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Catalogue of Fiche, Film and CDs
Note that the spelling of place names may have changed over the years so remember to check all variations.
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HO107/277 - 286  Puddletown & Weymouth Area
2 fiche
HO107/277 - 283
Milton Abbas, Bere Regis District
2 fiche
HO107/287 - 289
Wimborne & District
2 fiche
HO107/287 - 290
Cranbourne & the Tarrants
3 fiche
HO107/277, 290 - 293
Stalbridge & Sturminster Newton
2 fiche
HO107/280 & 294   Allington, Bradpole & Bridport
2 fiche
HO107/280 - 285
Bridport area
1 fiche
HO107/280 - 282
Beaminster, Broadwinsor Netherbury & Stoke Abbot
2 fiche
HO107/280 - 282 & 294
Lyme Regis Area
2 fiche
HO107/280, 284 - 286
Portland, Abbotsbury & Maiden Newton
2 fiche
HO107/280 - 292, 940
Evershot Area
1 fiche
HO107/282 - 286
Dorchester & Area
2 fiche
HO107/287 - 288 & 294
Poole, Hamworthy & Canford Magna
2 fiche
HO107/290 & 293 
Gillingham Area
2 fiche
HO107/295 - 296
Weymouth, Melcombe & Wyke Regis
2 fiche

Dorset Parishes in the 1851 Census held in the AIGS Library

Please note that Indexes are available in Book Form. Location DORSET 929.35094233 SOM
Note that these items are microfilm of the original Census records and are filed in the Film cabinets under their Piece Numbers.
The designation of HO107 stands for Home Office, the number after the slash is the Piece Number.

Allington (HO107/1861) 
Almer (HO107/1853 Part 2) 
Askerswell (HO107/1861) 
Belchalwell (Bell - Chalwell) (HO107/1852) 
Bere Regis (HO107/1853 Part 1) 
Blandford  Union Workhouse (HO107/1853 Part 2) 
Blandford Forum (HO107/1853 Part 2) 
Blandford Grammar School (HO107/1853 Part 2) 
Blandford St. Mary (HO107/1853 Part 2) 
Bothenhampton (HO107/1861) 
Bourton (HO107/1850 pt 1) 
Bradpole (HO107/1861) 
Bridport (HO107/1861) 
Bridport Union Workhouse (HO107/1861) 
Bryanstone (HO107/1853 Part 2) 
Buckhorn (HO107/1931 Part 2) 
Burton Bradstock (HO107/1861) 
Caundle Stourton (HO107/1852) 
Chardstock (HO107/1862 Part 2) 
Charlton Marshall (HO107/1853 Part 2) 
Charmouth (HO107/1862 Part 1) 
Chideock (HO107/1861) 
Chilcombe (HO107/1861) 
Child Okeford (HO107/1852) 
Durweston (HO107/1853 Part 2) 
Fifehead Magdalen (HO107/1852) 
Fifehead Neville (HO107/1852) 
Hanford (Ex. Par.) (HO107/1853 Part 2) 
Hawkchurch (HO107/1862 Part 2) 
Hazelbury Bryan (HO107/1852) 
Hilton (HO107/1853 Part 1) 
Hinton St. Mary (HO107/1852) 
Ibberton (HO107/1852) 
Iwerne Courtney or Shroton (HO107/1853 Part 2) 
Kington  Magna (HO107/1931 Part 2) 
Langton Long Blandford (HO107/1853 Part 2) 
Litton Cheney (HO107/1861) 
Loders (HO107/1861) 
Lydlinch (HO107/1852) 
Lyme Regis (HO107/1862 Part 1) 
Manston (HO107/1852) 
Marnhull (HO107/1852) 
Milborne  St. Andrew (HO107/1853 Part 1) 
Milton Abbas (HO107/1853 Part 1)
Okeford Fitzpaine (HO107/1852) 
Pimperne (HO107/1853 Part 2) 
Puncknowle (HO107/1861) 
Shillingstone (HO107/1852) 
Shipton Gorge (HO107/1861) 
Silton (HO107/1850 pt 1) 
Spetisbury (HO107/1853 Part 2) 
Stalbridge (HO107/1852) 
Steepleton or Preston (HO107/1853 Part 2) 
Stock Gaylard (HO107/1852) 
Stoke (HO107/1852) 
Stourpaine (HO107/1853 Part 2) 
Sturminster Newton (HO107/1852) 
Sturminster Newton Union House (HO107/1852) 
Swyre (HO107/1861) 
Symondsbury (HO107/1861) 
Tarrant Crawford (HO107/1853 Part 2) 
Tarrant Gunville (HO107/1853 Part 2) 
Tarrant Hinton (HO107/1853 Part 2) 
Tarrant Keynston (HO107/1853 Part 2) 
Tarrant Launceston (HO107/1853 Part 2) 
Tarrant Monkton (HO107/1853 Part 2) 
Tarrant Rawston (HO107/1853 Part 2) 
Tarrant Rushton (HO107/1853 Part 2) 
Thorncombe (HO107/1862 Part 2) 
Turnworth (HO107/1853 Part 1) 
Uplyme (HO107/1862 Part 1) 
Wake (HO107/1852) 
Walditch (HO107/1861) 
Wambrook (HO107/1927) 
Weston (HO107/1931 Part 2) 
Whitchurch Canonicorum (Whitechurch Canonicorum) (HO107/1861) 
Winterborne  Anderson (HO107/1853 Part 2) 
Winterborne  Clenston (HO107/1853 Part 1) 
Winterborne  Houghton (HO107/1853 Part 1) 
Winterborne  Kingston (HO107/1853 Part 1) 
Winterborne  Kingston (HO107/1853 Part 2) 
Winterborne  Stickland (HO107/1853 Part 1) 
Winterborne  Tomson (HO107/1853 Part 2) 
Winterborne  Whitechurch (HO107/1853 Part 1) 
Winterborne  Zelstone (HO107/1853 Part 2) 
Woolland (HO107/1852) 
Wootton Fitzpaine (HO107/1861)

