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1905 Iowa State Census
** New US – has indexed an additional 725,000 records from the Iowa state census of 1905. Access is free.
25 September 2014
Honolulu Ships' Passenger Lists
** New US – has indexed some 1.2 million records of ship passenger lists for Honolulu Hawaii. The collection spans the years from 1900 to 1953. Access is free.
25 September 2014
SE Idaho Obituaries
** New US – has indexed some 2.5 million newspaper obituaries from the southeast counties of Idaho. The obituaries cover the period from 1864 to 2007. Access is free.
25 September 2014
German Regional Census Records
** New Germany – has indexed some 288,000 census records from the Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin. FamilySearch also has records from the 1890 and 1900 census from the same region. This collection can be searched by first and last name, gender, marital status, place of residence and occupation. Access is free.
25 September 2014
NZ Probate Records 1848-1991
** New NZ – has indexed some 145,000 probate records from various probate courts throughout New Zealand. This collection spans the years from 1848 to 1991. Access is free.
25 September 2014
Jamaican BMD's 1880-1999
** New Jamaica – has indexed some 1.7 million civil registration records from Jamaica. These are birth, marriage and death records than span the years from 1880 to 1999. Access is free.
25 September 2014
Argentina Parish Records 1727-1955
** New Argentina – has added an additional 400,000 indexed records to their existing collection of parish records from Tucumán, Argentina. These are Catholic Church records that date from 1727 to 1955. Access is free.
25 September 2014
Peru Civil Records 1889-1997
** New Peru – has indexed 51,000 civil registration records from Cusco, Peru. The records span the years from 1889 to 1997. Access is free.
25 September 2014
1911 Canada Census
Library and Archives Canada
** New Canada – has indexed 3.4 million records from the Canada 1911 census. This is close to half the 7.2 million individuals who were enumerated in 1911. In many instances, the image of the original census record is not available. Access is free.
25 September 2014
1861 Canada Census
Library and Archives Canada
** New Canada – Library and Archives Canada (LAC) has made a major upgrade to their 1861 census of Canada collection. If you had previously tried to search this database, you should rerun your searches. Access to this collection is free.
25 September 2014
Walker's Irish Marriages 1771-1812
Internet Archive
** New Ireland – has added an index to Irish marriages that were announced in Walker’s Hibernian Magazine. The records span the years from 1771 to 1812. Access is by subscription. For those who don’t have a subscription to Ancestry, this book is also available for free on the Internet Archive.
25 September 2014
RN Service Records 1802-1919
** New UK – has started a new collection of UK naval officers and ratings service records for the period from 1802 to 1919. This collection consists primarily of pension applications. Officers and ratings were awarded pensions after 20 years of service in the Royal Navy. Access to this collection is by subscription.
25 September 2014
Loch Parish Records
Hebrides People
** New Scotland – The website Hebrides People has added Loch Parish to their online database. Access to the records is by purchasing credits.
25 September 2014
Massachusetts Probate 1648-1871
American Ancestors
** New US – American Ancestors has created a database of Middlesex County, Massachusetts probate records. The collection contains the records of probate cases in the county filed between 1648 and 1871. Access is free.
25 September 2014
TN Family Bible Collection
Tennessee State Public Library
** New US – The Tennessee State Public Library has put online a collection of some 1,500 family bibles that have been collected since the 1920s. The collection consists of scans of all the pages in the bibles that contain notations such as dates of birth, baptism and marriages. In Tennessee, birth certificates were not required until 1908, making this collection valuable for anyone with Tennessee ancestors. However, be mindful that the information written into any bible has not been fact checked. Access is free.
25 September 2014
Familianten Bucher 1811-1848
Czech Archives
** New Czech Republic – The Czech Archives has put online the first batch of records of Familianten Bucher – Jewish families primarily in Prague from 1811 to 1848. The books are organized by region and then content. Access is free.
25 September 2014
WWI Service Files
Archives New Zealand
** New NZ – Archives New Zealand & the National Library have put online the WWI service files of some 141,000 individuals.
25 September 2014
WWI Military Medal Records
** New UK – TheGenealogist has put online a collection of some 117,000 WWI military medal records. These are records of medals that were awarded to soldiers for “acts of gallantry and devotion to duty under fire” starting in March 1916. Access is by subscription.
25 September 2014
Durham Wills 1650-1857
North East Inheritance database
UK – Diocese of Durham Original Wills 1650-1857, new to FamilySearch. After a long wait, these Wills have finally made it to the FamilySearch website. You will firstly need to find the reference number by accessing the North East Inheritance database, which is a searchable Index of these Wills and Bonds.
18 August 2014
US Civil War records
US – has created a special portal devoted to US Civil War records. Records are listed by type (military service records, enlistments, pensions, freedmen & census records) and then by state. Access is free.
19 June 2014
UK WWI war diaries
UK – The UK National Archives have released a third tranche of World War I military unit war diaries. These records have been posted to the National Archives First World War portal. Access to these records is by pay-per-view.
19 June 2014
Flemish civil registrations
Belgium – has made a huge increase in their collection of civil registration records from East Flanders spanning the period 1541 to 1910. Not all the images have been indexed. It is best to browse through the images, which are organized by place, type of record and year. Access is free.
19 June 2014
Church of Ireland baptisms
Ireland – RootsIreland has added another 54,000 Church of Ireland baptismal records for 12 churches in Counties Down and Antrim. Roots Ireland is run by the Irish Family History Foundation. You can perform 100 free searches if you register.
19 June 2014
British WWI Service Records
UK – FindMyPast has re-indexed 4.2 million British WW1 service and pension records. Apparently, the re-indexing has revealed close to 600,000 new names that were not previously captured. Access to these records is by subscription.
19 June 2014
Bunhill Fields burial records
UK – Deceased Online has added burial records from Bunhill Fields Burial Ground. Bunhill Fields is located near the Barbican Centre, just north of the City of London. The written records span the years from 1713 to 1854. The burial ground was a popular burial ground for Nonconformists. Access to these records is by subscription.
19 June 2014
Census Records re-indexed
UK – has re-indexed their collection of 1881 census records. Normally, a re-indexing exercise brings forward many previously missed details. Access is by subscription.
19 June 2014
London Electoral Registers
UK – has created a new collection of London electoral registers. Access is free.
19 June 2014
More Sussex Parish Records
UK – has indexed another 251,000 parish records from Sussex. These records span the years from 1538 to 1910. Access is free.
19 June 2014
Essex Parish Records
UK – has added a new collection of Essex parish records. These records date from 1538 to 1900.
19 June 2014
British Pathé newsreels
UK – British Pathé has put their entire collection of historical videos online. Some 85,000 videos have been uploaded to YouTube.
