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Ireland General
Catalogue of Fiche, Film & CDs
Note that the spelling of place names may have changed over the years so remember to check all variations.
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Armagh County townlands Elector lists 1841 & 1851.
Film Irl Gen 27
Electoral registers of Armagh 1851-1872.
Film Irl Gen 26
Belfast Electors 1837, listed by street.
Poll Book 1788.
Film Irl Gen 34
Irish Miscellanea Election Expenses 1753
Poll Book 1753
INDEX to Roll of Electors
The Presbyterian Church of Donaghmore Co Tyrone.
Film Irl Gen 29
County Armagh Poll Tax, 1660.
County Fermanagh, Poll of the Electors, 1788.
INDEX to Muster Rolls, 1630.
Film Irl Gen 29


Griffith's Valuation 1849-1861  Index   [fiche Vols 1-2]
Griffith's Valuation 1849-1861   Books  [fiche Vols 1-6]
INDEX to Griffith’s valuation of Ireland.


Armagh Hearth Money Roll 1664.
Film Irl Gen 29
County Donegal, Hearth Money Roll 1665.
Film Irl Gen 29
Tullaniskin Co Tyrone Hearth Money Rolls 1664 & 1666.
Hearth Money 1666 & 1664
Film Irl Gen 26


The Hamilton Manuscripts - The Dawn of the Ulster Scots
The Montgomery Manuscripts - The Dawn of the Ulster Scots
Manuscript Sources for the History of Irish Civilization
Vol  1  Persons   A-D
Vol  2  Persons   E-K
Film Irl Gen 2
Manuscript Sources for the History of Irish Civilization
Vol  3  Persons   L-O
Vol  4  Persons   P-Z
Film Irl Gen 3
Manuscript Sources for the History of Irish Civilization
Vol  5  Subjects  A-I
Vol  6  Subjects  J-Z
Vol  7  Places  A-K
    Film Irl Gen 4
Manuscript Sources for the History of Irish Civilization
Vol  8  Places  L-Z
Vol  9  Dates to 1699 
Film Irl Gen 5
Manuscript Sources for the History of Irish Civilization
Vol  10  Dates 1700-1961
Vol  11  Lists of Manuscripts, County Maps of Ireland
showing Civil & Catholic Parishes & Baronies
Film Irl Gen 6


Each volume has an INDEX, usually at the end of each set of fiche.
A Master INDEX is listed at the end of the volumes. 
This indicates which volume contains any given name,
the volume INDEX should then be consulted.
18. Denizations & Naturalizations in England and Ireland, 1603-1700.
fiche England Gen 347-351
The Huguenots:
Their Settlement, Churches, and
Industries in England and Ireland.
Chronicles the re-settlement of the Huguenots in England and Ireland.
Contents include:
Invention of Printing - Rise of the Huguenots
Episode in the Life of Bernard Palissy
Persecutions of the Reformed in France and Flanders
Relations of England with France and Spain
Settlements and Industries of the Protestant Refugees in Britian
Early Walloon and French Churches in England
Renewal of the Persecution in France - Revocation of the Edit of Nantes
Renewed Flight of the Huguenots from France
The Huguenots and the English Revolution of 1688
Dumont De Bostaquet - His Escape from France into Holland
De Bostaquet in England - The Irish Campaigns of 1689-90
Huguenots Officers in the British Service
Huguenots Settlers in England - Men of Science and Learning
Huguenots Settlements in England - Men of Industry
The Huguenot Churches in England
Huguenot Settlements in Ireland
Descendants of the Refugees
Conclusion - The French Revolution
Appendix - Early Settlement of Foriegn Artisans in England
Appendix - Registers of French Protestant Churches in England
Appendix - Huguenot Refugees and Thier Descendants
The Hugenot in America Index


Family Search - latest edition
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IGI 1988 & 1992.
Family History Locality Catalogue, 1992.
Also latest version on CD
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Parish and Vital Records 1993.
Vital Records British Isles [2nd Edition]

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