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Catalogue of Fiche, Film & CDs
Note that the spelling of place names may have changed over the years so remember to check all variations.
 Updates highlighted in Red

Abbreviations used:  B. Burials,  C. Christenings/Baptisms,  D. Deaths,  M. Marriages

Longstock PR Transcript. C. 1718-1860,    M. 1718-1836,    B. 1718-1921
Film Ham 13
Lymington PR Transcript.    CB 1755-1812
Film Ham 13
Lyndhurst PR Transcript.   C. 1737-1789,    M. 1737-1754,    B. 1737-1798
Film Ham 13
Mapledurwell PR Transcript. CMB. 1618-1676, 1682-1808,    CB. 1754-1813,
C. 1813-1836,    M. 1754-1836,    B. 1813-1905
Film Ham 13

Marchwood PR Transcript. C. 1906-1959,    M. 1846-1959,    B. 1870-1959,   MIs
Film Ham 13
Medstead PR Transcript. CMB. 1560-1812,    Briefs 1707
Film Ham 13
Meonstoke PR Transcript. C. 1599-1812,    M. 1599-1900,    B. 1599-1928
Film Ham 13
Micheldever PR Transcript. C. 1538-1650, 1656, 1662-83,
M. 1538-1648, 1662-1669,    B. 1538-1649, 1662-1683
Film Ham 13
MonksSherbourne PR Transcript. CMB. 1618-1708,  CB. 1713-1812,    M. 1754-1812
Film Ham 13
Winchester, Cathedral.  C. 1599-1811,    M. 1603-1754,    B. 1599-1812
See Phillimore Marriage Transcription fiche, Vol 4.
fiche Ham 305
Winchester College.  C. 1726-1861,    M. 1699-1745,    B. 1678-1903
See Phillimore Marriage Transcription fiche Vol. 11 for CB, Vol 1 for Marriages.
fiche Ham 312 & 302
Winchester, St. Swithun upon Kingsgate.  C. 1562-1773,    M. 1564-1694, 1696-1812, B. 1563-1773.   
See Phillimore Marriage Transcription fiche, Vol 4.
fiche Ham 305


Transcriptions of the marriages of 100 Parishes in Hampshire
(from the earliest surviving entry to 1812)
See list in Library for exact dates and list of Parishes. Note some are in the Isle of Wight.
fiche Ham 302-317


Poll Book for Hampshire 1734
fiche Ham 522-524


1. Calendar of Apprentice Registers.1609-1740
2. Poor Child Register 1609-1740
3. Calendar of Settlements 1609-1740
[English Parish Records CD -Cambridge, Essex, Hertford etc.]



Alton Monthly Meeting 
Covers many places in Hampshire such as Romsey, Winchester & Basingstoke as
well as Farnham in Surrey.

Births  1638-1837,   Marriages 1664-1747 [haphazard],   Burials  1661-1739
Film Ham 4

Hampshire, Dorset & the Channel Islands Quarterly Meeting
Births  1803-1837 including Index,   Burials  1804-1833  including Index.
Film Ham 5
Hampshire, Dorset & the Channel Islands Quarterly Meeting.
Burials  1835-1837  including Index,   Marriages 1805-1836  including Index,
Burials  1776-1794  including Index,   Births  1776-1794  including Index
Film Ham 6
Ringwood, Southampton & Poole Society of Friends   M. 1805-1836
Film Ham 22
Romsey & Southampton Society of Friends,   Births & M. 1664-1734
Film Ham 22
Southampton & Poole Society of Friends,   M. 1668-1775
Film Ham 22


The Visitations of Hampshire 1530, 1575, 1622-1634
Visitation of Hampshire and the IOW  1686
County Genealogies: Pedigrees of the families in the County of Hampshire

Wills before 1858 were proved in Ecclesiastical Courts.
The principal one for Hampshire was the Archdeaconry of Winchester.

The Superior Court was the PCC. Prerogative Court of Canterbury See England General.

Hampshire Will Index 1571-1858
In 3 sets, by surname, by occupation, and by place.
fiche Ham 771-826


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