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Catalogue of Fiche, Film and CDs

Note that the spelling of place names may have changed over the years so remember to check all variations.
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Devonshire Parishes in the 1841 Census held in the AIGS Library
Note that these items are microfilm of the original Census records and are filed in the Film cabinets under their Piece Numbers.
The designation of HO107 stands for Home Office, the number after the slash is the Piece Number.

Abbots Bickington (HO107/256)
Abbots Kerswell (HO107/227)
Abbotsham (HO107/242)
Alphington (HO107/262)
Alverdiscott (HO107/221)
Alwington (HO107/242)
Ashburton (HO107/253)
Ashbury (HO107/256)
Ashcombe (HO107/219)
Ashreigney (HO107/250)
Ashton (HO107/219)
Ashwater (HO107/256)
Atherington (HO107/250)
Aveton Gifford (HO107/217)
Axminster (HO107/200)
Beaford (HO107/242)
Beaworthy (HO107/256)
Beer Ferris (HO107/240)
Belstone (HO107/256)
Berry Pomeroy (HO107/227)
Bickington (HO107/253)
Bickleigh (HO107/240)
Bideford (HO107/242)
Bideford Gaol (HO107/242)
Bideford Workhouse (HO107/242)
Bigbury (HO107/217)
Bishops Nympton (HO107/260)
Bishops Tawton (HO107/234)
Bishops Teignton (HO107/219)
Black Torrington (HO107/256)
Bondleigh (HO107/250)
Bovey Tracey (HO107/253)
Bow or Nymet Tracey (HO107/250)
Boyton (Cornwall) (HO107/256)
Bradford (HO107/256)
Bradstone (HO107/231)
Bradworthy (HO107/256)
Brampford Speke (HO107/262)
Bratton Clovelly (HO107/231)
Bridestowe (HO107/231)
Bridford (HO107/262)
Bridgerule East (HO107/256)
Brixham (HO107/227)
Brixton (HO107/238)
Broadhempston (HO107/227)
Broadwood Kelly (HO107/256)
Broadwoodwidger (HO107/231)
Brushford (HO107/250)
Buckland Brewer (HO107/242)
Buckland in the Moor (HO107/227)
Buckland Monachorum (HO107/240)
Bulkworthy (HO107/242)
Burrington (HO107/250)
Calverleigh (HO107/255)
Chagford (HO107/262)
Chawleigh (HO107/251)
Chacombe (HO107/260)
Cheldon (HO107/260)
Cheriton Bishop (HO107/262)
Chittlehampton (HO107/234)
Christow (HO107/262)
Chudleigh (HO107/219)
Chulmleigh (HO107/260)
Churston Ferrers (HO107/227)
Clannaborough (HO107/251)
Clawton (HO107/256)
Clovelly (HO107/223)
Cockington (HO107/227)
Coffinswell (HO107/227)
Coleridge (HO107/251)
Combe in Teignhead (HO107/262)
Combe-Raleigh (HO107/200)
Combpyne (HO107/200)
Compton Gifford (HO107/240)
Cookbury (HO107/256)
Cornwood (HO107/217)
Coryton (HO107/231)
Cruwys Morchard (HO107/260)
Dartmoor (HO107/232)
Dawlish (HO107/219)
Denbury. (HO107/227)
Devonport Stirling Castle Convict Hulk (HO107/273)
Doddiscombsleigh (HO107/219)
Dolton (HO107/251)
Dowland (HO107/251)
Down St. Mary (HO107/251)
Dunchideock (HO107/219)
Dunterton (HO107/231)
East Anstey (HO107/234)
East Putford (HO107/244)
East Teignmouth (HO107/220)
East Worlington (HO107/261)
Egg Buckland (HO107/240)
Eggesford (HO107/251)
Ermington (HO107/217)
Exbourne (HO107/257)
Exminster (HO107/219)
Fremington (HO107/221)
Frithelstock (HO107/243)
George Nympton (HO107/236)
Germansweek (HO107/231)
Great Torrington (HO107/221)
Halberton (HO107/222)
Halwill (HO107/257)
Harford (HO107/218)
Hartland (HO107/223)
Hatherleigh (HO107/257)
Hennock (HO107/253)
High Bickington (HO107/250)
Highampton (HO107/257)
Highweek (HO107/253)
Holbeton (HO107/218)
Hollacombe (HO107/257)
Holsworthy (HO107/257)
Honeychurch (HO107/257)
Honiton (HO107/200)
Horwood (HO107/221)
Huish (HO107/243)
Huntsham (HO107/255)
Huntshaw (HO107/221)
Iddesleigh (HO107/243)
Ide (HO107/219)
Ideford (HO107/253)
Ilsington (HO107/253)
Instow (HO107/221)