19 June 2014
Dutch archives
Netherlands – The Dutch genealogy website WieWasWie (Who Was Who) is now available in English. A large number of Dutch archive organizations have made their records available to WieWasWie. The website is currently free with plans to accept subscriptions in the future.
19 June 2014
Irish Church Records
Ireland – From Ireland continues to add more records. The latest additions include records from Kilcavan & Cleriestown Co. Wexford, Ballyknockan Church in Oldleighlin Co. Carlow & various churches in Co. Clare. The site specializes in photographs & transcriptions of gravestones. Access is free.
19 June 2014
New GRONI portal
Northern Ireland – The General Register Office (GRONI) has created a new web portal to make it easier to search and find genealogy records at GRONI. Access for search is done on a credit basis.
19 June 2014
UK hearth tax abstracts
UK – has added a new collection of hearth tax abstracts for Northamptonshire for the years 1673 and 1674. Access is by subscription.
19 June 2014
Irish hearth tax rolls
Ireland – Ireland Genealogy Projects has added some hearth tax rolls for Derry, including the parish of Comber, the parish of Clandermoyt and Faughanvale, from 1663. Access is free.
19 June 2014
Mt St Lawrence Cemetery
Ireland – Mount Saint Lawrence Cemetery in Limerick has launched a new website. The website is designed to hold photographs of each tombstone, transcriptions of the tombstones and an interactive map to show the exact location of each grave. Several thousand transcriptions are already available online. Burial records date from 1855 to the present. Access is free.
19 June 2014
Modena Civil Registrations
Italy – has indexed some 250,000 civil registration records from Modena. These records date from 1806 to 1942. Access is free.
19 June 2014
Iowa Marriage Records
US – has added a new collection of Iowa marriage records. The collection consists of some 612,000 marriage records from Iowa that span the years from 1923 to 1937. These records can be searched by name, date of marriage and location of marriage. Ancestry also has a collection of Iowa marriage records from 1851 to 1900. Access is by subscription.
4 March 2014
Parish Records
UK – TheGenealogist has added over 1.6 million parish records from the following counties: Essex; Kent, Lincolnshire, Somerset, Wiltshire and Worcestershire. Access is by subscription.
4 March 2014
1891 England/Wales Census
UK – has put online the 1891 England and Wales census. This collection can be searched by name, county, district, place of birth and age. also hosts the 1841, 1861, 1871 and 1901 censuses. Access is by subscription.
4 March 2014
Convict Records
Australia – has added a collection of some 640,000 convict records. The collection consists of two parts: 515,000 New South Wales and Tasmania settler and convict records (1787 to 1859) and 125,000 convict transportation registers (1787 to 1870). The NSW record set consists of transcripts, indexes and original handwritten records relating to convicts, former convicts and settlers. A typical record lists a person’s year of birth, ship and year of arrival to the colony, occupation and place of residence. The convict transportation registers list ship and year of arrival, details on sentencing and the term of the sentence (typically 7 years, 14 years or life). An estimated 20% of Australians are thought to have a convict ancestry, suggesting this record set will be of interest to many people. Access is by subscription.
4 March 2014
Victorian Probate Register
Australia – has indexed 1 million records from their State of Victoria probate register collection. The collection covers the years from 1841 to 1989 and generally involves wills. A typical record lists the name of person, date of death, address, occupation, date of testament and a declaration. Most wills list names of children, names of heirs, name of the spouse and name of the administrator of the will. Access is free.
4 March 2014
NZ Doctors and Nurses
New Zealand – has put online a new collection of some 113,000 names from the registers of medical practitioners and nurses from New Zealand. This collection covers the years from 1882 to 1933. The collection can be searched by name and location. A typical listing gives the name of the individual, their qualifications and their location. This list covers physicians, surgeons, nurses and midwives. Access is by subscription.
4 March 2014
1910 Norwegian Census
Norway – Arkivverket Digitalarkivet (part of the national archives of Norway) has posted online the 1910 Norwegian census. The collection is fully searchable by name and residence. Some of the information that can be found in this census includes name, gender, marital status, occupation, date and place of birth, address, religion and father’s ethnicity. This is big news for anyone with Norwegian ancestors. Access is free. The link takes you to the English-language version of the website.
4 March 2014
1885 Scotland Valuation Rolls
Scotland – ScotlandsPeople has put online the 1885 Valuation Rolls. These are essentially property assessments and cover every kind of property. A typical Valuation Roll lists the address, the name and occupation of the owner or tenant and the yearly rent or value. The 1885 Valuation Roll covers 1,441,484 people. Valuation rolls were produced yearly from 1855 to 1955. The 1885 Valuation Roll is the earliest one to go online (other years that are available at ScotlandsPeople includes 1895, 1905, 1915 and 1920). Access is by subscription.
4 March 2014
More US Vital Records
US – has added 5 million US vital records to their collection. This is the first significant addition to the website since it was purchased by in 2013. The new additions include Alabama marriage records (1816 to 1957), Arizona birth records (1907 to 1917), Arizona marriage records (1888 to 1908), Arizona death records (1910/11 and 1933 to 1994), California birth records (1812 to 1988), California marriage records (1850 to 1945) and District of Columbia birth, marriage and death records (various dates). Please be aware the coverage is not complete by state, but seems to vary county by county within each state. Access is by subscription.
4 March 2014
Kensal Green Cemetery Records
UK – Deceased Online has completed digitizing the records from Kensal Green cemetery in London. Kensal Green was opened in 1833. It became the first of the ‘Magnificent Seven’ – seven grand garden-style cemeteries that ringed what were at the time the outer suburbs of London. The cemetery received its first funeral in January 1833 and it is still in operation today. The cemetery contains both Anglican and ‘dissenter’ (non-Anglican) sections. Deceased Online has put online some 330,000 records for all burials and cremations up to December 2010. Each record consists of a digital scan of the original burial book and details of who is buried in the grave. Later this year, maps of the cemetery will also be added. Access is by subscription.
4 March 2014
More Welsh Newspapers
Wales – Welsh Newspapers Online has added 27 new publications to their growing database of historic newspapers. The collection now consists of some 100 historic newspapers, 630,000 pages and 6.8 million articles. The newspapers span the years from 1804 to 1919. The records can be searched by news, family notices and advertisements. The collection can also be browsed by date and newspaper title. Access is free.
4 March 2014
US Public Records 1970-2010
US – MyHeritage has put online a massive collection of 816 million recent US public records. The records come from recent telephone books, property tax assessments, voter registration lists and credit applications [not sure how they managed to get credit applications]. The collection spans the years from 1970 to 2010. Access is by subscription.
