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Starting Family History classes

Our regular program of learning opportunities for both beginners and more experienced researchers continues at the AIGS library in Blackburn throughout the year.  Classes are scheduled for Fridays and Saturdays, both weekdays and evenings to give everyone an opportunity to attend at times which suit them.   Come along to receive help knocking down those brick walls or if you need advice on starting your research. 

Starting Family History classes
These FREE classes are designed to help you start on the hunt for your ancestors. They will give you some idea of how to organise your records, what resources are available and where to find them, plus much more valuable information. Classes are run over two sessions, each of two hours duration.
They are available to both members and non-members.

Complete Calendar for 2014
Friday 7 February 10.30am Session (1)
Friday 14 February 10.30am Session (2)
Saturday 22 March  2.00pm Session (1)
Saturday 29 March  2.00pm Session (2)
Saturday 17 May  2.00pm Session (1)
Saturday 24 May  2.00pm Session (2)
Friday 20 June 10.30am Session (1)
Friday 27 June 10.30am Session (2)
Saturday 19 July  2.00pm Session (1)
Saturday 26 July  2.00pm Session (2)
Friday 22 August 10.00am Session (1)
Friday 29 August 10.00am Session (2)
Saturday 20 September  2.00pm Session (1)
Saturday 27 September  2.00pm Session (2)
Friday 24 October 10.30am Session (1)
Friday 31 October 10.30am Session (2)
Saturday 22 November  2.00pm Session (1)
Saturday 29 November  2.00pm Session (2)

Tour of the Library

Library tours for new members are conducted at 9.00am on the second Saturday of each month (except January)Please contact the office for bookings.



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