Inwardleigh (HO107/257)
Ipplepen (HO107/228)
Jacobstowe (HO107/257)
Kelly (HO107/231)
Kenn (HO107/220)
Kenton (HO107/220)
Kilmington (HO107/200)
Kings Nympton (HO107/260)
Kingskerswell (HO107/228)
Kingsteignton (HO107/253)
Kingston (HO107/218)
Kingswear (HO107/228)
Knowstone (HO107/234)
Lamerton (HO107/232)
Landcross (HO107/243)
Landkey (HO107/234)
Langtree (HO107/243)
Lapford (HO107/251)
Lewtrenchard (HO107/232)
Lifton (HO107/232)
Little Hempston (HO107/228)
Little Torrington (HO107/244)
Littleham (HO107/243)
Loxbear (HO107/255)
Luffincott (HO107/257)
Lustleigh (HO107/253)
Lydford (HO107/232)
Maker (HO107/240)
Mamhead (HO107/220)
Manaton (HO107/254)
Mariansleigh (HO107/260)
Marldon (HO107/228)
Marychurch (HO107/228)
Marystow (HO107/233)
Marytavy (HO107/233)
Meavy (HO107/240)
Meeth (HO107/243)
Merton (HO107/243)
Meshaw (HO107/260)
Milton Damerel (HO107/258)
Modbury (HO107/218)
Molland (HO107/235)
Monk Okehampton (HO107/258)
Monkleigh (HO107/243)
Moretonhampstead (HO107/254)
Newton Abbot Union Workhouse (HO107/229)
Newton Ferrers (HO107/218)
Newton St. Petrock (HO107/243)
Newton Tracey (HO107/221)
North Bovey (HO107/253)
North Molton (HO107/235)
North Petherwin (HO107/258)
North Tawton (HO107/252)
Northam (HO107/243)
Northlew (HO107/258)
Nymet Rowland (HO107/252)
Oakford (HO107/261)
Oakhampton (HO107/233)
Oakhampton Workhouse (HO107/233)
Ottery St. Mary (HO107/237)
Paignton. (HO107/228)
Pancrasweek (HO107/258)
Parkham (HO107/244)
Penny Cross (HO107/240)
Peters Marland (HO107/243)
Petertavy (HO107/241)
Petrockstow (HO107/244)
Plympton Maurice (HO107/238)
Plympton St. Mary (HO107/238)
Plymstock (HO107/238)
Powderham (HO107/220)
Prisoners of War (HO107/232)
Puddington (HO107/261)
Pyworthy (HO107/258)
Rackenford (HO107/261)
Revelstoke (HO107/239)
Ringmore (HO107/218)
Roborough (HO107/221)
Romansleigh (HO107/261)
Rose Ash (HO107/261)
Sampford Courtenay (HO107/259)
Sampford Spiney (HO107/241)
Sampford Peverell (HO107/222)
Satterleigh (HO107/236)
Shaugh Prior (HO107/239)
Shebbear (HO107/244)
Sheepstor (HO107/241)
Sheepwash (HO107/244)
Shillingford (HO107/220)
Sourton (HO107/233)
South Molton (HO107/235)
South Molton Workhouse (HO107/235)
St Budeaux (HO107/240)
St Giles in the Wood (HO107/221)
St Giles on the Heath (HO107/257)
Staverton (HO107/229)
Stoke Damerel (HO107/272-4)
Stoke Damerel Workhouse (HO107/272)
Stoke Gabriel (HO107/229)
Stoodleigh (HO107/261)
Stowford (HO107/233)
Sutcombe (HO107/259)
Swimbridge (HO107/236)
Sydenham Damerel (HO107/233)
Tamerton Foliott (HO107/241)
Tawstock (HO107/221)
Teigngrace (HO107/254)
Templeton (HO107/261)
Tetcott (HO107/259)
Thelbridge (HO107/261)
Thornbury (HO107/259)
Thrushelton (HO107/233)
Tiverton (HO107/255)
Torbryan (HO107/229)
Tormoham (HO107/229)
Trusham (HO107/220)
Twitchen (HO107/236)
Ugborough (HO107/218)
Uplowman (HO107/222)
Uplowman (HO107/255)
Virginstow (HO107/233)
Walkhampton (HO107/241)
Warkleigh (HO107/236)
Washford Pyne (HO107/261)
Wear Gifford (HO107/244)
Welcombe (HO107/223)
Wembury (HO107/239)
Wembworthy (HO107/252)
Werrington (HO107/259)
West Anstey (HO107/234)
West Putford (HO107/258)
West Teignmouth (HO107/220)
West Worlington (HO107/261)
Westleigh (HO107/221)
Whitchurch (HO107/241)
Widecombe in the Moor (HO107/229)
Willand (HO107/222)
Winkleigh (HO107/252)
Witheridge (HO107/261)
Wolborough (HO107/229)
Woodland (HO107/228)
Woolfardisworthy (HO107/223)
Woolfardisworthy (HO107/261)
Yarnscombe (HO107/223)
Yealmpton (HO107/239)
Zeal Monachorum (HO107/252)

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