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Catalogue of Fiche, Film & CDs
Note that the spelling of place names may have changed over the years so remember to check all variations.
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Gloucestershire Parishes in the 1851 Census held in the AIGS Library

Note that these items are microfilm of the original Census records and are filed in the Film cabinets under their Piece Numbers.
The designation of HO107 stands for Home Office, the number after the slash is the Piece Number.

Abinghall (HO107/1959)
Abson (HO107/1956 pt 1)
Acton Turville (HO107/1956 pt 2)
Alderley (HO107/1956 pt 2)
Alderton (HO 107/1971)
Aldsworth (HO107/1969)
Ampney Crucis (HO107/1968 pt 3)
Ampney St Mary (HO107/1968 pt 3)
Ampney St Peter (HO107/1968 pt 3)
Arlingham (HO107/1963)
Ashley Down (HO107/1953)
Aston Blank(HO107/1969)
Asylum for the Poor of Bristol (HO107/1955 pt 2)
Avening (HO107/1966 pt1)
Avening (HO107/1966 pt2)
Awre (HO107/1959)
Bagendon (HO107/1968 pt 1)
Barnsley (HO107/1968 pt 3)
Baunton (HO107/1968 pt 1)
Beckford (HO 107/1971)
Bibury (HO107/1969)
Bishops Cleeve (HO 107/1971)
Bisley (HO107/1964)
Bitton (HO107/1944 pt 1)
Bitton (HO107/1944 pt 2)
Blakeney (HO107/1959)
Bledisloe (HO107/1959)
Brimpsfield (HO107/1968 pt 1)
Bristol Royal Infirmary (HO107/1950)
Bristol St Andrew (HO107/1953)
Bristol St Barnabas (HO107/1953)
Bristol St George (HO107/1953)
Bristol St James & St Paul (HO107/1953)
Bristol St Paul (HO107/1953)
Bristol, St Augustine the Less (HO107/1951)
Bristol, St James (HO107/1950)
Bristol, St Mary Redcliffe (HO107/1947)
Bristol, St Michael (HO107/1951)
Bristol, St Philip & St Jacob (HO1954 pt 1, 2 & 3)
Bristol, St Thomas (HO107/1947)
Bristol, Temple (HO107/1947)
Bromsberrow (HO107/1960)
Brookthorpe (HO107/1963)
Buckland (HO 107/1971)
Cam (HO107/1958)
Charlton Abbots (HO 107/1971)
Chedworth (HO107/1969)
Cheltenham (HO107/1973)
Chipping Sodbury (HO107/1956 pt 1)
Cirencester (HO107/1968 pt 2)
Clifton Union New Orphan House (HO107/1953)
Clifton Union Workhouse(HO107/1955 pt 2)
Clifton, St John (HO107/1952)
Coaley (HO107/1958)
Coates (HO107/1968 pt 1)
Cold Ashton (HO107/1956 pt 1)
Colesbourne (HO107/1968 pt 1)
Coln Rogers (HO107/1969)
Coln St Aldwyn (HO107/1969)
Coln St Dennis (HO107/1969)
Compton Abdale (HO107/1969)
Compton Greenfield (HO107/1955 pt 1)
Corse (HO107/1960)
Cranham (HO107/1964)
Daglingworth (HO107/1968 pt 1)
Didbrook (HO 107/1971)
Dodington (HO107/1956 pt 1)
Dowdeswell (HO107/1969)
Down Ampney (HO107/1968 pt 3)
Doynton (HO107/1956 pt 1)
Driffield (HO107/1968 pt 2) 
Driffield (HO107/1968 pt 3)
Dumbleton (HO 107/1971)
Duntisbourne Rous (HO107/1968 pt 1)