4 March 2014
Plymouth & West Devon Parish Records
UK – has added some 1.4 million parish records from Plymouth and West Devon. The baptism, marriage and death records date from 1538 to 1912. Also included in the collection are some tombstone inscriptions, obituaries and tax lists. Access is by subscription.
10 February 2014
Scottish Births and Baptisms
Scotland – has added a collection of some 26.8 million birth and baptism records, spanning the years from 1564 to 1950. These appear to be records from FamilySearch, but (as usual) Ancestry is not clear on the source. The records can be searched by name, date of birth and location. Access is by subscription.
10 February 2014
Pre-1858 English Wills
UK – has added a collection of roughly a million pre-1858 wills, which were managed by the Church of England's ecclesiastical courts till 12 January 1858. Wills provide a good means of understanding family members and family relationships. A typical will lists spouses, children, and sometimes even parents. Most early English and Welsh wills from this period were written by people who had to transfer land and significant property. This collection will likely appeal to people who had wealthy ancestors. Before looking at this collection note firstly, that married women were not allowed to own property, so there are few women in the collection; and secondly, that wills were sometimes recorded in the courts years after the person died, so search a wide range of dates after the expected year of death. Access is by subscription.
10 February 2014
A Billion More Records
Various – has expanded their collaboration with FamilySearch, and as a result, an additional billion records held by FamilySearch will become available on Ancestry. These are records that have already been digitized and are in addition to the previous announcement to digitize a separate 1 billion records. The additional billion records apparently come from some 67 different countries.
10 February 2014
US – has teamed up with the New York City Municipal Archives to compile an index to more than 10 million New York City birth, marriage and death records. The index is free to search. Ancestry also announced they are expanding their New York State census collection to include 1855, 1875 and 1905.
10 February 2014
Troy (NY) Irish Interments
US – The Troy Irish Genealogical Society of Troy, New York has added new interments from St. Mary’s Cemetery (1952 to 1970) to their collection of interment records. Also new to the website are marriage, death and miscellaneous news stories from the West Troy Advocate newspaper (1837 to 1860) and a list of local casualties from World War II. The link provides a list of all the transcription projects done by the society. Access is free.
10 February 2014
Life in the Raj
UK/India – FindMyPast in partnership with the British Library has released 2.5 million records detailing the lives of the British in India. The records span the years from 1698 to 1947 and consist of birth and baptism records, deaths and burials, wills and probates, pension records, cadet papers and applications for the civil service. A video provides more details on the collection. Access is by subscription. However, for those who are interested, FindMyPast is currently offering a free 14 day trial. 10 February 2014
Royal Tank Corps Enlistments
UK/Ireland – FindMyPast has published the enlistment records of over 88,000 soldiers who served in the Royal Tank Corps between 1919 and 1934. According to FindMyPast, thousands of Irishmen are also featured in this record set. The collection contains details on previous military service, useful biographical information and the date of discharge. Access is by subscription.
10 February 2014
British Rate Book Records
UK – FindMyPast has published a unique collection of 19 million British rate book records. The records come from Manchester (1706 - 1900), Plymouth & West Devon (1598 - 1933), Southwark, and Westminster (1634 - 1900). The 1601 Poor Law Act compelled households to pay rates to help maintain the poor in their area, based on the value of the property. This information was recorded in a rate book. Over time, the funds collected were used to pay for things other than welfare, such as local improvements to roads and canals.  Early rate books usually just list the householder’s name and the amount paid for their property. Beginning in the 1830s, however, rate books started to contain more detailed information. Rate books became more organized and were generally laid out in a logical geographic fashion. Houses were listed on a street by street basis. Each house listed the householder’s name, the value of the property and the rate paid.  Rate books in this collection can be searched by both address and householder’s name. They can serve as a useful proxy in the absence of census records. The easiest way to trace someone is usually to start with the most recent rate book and work backwards. Access to this collection is by subscription.
10 February 2014
Peruvian BDM's
Peru – has added 900,000 records to its civil registration collection from Lima, Peru. This collection spans the years from 1874 to 1996 and covers births, marriages and deaths that were recorded by civil registration offices in Lima. The collection can be searched by first and last name. Access to this collection is free.
10 February 2014
More England & Wales BDM's
UK – has created a massive new collection of indexes for births, marriages and deaths that cover England and Wales from 1837 - 1920. In total, there are 65.6 million births listed, 35.1 million marriages, and 40.6 million deaths.
10 February 2014
Indexing Projects
World – Want to know what indexing projects is currently working on? There is now a map of the world that you can consult to determine all the active indexing projects. If you're keen, you can even sign up as an indexer.
10 February 2014
Portuguese Church Records
Portugal – has significantly increased their collection of Catholic Church records from the district of Santarém, Portugal. The collection now consists of some 650,000 images of baptism, marriage and death records spanning the years from 1544 to 1911. The images can be searched by municipality, parish, type of record and year. Access is free.
10 February 2014
Danish Civil Marriages 1851-1961
Denmark – has a new collection of approximately 100,000 civil marriages from Denmark that span the years from 1851 to 1961. These records can be searched by first and last name. The records cover the small percentage of people who did not marry in the Lutheran Church of Denmark, the state church. Since most Danes were members of the church, this collection likely includes many foreign nationals living in the country at the time. Access to this collection is free.
10 February 2014
Ships' Passenger Lists
US – has created three new browsable image collections of ship passenger lists for Baltimore (1820 - 1897), Boston (1899 - 1940), and Philadelphia (1800 - 1906). Baltimore has been partially transcribed but the other collections are identified by NARA roll numbers so it will take some time to search through the images. One thing to note is that ship passenger forms were not typically filled out by customs officials upon arrival, but by ship’s pursers before the ship docked. Ship’s pursers were not the best spellers, so mis-spellings of names and places were common. Access to these records is free.
10 February 2014
UK Births 1538-1975
UK – has added 118 million records to their UK collection. MyHeritage, which has traditionally been known for family trees, is now building up databases of historic records. Most of the additions to their UK collection are birth and christening records. The records cover the years from 1538 to 1975 (birth records of living individuals are presumably not in the collection). The collection can be searched by a variety of means, including first and last name, year, place, etc. If the search finds records for related individuals, it will show those as well. Access is by subscription.
10 February 2014
New European WWI Items
Europe – Europeana 1914-1918 has relaunched their website to better cover the First World War. One of the changes involves collecting from the public previously unpublished letters, photographs and keepsakes from the war. The website has already added 90,000 items and more than 7,000 stories and the collection continues to grow. The website also contains a substantial collection of over 400,000 pieces of material and 660 hours of film from eight different national libraries. Most of the material focuses on the human and cultural aspects of the war. New material is added on a regular basis, including much that would be of interest to genealogists. Access is free.