Parishes in the Dorset 1861 Census in the AIGS Library
Note that these items are microfilm of the original Census records and are filed in the film cabinets under their Piece Numbers.
The designation of RG9 stands for Registrar General, the number after the slash is the Piece Number.

Batcombe (RG9/1358) 
Beaminster Union Workhouse (RG9/1364) 
Bettiscombe (RG9/1364) 
Bradford Abbas (RG9/1361) 
Broadwinsor (RG9/1364) 
Burstock (RG9/1364) 
Castleton (RG9/1359) 
Cattistock (RG9/1358) 
Caundle Bishop (RG9/1359) 
Caundle Marsh (RG9/1359) 
Chardstock (RG9/1372) 
Cheddington (RG9/1363) 
Cheselbourne (RG9/1358) 
Chetnole (RG9/1359) 
Clifton Maybank (RG9/1361) 
Corscombe (RG9/1362) 
East Chelborough (RG9/1362) 
Evershot (RG9/1362) 
Folke (RG9/1359) 
Frome St. Quintin (RG9/1358) 
Halstock (RG9/1362) 
Haydon (RG9/1361) 
Hermitage (RG9/1358) 
Holnest (RG9/1359) 
Holwell (RG9/1359) 
Leigh (RG9/1359) 
Lillington (RG9/1359)
Long Burton (Longburton) (RG9/1359) 
Mappowder (RG9/1358) 
Marshwood (RG9/1364) 
Melbury Bubb (RG9/1358) 
Melbury Osmond (RG9/1362) 
Melbury Sampford (RG9/1362) 
Melcombe Horse (RG9/1358) 
Minterne Magna (RG9/1358) 
Mosterton (RG9/1363) 
Nether Compton (RG9/1361) 
Netherbury (RG9/1364) 
North Wootton (RG9/1359) 
Oborne (RG9/1361) 
Over Compton (RG9/1361) 
Pilsdon (RG9/1364) 
Pulham (RG9/1358) 
Rampisham (RG9/1362) 
Ryme Intrinseca (RG9/1359) 
Sherborne (RG9/1360) 
South Perrott (RG9/1363) 
Stockwood (RG9/1359) 
Stoke Abbott (RG9/1364) 
Thornford (RG9/1359) 
West Chelborough (RG9/1362) 
Wootton  Glanville (RG9/1358) 
Wraxhall (RG9/1362) 
Yetminster (RG9/1359)

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