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England General
Catalogue of Fiche, Film and CDs
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British Lying Hospital, Holborn
Particulars of Patients in the Lying in Hospital
1  1797-1819
2  1819-1868
Film Gen 6

See also the Section on British India

Welshmen in the East India Company Army
fiche Wls 36-40

National Burial Index for England & Wales


Catholic Record Society Miscellanea IX
1    Annals of the English College of Seville
2    Registers of the Poor Clare Nuns at Gravelines 1608-1788
3    Registers of the Benedictine Nuns of Brussels, Winchester and East Bergholt 1598-1856
4    Two Rosary Confraternity Lists Bornhem and the North of England 1706-1813
5    Registers of Capheaton, Northumberland  1760-1785
6    Registers of Biddleston Hall, Northumberland  1767-1840
7    Registers of Pylewell House, Lymington, Hampshire, 1805-1840 and Rook Cliff, Milford-on-Sea, Hampshire 1813-1815
8    Registers of Marriages, Baptisms and Reconciliations by Rev Monox Hervey 1729-1756
9    Pedigree of Harvey of Eye, Wikham Skeith and Stoke Ash in Suffolk; and Rivett of Great Yarmouth
10  Index

Catholic Record Society Miscellanea X
1    English Canonesses of the Holy Sepulchre at Liege, now at New Hall, Essex 1652 - 1793
2    Registers of the English Benedictine Nuns of Pontoise, now at Teignmouth, Devonshire   1680 -1713
3    Official Enquiry as to estate of Robert Charnock of Leyland, Lancashire, Priest, Left for "Superstitious Uses,"   1687
4    Catholic Registers of Harvington Hall, Worcs   1752 - 1823
5    Catholic Registers of Linton upon Ouse, Yorks   1771 - 1840
6    Catholic Registers of Kiddington, Oxfordshire   1788 - 1840
7    Catholic Reg of Woolston, Warrington, Lancs   1771 -1834
8    Various reports and letters

Catholic Record Society Miscellanea XII
1    Diocesan Returns of Recusants for England & Wales   1577
2    Catholic Registers of Market Rasen, Lincolnshire   1797-1840
3    Catholic Registers of Knaresborough, Yorkshire   1765-1840
4    Catholic Registers of Costessey, Norfolk   1785-1821
5    Catholic Registers of Burton, Sussex   1720-1855
6    Various reports and letters

Recusant Roll No 1 - 1592-1593
Return of Papists 1767  Roman Catholics in the Diocese of Durham including Northumberland and County Durham
fiche Dur 4


Records of the German Lutheran Church and the German Reform Church  in England ( see London)
fiche Lnd 116-129


Coach & Coach Harness Makers' Company
Court Minutes              1830-1893
Ledgers                       1879-1887
Cash Books                 1868-1896
Warden's Accounts      1803-1868
Apprentice Bindings     1722-1822

Film Lnd 43
Film Lnd 44
Film Lnd 45
Company of Fletchers Freemen 1519-1545, 1559-1602
Film Lnd 43
Company of Watermen & Lightermen
Index of Bindings 
            1884-1908, 1865-1926
            1692-1716, 1716-1742, 1742-1783
Bindings & Affidavits    1898-1949
Affidavits and Binding Dates 1898-1949
fiche Lnd 38-57A

fiche Lnd 98-100
fiche Lnd 340-342

Corporation of Trinity House Watermen
fiche Lnd 391-392

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