Duntisbourne Abbots (HO107/1968 pt 1)
Dursley (HO107/1958)
Dymock (HO107/1960)
Dyrham (HO107/1956 pt 1)
East Dean (ep) (HO107/1959)
Eastington (HO107/1963)
Eastington (HO107/1969)
Eastington Union Workhouse (HO107/1963)
Eastleach Martin (HO107/1969)
Eastleach Turville (HO107/1969)
Edgeworth (HO107/1968 pt 1)
Elkstone (HO107/1968 pt 1)
Etloe (HO107/1959)
Fairford (HO107/1968 pt 3)
Farmington (HO107/1969)
Filton (HO107/1955 pt 1)
Filton(HO107/1955 pt 2)
Flaxley (HO107/1959)
Frampton Cotterell (HO107/1956 pt 2)
Frampton upon Severn (HO107/1963)
Fretherne (HO107/1963)
Frocester (HO107/1963)
Great Badminton (HO107/1956 pt 2)
Great Washbourne (HO 107/1971)
Guiting Power (HO 107/1971)
Hagloe (HO107/1959)
Hailes (HO 107/1971)
Hampnett (ep) (HO107/1969)
Hanham (HO107/1944 pt 1)
Hardwicke (HO107/1963)
Harescombe (HO107/1963)
Haresfield (HO107/1963)
Harnhill (HO107/1968 pt 2) 
Hartpury (HO107/1960)
Hatherop (HO107/1968 pt 3)
Hawkesbury (HO107/1956 pt 2)
Hawling (HO 107/1971)
Hazleton (HO107/1969)
Henbury (HO107/1955 pt 1)
Hinton (HO107/1956 pt 1)
Horfield Barracks (HO107/1953)
Horfield St Andrew (HO107/1953)
Horsley (HO107/1966 pt2)
Horton (HO107/1956 pt 2)
Iron Acton (HO107/1956 pt 2)
Kemble (Wilts) (HO107/1968 pt 2) 
Kempsford (HO107/1968 pt 3)
Kings Stanley (HO107/1965)
Kingswood (HO107/1958)
Leonard Stanley (HO107/1964)
Little Barrington (HO107/1969)
Little Dean (ep) (HO107/1959)
Little Sodbury (HO107/1956 pt 2)
Little Washbourne (Overbury) (HO 107/1971)
Longney (HO107/1963)
Lower Turkdean (HO107/1969)
Maisey Hampton (HO107/1968 pt 3)
Mangotsfield (HO107/1944 pt 1)
Mangotsfield (HO107/1944 pt 2)
Marshfield (HO107/1956 pt 1)
Marshfield (HO107/1956 pt 2)
Marston Maisey (Wilts) (HO107/1968 pt 3)
Miserden (HO107/1964)
Minchinhampton (HO1966 pt1)
Moreton Valence (HO107/1963)
Nailsworth (HO107/1966 pt2)
Newent (HO107/1960)
Newent Union Workhouse (HO107/1960)
Newnham (HO107/1959)
North Cerney (HO107/1968 pt 1)
North Nibley (HO107/1958)
Northleach (HO107/1969)
Nympsfield (HO107/1958)
Old Sodbury (HO107/1956 pt 1)
Oldland (HO107/1944 pt 2)
Owlpen (HO107/1958)
Oxenhall (HO107/1960)
Painswick (HO107/1964)
Pauntley (HO107/1960)
Pitchcombe (HO107/196)4
Poulton (HO107/1968 pt 3)
Prescott (ep) (HO 107/1971)
Preston (HO107/1960)
Preston (HO107/1968 pt 2) 
Pucklechurch (HO107/1956 pt 1)
Quenington (HO107/1968 pt 3)
Randwick (HO107/1964)
Redmarley (HO107/1960)
Rendcombe (HO107/1968 pt 1)
Rhuddle (HO107/1959)
Rodborough (HO107/1965)
Rodmartin (HO107/1968 pt 2) 
Rodmarton (HO107/1968 pt 1)
Rudford (HO107/1960)
Salperton (HO107/1969)
Sapperton (HO107/1968 pt 1)
Saul (HO107/1963)
Sevenhampton (HO107/1969)
Sherborne (HO107/1969)
Shipton Oliffe (HO107/1969)