10 February 2014
Heritage Images
UK - The Wellcome Library has launched a new website called Wellcome Images, containing over 100,000 historic images. Everything from manuscripts, paintings, early photographs and historic advertisements are included in this collection. The collection can be searched by keyword. Although it is not likely that you will find your ancestors, this website does provide excellent reference images of various peoples and cultures from around the world. Some of the newer material attracts a fee, but older, historical images in the collection can be downloaded for free.
10 February 2014
WWI Military Service Tribunals
UK – The National Archives has launched a rare collection of WWI military service tribunals. These are 11,000 case files from Middlesex, where people applied to the local tribunal for exemption from compulsory military service (which was introduced in 1916, some two years after the start of the war). Most of the applications for exemptions fall into four categories: moral (conscientious objectors); medical (disability); family (caring for dependents) and economic (preserving a business). As the fatalities and casualties climbed far beyond anyone’s expectations, news about the horrible conditions at the front slowly filtered back home, often contradicting the official propaganda. Despite a significant amount of tension on the home front, only an estimated 10% of the applications for exemptions were on moral grounds. Very few of these military tribunal papers survive. After the war, the UK government issued explicit instructions to local tribunals to destroy all such records due to their sensitive nature and the risk to the government. The Middlesex collection was specifically held back from destruction and retained to be used as a possible benchmark in case military conscription was ever required in the future. It is a rare dataset. The collection can be searched by name, occupation and location. Access is free after registration.
10 February 2014
England & Wales 1901 Census
UK – has added the fully indexed 1901 census for England and Wales to their collection. The 1841, 1861 and 1871 censuses are already available on the website. The 1851, 1881 and 1891 are expected to be added within the next six months. currently has over 100 million British and Irish genealogy records. Access is by subscription.
10 February 2014
"Claim a Convict"
Australia – The website Claim a Convict was scheduled to be relaunched on Australia Day. The new website is curated by Michelle Nichols and Jonathan Auld, who took over when Lesley Uebel fell ill.
10 February 2014
29 More American Papers
US – GenealogyBank has added 13 million more articles to their newspaper archives. In total, 29 newspapers from 17 states were added. The earliest addition comes from Fresno, California in the 1890s. The link provides the list of all the new additions. Access is by subscription.
10 February 2014
53 More Vic & NSW Papers
Australia – The National Library of Australia has started 2014 off with a bang by announcing the addition of 53 more historic newspapers to Trove. The largest additions are from New South Wales and Victoria. Access is free.
10 February 2014
Pittsburgh Census
University of Pittsburgh
US – The Historic Pittsburgh Census Project allows users to search early 1850 to 1880 censuses of the city. The records can be searched by a variety of means, including by name, by street, by city of birth and by occupation. Access is free.
10 February 2014
"Direct Me NYC 1940"
New York Public Library
US – The New York Public Library has a service called Direct Me NYC 1940. Basically, you look up your ancestor’s New York address in the online 1940 NYC telephone directory. The website then converts the address into the appropriate census enumeration district. This makes a good second check for people who were not able to find their 1940 ancestors through the FamilySearch website.
10 February 2014
WWI Centenary
World – The year 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I. There will be many websites launched in 2014 to commemorate this event. A good place to follow the action is the First World War Centenary website. It provides useful information on upcoming events and website launches. It also has a very useful guide for genealogists wanting to research soldiers from WWI. Access is free
10 February 2014
New Zealand's WWI
New Zealand – New Zealand has launched their commemorative website devoted to remembering the events of WWI. It is full of excellent information concerning New Zealand’s involvement in the war, including the incredible fact that 10% of the country’s population at the time was serving overseas. If you have New Zealand ancestors, this is a website that you will want to bookmark and return to on a regular basis. Access is free.
10 February 2014
World War I Unit War Diaries
UK – To mark the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the First World War, the UK National Archive are making unit war diaries available to search and download. You can search and download a selection from one of their most popular record series (WO 95), the unit war diaries written by officers in the front line, which provide unprecedented access to daily movements and action in the trenches and beyond. The project to conserve and digitise these records means that for the first time, these diaries can be accessed without the need to visit the reading rooms in Kew. Find out more about this ambitious project and search the diaries now.
22 January 2014
World War I portal
UK – The National Archives has launched its new First World War portal. In addition, there will be a rolling series of digitised record releases over the next several months. The new portal makes it easy to access all the collections from one convenient location, including records of medals, RAF officers, merchant seamen, army nurses, prisoners of war, Royal Navy volunteer reserve, women’s Royal Air Force, women’s Royal Naval Service, etc. Some charges may apply.
22 December 2013
US Genealogy records
US – Genealogy Trails continues to add new genealogy records daily from across the United States, sorted by state and region. The website now has a couple of million records. This is one of the best free genealogy websites available and it is worth checking out on a regular basis.  Access is free.
22 December 2013
Isle of Wight Family History
UK – The Isle of Wight Family History Society has been steadily adding to their collection of free genealogy records. So far, there are some 256,000 birth records, 102,000 marriage records and 226,000 death records. The records span the years 1837-2010. There is also a project in place to add all recent deaths since 2010. A typical record on the website will provide the full name, year and place plus additional information. Also included is a very handy link to apply to the island registrar for an official certificate of the record with all the pertinent details automatically completed on the form. Access to the database is free.
22 December 2013
London burial records
UK – Deceased Online continues to add to their collection of London burial records. Recently, two additional cemeteries in the London borough of Sutton (Sutton Cemetery and Cuddington Cemetery) were added to the website. Access is by pay-per-view.
22 December 2013
Index to paternity cases
Parish records
Scotland – Maxwell Ancestry had added two new collections to their website. The first collection is an index of paternity cases from the south of Scotland that went before the Sheriffs Court, typically cases where a woman gave birth to an illegitimate child and then had to pursue the father of the child through the court for maintenance payments. This is a rare collection that can help researchers overcome brick walls. The collection currently spans the years 1831-92 for the county of Roxburghshire and intermittently from 1830-1897 for the county of Dumfriesshire. Eventually, this collection will cover all of southern Scotland. The second collection from Maxwell Ancestry is parish records not found on the Scotland’s People website. Specifically, these birth, marriage and death records were taken from Kirk Session material from the Church of Scotland and other Presbyterian churches. Maxwell Ancestry now has some 460,000 records across their various online indexes. There is no charge to search, but there is a modest charge to order a full transcript.
