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WWII Service Records
** New Australia – Ancestry has released a new collection of Australian WWII military service records. Access is by subscription, or free in the AIGS Library. Please note that in order to access the full original service file, a request must be made to the National Archives of Australia. If you are not already an Ancestry subscriber, you may find it easier to click here to go directly to the National Archives website. 3 May 2016
Queensland Births & Marriages
** New Australia – FindMyPast Australia has put Queensland birth records spanning the years 1829 to 1919 and marriage records from 1829 to 1939 online. Queensland was part of New South Wales until 1859, and registration of births were not mandatory in Australia until March 1856. These are transcripts; copies of the original record are available from the Queensland government. Access is by subscription or free in the AIGS Library. 3 May 2016
Yorkshire BDMs 1832-1921
** New England – 394,000 names from birth, death, and marriage announcements published in the Halifax Guardian between 1832 & 1921 are online and the indexes can be downloaded in PDF format, 3 May 2016
More British Newspapers
** New England – FindMyPast has added to their British Newspaper collection. The latest update includes more articles from some of the larger cities, such as the Birmingham Daily Gazette, the Sheffield Independent and the Newcastle Evening Chronicle. Access is by subscription or free in the AIGS Library. 3 May 2016
Service Pensions 1704-1934
** New England – FindMyPast has put online a collection of British Royal Navy & Royal Marines pension records, spanning the years from 1704 to 1934. The information contained in each record varies depending on the time period. Access is by subscription or free in the AIGS Library. 3 May 2016
Essex Parish Records 1512-2005
** New England – TheGenealogist has put online 900,000 new Essex parish records. These are primarily baptism, marriage and burial records. This brings their collection of Essex parish records to some 2.5 million. The records span the years from 1512 to 2005. Access is by subscription or free in the AIGS Library. 3 May 2016
More Dorset Parish Records
** New England – FindMyPast has added to their collection of Dorset parish records, it now contains some 390,000 Dorset baptism records, some 650,000 marriage records and some 380,000 burial records. Access is by subscription, or free in the AIGS Library. 3 May 2016
Overhaul for Free Website
** New UK and Ireland – The popular website Genuki (one of the top free genealogy websites in the UK) is going through a major overhaul. After 21 years, the website is working towards improving the user experience. Details can be found on the Genuki news page. 3 May 2016
Irish Newspapers 1708-1955
** New Ireland – FindMyPast’s Irish newspaper collection now contains 115 different titles spanning the years from 1708 to 1955. In total, there are 20 million searchable articles. Access is by subscription, or free in the AIGS Library. 3 May 2016
Stories of Irish Ancestors
** New Ireland – The Irish Genealogical Research Society through their website Irish Ancestors has launched a new initiative to capture the personal stories of Irish-born ancestors. If you have an interesting tale to tell about one of your Irish ancestors, then this is the place to do it. 3 May 2016
Quaker Records Since Mid-1600s
** New Ireland – FindMyPast has put online Quaker birth, death and marriage records going back as far as the mid-1600s. Also included are Quaker school records, migration records and congregational records. There are 28,000 birth records alone. Access is by subscription or free in the AIGS Library. 3 May 2016
Scottish Chapbooks online
** New Scotland – Scottish Chapbooks are Online: More than 3,000 Scottish chapbooks are available in the National Library of Scotland’s online Digital Gallery, under the heading “Chapbooks printed in Scotland”. 3 May 2016
NYC Marriages 1908-1929
** New United States – The New York City Marriage Index 1908-1929 Goes Online: The index to the New York City Clerk’s Office marriage records for 1908-1929 is now online and open for public use. The index is free. 3 May 2016
Hebrew Naming and Headstones
** New Jewish Genealogy – Video - Hebrew Naming and How to Read Hebrew Headstones: This video will help you find valuable information, whether you can read Hebrew or not. You can access 16 short instructional youtube videos, 3 May 2016
Obsolete Job Titles
** New Ranks, Professions, Occupations and Trades – This web site features hundreds of obsolete job titles that may be found in old documents and even census records. 3 May 2016
School registers 1870-1914
England – FindMyPast has added 527,000 records to their collection of national school admission registers, spanning the years from 1870 to 1914 and containing school admission records, log books, school visitor lists and other lists associated with the daily activities of a school. Access is by subscription. 12 April 2016
Cemetery Records
England – Deceased Online will be adding the cemetery and crematorium records from the Calderdale Council in West Yorkshire. These records encompass seven cemeteries. The records for Brighouse Cemetery and the Halifax General Cemetery have already gone online. The records go back as far as 1842. They have also added cemetery records from East Staffordshire. The two new cemeteries are Stapenhill and Rolleston. The records date from 1866 to 1997.Access is by subscription. 12 April 2016
British WWII PoWs
England – TheGenealogist has added over 150,000 WWII Prisoner of War records to their military collection. These are British military personnel held in German prisoner of war camps from 1939 to 1945. Access is by subscription. 12 April 2016
WWI Service Women
