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Catalogue of Fiche, Film and CDs

Note that the spelling of place names may have changed over the years so remember to check all variations.
 Updates highlighted in Red


Abbothall Cemetery MIs including ditigal images of headstones

Aberdour Old and New Cemetery MIs

Aucherderran Church - Bowhill Cemetery MIs
Crail Churchyard
Containing Crail Churchyard Survey [Old Churchyard] database,
Mural Tombs Database, Maps & Index [c1650's to c1930]

Faulkland Old Cemetery & Mausloeum MIs including ditigal images of headstones
Hillend Cemetery MIs [dating from 1949] including digital images of headstones
Kilmany Parish Church MIs
Kingskettle Church Cemetery MIs
South Queensferry Old Vennel Churchyard MIs with photographs


Cupar Free Church [Blotter] Register
Baptisms 1843-1854, Communicants 1837-1853 - Item 10
LDS Film 1068235
Dunfermline Associate Session Church
Baptisms 1740-1750,  Marriages 1749-1773, 
Baptisms 1751-1773 (following marriages by year)
Baptisms 1774-1799, Marriages 1774-1799
Film Sct 35
Fife Baptism from Non Establishment Church Records
Kirkcaldy Second Associate Church -
Congregation Account Book 1821-1882.
Kirkcaldy Second Associate Congregational [later Union UP & UF] Church -
Baptismal Register 1866-1918        
United Free Congregation Kirkcaldy -
Account of Income & Expenditure for the year ended 15th December 1902
Kirkcaldy Union Church -
Death Register 1892, 1895, 1897-1902, 1908-1918[not necessarily in year order]
Communicants Roll Book or Names & Designations of Members
Film Wig 3
Limekilns Burgh Seceders [Blotter] Register [United Association Congregation]
Baptisms 1857-1865
Film Sct 27

Lochgelly Associate Congregation [Blotter] [405] [Auchterderran  Parish]
Blotter registers & sermon  1773-1778

Film Sct 23

Newburgh Associate Congregation Church.  Baptisms 1785-1850,  Marriages 1758-1821, 1860.
Film Sct 29
Saline Free Church Register
Baptisms 1843-1883,  Marriages 1844-1865,  Deaths 1844-1866
Film Sct 24


Merchant Seamen Crew Lists & Agreements 1863-1913 [CLIP]


The Register of Apprentices of the City of Edinburgh 1583-1800
Note:  These Apprentices come from all parts of Scotland              


Historical Clock & Watchmakers Index [UK-wide index]


Merchant Seamen’s Crew Agreement Lists 1851 [PRO Catalogue No BT 98]
Note: The area designation relates to the ships’ Port of Registration not the birthplace of the seaman. 
A seaman could sign on anywhere and change ships at will, so if you do not find him where expected try other areas.

The files include a Master Surname Index to Lists published to date.
Areas covered are:-Aberdeen, Angus, Cornwall, Lanark, Renfrew, Scotland South- East, Scotland South-West, Highlands & Islands, Wales, Ireland North [Ulster], Ireland Mid  & East [Leinster] Ireland South &West [Munster & Connaught]


Abbreviations uses:  B. Burials,  C. Christenings/Baptisms,  D.  Deaths,  M.  Marriages.

Fife Deaths - Pre 1855 Index Version 2  - over 250,000 names.


Abbotshall Parish Register [399]   C. 1820-1854, M. 1820-1854, B. 1750-1860
Annual Subscriptions - undated, Marriage Index, Miscellaneous late entries

Film Fif 9

Auchtermuchty Parish Register [406]
Kirk Session Cash Book 1797-1833
Film Sct 26
Cupar Parish Register [420]
CM. & B. 1654-1716, 1717-1777, 1778-1819, 1820-1854
Register of Neglected Entries

Film Fif 1

Dunfermline Parish Register [424]
B. 1825-1854 Register of Neglected Entries Index to Christenings

Film Fif 7

Dunfermline Parish Register [Blotter] [424]
Births & Christenings   1821-1845,
Burials 1790-1800, 1815-1833
Film Sct 23
Dumfermline Parish Registers [424]   Baptisms 1797-1819,  Marriages 1750-1814
LDS Film 1040104
Inverkeithing Parish Register [432] 
Baptisms 1805-1820,  Marriages 1748-1819, 
Burials 1698-1784,  Marriages 1698-1749,  Burials 1698-1843, 
Baptisms 1820-1854,  Marriages 1820-1855
Film Fif 11
Kemback Parish Register [433] 
Baptisms 1649-1819,  Marriages 1648-1810,  Burials 1700-1819,
Baptisms 1820-1854,  Proclamations to Marry 1820-1854,  Burials 1820-1854
Film Fif 11
Kirkcaldy Parish Registers. 
Baptisms 1614-1630, 1638-1662, 1673-1783, 
Marriages 1615-1666, 1673-1688, 1737-1783,  Baptisms 1732-1752, 1752-1783
Film Fif 2
Kirkcaldy Parish Registers.  Baptisms 1783-1854, 
Supplementary 1820-1854,  Marriages 1783-1867,  Register of Neglected Entries
Film Fif 3
Kirkcaldy Parish Register Index [442] [Taken from LDS Films 1040186-1040187 &1068235]
Births & Christenings A thru Z, 1614-1854 (7 fiche)
Marriages A thru Z, 1615-1867 4 (3 fiche)