22 December 2013
Petty Sessions Court records
Ireland – FindMyPast Ireland has added 2.6 million more petty court records to their collection of Irish Petty Sessions Court Registers. This collection spans the years 1828-1912 and covers a variety of minor offenses and misdemeanours such as trespassing, public drunkenness, failure to pay rent, etc. With this newest addition, this collection covers over 20 million records with a significant expansion of records from Cork, Kerry, Offaly and Tipperary. FindMyPast Ireland now has over 76 million records in total.
22 December 2013
Minnesota naturalization records
US – has added some 71,000 indexed records to its collection of Minnesota naturalization records. This collection spans the years from 1930-1988, typically listing the name, home address, age or date of birth, date of admission, various court information and the signature of the immigrant. Access is free.
22 December 2013
Ireland – The collaboration between and the National Archives of Ireland is starting to bear some really interesting results. According to an article in the Irish Times newspaper, by the end of this year will host the General Register Office’s database of its indexes of births, marriages and deaths. In particular, the years 1903-1927 will be indexed and put online. These years lists the mother’s surname on the birth certificate. As well, will in the next few months be releasing transcripts and images of the surviving fragments of the 1821-1851 censuses.
22 December 2013
São Paulo immigration cards
Brazil – has added an additional 1.2 million images of immigration cards from Brazil. The latest additions come from São Paulo and cover the years 1902-1980. This brings the total number of immigration cards from the region to some 1.6 million. These images are not yet indexed, but they are organized alphabetically by last name, and access is free.
22 December 2013
Wisconsin Fire Insurance maps
US – The Wisconsin State Historical Society is about halfway through digitizing their collection of 8,000 Sanborn fire insurance maps from across the state, in alphabetical order -- so far, the towns of Ableman to Marshfield have been completed. Sanborn fire insurance maps were drawn up by insurance companies to provide detailed information on types and structures of buildings within a town. If you happen to know the address of an ancestor, these maps can be invaluable in providing a detailed layout of an historic street. Access to this collection is free.
22 December 2013
Northeast US miscellany
US – Record Hunter Search has grown over the past few months. The website hosts numerous historical and genealogical records primarily from Pennsylvania, with some records from upstate New York. Currently, the records are not indexed and exist as images only. Included in the collections are newspaper clippings, obituaries, Revolutionary War pension files and service records. Please be aware some of the links on this website do not work. Access is free.
22 December 2013
Irish sound archive
Ireland – An archive of spoken Irish has just gone online. Called the Doegen Records Web Project, it consists of sound recordings made from 1928-1931. A total of 136 speakers from 17 counties recorded 400 stories, songs, prayers, charms and parables. The archive can be searched by title, speaker, county and keyword. This website won’t help you find a specific ancestor, but it does provide great context, and access is free.
22 December 2013
Church BDM's from Armagh
Ireland – Armagh Ancestry has added a number of new Church baptisms, marriages and deaths for county Armagh to their website, and these are now available to research. The new records added are for the following Churches:  Armagh Methodist (Baptisms 1844-1846); Lurgan (High Street) Methodist (Baptisms 1813-1864, Marriages 1842-1844); Moira Methodist (Baptisms 1827-1844); Newry Methodist (Baptisms 1824-1865, Deaths 1835); Portadown (Thomas Street) Methodist (Baptisms 1824-1864, Marriages 1839-1841); Tandragee Methodist (Baptisms 1800-1866, Marriages 1838-1845); Portadown Primitive Methodist (Baptisms 1847-1878); English Church of Ireland (Baptisms 1803-1865, Deaths 1803-1805); Kilmore (St Saviours) Church of Ireland (Baptisms 1843-1863); Richhill Congregationalist Church (Baptisms 1845-1867, Marriages 1850-1876); Lurgan (Quaker) Society of Friends (Baptisms 1607-1862, Marriages 1634-1848, Deaths 1697-1898); Richhill & Grange (Quaker) Society of Friends (Baptisms 1812-1878, Marriages 1816-1836, Deaths 1747-1920). Armagh Ancestry will continue to computerize the remaining Church records which have not as yet been computerized.
22 December 2013
Historic US School Yearbooks
US - has a collection of US school catalogs. These are essentially yearbooks of middle schools, junior high schools, high schools and colleges from across the United States. This collection contains some 5.4 million records and spans the years from 1765 to 1935. The records can be searched by name, location, year and keyword. The nice thing about school yearbooks is they typically provide a rare chance to see photographs of your ancestors when they were young. Access to this collection is by subscription.
22 November 2013
World - this week signed agreements with and to make records from available on these websites. will initially host 13 million records from with more records to follow. No specific number was given by, but according to the press release, more than 2 billion records from will be searchable from their website. 22 November 2013
Scotland 1920 Property Valuation Rolls
Scotland - On Monday 28 October 2013, the website ScotlandsPeople released the Scottish Property Valuation Rolls for 1920. These rolls include the names and addresses of more than 2.6 million people across Scotland. They list the owners, tenants and occupiers of all types of property. Each record is searchable by name and address. These records will be very useful for anyone wanting to trace their ancestors beyond the 1911 census. ScotlandsPeople already has the 1895, 1905 and 1915 Property Valuation Rolls online. Access is by subscription. 22 November 2013
Galway County Digital Archive
Ireland - Galway County is formally launching their online digital archive. Although small at the moment, the collection is expected to grow larger in the future. Already, some burial records and Poor Law Union records have gone online. The archive appears to be focussing on putting the most requested collections online first. Access is free. 22 November 2013
Norfolk Parish Records
UK - has added some 1.1 million indexed records to its collection of Norfolk parish records. With this latest addition, has managed to transcribe about 76% of the available parish records from the Norfolk Record Office. These records of baptisms, marriages and deaths span the years from 1685 to 1941. Also included are some marriage banns. Note: some of the Norfolk parish records include parishes in neighbouring regions of Suffolk, Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire. Access is free, although as of this writing, had not yet provided a landing page for searching this collection. 22 November 2013
Ontario Marriage Records
Canada - has indexed an additional 354,000 Ontario marriage records. This collection spans the years from 1869 to 1927 and can be searched by name. Access is free. 22 November 2013
Canada Passenger Lists
Canada - has indexed some 1.7 million records of Canada passenger lists. These lists can be searched by name, making it easy to find ancestors. The list of ports covered is extensive: Quebec City (1900 to 1921); Halifax (1881 to 1922); Saint John (1900 to 1912); North Sydney (1906 to 1912); Vancouver (1905 to 1912) and Victoria (1905 to 1912). Also included are records from New York (1906 to 1912) and other Eastern US ports that list the names of passengers who intended to proceed directly to Canada. Each record lists the full name of the individual, the date of arrival, port of arrival, place of birth and the name of the ship. Some of the original records contain additional information. Access to this collection is free. 22 November 2013
Early UK Militia Lists