England – Researching Women in the First World War - From nursing to the navy, records are available online for a range of service women. 12 April 2016
Yorkshire Probate 1521-1858
England – Historic Yorkshire Probate Records Are Now Online, written between 1521 and 1858 offering an insight for those looking for details of how their ancestors passed on their wealth and a snapshot of social history. Access by subscription. 12 April 2016
Archbishops’ Registers 1225-1650
England – York’s Archbishops’ Registers Revealed 1225-1650 - The available records include 21,647 high quality images of 45 Archbishops’ Registers. 12 April 2016
Bishop’s Transcripts 1558-1887
England – FamilySearch has added Devon Bishop’s Transcripts 1558-1887. This collection contains Bishop's transcripts from 1558-1887. The records were filmed at the Devon Record Office. 12 April 2016
Cemetery Registers 1797-2004
England – FamilySearch has added Lancashire Oldham Cemetery Registers 1797-2004 This collection contains cemetery registers from Hollinwood, Failsworth, Royton, Crompton, Chadderton, Lees, and Greenacres cemeteries in Oldham. Most registers contain, name, address, date of death, date of burial and burial location. 12 April 2016
Irish Parish Records
Ireland – FindMyPast has decided for the moment to make their collection of ten million Irish Roman Catholic parish records available for free. Parish records are important in Ireland because of the number of lost/destroyed/missing census records. These are baptism, marriage and burial records that can be searched by first name, last name, year and location. 12 April 2016
Irish Parish Records
[ AIGS Library ]
Ireland – Ancestry Adds the Largest Collection of Irish Catholic Parish Records Launched Online. The Catholic Parish Registers 1655-1915 collection includes baptism, marriage, burial and confirmation records from more than 1,000 parishes, and over 3,500 registers, in Ireland. This is the first time that the collection has been indexed with the original images linked online. Available for free at the AIGS library. 12 April 2016
Irish Research Records
Ireland – A Very Useful and Free Website for Irish Research - millions of free records, including: gravestone records, gravestone photographs, 1901 census records, 1911 census records, 1931 trade directory records, birth records, marriage records, death records, Lewis’ topographical records, Griffith’s valuation records, and much more. 12 April 2016
Revenue Police Records 1830-57
Ireland – FindMyPast has released an interesting collection of Irish Revenue Police records. The Irish Revenue Police were formed to combat bootlegging and illegal distillation of alcohol from the years 1830 to 1857. This record set consists of some 37,000 records of the men who served with the force. Access is by subscription. 12 April 2016
Records of the Troubles
Ireland – Ancestry has put online two collections of records from the UK National Archives related to the Irish independence struggle. The first collection consists of court martial papers from 1916 to 1922 related to events that began with the Easter uprising of 24 April 1916. The second collection consists of intelligence profiles collected by the Dublin Metropolitan Police and the Royal Irish Constabulary of people suspected of being disloyal to the British Crown. Access to both collections is by subscription. 12 April 2016
1930 Valuation Rolls
Scotland – The website ScotlandsPeople has released the 1930 valuation rolls for Scotland. The 1930 valuation roll contains some 2.5 million names and provides a glimpse into Scottish life between the two world wars. Access is by subscription. 12 April 2016
WWII PoWs of Japan
United States – FamilySearch has added - World War II Prisoners of War 1941-1945 Index of military personnel and civilians who were prisoners of the Japanese during World War II, acquired from the National Archives "Access to Archival Databases" (AAD). 12 April 2016
Newspapers and Yearbooks
United States – The Caro public library in Michigan has digitized and put online historic copies of the local newspaper The Tuscola County Advertiser (1868 to 1943), as well as the local high school yearbooks for the years 1922 to 2006. Caro is located northeast of Flint, Michigan. Access is free. 12 April 2016
W A BDM Indexes
Australia – FindMyPast have just put online Western Australian birth, death and marriage indexes. Please note that Western Australia began keeping civil records of births, deaths and marriages starting from 1 September 1841. Prior to that date, it is necessary to consult church records. Access is by subscription. 12 April 2016
Dutch BDM's from 1811
Netherlands - MyHeritage Adds More Than 5 Million Dutch Records to SuperSearch from the Rotterdam City Archives. The three collections: Rotterdam, Netherlands, Death Index, 1811-1960; Birth Index, 1811-1913; and Marriage Index, 1811-1935. 12 April 2016
Billion Graves Updates
Various - Over 3.2 million records have been added to the Billion Graves Cemetery Index collection, including over 2.8 million additions for the United States; over 821,000 for Canada; over 272,000 for Australia; over 92,000 for England; over 29,000 for New Zealand; over 25,000 for Scotland; over 4,000 for Ireland; and over 3,000 for Wales. 12 April 2016
Parish Chest Records 1556-1950
England – FindMyPast has released a collection they call Devon, Plymouth and West Devon Parish Chest Records, an eclectic mix of documents including such things as the levying of taxes, the selection of juries and even pew rentals within a given church, spanning the years 1556 to 1950. Access is by subscription. 13 March 2016
Norfolk County Records
England – FindMyPast has added a variety of Norfolk County baptism, marriage and burial records. The records seem to go back as far as 400 years ago. Each record consists of a transcript plus an image of the original record. Access is by subscription. 13 March 2016