LDS Fiche 6900784
LDS Fiche 690190
Kirkcaldy Parish Registers [Blotter] [442]   Baptisms 1750-1769 Births 1790-1795 - Item 1
LDS Film 1068235
Leuchars Parish Register [445] 
Christenings 1665-1819,  Marriages 1665-1819, 
Christenings 1820-1854,  Marriages 1820-1855,  Mortcloth 1720-1765,  Deaths 1766-1854.
Film Fif 4
Logie Parish Register [44] 
Session book,  Christenings 1660-1819,  Marriages 1660-1819,
Deaths 1780-1819,  Christenings 1820-1854,  Marriages 1820-1854,  Deaths 1820-1851
Film Fif 4
Markinch Parish Register [447] 
Burials 1799-1819,  Christenings 1820-1854,
Proclamations 1834-1855,  Morthcloth 1820-1854,  Burials 1820-1854
Film Fif 6
Markinch Parish Register [447] 
Christenings 1635-1777,  Marriages 1697-1777, 
Burials 1635-1723,  Christenings 1780-1819,  Marriages 1779-1805, 
Marriages 1670-1686 [or proclamations],  Burials 1649-1819
Film Fif 5
St Andrews Parish Register [453] 
Baptisms 1820-1854 including many late entries of mixed dates at end of 1854
Marriages - 1820 March 1855
Film Fif 8
St Leonards Parish Register [453] 
Baptisms 1667-1819,  Marriages 1668-1819  At end of film after St. Andrews -
Births 1820-1854,  Marriages 1820-1854,  Register of Neglected Entries
Also many late entries just pre 1855 at end of each section - mixed dates, Deaths 1820-1854.
Film Fif 8
St Leonards & St Andrews Parish Registers [453]
Baptisms 1667-1819, Marriages 1668-1822,
Baptisms 1820-1854, Marriages 1819-1855, Burials 1820-1854
Film Fif 12
Strathmiglo Parish Register [457]
Kirk Session Distributions & Collections 1742-1819,
Baptisms 1820-1854,   Marriages 1820-1854,  Burials 1820-1854
Film Fif 10
Torryburn Parish Register [458]  
Baptisms 1663-1681, 1680-1819, Marriages 1629-1665, 1680-1819,   Burials 1768-1819.
Scroll of the Mortcloth Money,  Roll of Weekly Pensioners,  Accidental Payments
Film Fif 10


Dunfermline Parish Register [424] 1561-1700

Wills before 1875 were proved in Commissariot Courts.
The areas covered by  Commissariot Courts pre 1800 in Scotland, relate to Church jurisdiction and not County borders. So more than one Court can cover a County.
The Commissariot Courts
of Edinburgh had jurisdiction for the whole of Scotland and abroad and should also be checked.
These Testaments are for personal property only.
The AIGS Library has a complete set of Indexes for pre 1800 Commissariot Court Wills.

The Commissariot of Edinburgh was the main court and covers all of Scotland and Overseas as well as the local area and should always be checked.
fiche T11-T23
The Commissariot of Stirling covers the following parishes in Fife:- Carnock, Saline and Torryburn.

fiche T46-T47

The Commissariot of Dunkeld  covers the following parishes in Fife: Aberdour, Leslie and Strathmiglo.

fiche T8-T9

The Commissariot of St Andrews covers the following parishes in Fife: The whole of the County of Fife with the possible exceptions of the parishes of Carnock, Saline, Culross and Tulliallan.

fiche T41-T45

Land was covered by separate laws and is covered by the records detailed in:
The Retours of Services of Heirs index 1544 - 1699 
The Service of Heirs Index
1700 - 1859
Scottish Calendar of Confirmations [of wills] 1876 - 1923
British Probate Calendar   1858 - 1898
Contains English and Welsh Wills and Administrations as well as some Irish and Scottish entries.
Entries can also be found from around the world and from deaths many years earlier. See Guide. 
Where a Scottish testator also held property in England, for the years listed below, wills were also proved in London and indexes to these are found at the end of the films listing English probate on the last film for each year after the letter 'Z.'
1858 to 1866 inclusive.
1869 to 1876 inclusive.
Register of Defuncts  1846 - 1867
Index to the Inventories of the Personal Estates of Defuncts recorded in the  Commissary Court Books of Fife, Dundee, Clackmannan, Kinross, Stirling, Aberdeen, Kincardine, Banff, Elgin, Nairn, Inverness, Ross & Cromarty, Sutherland, Caithness, Orkney and Zetland [RH 3/211/2]
Film Sct 5


Hearth Tax
List of hearths within the presbytery of Dunfermline 1694
List of hearths presbytery of Kirkcaldy, Cupar & St Andrews 1694
Film Sct 20

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