UK - TheGenealogist has launched a collection of rare early UK militia muster lists. This collection contains some 58,000 records of part-time soldiers from 1781 and 1782. The word muster comes from the need for these men (who had other full-time jobs and occupations) to 'muster' at pre-determined places for training. Many regular army soldiers started their career in the militia, so these rare records can be a valuable source for anyone wanting to trace military ancestors. These records can be searched by name, company and rank. Access is by subscription. 22 November 2013
Monaghan County Genealogy Records
Ireland - RootsIreland has added some genealogy records from Monaghan County, including 1821 census abstracts and baptism, marriage and burial records from various churches in the county. Most of the records date from the 1800s. RootsIreland now has over 20 million records online. Access is by subscription. 22 November 2013
Biographical Database of Australia
Australia - A new website has launched in Australia devoted to creating a large biographical database of Australians. Known appropriately as the Biographical Database of Australia (BDA), it already contains some 500,000 records. According to the website, this first batch of records contain convict, muster, census, baptism, marriage and burial records from New South Wales (1788 to 1828) and for Norfolk Island & Tasmania (1802 to 1811). In the future, data will be added for all states and territories. BDA is a not-for-profit database that is the result of years of work by volunteer genealogists, historians and contractors. This website is well worth checking out if you have Australian ancestors. The indexes can be searched for free. There is a fee to see the underlying records. 22 November 2013
Hungary Baptism Records
Hungary - has indexed some 572,000 Catholic Church records from Hungary. These are primarily baptism records that date from 1636 to 1895. Access is free. 22 November 2013
Florida Marriage Records
US - has indexed a million additional Florida marriage records. These marriage records date from 1830 to 1993. This collection can be searched by name and contains marriage affidavits, marriage applications and marriage licenses. Access is free. 22 November 2013
Iowa 1905 State Census
US - has created a new indexed collection of the Iowa state census of 1905. Iowa genealogy records can be hard to find so this will be an important collection for anyone with ancestors from the state. This new collection contains some 1.5 million records. A typical record lists the full name of the person, town of residence, address, gender, age at time of census, marital status, occupation, military service (if applicable) number of years in Iowa, birthplace (often just listed as a State) and place of birth of both parents. Access is free. 22 November 2013
Joint Agreement
World - and have announced a joint agreement whereby they will work together to transcribe and put online an estimated 1 billion new genealogy records over the next five years. This agreement is in addition to the joint project between the two to publish 140 million US wills and probate images and indexes over the next three years. Access to is free, access to is by subscription. 10 October 2013
Wales Remembers
Wales – The Federation of Family History Societies advises that the Cymru'n Cofio Wales Remembers 1914-1918 website has now gone live. It is the official site for information on how Wales will mark the centenary of the First World War in Wales. Accessible in both English and Welsh, it provides a focal point for information on the commemoration which will take place in Wales from 2014 to 2018.
10 October 2013
UK Probate Search
UK – The UK government has begun the process of digitizing and putting online soldier’s wills from the World War I period. In total, wills from some 230,000 soldiers will go online. The records can be searched by surname and year of death and these latest additions cover the years from 1914 to 1921. This collection from the UK government also contains other soldiers’ wills spanning the years from 1850 to 1986. There is a fee to see the record.
10 October 2013
Troy Irish Genealogical Society
State Street Burial Grounds
US - The Troy (NY) Irish Genealogy Society has launched a new database of the State Street Burial Ground in the city of Albany. The city opened the burial ground in 1801 to alleviate the overcrowded churchyards and private family graveyards in the city. It was located at the eastern end of what is now Washington Park. This new database contains roughly 3,700 burial records indexed by last name. Access is free.
10 October 2013
Canada – Library and Archives Canada (LAC) has finally announced the release of the Canada 1921 census. LAC signed a contract with Ancestry that allows exclusive right to host the images. The images will be available for free, but only to Canadian residents and only on the website. Ancestry is currently indexing the images and a name index is expected to be available within 2 to 3 months. Anyone wanting to search the Canada 1921 census by name will require an Ancestry subscription.
Canada – Ancestry has launched a collection of passenger list records from the St. Lawrence Steamboat Company. This collection consists of some 187,000 records and spans the years from 1819 to 1838. The St. Lawrence Steamboat Company was started by John Molson several years after the success of his brewing enterprise. The shipping company carried passengers and freight along the St. Lawrence River between Quebec City and Montreal. This collection can be searched by name. A typical record lists the name of the passenger, date and port of embarkation and destination. Access is by subscription.
US – has created an index of California marriages covering the period from 1949 to 1959. The index has some 2.3 million names and lists the groom’s name, bride’s name, bride and groom’s age, date of marriage, county of marriage and the state file number. These records come from the California Department of Health and Welfare. Access is by subscription.
Australia – Ancestry has published a list of teacher’s rolls from NSW. The collection consists of about 16,000 names and spans the period from1869 to 1908. It is searchable by name, year and keyword. Details include age at the time of hiring, training, promotions, teaching classification, employment history listing schools and dates, any awards or reprimands, salary and marital status. Access is by subscription.
New Zealand – Ancestry has updated their database of New Zealand city and area directories. The database now contains some 6.9 million names. City directories often serve as a substitute census record and can also help fill in the gaps between two censuses. Access to this collection is by subscription.
UK - has created a new collection of births, baptisms, confirmations, banns, marriages and burials from Birmingham. In total, there are some 2.4 million new records, and (depending on the type of record) they span the centuries from 1538 to 1937. These records can be searched by first and last name and by date range based on the type of record. Access is by subscription.
UK – has added a new collection of non-conformist records that span the period from 1567 to 1970. In the UK, non-conformists were generally considered to be Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians and Quakers. The GRO collected a large number of these nonconformist records in 1837 when the new civil registration system for birth, marriage and death records was created, and again in 1857 when the government removed further rights from churches regarding the official collection of birth, marriage and death records. Please be aware that between 1754 and 1837, only Church of England and Quaker marriages were considered legal. If your ancestor was Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Catholic or Jewish they may very well have had a second marriage ceremony in an Anglican Church. This was often done to effectively legalize their marriage under UK law. The advantages to doing this included the right to hold public office, the right to vote and the ability to pass significant assets to descendants via probate. Thus, if you are looking for lost marriage records, try searching Anglican records first. This collection at Ancestry consists of some 2.5 million records. Access is by subscription.
- New York State naturalization petitions 1794 - 1906, numbering some 1.2 million records.
- Manchester Records.  Includes C. 1541-1915, M & Banns 1754-1930, D. 1813-1985 and Cathedral Manchester C. 1573-1901, M. 1573-1930, B. 1573-1866.
