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County Down
Catalogue of Fiche, Film and CDs

Note that the spelling of place names may have changed over the years so remember to check all variations.
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Cemetery Records    

Census Records

Church Records  -
Church of Ireland

Church Records - Presbyterian

Church Records - Roman Catholic       New


Land Records


Parish Records    

Quaker Records  

School  Records



Gravestone Inscriptions Volume 1
Breda, Carryduff Presbyterian, Castlereagh Presbyterian, Drumbo Church of Ireland, Gransha Presbyterian, Hillhall Presbyterian, Killybawn, Knockbreckan Reformed Presbyterian, Moneyrea Presbyterian & Tullynakill.
fiche Dow 10-11

Gravestone Inscriptions Volume 2
Baileysmill Reformed Presbyterian, Boardmills First Presbyterian, Boardmills Second Presbyterian, Dundonald, Killaney Presbyterian, Killaney Church of Ireland, Knockbreda, Legacurry Presbyterian, Comber Corrigenda, Drumbo Church of Ireland Addenda.
fiche Dow 1-2
Gravestone Inscriptions Volume 3
Ballycarn Presbyterian Graveyard, Drumbeg Graveyard, Edenderry House Graveyard, Kilmore Graveyard, Kilmore Church of Ireland Graveyard, Kilmore Presbyterian Graveyard, Rademan Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Graveyard, Saintfield Church of Ireland Graveyard, Saintfield First Presbyterian Graveyard, Saintfield Second Presbyterian Graveyard, Tullynakill Graveyard.
fiche Dow 29-30
Ulster, County Down-Gravestone Inscriptions  Vol 4
Baronies of Upper & Lower Castlereagh 
fiche Dow 3-4