British Merchant Seamen 1918-41
England – FindMyPast has added over 240,000 records to their British Merchant Seamen collection. Spanning the years from 1918 to 1941 these records are essentially index cards that the Registrar General of Shipping and Seamen used between the two wars to track merchant seamen who served on British merchant vessels. Access is by subscription. 13 March 2016
WW1 Conscription Appeals
UK – 10 Feb 2016 marked 100 years since the beginning of conscription for the WW1 in Britain. You can search the collection of Middlesex conscription appeal records (MH 47) in the National Archives and download them for free. 13 March 2016
1,000,000 Transcribed Records
US – in concert with the Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society (AAHGS) and the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture have announced that the project to transcribe the Freedmen’s Bureau records has reached the important milestone of one million transcribed records. 13 March 2016
Idaho Births & Deaths
US – has created new collections of Idaho birth indexes (1861 to 1911) and death indexes (1938 to 1961). These records come from the Idaho Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics. 13 March 2016
Poughkeepsie NY Papers
US – (an Ancestry company) has digitized and put online historic newspapers from Poughkeepsie, New York. Access is by subscription. 13 March 2016
Cook County IL Deaths
US – has indexed an additional 3.7 million Cook County, Illinois death records. These records date from 1878 to 1994 and excludes the city of Chicago records. Access is free. 13 March 2016
Kansas Marriages 1855-1911
US – has indexed an additional 312,000 marriage records from various counties in Kansas. These county marriage records span the years from 1855 to 1911. Access is free. 13 March 2016
US Marriages 1650-2010
US – FindMyPast has released 33 million historic US marriage records spanning the years 1650 to 2010. The records are being released in partnership with FamilySearch. Eventually, this collection will consist of some 100 million records. Each record includes a transcript plus images of the original documents. Access is by subscription. 13 March 2016
New Online Database
Canada – Old Canada Road Historical Society Launches Online Database: This new resource includes more than 1,000 records, including photographs. The online catalogue is available. 13 March 2016
Alberta Land Records
Canada – The Alberta Genealogical Society contains some 520,000 entries dating from as early as 1870 to as late as the 1950s. Most of the records are essentially indexes and pointers to land records held at the Provincial Archives of Alberta. The index, however, provides sufficient information to be able to narrow down the location of your ancestor’s farm. Access is free. 13 March 2016
Irish Naming Patterns
Ireland – Genealogists place a great importance on the naming patterns within a family, as they can give us clues as to the names of the paternal and maternal grandparents. However, children were often named after a saint if they were born on or close to that saint’s day. 13 March 2016
Irish Surnames [podcast]
Ireland – Irish Surnames a Family Heirloom: The majority of Irish surnames can be traced back to the 1500s, and many even earlier. In Ireland, family names were first 'set down' in the 900s. Many surnames can be linked to even older political units – kinship groups and tribes. You can listen to a podcast. 13 March 2016
NZ Registered Teachers 1906
New Zealand – FindMyPast has put online a small but important collection of New Zealand registered teachers for the year 1906. The collection is from an official government list of some 4,000 teachers and includes the teacher’s name, gender, district position, school name and level of qualification. Access is by subscription. 13 March 2016
Welsh Newspapers
Wales – FindMyPast has added 6.4 million new articles to their historic British newspaper collection. The latest addition includes 19 new titles from Wales. Access is by subscription. 13 March 2016
Liberian Marriages 1941-74
Liberia – has a new collection of Liberian marriage records, spanning the years from 1941 to 1974. These records come from the National Archives in Monrovia, Liberia and consist of marriage applications, marriage licenses, marriage returns and various other types of documents that certify marriage. Access is free. 13 March 2016
New PROV Records
Victoria – As of 1st January, hundreds of records relating to Victoria’s history have been made public as part of their rolling annual opening of officially closed records. Browse for the full list of newly opened files. 1 February 2016
Indiana Newspapers
USA – The Indiana State Library continues to add digitized newspapers to their Hoosier State Chronicles website. The collection contains over 100,000 issues and some 780,000 pages from many small-town newspapers across Indiana. Access is free. 1 February 2016
Alaska vital records 1816-1959
USA – has created a new collection of Alaskan vital records. Spanning the years from 1816 to 1959. About 57,000 records have been indexed and put online, with more expected to come. Access is free. 1 February 2016
English/Welsh Tithe Maps
UK – TheGenealogist has put online a complete collection of parish tithe maps and schedules for both England and Wales. Access is by subscription, and is available in the AIGS library. 1 February 2016
Norfolk County Parish Records
UK – TheGenealogist has released over 3.6 million parish records from Norfolk County. The link provides access to the complete list of parishes and dates that are covered by this release. Access is by subscription, and is available in the AIGS library. 1 February 2016
More Isle of Man Records