- UK Civil Divorce Records 1858-1911
- UK Outward Passenger Lists, 1890-1960. (This database compliments the existing database of UK Incoming Passenger Lists 1878-1960).
- 280,000 Warwickshire Occupational & Quarter Session records added.

- NSW Police Gazettes 1854-1930.
- Glasgow, Scotland Crew Lists 1863-1901.
- Great Britain Masters & Mates Certificates 1850-1927 and Dorset Tithe Apportion and Maps 1835-1850.
- Lancashire Parish Records. Births and Bap 1813-1911, Mar & Banns 1754-1936
Deaths & Burials 1813-1986, CMB 1538-1812.
- UK Midlands Trade Directories 1770-1941.
- London Tax Records, 1692 -1932.

- Warwickshire Parish Records 1535 -1910.
- NSW Convict Indents 1788 -1842.  Details include: native place, physical description, trade, trial date and conviction etc.
- Dublin, Ireland Probate & Marriage Licence indexes 1270-1858.

- London & Surrey Marriage Bonds and Allegations 1597-1921.
- 1911 British Census.
- Ireland Catholic Parish Baptisms 1742 -1881, Marriages 1742 -1884, Deaths 1756-1881.
- UK, Register of Duties Paid for Apprentices' Indentures 1710-1811.
- Dorset Wills & Probate, 1565 - 1858

Free for AIGS patrons and visitors to the library
10 October 2013
UK – has indexed an additional 1.3 million parish records from Derbyshire. The collection spans the years from 1538 to 1910 and covers baptisms, banns, marriages and burials. These records can be searched by first and last name. Access is free.
US – has added an additional 189 million records to its US Public Records Index. This massive collection tries to index everyone who resided in the US between 1970 and 2010. The collection is built from telephone directories, driver licenses, property tax assessments, credit applications, voter registration lists and other types of records available to the public. The collection can be searched by name. FamilySearch reports the collection is now 28% complete. Access is free.
US – has now completed 80% of their collection of US Veteran's Administration Pension Payment Cards for the period 1907 to 1933. An additional 576,000 records were recently added to the collection. Many of the records in this collection were for pension payments made to widows. This collection can be searched by name and gender. Access is free.
US – has added another 128,000 indexed records to their Iowa County Marriage collection. This collection spans the years from 1838 to 1934. It is now approximately 86% complete. One nice thing about Iowa marriage records is that the maiden name of the bride is often listed along with the names of both sets of parents and the birthplaces of both the bride and groom. This collection can be searched by name. Iowa genealogy records can be hard to find and this is a welcome addition. Access is free.
Italy - has indexed an additional 172,000 civil registration records from Napoli. These records come from the state archives and span the years from 1809 to 1865. These are birth, marriage and death records with some marriage banns and baptism records as well. This collection can be searched by first and last name. Alternatively, users can browse through some 2.9 million images.
New Zealand - has indexed an additional 2.7 million immigration records for New Zealand. These are ship passenger lists from 1855 to 1973. These records can be searched by first and last name. Access is free.
Jamaica – has added some 490,000 indexed records of Jamaican civil registrations. These are official birth records dating from 1880 to 1999. The records can be searched by name. Marriage and death records are also available but are currently not indexed. The entire collection consists of some 4 million images. Early Jamaican birth records can be a little sparse on details and typically list only the bare minimum. However, this is a great resource for anyone with Jamaican ancestors. Access is free.
- Some 410,000 Sussex parish baptism, marriage and burial records 1538-1910 now indexed and searchable by name.
- A collection of some 10.2 million Belgian civil registration records of births, marriages and deaths, browsable by region (plaat).
- Some 7 million searchable Spanish municipal records 1251-1966 added. Wide variety of records from over a dozen major provinces, searchable by name.
>- Some 29.5 million public records of people who lived in the five boroughs of New York City 1970-2010, searchable by name.
- Another 128,000 indexed records added to the Iowa County Marriage collection, which now spans 1838 - 1934 and is approximately 86% complete. Searchable by name; access is free.
- Tasmanian Civil Registration indexes 1803-1933
- Ireland Civil Registration indexes 1845-1958
- Scotland 1891 census indexes
- UK Merchant Seamen records 1835-1941
- UK WW1 Service records 1914-1920 (images only)
- Isle of Man Burials 1844-1911, Marriages 1849-1911, Baprisms 1821-1911.
- Policy change for photocopies.  Free Digitised image will be sent for all requests of film, books Cds etc. providing details and email address is supplied. Policy Change

- US Index to passenger arrivals, Atlantic & Gulf ports 1820-1874.
- New Zealand probate Records 1860-1961.(Index available at: Archives New Zealand).
- Parish Register indexes for Wales; County Brecknockshire, Caernarvonshire, Cardiganshire, Carmarthenshire, Denbighshire, Flintshire, Glamorganshire, Merionethshire, Monmouthshire, Pembrokeshire, Radnorshire (1538-1912) added.
- 1,200 digitised books have been added including English Parish Registers,
Family Genealogies and histories for some US cities (see Blog for lists).
- United States - Indiana Marriages 1811-1959; Kentucky Probate records 1792-1977; - - - Naturalisation records for Maine 1800-1990 & New Hampshire 1771-2001; Ohio Marriages 1789-1994; Texas deaths 1890-1986 and much more . . .  .
- London Records page with external links.
- New Zealand Immigration Passenger Lists 1855-1973.
- Ireland Marriage index (430,000 records) 1619-1898.

- A trove of Birth, Christening and Marriage indexes for many American states.
10 October 2013
Irish Genealogical Research Society
Irish Marriages
Ireland - The Irish Genealogical Research Society's marriage database has now reached 50,000 names. This database is a good source for pre-civil registration marriages in Ireland and it comprises information from a variety of non-traditional sources such as chancery bills, diaries, deeds, marriage settlements, memorial inscriptions, wills, family letter and newspapers. Each record provides the exact source of the information. Access is free. 10 October 2013

Find My Past

Ireland - has launched an Irish newspaper collection. Almost 2 million historical newspaper articles are now available on the website. This collection has been digitized from the British Library. There are six newspapers in this collection: The Belfast Morning News (1857 to 1882); The Belfast Newsletter (1828 to 1900); The Cork Examiner (1841 to 1926); The Dublin Evening Mail (1849 to 1871); The Freeman's Journal (1820 to 1900) and The Sligo Champion (1836 to 1926). Newspapers are a great source for obituaries, wedding announcements, birth announcements and general news stories. Access is by subscription.