Gravestone Inscriptions Volume 5 2nd edition
Blaris, Comber, Kilmood & Killinchy.Ballygowan Presbyterian Graveyard, Blaris Graveyard, Carrickmannon Roman Catholic Graveyard, Comber Graveyard, Comber Cemetery, Comber Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Graveyard, Comber Roman Catholic Graveyard, Kilcairn Graveyard, Killinchy Non-Subscribing Graveyard, Killysuggan Graveyard, Kilmood Graveyard, Raffrey Presbyterian Graveyard & Ravara Non-subscribing Presbyterian Graveyard.
fiche Dow 12-14
Gravestone Inscriptions Volume 6
Barony of Dufferin. Ballymacashen Reformed Presbyterian Graveyard, Killaresy Graveyard, Killinakin Graveyard, Killinchy Graveyard, Killinchy Presbyterian Graveyard, Killyleagh Old Graveyard, Killyleagh Church of Ireland Graveyard, Tullymacnous Gravestone, Drumbeg Graveyard Addenda & Corrigenda.
fiche Dow 15-16
Gravestone Inscriptions Volume 7 2nd edition.
Downpatrick Cathedral Graveyard, Downpatrick Church of Ireland Graveyard, Downpatrick Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Graveyard, Downpatrick Presbyterian Graveyard, Downpatrick St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Cemetery, Downpatrick St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church Graveyard, Inch Graveyard, Killyleagh Presbyterian Graveyard, Saul Graveyard.           
fiche Dow 17-20
Gravestone Inscriptions Volume 8
Ardglass Graveyard, Ballee Graveyard, Ballee Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Graveyard, Ballycruttle Roman Catholic Graveyard, Ballyculter Graveyard, Bright Graveyard, Dunsfort Graveyard, Dunsfort Roman Catholic Graveyard, Kilclief Graveyard, Kilclief Roman Catholic Graveyard, Killough Graveyard, Old Court Chapel Strangford, Rossglass Roman Catholic Graveyard, Saul Roman Catholic Graveyard, & Illustrations.
fiche Dow 31-32
Gravestone Inscriptions Volume 9
Aghlisnafin Roman Catholic Graveyard, Ballykinler Roman Catholic Graveyard, Ballynahinch First Presbyterian Graveyard, Ballynahinch Second Presbyterian Graveyard, Clough Presbyterian Graveyard, Clough Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Graveyard, Drumaroad Roman Catholic Graveyard, Kilmegan Graveyard, Loughinisland Graveyard, Magheradrool Graveyard, Magheradrool Church of Ireland Graveyard, Magherahamlet Graveyard, Magherahamlet Presbyterian Graveyard, Rathmullan Graveyard, Seaforde Graveyard & Illustrations.   
fiche Dow 33
Gravestone Inscriptions Volume 10
Ballymageough, Glassdrumman, Kilhorne, Kilkeel, Mourne & Tamlaght.
fiche Dow 9
Gravestone Inscriptions Volume 12
Ballyblack, Grey Abbey, Kircubbin, Loughinisland, Magheradrool & Illustrations.
fiche Dow 34-35
Gravestone Inscriptions Volume 13
Ardkeen Graveyard, Ardkeen Church of Ireland Graveyard, Ardquin Graveyard, Ballycranbeg Roman Catholic Graveyard, Ballygalget Roman Catholic Graveyard, Ballyphilip Graveyard, Portaferry, Ballyphilip Church of Ireland Graveyard, Ballytrustan Graveyard, Lisbane Roman Catholic Graveyard, Portaferry Roman Catholic Graveyard, Breda Graveyard Addenda & Corrigenda, Comber Graveyard, Corrigendum, Kilmore Graveyard, Corrigenda, Kilmore Church of Ireland Graveyard, Addenda, Knock Graveyard, Addenda & Illustrations.
fiche Dow 36-37
Gravestone Inscriptions Volume 14
Barony of Ards: Balliggan Graveyard, Ballyhemlin Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Graveyard, Carrowdore Graveyard, Cloghy Presbyterian Graveyard, Inishargy Graveyard, Slanes Graveyard, & Templepatrick Graveyard.         
fiche Dow 21-22
Gravestone Inscriptions Volume 16
Ballycopeland Presbyterian Graveyard. General View, Donaghadee Graveyard. The Church, Donaghadee Graveyard Bailie Headstone, Donaghadee Graveyard Delacherois Vault, Petition by Montgomery Gourley, Donaghadee Graveyard Hanna headstone, Donaghadee Graveyard Hunter headstone, Donaghadee Graveyard Johnson headstone, Donaghadee Graveyard McClelland headstone, Donaghadee Graveyard, McTeer headstone, Donaghadee Graveyard MecCosh headstone, Donaghadee Graveyard Millieng headstone, Donaghadee Graveyard Smith headstone, Donaghadee Graveyard White headstone, Millisle Presbyterian Graveyard. General View.
fiche Dow 38-39
Gravestone Inscriptions Volume 17
Barony of Ards: Balloo House Mausoleum, Ballygilbert Presbyterian Church, Bangor Abbey Graveyard, Bangor Church of Ireland Church, Bangor First Presbyterian Church, Castle Park, Bangor, Clandeboye House, Conlig Presbyterian Church, Groomsport Church of Ireland Church, Groomsport Presbyterian Church.
fiche Dow 23-24
Gravestone Inscriptions Volume 18
Annahilt, Eglantine, Hillsborough, Moira.Annahilt Graveyard, Annahilt Presbyterian Graveyard, Cargacreevy Presbyterian Graveyard, Eglantine Church of Ireland Graveyard, Gilnahirk Presbyterian Graveyard, Hillsborough Graveyard, Hillsborough Society of Friends Graveyard, Hillsborough Hill monument, Kilwarlin Church of Ireland Graveyard, Kilwarlin Moravian Graveyard, Kilwarlin Roman Catholic Graveyard, Loughaghery Presbyterian Graveyard, Lurganville Roman Catholic Graveyard, Maze Presbyterian Graveyard, Moira Graveyard, Moira Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Graveyard Moira Presbyterian Graveyard, Carryduff Presbyterian Graveyard Addenda, Castlereagh Presbyterian Graveyard, Drumbo Church of Ireland Graveyard Addenda, Knockbreckan Reformed Presbyterian Graveyard, Addenda.
fiche Dow 25-26
Gravestone Inscriptions Volume 19
Ballooly, Donaghcloney, Dromara, Dromore, Drumlough, Finnis, Garvaghy,
Kilinamurry, Magheralin,Waringstown.
fiche Dow 40-42
Gravestone Inscriptions Volume 20
Ballydown Presbyterian Graveyard, Banbridge Cemetery, Banbridge Crozier Monument, Banbridge Downshire Road Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church, Banbridge First Presbyterian Graveyard, Banbridge Roman Catholic Graveyard, Banbridge Scarva Street Presbyterian Graveyard, Clare Roman Catholic Graveyard, Lawrencetown Roman Catholic Graveyard, Magherally Graveyard, Magherally Graveyard, Magherally Presbyterian Graveyard, Moyallon Friend’s Graveyard, Seapatrick Graveyard, Seapatrick Church of Ireland Church Memorials, Tullylish Graveyard, Tullylish Presbyterian Graveyard.
fiche Dow 27-28


Census extracts 1821-1841, 1851.
Film Irl Gen 35


Donaghcloney Parish  MIC:1/92/1  C. 1772-1838,  M.  1772-1839,  B. 1772-1839,
Vestry Book 1772-1883
Film  Dow 3

Donaghcloney Parish  MIC:/1/93   C. 1838-1872,  M.  1839-1848, 1853,
B. 1772-1839, 1839-1871
Parish Accounts  1745-1748
Minute Book  1863-1866
Young Mens Society Waringtown Church 1863-1866
Parochial Schools A/c  1868-1876
Film Dow 4
Newcastle Parish  C. 1843-1957
Film Arm 8
Seagoe Parish  MIC:/1/74A/1   C. 1672-1731, 1735-1821, 1829-1871
M.   1672-1731, 1735-1821, 1826-1841,    B.  1672-1731, 1735-1821, 1829-1871
Film  Dow 5