Shipton Sollars (HO107/1969)
Siddington (HO107/1968 pt 2) 
Siston (HO107/1944 pt 1)
Slimbridge (HO107/1958)
Snowshill (HO 107/1971)
Somerford Keynes (Wilts) (HO107/1968 pt 2) 
South Cerney (HO107/1968 pt 2)
Southrop (HO107/1969)
Standish (HO107/1963)
Stanley Pontlarge (HO 107/1971)
Stanton (HO 107/1971)
Stanway (HO 107/1971)
Stapleton(HO107/1955 pt 2)
Stinchcombe (HO107/1958)
Stoke Gifford(HO107/1955 pt 2)
Stonehouse (HO107/1964)
Stowell (HO107/1969)
Stratton (HO107/1968 pt 1)
Stroud (HO107/1965)
Stroud Workhouse (HO107/1965)
Sudeley Manor (HO 107/1971)
Syde (HO107/1968 pt 1)
Taynton (HO107/1960)
Temple Guiting (HO 107/1971)
Tibberton (HO107/1960)
Toddington (HO 107/1971)
Tormarton (HO107/1956 pt 2)
Uley (HO107/1958)
Upleadon (HO107/1960)
Upper Turkdean (HO107/1969)
Wapley cum Codrington (HO107/1956 pt 1)
West Littleton (HO107/1956 pt 2)
Westbury on Trym (HO107/1955 pt 1)
Westerleigh (HO107/1956 pt 1)
Wheatenhurst (HO107/1963)
Whittington (HO107/1969)
Wick (HO107/1956 pt 1)
Wickwar (HO107/1956 pt 2)
Winchcombe (HO 107/1971)
Windrush (HO107/1969)
Winson (HO107/1969)
Winstone (HO107/1968 pt 1)
Winterbourne(HO107/1955 pt 2)
Withington (HO107/1969)
Woodchester (HO107/1965)
Wormington (HO 107/1971)
Wotton under Edge (HO107/1958)
Yanworth (HO107/1969)
Yate (HO107/1956 pt 2)


1851 Census Index on CD
The Census Reports of Bristol 1851 which includes Bedminster
Gloucester, Bristol & Somerset 1851 Census
also includes some Wiltshire & Worcestershire
HO107/1944 Kelston, Northstoke, Siston, Bitton & Hanham Mangotsfield & Oldham
HO107/1955 Bristol, Bedminster, Castle Precincts, SS Philip & Jacob, St Augustine,
St James, St Mary Redcliffe & St Paul
HO107/1955 Ashley, Bitton, Clifton, Oldland, St George, Stapleton & Westbury on Trym
HO107/1955 Clifton, Westbury on Trym area
HO107/1956 Chipping Sodbury area
HO107/1957 Thornbury area
HO107/1958 Dursley area
HO107/1959 Wesbury on Severn area
HO107/1960  Newent area
HO107/1961 - 2 South West Avon
HO107/1963 folio 1-303 Wheatenhurst area
HO107/1964 folio 1-496  Stroud, Painswick area
HO107/1965 folio 1-485  Stroud area
HO107/1966 Stroud,  Nailsworth area
HO107/1967 folio 1-223  Tetbury area
HO107/1968 Cirencester area
HO107/1969 Northleach area
HO107/1970 Stow on the Wold area
HO107/1971 Winchcombe area
HO107/1972 Cheltenham, Leckhampton area
HO107/1973 Cheltenham
HO107/1974 Tewkesbury area
HO107/2044 Weston Sub Edge area
HO107/2074 Clifford Chambers, Preston on Stour, Dorsington, Marston Sicca, Welsford,
Weston upon Avon
HO107/2076 Moreton in the Marsh area
HO107/2443 Chepstow area
HO107/2444 Newland, West Dean, Staunton & English Bicknor

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