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England General
Catalogue of Fiche, Film and CDs
Note that the spelling of place names may have changed over the years so remember to check all variations.
 Updates highlighted in Red


Annals of the North 1800-1832
fiche Dur 302-303
Bankrupt Directory 1774-1786 
Bankrupt Directory 1820-1843
fiche Gen 91-92
fiche Gen 61-68
Bell Wills & Administrations 1858-1899
fiche Gen 20-28
Big `R'  British Isles Genealogical Register  1994 
Big `R'  British Isles Genealogical Register  1997 
Big 'R'  Members Interests  2001 
Names & Addresses sent into the FFHS in England
fiche Gen 171-194
fiche Gen 436-454
British State Tontine 1766 & Annuities 1745-1779
fiche Gen 166
Children’s Employment Commission Appendix to the Second Report of the Commissioners 1842
Register of the family of Thomas Lalor Cooke
Film Gen 3
Dougal’s Unclaimed Money Register 1910
Divorces extracted from the London 'Times' 1788-1910
fiche Gen 20-28
English Websites for Genealogists
References to English Surnames 1602
fiche Gen 875
Family Tree Magazine Index [Vol 1-7] 1985-1991
fiche Gen 115
Foreign Protestants & Aliens Resident in England 1618-1688
Fragmenta Genealogica [Vol X]
Anglo German FHS Journal Mitteilungsblatt 1987-2004  [Books 1-70]
A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Commoners of Great Britain and Ireland by John Burke 1836
Gentleman’s Magazine Library 1731-1868
Contributions to the Gentleman’s Magazine on topographical subjects by people personally
acquainted with them Also includes much parish and family history
GOON's Register of One-Name Studies 1996 
GOON's Register of One-Name Studies 1997
Hastings of Hastings
Film Dev 6
Index to Births, Marriages & Deaths for Anglo Italians
  Births 1180-1943
  Marriages 1202-1973
  Deaths 1707-2002 (includes a file of family group records)
Martin Births in England & Wales arranged by Quarter, Alphabetically & by District. 
Includes a fiche of Registration Districts & Maps.
fiche Gen 411-414
Mayors of England & Wales 1902 (includes biographies & portraits)
Harrison & Pulling Names of the UK
fiche Gen 69-75
The Nobility of the British Gentry - 1825 [does not list names]
Film Wes 4
Notes of Cases heard & determined in 1913 (includes House of Lords, Court of Appeal, King’s Bench Probate, Divorce & Admiralty division of High Court of Justice and Bankruptcy).
Later Records of North Westmorland or the Barony of Appleby Indexed
Film Wes 4
Paupers in Workhouses 1861 
Index to the Returns from each Workhouse in England & Wales, giving the name of each adult person 
[16 years & over] who has been an Inmate for a continuous period of the last 5 years.
fiche Gen 429-432

Owen's New Book of Fairs
PRO [England & Wales] Current Guide
fiche Gen 96-114
PRO Names 1  An index to miscellaneous personal names occurring in PRO documents 
PRO Names 2  An index to miscellaneous personal names occurring in PRO documents 
PRO Names 3  An index to miscellaneous personal names occurring in PRO documents
fiche Gen 458
fiche Gen 463
fiche Gen 621
The Post Card index [Vol 1 - 4]
fiche Gen 559-570
Protestation Returns 1641/2 for Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire
fiche Ntt 78-79
Return of Papists 1767 
Roman Catholics in the Diocese of Durham including Northumberland and County Durham.
fiche Dur 4
'Romany Routes'  [Vol 1 No 1-4] and [Vol 2 No 1-4]  fully indexed 1994-1996
Records of the Society of Merchants Adventurers [Vol 2]
Genealogical table of the Dukes of Somerset
Film Yks 11
Out of Area Stray's Collection 1
Stray's Collection 2
Strays Collection 3
Strays Collection 4
Strays [FFHS 1996]
fiche Gen 76-81
fiche Gen 82-86
fiche Gen 87-88
fiche Gen 91-92
fiche Gen 433-435
British in the US Federal Census of 1870
Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey & Kent War Office List 1804
fiche Ssx 31
West Midland Genealogy - A survey of records
Film Wes 4
A collection of the Wills of Kings & Queens of England from William the Conqueror to Henry VII &
other royalty
Film Gen 2

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