UK – FindMyPast has made an addition to their collection of Isle of Man records, including new birth and baptism records (1600-2010), new marriage records (1598-1979) and new burial records (1598-2011). Access is by subscription, and is available in the AIGS library. 1 February 2016
Plymouth & W Devon Electoral Rolls
UK – FindMyPast has released a collection of Plymouth and West Devon electoral registers. Spanning the years 1780 to 1983 and consisting of parish and parliamentary electoral rolls, electoral registers and lists of county voters. Access is by subscription, and is available in the AIGS library. 1 February 2016
Udine Civil Records
Italy – has indexed an additional 252,000 civil registration records from the state archive in Udine. These records span the time period from 1806 to 1815 and 1871 to 1911. Access is free. 1 February 2016
Church Records 1576-2014
Colombia – has added 1.4 million more indexed records from Colombia. These are Catholic Church records that span the years from 1576 to 2014. These records include primarily baptisms, confirmations, marriages and deaths. Access is free. 1 February 2016
Dutch Reformed Church Records 1838-1991
Southern Africa – has created a new image collection of records from the registers of the South Africa Netherdutch Reformed Church that covers various areas of South Africa, Angola, Kenya, Namibia, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe. These records span the years from 1838 to 1991. The records are in both Afrikaan and English. Access is free. 1 February 2016
Soldiers' Wills
Ireland – The National Archives of Ireland holds a collection of the wills of Irish soldiers who died while serving in the British Army. Most of these date from WWI but there is a small number from the late 19th Century and the South African War, 1899-1902. The documents have been digitised by the National Archives and are now available free online. 1 February 2016
Qld Car Registrations 1923
Queensland – Cars registered in Queensland in 1923. 4 January 2016
NSW Census 1891
New South Wales - has indexed an additional 326,000 records from the 1891 New South Wales census. 4 January 2016
W A Almanacs 1849-89
Western Australia – The State Library of Western Australia has made available almanacs spanning the years from 1849 to 1889. 4 January 2016
Property Description Changes
Queensland – The Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines has advised that it will be removing references to Parishes and Counties in land transactions, as this information is redundant for the unique identification of land. This will affect forms submitted to the department, and some products and datasets obtained from the department e.g. title searches. 4 January 2016
New Findmypast records
Various – The following records are now available via subscription, or free at the AIGS library:
     Staffordshire, Dioceses of Lichfield and Coventry Wills and Probate (1521-1860);
     British Army Muster Rolls, 84th Foot (1808-1818);
     British Army Muster Rolls, 60th Foot (1879-1882);
     Victorian Mental Health Institutions;
     Hampshire, Portsmouth Electoral Registers (1835-1873);
     Leicestershire Baptisms and Burials; and
     Devon, Plymouth Plague Rate (1626-1629).
4 January 2016
WWI soldier records
Canada – Library and Archives Canada (LAC) announce solid progress in digitizing and putting online Canadian World War I soldier records; these are the detailed service files of each Canadian soldier who served in the war. Access is free. 16 December 2015
Immigrant Servants 1899-1949
Canada – LAC has launched a new database called Immigrants to Canada: Porters and Domestics 1899 – 1949. This database contains reference to some 8,600 individuals who came to Canada as porters or domestics between 1899 and 1949. Access is free. 16 December 2015
Naturalizations 1915-44
Canada – LAC has extended their database of naturalization records, which now covers the years from 1915 to 1944, with work ongoing to extend its scope to 1951. Access is free. 16 December 2015
Tatar church records 1721-1939
Russia – has added some 900,000 images to their collection of Russian Tatarstan church books. These are images of births, baptisms, marriages, deaths and burials performed by priests of the Russian Orthodox Church in the Republic of Tatarstan, in the Volga region of Russia. The records span the years from 1721 to 1939. Access is free. 16 December 2015
Forli Civil Registrations
Italy – has created a new collection of images of civil registration (birth, marriage and death) records from the State Archives of Forli, spanning the years from 1800 to 1815 and 1866 to 1930. Access is free. 16 December 2015
WAAC Records 1917-20
England – has indexed some 160,000 records or the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC) records from 1917 to 1920. These are detailed service records on the some 7,000 women who joined WAAC. Each file contains name, date and place of birth, residence, marital status, number of children, occupation, age and date of enlistment. These records can be searched by first name and last name. Access is free. 16 December 2015
Electoral Registers 1832-1932
England & Wales – FindMyPast has put online nearly 10,000 volumes of English and Welsh electoral registers. These registers contain the names of eligible voters from various voting districts, they span the years from 1832 to 1932. At the moment, the registers cannot be searched by name. Instead, it is possible to locate the register book by searching by year, constituency and county. Access is by subscription. 16 December 2015
Military Service Appeal Tribunal
Scotland – Military Service Appeal Tribunal records are available on ScotlandsPeople. Users may search index entries relating to the Appeal cases of 5,820 men seeking exemption from military service between 1916 and 1918. Fully searchable by name, address, grounds, and occupation. Because these records were supposedly destroyed after 1921, Noel Clark cautions that this database may be incomplete.