Ireland – has added to their collection of Irish Petty Sessions Court Registers. These are records of petty crimes in Ireland. The new additions include a further 2.5 million records spanning the years from 1828 to 1912. Many records come from Galway, Roscommon, Westmeath and Limerick, with major further additions from Donegal, Waterford, Tipperary, Cork, Carlow and Kilkenny. This brings the total size of the collection to some 15 million records and spans the years from 1842 to 1913. Access is by subscription.
- has released service records for more than 50,000 officers and men who joined the Royal Navy Division or trained initially in London from 1914-1920.
- About 2 million Hertfordshire parish records of baptisms, banns, marriages and burials from 1538 to 1990 added. (Access by subscription) [uk]
- Anzac Memory Bank launched with thousands of new Military records added
- East Kent Parish records added to Canterbury collection. (Lists of parishes [with dates] covered in PDF format on website).
- 650,000 new pages added to British Newspaper collection 1710-1963.
- Three million Parish Records 1538-1945 have been added to the Westminster collection. (PDF lists of Baptisms, Marriages & Burials available to download).
- 21 million new Irish birth, marriage and death records added (1800s-1950s).
- British Army service and pension records including Chelsea pensioners discharge documents 1760-1887, foreign regiments 1816-1817, deferred pensions 1838-1896;  War Office, Imperial Yeomanry soldiers documents, South African War 1899-1902; British Army pensioners Kilmainham Ireland discharge documents 1783-1822
- British Newspapers 1710-1950.  Millions of pages of historical newspapers from across England, Wales and Scotland have been published on
- Doncaster Parish Records - 543,000 new records added (includes baptisms, burials and cemetery records).

- 20,000 London Docklands Baptisms added (St Dunstan Stepney 1697-1712).
- Middlesex Baptisms 1538-1882, Burials 1538-1890.

- Clay Cross (Derbyshire) Burials 1800-1998.
- Ireland Petty Session Order Books 1850-1910.
- Irish Prison Registers 1790-1920. A variety of custodial institutions are covered in this 3.5 million entry database, giving comprehensive details of each prisoner.
- Australia & New Zealand Passenger Lists (24 million records).
- New Zealand Electoral Rolls 1853-1864.
Free for AIGS patrons and visitors to the library
10 October 2013
Wexford County Archives
Ireland - Wexford County Archives has created a new website that has plans to put online a variety of genealogical records. Already, the minute books from 1899 to 1959 have been put online. These are minutes of the Wexford County Council. Access is free.
10 October 2013
German Genealogy Group
US - The German Genealogy Group continues to add to its collection of free searchable databases. The group, based on Long Island (NY), is focussed on German genealogy, but it has a variety of records that would be of interest to many people. There are databases for marriages, naturalizations, cemeteries, churches, veterans and even yearbooks. One particularly handy tool is the database of German surnames in America, submitted by members of the group, which shows how to contact members for various surnames and regions of Germany. Access is free.
10 October 2013
LAC / Digitization Project
Canada - Library and Archives Canada (LAC) has formally announced some details regarding their partnership with Their 10-year agreement will involve the digitization of about 60 million images, with transcribing and indexing of personal, administrative and governmental documents as well as land grants, war diaries and photographs.
10 October 2013
The Genealogist (UK)
UK - TheGenealogist has announced the addition of over 1 million apprenticeship records. These records list the name, address and trade of the master and the names of the apprentices. Most of these records appear to be from the 1700s, where it was common in most trades to have apprentices. Records in the collection prior to 1753 also typically listed the parents of the apprentice. Access is by subscription.
- TheGenealogist has made available a collection of some 439,000 pre-WW1 Royal Navy and Merchant Seamen records dating from 1851 to 1911.
- Three new databases released:  Casualty Lists 1917-1918 (eventually covering 1914-1919); Naturalisation and Denization Records 1609-1960; War Memorial records (with images) from Boer War to later conflicts.
- 14 million newly transcribed death records 1960-1983 for England & Wales added.
- 453,000 records added to the Parish Record Collection including London, Worchestershire, Cornwall, Dorset, Somerset, Hertfordshire & Northumberland.
- Illustrated London News 1863-1869
- London PR Transcripts and London Directories 1856-1939.

- Birth transcripts 1890-2005 (over 9 million records added), 1870-2005 (17 million).
- Parish Register transcripts for Cornwall, Durham, Lincolnshire, Northumberland, Staffordshire, Surrey, Warwickshire, Worcestershire and Yorkshire.
- Directories for Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, Middlesex and Oxfordshire.
- Aberdeen PO Directory 1948-1949; Glasgow PO Directory 1907-1908.
- The Illustrated London News (1842-1862) now available online
- 1914-1919 Old Shirburnian, Dorset War Records (Army & Navy).
- Worcestershire PR Transcripts - Baptisms 1700-1849.
- Many nonconformist & non-parochial records
- (free index).
Free for AIGS patrons and visitors to the library
10 October 2013
Church of Ireland
Ireland – The Church of Ireland's official weekly gazette for the year 1913 (its weekly newspaper) is now available online. It lists specific names, places and events that occurred in 1913, and can be searched by keyword or phrase. Access is free.
2 October 2013
Australian War Memorial
- The Australian War Memorial Museum is creating a comprehensive digital archive of the deeds of the ANZACs and the wider experience of war of Australian WW1 servicemen, nurses and civilians. Contact details on the website.
9 August 2013
The General Register Office
G R O, Northern Ireland
- The Irish government has announced that indexes to birth, marriage and death records since 1845 will soon be available online. This follows the recent news from the General Record Office of Northern Ireland (GRONI) that it will also be making its own historical records available online. Stay tuned.
9 August 2013
Deceased Online
- Almost 143,000 burial and cremation records added for 19 cemeteries and 2 crematoria for the West Yorkshire area of Wakefield. More to come. (Access by subscription)
- From Bolton Council (Lancashire) for Heaton Cemetery 1879-2012 & Tonge Cemetery 1856-2010 - 211,000 new records added.
- Charlton Cemetery, London from 1855-2001 (35,000 records added).
- 120,000 Scottish MIs added covering eight counties.
- Over 210,000 records for Eltham Crematorium (Greenwich, London) added (1956-1996).
- Fifteen Scottish Highland cemetery MIs added, dating back to 1600.
- Eleven cemeteries across Wiltshire, Dorset & Devon (54,000 burials) have been added to Deceased Online's database.
9 August 2013
Scotland's Places
- "Daylight robbery!" - Records of the notorious "window tax" from 1748-98 now available online, showing how much thousands of Scots paid for each window in their houses. (Access by subscription)
9 August 2013
Queensland Dept of Justice
- Nearly 650,000 Births, Deaths and Marriages records now available through a variety of media at a greatly reduced cost.
9 August 2013


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