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Catalogue of Fiche, Film and CDs

Note that the spelling of place names may have changed over the years so remember to check all variations.
 Updates highlighted in Red

Abbreviations used:  B. Burials,  C. Christenings/Baptisms,  D. Deaths,  M. Marriages.

Alston Wesleyan Church.  Births & C.  1810-1837
Alston Primative Methodist Chapel.  Births & C. 1825-1838
 Film Con 59

Alston & Garrigill, Redwing Independent Chapel
Births & C.  1764-1837,  B.  1782-1837
Film Con 59

Appleby Wesleyan Methodist Church.  Birth & C.  1816-1837
[inc. Long Marton, Kirkby Thore, Brough, Kirkby Stephen, Kirk Oswald, Orton,
Morland &  Warcop etc.- Westmorland & Cumberland]
 Film Wes 8

Aspatria Independent Chapel.  Births & C.  1826-1836
Film Con 59
Bewcastle Nether Knowe Scots Presbyterian Chapel.  Births & C.  1787-1838
Film Con 59
Brampton Zion Independent Chapel.  Births & C.  1817-1837
Film Con 59
Carlisle Annetwell Independent Chapel.  C.  1785-1836
Film Con 59
Carlisle Wesleyan Circuit [RG4/839].  Births & C.  1814-1837
Film Cul 28
Cockermouth Independent or Congregational Chapel [RG4/490]
Births & C.  1737-1837,  Communion Certificates,  Membership records, 
Church Minutes & records.
 Film Cul 28

Garrigall Wesleyan Chapel [RG4/686].  Births & C. 1811-1837
Film Cul 28
Maryport High Street Baptist Chapel [RG4/836].  Births  1797-1836
 Film Cul 28
Maryport Scottish Presbyterian Church [RG4/210 & RG4/687] Births & C.  1765-1837
Film Cul 28
Nenthead Wesleyan Chapel [RG4/855].  Births & C. 1827-1837
Film Cul 28
Nenthead Primative Methodist Chapel [RG4/856].  Births & C.  1825-1837
Film Cul 28
Parkhead Independent Meeting House. [RG4/566 & RG4/688]
Birth & C.  1700-1836,
Church records  1693-1836, Deaths and resignations, History, Accounts, Briefs,
Agreements, Communion lists, Membership, Meetings etc.
Film Cul 28

Penrith Ebenezer Independent Chapel [RG4/4459].  Births & C.  1815-1837
 Film Cul 28
Penrith Presbyterian Church, Rowcliffe Lane [RG4/4458].  Births & C.  1789-1838
Film Cul 28
Penrith Roman Catholic Church [RG4/2266].  Births & C.  1833-1838
 Film Cul 28
Penrith Sandgate Wesleyan Chapel [RG4/857].  C.  1814-1837
 Film Cul 28
Workington Congregational Chapel.  B. 1874-1940
 Film Cul 10

Abbreviations used:  B. Burials,  C. Christenings/Baptisms,  D. Deaths,  M. Marriages.

Alston PR.  C. 1700-1766,   M. 1701-1756,   B. 1701-1766
 Film Cul 29
Bootle PR.
CMB.    1655-1706
CMB.    1707-1812
CB.       1767-1812

Kirkandrews on Esk PR.  C. 1665-1857,  M. 1665-1837,  B. 1655-1895,  Banns 1754-1825
 Film Cul 4

Abbreviations used:  B. Burials,  C. Christenings/Baptisms,  D. Deaths,  M. Marriages.

Alston & chapelry of Garrigill PR Transcript.   CMB. 1813-1839
fiche Cul 7-9
Brampton PR Transcript.   CMB. 1813-1839
 fiche Cul 10-11
Castle Carrock PR Transcript. CMB. 1813-1839
Cumrew PR Transcript CMB. 1813-1839
Cumwhitton PR Transcript CMB. 1813-1839
Hayton PR Transcript CMB. 1813-1839
fiche Cul 43-44
Croglin, Farlam, Nether Denton & Over Denton PR Transcript.  CMB. 1813-1839
fiche Cul 19
Distington PR Transcript.   M. 1653-1837
Garrigill PR Transcript See Alston above  CMB. 1730-1812
Epitaphs & Plan,  Index.
 fiche Cul 14-17
Irthington PR Transcript.   M. 1669-1812
Kirkandrews on Esk & Nichol Forest  PR Transcript.  CMB.  1813-1839
 fiche Cul 18
Nether Wasdale PR Transcript.   M. 1712-1811
Nichol Forest PR Transcript.   M. 1777-1812
Penrith Deanery PR Transcript.   B. 1813-1839
(Addingham, Armathwaite, Culgaith, Dacre, Edenhall, Great Salkeld, Greystoke, Heskith in the Forest, Hutton in the Forest, Kirkland, Kirkoswald, Langwathby, Lazonby, Matterdale, Melmerby, Newton, Ousby, Penrith, Plumbton Wall, Renwick, Skelton, Threkeld and Watermillock.
fiche Cul 40-42
Rockcliffe PR Transcript.   M. 1679-1837
Skelton PR Transcript.   CMB. 1580-1812