16 December 2015
Montana Bs & Ds 1840-2004
USA – has indexed an additional 450,000 birth and death records from Montana. These span the years from 1840 to 2004. The collection can be searched by first name and last name. Access is free. 8 November 2015
Revolutionary Records 1755-83
USA – has created a new image collection called US Rosters of Revolutionary War Soldiers and Sailors. It spans the years from 1775 to 1783. Access is free. 8 November 2015
Baltimore Arrivals 1820-1948
USA – has indexed some 875,000 Baltimore ship passenger records, spanning the years 1820 to 1948. After Ellis Island, Baltimore was the second largest port of arrival for immigrants to America. Access is free. 8 November 2015
1942 US Draft Records
USA – has indexed an additional one million World War II draft registration cards. This new addition covers the year 1942. Access is free. 8 November 2015
WWI Hospital Records
England – The website Forces War Records has reached a milestone of 500,000 World War I hospital records. Access is by subscription. 8 November 2015
Migrants from Britain 1896-1909
England – The website TheGenealogist has put online historical records of passengers who departed by sea from Britain between 1896 and 1909. These records will be of interest to anyone with ancestors who emigrated from Britain, particularly to America, Canada, India, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, or to anyone with ancestors who transmigrated through England, in particular, people from Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Access is by subscription. 8 November 2015
Electoral Registers 1832-1932
England & Wales – FindMyPast has put online electoral registers from England and Wales from 1832 to 1932. In total, this mammoth collection consists of some 5.4 million images containing 220 million names. Access by subscription. 8 November 2015
Qld Cemeteries 1802-1990
Australia – FamilySearch has indexed some 335,000 cemetery records from Queensland, spanning the years 1802 to 1990. Access is free. 8 November 2015
Valuation Rolls 1855-1925
Scotland – ScotlandsPeople has released the 1855 valuation rolls. Valuation rolls from 1855 to 1925 are now available on the ScotlandsPeople website. Access is by subscription. 8 November 2015
Glasgow Newspapers
Scotland – FindMyPast has added three Scottish newspapers to their collection from the city of Glasgow. Included are the Glasgow Free Press, the Glasgow Gazette and the Glasgow Morning Journal. Access is by subscription. 8 November 2015
Irish Newspapers 1845-70/1
Ireland – The latest additions for The British Newspaper Archive website includes historic Irish newspapers: the Kings County Chronicle (1845 to 1871) and the Armagh Guardian (various years from 1845 to 1870). Access by subscription. 8 November 2015
Civil Record Indexes
Ireland –, the official genealogy website of the Irish government, has updated their indexes to historic civil records. The indexes have been updated to include birth records over 100 years old (1914 and earlier), marriage records over 75 years old (1939 and earlier) and death records over 50 years old (1964 and earlier). Access is free. 8 November 2015
Bahamas Civil Records
Bahamas – has indexed some 35,000 civil registration records from the Bahamas. These are birth, marriage and death records that span the years from 1850 to 1959. Access is free. 8 November 2015
Swedish Lutheran Records
Sweden – MyHeritage has put online 46 million Swedish household records spanning the years from 1880 to 1920. These are Lutheran Church parish records. Access is by subscription. 8 November 2015
Honduras Records 1841-1968
Honduras – has indexed an additional 179,000 civil registration records from Honduras, spanning the years from 1841 to 1968. Access is free. 8 November 2015
B C Deaths 1872-1986
Canada – has indexed some 318,000 death registrations from the province of British Columbia, covering 1872 to 1986. B.C. started recording deaths in 1872, note: Chinese were excluded from the death registration until 1897, aboriginals were excluded from registration until 1916; and also note that there may be long delays between the date of death and the death registration the isolation of some communities. Access is free. 8 November 2015
1891 Norwegian Census
Norway – The National Archives of Norway has digitized and put online images of the entire 1891 census of Norway. At the moment, no master name index exists for this census, so the images must be manually reviewed. Access is free. 8 November 2015
US Wills 1668-2005
USA – has launched a massive US probates and wills collection. The collection consists of some 30 million records comprising 170 million images from all 50 states, and spans the years from 1668 to 2005. Access to the collection is by subscription. 15 September 2015
Hawaiian Newspapers 1836-1991
USA – GenealogyBank is reporting that their historic Hawaiian newspaper collection has grown to include 25 different titles providing coverage from 1836 to 1991. Access is by subscription. 15 September 2015
Plainfield NJ Directories
Plainfield Public Library
USA – The Plainfield Public Library has put online an extensive collection of city directories from Plainfield New Jersey spanning the years from 1870 to 1982. Access is free. 15 September 2015
Booking Registers 1924-53
San Mateo County GS
USA – The San Mateo County Genealogical Society has put online an index of the sheriff’s booking registers covering the years from 1924 to 1953 (1943 to 1945 are missing). Basically, these registers record everyone who was booked into the county jail during that period. The full record (available offline at the local San Mateo library) provides further detail. Access is free. 15 September 2015
Allied POWs of WW II
England – FindMyPast has put online one million prisoner of war records from World War II. These are predominantly records of Commonwealth and US prisoners held in German POW camps. Access to this collection is by subscription. 15 September 2015
N. Lancs. Cemeteries
