/1630)
Riverhead (HO107/1613 Part 1)
Rolvenden (HO107/1620)
Royal Sappers & Miners Barracks (HO107/1589)
Ryarsh (HO107/1612)
Sandhurst (HO107/1619)
Seal (HO107/1613 Part 1)
Sevenoaks (HO107/1613 Part 1)
Sevenoaks (HO107/1613 Part 2)
Sevenoaks Union Workhouse (HO107/1613 Part 1)
Shadoxhurst (HO107/1621)
Sheerness Barracks (HO107/1628)
Sheppey Union (HO107/1628)
Shipbourne (HO107/1612)
Shoreham (HO107/1613 Part 1)
Smarden (HO107/1621)
Snodland (HO107/1612)
St. Mary Cray (HO107/1606)
St. Paul’s Cray (HO107/1606)
Stansted (HO107/1612)
Staplehurst (HO107/1616, fiche 12-14) ­  **
Stockbury (HO107/1618)
Stone (HO107/1607)
Stone (HO107/1620)
Sutton at Hone (HO107/1607)
Sutton Valence (HO107/1618)
Swanscombe (HO107/1607)
Sydenham (HO107/1591)
Tenterden (HO107/1620)
Teston (HO107/1616, fiche 6) ­  **
Thurnham (HO107/1618)
Tonbridge (HO107/1615)
Townley House School (HO107/1630)
Trottiscliffe  (HO107/1612)
Tudley (HO107/1615)
Tunbridge (HO107/1613 Part 2)
Ulcombe (HO107/1618)
Warden (HO107/1628)
Wateringbury (HO107/1612)

The designation of HO107 stands for Home Office, the number after the slash is the Piece Number.

HO107/1584-5    Deptford           
4 fiche
HO107/1586-7    Greenwich
4 fiche
HO107/1588-9    Woolwich
4 fiche
HO107/1590-1    Lewisham
4 fiche
HO107/1606       Bromley
2 fiche
HO107/1607       Dartford
2 fiche
HO107/1613       Sevenoaks
2 fiche
HO107/1617       Dartford
3 fiche
HO107/1617      Maidstone
Kent CD 3
HO107/1619      Benenden
Kent CD 3
HO107/1619      Benenden
1 fiche
HO107/1619     Cranbrook
3 fiche
HO107/1619     Cranbrook
Kent CD 3
HO107/1619     Frittenden
1 fiche
HO107/1619     Frittenden
Kent CD 3
HO107/1619     Goudhurst
2 fiche
HO107/1619     Goudhurst
Kent CD 3
HO107/1619     Hawkhurst
2 fiche
HO107/1619     Hawkhurst
Kent CD 3
HO107/1619     Sandhurst
1 fiche
HO107/1619     Sandhurst
Kent CD 3
HO107/1622     Ashford
1 fiche
HO107/1623     Canterbury
Kent CD 3
HO107/1624     Canterbury
Kent CD 3
HO107/1625     Blean
13 fiche
HO107/1627     Upchurch
Kent CD 3
HO107/1627     Halsted Lower
Kent CD 3
HO107/1631     Eastry Registration District
Kent CD 3
HO107/1632     Dover 1851  Part 1-4
6 fiche
HO107/1633     Elham
3 fiche
HO107/1634     Romney Marsh
2 fiche
HO107/1634     Hythe
1 fiche

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