Stemmata Alstoniana
A collection of genealogical tables and memoranda relating to the ancient families of Alston.


In the Workhouse Transcript of 1841 Census for Workhouse in Cumberland

QUAKER  REGISTERS  (Society  of  Friends)

Benfieldside, Darnvan Waters Meeting House [Northumberland]
[RG6/1252]  Record of Sufferings  1655-1657,  Births  1653-1696, 1710-1770, 1719- , 
Marriages  1658-1677, 1709-1787,  Burials  1660-1767, 1778-1812
Covers many areas of the northern counties
Film Dur 4
Darlington Monthly Meeting [Durham]
[RG6/1333]  Births  1628-1840,  Marriages  1628-1840,  Burials  1628-1840
Covers Cotherstone, Larvington, Barnard Castle, Bowes etc.
[RG6/1540]   Births  1619-1836,  Marriages  1836,  Burials  1619-1836
Darlington Monthly Meeting [Raby Meeting]
[RG6/1549]  Births, Marriages & Burials  1651-1778.
Covers many areas of the northern counties. 
Film Dur 4

Darlington Monthly Meeting [Durham & York]
[RG6/229]   Births  1724-1837 Stockton upon Tees
[RG6/203]   Marriages  1795-1836 Stockton upon Tees Marriages 1796-1817 Staindrop Monthly Meet.
[RG6/651]   Burials  1776-1800 Stockton Monthly Meet.
[RG6/47]     Burials  1776-1837 Stockton upon Tees
Covers many areas of the northern counties. 
Film Dur 5

Great Strickland Monthly Meeting [Cumberland & Westmorland]
[RG6/1199]    M.  1679-1766,  Births  1642-1776,  B.  1658-1782
[RG6/1229]    M.  1659-1718,  Births  1653-1741,  B.  1667-1728
[RG6/1206]    M.  1655-1725,  Births  1653-1730,  B.  1658-1730
[RG12/1118]  M.  1726-1776,  Births  1727-1775,  B.  1729-1776
[RG6/154]      M.  1779-1795
[RG6/852]      M.  1795-1834
[RG6/1076]    Births  1777-1795
[RG6/732]      Births  1796-1837
[RG6/1083]    B.  1777-1795
[RG6/872]      B.  1796-1837
Film Wes 16
Newcastle Monthly Meeting [Northumberland]
[RG6/1491]    Births 1816-1836,  Marriages  1816-  ,  Burials  1775-1816
Covers many areas of the northern counties.
Film Dur 4
Penrith Monthly Meeting of the Society of Friends Register of Burials 1865-1873
 Film Dur 4


The Visitations of Cumberland 1615

Wills before 1858 were proved in Ecclesiastical Courts.
The principal ones for  Cumberland were the  Consistory Court of Carlisle and the Archdeaconry Court of Richmond. 
The Superior Court was the  PCC. Prerogative Court of Canterbury.  (See England General).

Consistory Court of Carlisle. 
Index A - L  1700-1800
Index L - Z   1700-1800 
Index          1800-1858
 Film Cul 33
Film Cul 34
Film Cul 24
The Exchequer and Prerogative Court of York [PCY]
Calendar of Wills & Admons.
The PCY was the second most important Court, after Canterbury, dealing with the Probate of Wills prior to 1858.  Counties covered were in the north of England and were:-Cheshire, Cumberland, Durham, Flint part, Lancashire,  Northumberland, Nottinghamshire, Westmorland and Yorkshire.
Also included was the Isle of Man.
1. 1688-1690, 1698-1699, 1705-1714
2. 1713-1741
3. 1741-1770
4. 1771-1799
5. 1800-1819
6. 1819-1830
7. 1830-1842
8. 1842-1851
9. 1851-1858 
9 Films
An Index to Names mentioned in Wills proved at the Carlisle Consistory Court 1727-1858 Vol 1


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