England – Deceased Online has added four new cemeteries in North Lancashire to their collection, bringing the total number of Lancashire burial records to 5 million. Access is by subscription. 15 September 2015
English School Registers
England – FindMyPast has put online an additional 2.7 million school registers from across England spanning the years from 1870 to 1914. Access to this collection is by subscription. 15 September 2015
More Irish Newspapers
Ireland – The Irish Newspaper Archive has added four new titles: the Irish (Cork) Examiner 1841 to 1989; the Sligo Champion (Co. Sligo) 1950 to the present; the Strabane Chronicle (Co. Tyrone) 1908 to 1979 and various years from the Leinster Express in Co. Laois. Access is by pay per view. 15 September 2015
Irish School Registers
Ireland – FindMyPast has put online historic Irish school register records. In total, this collection contains some 142,000 records. The records span the years from 1860 to 1920. According to FindMyPast, most of the records come from smaller, more isolated schools. Access is by subscription. 15 September 2015
Victorian Place Names
Australia – The Victorian Place Names website lists every town and suburb in Victoria, and provides a history for each place with photos, maps, excerpts from newspapers and current demographic information available. 11 August 2015
Convict Marriage Applications
Australia – New South Wales Registers of Convicts’ Applications to Marry 1825-1851 Convicts in Australian penal colonies were encouraged to marry as Governors believed that marriage and family life were good for both morality and stability. The Governor had to give permission before any marriage could take place and copies of the banns would be sent by the local clergy to the Colonial Secretary. Some approved marriages did not go ahead, so there may be more than one successful application for your ancestor. 11 August 2015
Victoria Prison Registers
Australia – Victoria Prison Registers, 1855-1960. The collection includes a transcript and scanned image of the original registers; many include a mug shot photograph of individual prisoners. They list fascinating details about not only the prisoners’ offences, sentences and incarceration, but also biographical information such as their name, date of birth, country of origin and occupation. 11 August 2015
Convict Ships 1786-1849
Australia – Australia Convict Ships 1786-1849: Includes the details of some of the earliest convict settlers in New South Wales. They do not cover every convict who arrived, as many have been lost or scattered to other places. Each record contains a transcript and a black and white image of original documents. 11 August 2015
Convict Pardons 1791-1867
Australia – Australia Convict Conditional and Absolute Pardons 1791-1867: this database lists the details of convicts who built new lives in NSW, including details of pardons by the Governor. Each record contains a transcript and an image of original documents. The records also include the name of the ship they arrived on, the term of the sentence they served, any additional notes, and details of their release. 11 August 2015
Crime Records
England – Crime, Prisons & Punishment: these records, from the Home Office, Metropolitan Police and Prison Commission span from 1770 to 1935, and reveal many stories of criminals, victims and law enforcers. 11 August 2015
Criminal Petitions (i)
England – Registers of Criminal Petitions (HO18): Some petitions have additional documents attached, such as returns of convicts recommended for early release by the governor, newspaper cuttings and other documentation. It is worth browsing through the connected images as some petitions are quite lengthy documents that will give details of family circumstances and the grounds on which they are hoping to appeal their sentence. 11 August 2015
Criminal Petitions ii)
England – Registers of Criminal Petitions (HO19): consists of registers of correspondence relating to criminal petitions. The records include copied letters that often refer to previous correspondence which may or may not have survived, and will usually give the outcome of the appeal. The registers also note the criminal’s place of imprisonment. 11 August 2015
Judges' Reports
England – Judges’ Report on Criminals (HO47) comprises transcripts and images of handwritten letters and reports from judges on cases and criminals and include petitions for free pardons and reductions and commutations of sentences. The records within this set include defendants, judges, witnesses and victims. Details of the family circumstances were often recorded as grounds for clemency. 11 August 2015
Northumberland Fusiliers 1881-1920
England – British Army, Northumberland Fusiliers 1881-1920: The transcripts list the details of men who served with the regiment during the Fourth Ashanti War (1895-1896), Sudan, Boer War, North West Frontier and the First World War. Each record consists of a transcript that can include the soldier’s name, residence, rank, battalion, enlistment, transfer and discharge details and any additional notes. 11 August 2015
1931 Census
England – Shropshire, Shrewsbury St Julian’s Parish, 1831 census: The 1831 census only recorded the names of the head of each household. As well as listing the names, addresses and marital status of each head of household, the records can also reveal the number of buildings and families they were responsible for, the number of servants within their household, whether families worked in agriculture, trade or otherwise and the number of men, women and youths under the age of 20. 11 August 2015
British Slave Owners
England – Was your British ancestor a slave owner? Slavery was abolished in the offshore British Empire in 1833. Those who had owned slaves were compensated at the time for their financial losses when they lost their slaves. Historians from University College London (UCL) have catalogued the 46,000 British subjects who were compensated by the British government for losing in total 800,000 slaves as a result of abolition. 11 August 2015
Britain's Blitz