Kilcoo Parish (Newcastle town)   MIC:/1/70/1  C.  1843-1872
Film Dow 6
Parish Registers in Northern Ireland
Film Irl Gen 26


Anaghlone (Annaclone) Church records
1st and 2nd Anaghlone Peresbyterian Church.
Presbytery: Iveagh
C.  1868-1968
Schedule of Endowments of 2nd Annaclone
1st Annaclone C.  1896-1968
Communicants Roll  1868-1953
Schedule of Endowments of 1st and 2nd. Report on Condition of Buildings
Letter of thank you 1967
Film Dow 2
Aughaclurg (Aghaderg)
Certificates of Marriage 1889,  Minutes  1845-1911, Seat List  1881-1883,
Missionary & Other Special Collections 1863-1869
Film  Dow 1
Presbytery of Banbridge  M. 1845-1926
Film Dow 3
Garvaghy Presbyterian Church C. 1809-1839,
New Communicants 1836
Accounts  1838
M. 1845-1926
Film Dow 2
Garvaghy Presbyterian Church  C. 1856-1987
(Including two baptisms 1888).
Presbytery of Banbridge   M. 1845-1926.
Film Dow 3
Iveagh  Presbytery  C. 1868-1968
Schedule of Endowments of 2nd Annaclone
1st Annaclone   C. 1896-1968
Communicants Roll  1868-1953
Schedule of Endowments of 1st and 2nd
Report on Condition of Buildings
Letter of thank you  1967
Film Dow 2
 Loughbrickland  C.  1842-1903,  M. 1842-1873,  Communicants  1882-1891
Film  Dow 1
 Rathfriland Presbytery   M. 1877-1924
Film Dow 2
Tullintanvally Presbytery   M. 1852-1877
Film Dow 2
Parish Registers in Northern Ireland
Film Irl Gen 26


Dromore RC:
    Baptisms 1823-1881
    Marriages 1821-1880
    Deaths 1821-1881
Contains marriages for various years between 1827 and 1844 from Anaghlone, Aughaderg, Ballinahinch, Ballyroney, Clonuff, Dromora, Dromore, Drumgath, Garvaghy and Tullyish
LDS Film 926081  
Drumgath RC:
    Baptisms 1822-1881
    Marriages 1837-1884
    Funerals 1837-1882
LDS Film 926081  


'My Irish Rogues'
Convicts of County Down sent to New South Wales. A database of all who were transported from this County or who were tried elsewhere but were natives of this County 
(some include: crime, spouse, issue, ship, & general information). 
fiche Dow 5-7

'A World Away'
County Down Convicts transported to Van Diemen's Land. 
(Convicts who were tried at County Down or who were natives of County Down and  tried elsewhere.This list is of convicts extracted from the shipping indents). 
fiche Dow 8


1886 Bassett’s County Guide & Directory of Down


Mount Ross Estate Rent Roll 1770
Film Irl Gen 36


Ordnance Survey First Edition Six inch scale map.
Map 19: Parishes of: Saul, Tullylish & Donaghcloney.
Ordnance Survey First Edition Six inch scale map.
Map 20: Parishes of: Magheralin & Dromore.
Ordnance Survey First Edition Six inch scale map.
Map 26: Parishes of: Tullylish & Aghaderg.
Ordnance Survey First Edition Six inch scale map.
Map 27: Parishes of: Seapatrick.
Irish Townland Maps: Down CD


Parish Registers in Northern Ireland
Film Irl Gen 26


Ulster Quaker Records [Mic 16]
Marriage certificates 1731-1786
Marriage Register 1812-1848
Book of sufferings 1748-1809
Ulster, Armagh, Monaghan, Down, Antrim, Tyrone, Meath - Births & Burials 1841-1858
Minutes of Ulster School 1823-1827
Film Gen 46


Annacloy School Roll 1825-1865.
Inch School Records 1840-1847.
Film Irl Gen 34


Belfast District Registry
1858-7  -   May 1860
Film Bel W1
7 May 1860 -  29 April 1861
Film Bel W2
30 Apr 1861 - 25 Apr 1862
Film Bel W3
28 Apr 1862 - 14 Apr 1864  A-K
Film Bel W4
21 Jul 1862 -  19 Jul 1864   L-Z
Film Bel W5
18 Apr 1864 - 30 Apr 1866 A-K
Film Bel W6
22 Jul 1864 -    8 Apr 1867 L-Z
Film Bel W7
30 Apr 1866 -  22 Apr 1868 A-K
Film Bel W8
10 Apr 1867 -  22 Oct 1869 L-Z
Film Bel W9
24 Apr 1868 -  31 Jan 1870 A-K
Film Bel W10
22 Oct 1869 -  27 Sep 1871 L-Z
Film Bel W11
  4 Feb 1870 -  5 Jan 1872 A-K
Film Bel W12
Armagh District Will Book 1858-1861
Film Arm W3

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