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Catalogue of Fiche, Film & CDs
Note that the spelling of place names may have changed over the years so remember to check all variations.
 Updates highlighted in Red

Hampshire Parishes in the 1851 Census held in the AIGS Library
Note that these items are microfilm of the original Census records and are filed in the Film cabinets under their Piece Numbers.
The designation of HO107 stands for Home Office, the number after the slash is the Piece Number.
Please note: Those Parishes marked Green are on  MICROFICHE  not microfilm
Please ask for fiche by the HO107/   number followed by the part and fiche number.

Alverstoke (HO107/1660) 
Alverstoke (HO107/1660) 
Alverstoke House of Industry (HO107/1660) 
Andwell (HO107/1681) 
Anglesey (HO107/1660) 
Ashe (HO107/1682, fiche 2)  
Basingstoke (HO107/1681) 
Basingstoke (HO107/1681) 
Basingstoke Union Workhouse (HO107/1681) 
Beaulieu (HO107/1668) 
Beauworth (HO107/1678) 
Bingham (HO107/1660) 
Binley (HO107/1682, fiche 4) 
Bishops Sutton (HO107/1678) 
Blockhouse Fort (HO107/1660) 
Bourne (HO107/1682, fiche 4) 
Bradley (HO107/1681) 
Bramdean (HO107/1678) 
Bramley (HO107/1681) 
Bramshaw (HO107/1668) 
Brighton (HO107/1678) 
Briton Hospital Ship (HO107/1660) 
Brockhurst (HO107/1660) 
Brockhurst (HO107/1660) 
Brown Candover (HO107/1678) 
Charlcott (HO107/1682, fiche 3) 
Cheriton (HO107/1678) 
Chilton Candover (HO107/1678) 
Church Oakley (HO107/1681) 
Clay Hill (HO107/1660) 
Cliddesden (HO107/1681) 
Cold Henley (HO107/1682, fiche 3) 
Deane (HO107/1681) 
Dibden (HO107/1668) 
Dummer (HO107/1681) 
Eastrop (HO107/1681) 
Egbury (HO107/1682, fiche 4) 
Eling Union Workhouse (HO107/1668) 
Ellisfield (HO107/1681) 
Elson (HO107/1660) 
Elson (HO107/1660) 
Exbury (HO107/1668) 
Eyeworth Lodge (HO107/1668) 
Farleigh Wallop (HO107/1681) 
Fawley (HO107/1668) 
Fort Monckton Barracks (HO107/1660) 
Forton (HO107/1660) 
Freefolk Manor (HO107/1682, fiche 2) 
Freefolk Priors (HO107/1682, fiche 3) 
Godesfield, (ep) (HO107/1678) 
Gosport (HO107/1660) 
Gosport Defence Invalid Convict Depot (HO107/1660)
Hartley Westpall (HO107/1681) 
Haslar Barracks (HO107/1660) 
Herriard (HO107/1681) 
Hilltop (HO107/1668) 
Hinton Ampner (HO107/1678) 
Hoddington (HO107/1681) 
Hurstbourne Priors (HO107/1682, fiche 3 & 4) 
Itchen Stoke (HO107/1678) 
Kempshot (HO107/1681) 
Kilmerton (HO107/1678) 
Laverstoke (HO107/1682, fiche 2)
Lower & Upper Hardway (HO107/1660)
Lyndhurst (HO107/1668) 
Mapledurwell (HO107/1681) 
Minestead (HO107/1668) 
Monk Sherborne (HO107/1681) 
Nateley Scures (HO107/1681) 
New Alresford Workhouse (HO107/1678) 
New Town (HO107/1660) 
Newnham (HO107/1681) 
North Waltham (HO107/1681) 
Northington (HO107/1678) 
Northington (HO107/1678) 
Nutley (HO107/1681) 
Old Alresford (HO107/1678) 
Overton (HO107/1682, fiche 1) 
Ovington (HO107/1678) 
Pamber (HO107/1681) 
Polhampton (HO107/1682, fiche 1) 
Popham (HO107/1681) 
Portsmouth Harbour (HO107/1660) 
Portsmouth Military Prison (HO107/1660) 
Portsmouth Royal Marines (HO107/1660) 
Preston Condover (HO107/1681) 
Priddy's Hard (HO107/1660) 
Quidhampton (HO107/1682, fiche 1) 
Ropley (HO107/1678) 
Royal Naval Hospital Haslar (HO107/1660) 
Sherbourne St John (HO107/1681) 
Sherfield upon Loddon (HO107/1681) 
Silchester (HO107/1681) 
Southampton All Saints (HO107/1669) 
Southampton Holyrood (HO107/1669) 
Southampton House of Correction (HO107/1669) 
Southampton St Lawrence (HO107/1669) 
Southampton St John (HO107/1669) 
Southampton St Mary (HO107/1669) 
Southampton St Michael (HO107/1669) 
Southampton Union Workhouse (HO107/1669) 
Southington (HO107/1682) 
Southington (HO107/1682, fiche 1) 
St Mary Bourne (HO107/1682, fiche 4) 
Steventon (HO107/1681) 
Stoke (HO107/1682, fiche 4) 
Stratfield Turgiss (HO107/1681) 
Stratfieldsaye (HO107/1681) 
Swampton (HO107/1682, fiche 4) 
Swarraton (HO107/1678) 
Tichborne (HO107/1678) 
Tufton (HO107/1682, fiche 3) 
Tunworth (HO107/1681) 
Up Nateley (HO107/1681) 
Upper & Lower Bedenham (HO107/1660) 
Upton Grey (HO107/1681) 
Week (HO107/1682, fiche 4) 
West Tisted (HO107/1678) 
Weston Corbett (HO107/1681) 
Weston Patrick (HO107/1681) 
Whitchurch (HO107/1682, fiche 2 & 3) 
Winslade (HO107/1681) 
Woodmancott (HO107/1681) 
Wooton St Lawrence (HO107/1681) 
Worting (HO107/1681) 
York Convict Hulk (HO107/1660)


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