England – The Battle of Britain and the London Blitz: This year marks the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain. The London Blitz began on 7 September 1940, and, for 57 consecutive nights Londoners were subjected to an aerial onslaught. The Bomb Sight project is a fascinating online map of the drops using the London WW2 bomb census, which was taken between October 1940 and June 1941. Now researchers can explore where the bombs fell online, plus the website includes an evolving archive of memories and photographs from the period. 11 August 2015
Grave Records Release
England – Original World War 2 records for 1.7 million individuals commemorated by the Commonwealth Graves Commission (CWGC) will be revealed on 15 August. Details will include personal headstone inscriptions, date of death, rank, regiment and some documents which show the journey of the deceased to their final resting place. Available via the 'casualty search' option at 11 August 2015
Allied PoW's
England – Another insightful set of records with a link to VJ Day is The National Archives’ Japanese Index Cards of Allied Prisoners of War. You can browse the index online, but to view an actual document you will need to either visit The National Archives or request a quote to have a copy sent to you. The 50,000 cards provide details such as: name, nationality, rank, camp, parents' names, date of birth and service number. 11 August 2015
Merchant Navy, 1915
England – Merchant Navy Crew Lists for 1915: A volunteer project has made details of surviving First World War Merchant Navy crew lists from 1915, available to search online for the first time. 11 August 2015
Unhappy Snaps
England – Victorian Prisoners' Photographs: Record series PCOM 2/290 and 2/291 are formed of photographs and personal information of prisoners in Wandsworth between 1872 to1873. 11 August 2015
UK Marriage Index
England – The Marriage Locator: This website enables you to interpret the Marriage Index created by the General Register Office for England and Wales. By using it you can determine where your ancestors were married - not just which Registration District, but which church! The purpose of this website: to deduce, from the year, quarter, volume number and page that you have acquired from the GRO indexes, where the marriage took place. This is still a work in progress, and not all the data needed for all marriages is yet available. New data is continually being added. 11 August 2015
There's an App for That
England – Inventor Ancestors? Did you have an inventor in the family? Inventors would often apply for a patent. Information on patent applications for the Victorian era – and beyond – is kept by the British Library. To locate a patent application prior to 1890, researchers will need to use the British Library's paper indexes, which are not yet digitised so you will need to visit the Library or use its research service (fee payable) if you are not able to go in person. If the application was after 1890, then a search of the individual’s name on the digitised patent database can be conducted. 11 August 2015
Admiralty Court Records
England – Admiralty Court Records: The MarineLives project is a collaborative public-history project, to digitise, transcribe and annotate the manuscript records of the English High Court of Admiralty. The original records date from the 1650s and 1660s. 11 August 2015
Irish Parish Registers
Ireland – Irish Parish Registers Online: Images of Roman Catholic parish registers are now free to view on the National Library of Ireland's (NLI) website. These records date from the 1740s to the 1880s and cover 1091 parishes across Ireland. Typically, the parish registers include information such as the dates of baptisms and marriages, and the names of the key people involved, including godparents or witnesses. You will find researching easier if you have some idea in which parish your ancestors lived as the digital images will be searchable by location only, and will not be transcribed or indexed. 11 August 2015
Irish BDM's Online
30 Counties
Antrim & Down (incl Belfast)
Ireland – Using Online Databases to Locate Irish Ancestors’ Baptisms, Marriages And Burials. The best place to start your research is with the transcriptions of Church baptisms, marriages and burials which are available on one website for 30 of the 32 counties, and on another for Counties Antrim and Down, including Belfast. Using these indexed records, you can identify relevant records. 11 August 2015
Statistical Atlas Revival
United States – Reviving the Statistical Atlas of the United States with New Data. The Statistical Atlas of the USA was published by the Census Bureau and was full of statistical data from the census records. It also mapped things including crop yields, the prevalence of disease, the provenance of people and was last published for 2000. Nathan Yau has created a series of fascinating maps of the country built with data he has pulled from a variety of government websites. 11 August 2015
Canadian Obituaries
Canada – Free Online Canadian Obituaries Database. The Drouin Institute has added 246,000 recent obituaries to its website for a total of 1,685,650 Canadian obituaries, from 1999 to 2015. 11 August 2015
Missing Records
Germany – Why is it so hard to find genealogical information in the areas of Prussia, Poland, and Germany? The answers to this question are actually quite simple and brief; although achieving an appreciation and understanding of their response is often somewhat more elusive. This page features a number of YouTube links to help you visualise the world during World War II. 11 August 2015
Victims of U-Boats
Various – Crew Lists of Ships Hit by U-boats During World War II: This site is very much a work in progress, but promises to become a valuable addition to shipping resources. 11 August 2015
New Collections online
UK – The website TheGenealogist is releasing several new collections including: WWI medal records; 750,000 new parish records from 22 different counties; and additional tithe maps have been released for more English counties. Access to these new collections is by subscription.
11 May 2015
Early English manor rolls
Harvard University
UK – Harvard University has begun a project to put online their collection of early English manor rolls. Includes court rolls, account rolls etc., from various English manors. They range in date from 1282 to 1770. Currently the collection is not searchable. Access is free.
11 May 2015
Sandwell Cemetery records
UK – Deceased Online has added cemetery and cremation records from the Sandwell Metropolitan Borough, which is near Birmingham in the West Midlands. Access is by subscription.
11 May 2015
Derbyshire parish records
UK - has a new image collection of Derbyshire parish records. This collection spans the years from 1537 to 1918. Access is free.
11 May 2015
Yorkshire parish records
UK – FindMyPast has seriously increased their collection of Yorkshire parish records. Over 1.2 million new baptism records from North Riding, East Riding and West Riding are part of the latest update. The records span the years from the 1500s to 1914. Access is by subscription.
11 May 2015
Alabama marriages, 1809-1950
US – has added some 700,000 indexed marriage records to their collection of Alabama marriage records. This collection spans the years from 1809 to 1950. Access is free.
11 May 2015
Cascade Co., MT 1880-2009
US – has indexed some 460,000 records from Cascade County, Montana. The collection spans the years from 1880 to 2009 and consists of an incredibly diverse set of records. Access is free.
11 May 2015
Plainfield, NJ, Resources and
US – The Plainfield Public Library of New Jersey has put online a collection of 75 local city directories that span the years from 1870 to 1982; and a collection of seven early Plainfield newspapers spanning the years from 1868 to 1916. Access is free.
11 May 2015
Texas marriages, 1837-1977
US – FamilySearch has indexed some 1.3 million additional Texas marriage records. The records span the years from 1837 to 1977. Access is free.
11 May 2015
Irish Ancestor articles
Ireland – The Irish Genealogical Research Society has put online copies of their annual journal The Irish Ancestor. The articles can be searched by family name and first name. Access is free.
11 May 2015
Kerry Newspapers 1828-1920
Ireland – The Irish Newspaper Archives has added 7 new historic newspaper titles from County Kerry. The newspapers span the years from 1828 to 1920. Access is by subscription.
11 May 2015
Back Online!
Ireland – The birth, marriage and death indexes at are now back online and available to search. You need to register and agree to the fact the search is for genealogical purposes. These are just indexes. Access is free.
11 May 2015
NSW Gov Gazette 1822-63
Australia – has put online early editions of the government gazette of New South Wales. The collection spans the years from 1832 to 1863. Access is by subscription.
11 May 2015
E Flanders registrations 1541-1912
Belgium – has indexed an additional 70,000 civil registration records from East Flanders, Belgium, spanning the period from 1541 to 1912. Access is free.
11 May 2015
Ontario marriages 1869-1927
Canada – has indexed an additional 246,000 records from their existing collection of Ontario marriages, spanning the years from 1869 to 1927. Access is free.
11 May 2015
School Registers 1799-1953
Czechoslovakia – FamilySearch has put online a collection of some 66,000 school register images, spanning the years from 1799 to 1953 covering the Moravia region of the former Czechoslovakia. Access is free.
11 May 2015
Coahuila civil records
Mexico – FamilySearch has indexed some 411,000 civil registration records from the state of Coahuila, Mexico. Access is free.
11 May 2015
NZ probate records 1843-1998
New Zealand – FamilySearch has added another 770,000 images to their collection of New Zealand probate records. This collection spans the years from 1843 to 1998. Access is free.
11 May 2015
Orange Free State 1951-2006
South Africa – has indexed some 43,000 names in their massive collection of estate files from Orange Free State, South Africa. This collection spans the years from 1951 to 2006. Access is free.
11 May 2015


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