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County Cavan
Catalogue of Fiche, Film and CDs
Note that the spelling of place names may have changed over the years so remember to check all variations.
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1821 Census

1841 Census

Census Indexes

Militia Records

Ordnance Survey

Parish  Registers


County Cavan Townlands in the 1821 Census held in the AIGS Library
Note  these items are microfilm of the original Census records and are filed in the Irish Film cabinets under the designation C 21.

Aghaconny (Irl. C21.6)
Aghagegna (Irl. C21.6)
Aghagolrick (Irl. C21.7)
Aghakee (Irl. C21.6)
Aghaway (Irl. C21.7)
Aghawee (Irl. C21.6)
Aghnahederny (Irl. C21.7)
Aghnaskeagh (Irl. C21.7)
Aghoutereery (Irl. C21.7)
Altbeagh (Irl. C21.7)
Annaghduff (Irl. C21.6)
Ardardagh (Irl. C21.7)
Artonagh (Irl. C21.7)
Aughawer (Irl. C21.6)
Ballaghanna (Irl. C21.7)
Ballincurry (Irl. C21.6)
Ballyhally (Irl. C21.7)
Bawn (Irl. C21.6)
Bellanacargy (Irl. C21.7)
Brough (Irl. C21.7)
Bunnoe (Irl. C21.7)
Cacha (Irl. C21.7)
Calf Field (Irl. C21.7)
Callanagh (Irl. C21.6)
Caracloghan (Irl. C21.6)
Carnagh (Irl. C21.7)
Carrickabane (Irl. C21.6)
Carrickabane (Irl. C21.7)
Carrickacroman (Irl. C21.7)
Carrickacroy (Irl. C21.6)
Carrickakillew (Irl. C21.7)
Carrickallen (Irl. C21.7)
Carrickateane (Irl. C21.6)
Carrickmore (Irl. C21.6)
Carricknashoke (Irl. C21.7)
Cartronfree (Irl. C21.6)
Cashel (Irl. C21.6)
Castleterra (Irl. C21.6)
Cavanarainy (Irl. C21.7)
Cavancoulter (Irl. C21.7)
Clare (Irl. C21.6)
Clareboy (Irl. C21.6)
Cleskin (Irl. C21.7)
Clifferna (Irl. C21.7)
Clinticart (Irl. C21.6)
Clondargan (Irl. C21.7)
Clonkeiffy (Irl. C21.6)
Clonloaghan (Irl. C21.6)
Clonmult (Irl. C21.6)
Clonnisk (Irl. C21.7)
Clonoose (Irl. C21.6)
 Conleen (Irl. C21.7)
Contrafona (Irl. C21.7)
Coolkill (Irl. C21.6)
Coramahon (Irl. C21.7)
Corbeagh (Irl. C21.6)
Corcovety (Irl. C21.7)
Corcraff (Irl. C21.7)
Cordevlis (Irl. C21.7)
Cordingin (Irl. C21.7)
Corduff (Irl. C21.6)
Corfad (Irl. C21.7)
Corfeehone (Irl. C21.7)
Corglass (Irl. C21.6)
Corgreagh (Irl. C21.7)
Corlateerin (Irl. C21.6)
Corlislea (Irl. C21.6)
Cormeen Beg (Irl. C21.7)
Cormeen More (Irl. C21.7)
Cornabaste (Irl. C21.7)
Cornadimpan (Irl. C21.7)
Cornacarrow (Irl. C21.7) 
Cornagall (Irl. C21.7)
Cornakill (Irl. C21.7)
Corracreeny (Irl. C21.6)
Corragvoy (Irl. C21.7)
Corrakeeran (Irl. C21.7)
Corravahan (Irl. C21.7)
Corravarry (Irl. C21.6)
Corravohy (Irl. C21.7)
Corraweelis (Irl. C21.7)
Corrinshigo (Irl. C21.7)
Countenan (Irl. C21.7)
Crossakill (Irl. C21.6)
Crosserlough (Irl. C21.6)
Crossrah (Irl. C21.7)
Crossreagh Drumcalpin (Irl. C21.6)
Cullentragh (Irl. C21.6)
Cullentragh (Irl. C21.7)
Cullow (Irl. C21.6)
Curraghabreedin (Irl. C21.6)
Curraghanoe (Irl. C21.6)
Daggan (Irl. C21.6)
Derrylahan (Irl. C21.6)
Derrin (Irl. C21.6)
Derrylea (Irl. C21.6)
Derrys (Irl. C21.6)
Devally (Irl. C21.7)
Doocassan (Irl. C21.7)
Drumacachon (Irl. C21.7)
Drumahurk (Irl. C21.6)
Drumakill (Irl. C21.7)
Drumakinneo (Irl. C21.6)
Drumauna (Irl. C21.7)
Drumbannow (Irl. C21.7)
Drumbee (Irl. C21.6)
Drumbrollisk (Irl. C21.7)
Drumbrucklis (Irl. C21.7)
Drumcalpin (Irl. C21.7)
Drumcassidy (Irl. C21.6)
Drumchoe (Irl. C21.7)
Drumcor (Irl. C21.7)
Drumcrin (Irl. C21.7) 
Drumegil (Irl. C21.6)
Drumgallon (Irl. C21.7)
Drumgoney (Irl. C21.7)
Drumgora (Irl. C21.7)
Drumgore (Irl. C21.7)
Drumgur (Irl. C21.7)
Drumhallagh (Irl. C21.6)
Drumhallagh (Irl. C21.7)
Drumharid (Irl. C21.6)
Drumhawnagh (Irl. C21.7)
Drumherriff (Irl. C21.7)
Drumherriff Lower (Irl. C21.7)
Drumhillagh (Irl. C21.7)
Drumhome (Irl. C21.6)
Druminisclin (Irl. C21.6)
Drumkeeran (Irl. C21.6)
Drumkilly (Irl. C21.6)
Drumlane (Irl. C21.7)
Drumliff (Irl. C21.6)
Drumloman (Irl. C21.6)
Drummegan (Irl. C21.7)
Drumminick (Irl. C21.7)
Drummole (Irl. C21.7)
Drumnalaragh (Irl. C21.6)
Drumnanaragh (Irl. C21.7)
Drumrane (Irl. C21.7)
Drumrat (Irl. C21.7)
Drumrath (Irl. C21.6) 
Drumroragh (Irl. C21.6)
Drumryan (Irl. C21.6)
Drumscruddan (Irl. C21.6)
Drung (Irl. C21.7)
Duffcastle (Irl. C21.6)
Duncollog (Irl. C21.7)
Dundavan (Irl. C21.6)
Dunmurry (Irl. C21.7)
Edergole (Irl. C21.7)
Edrans (Irl. C21.7)
Egramush (Irl. C21.6)
Fartan (Irl. C21.6)
Finaway (Irl. C21.6)
Freeduff (Irl. C21.7)
Gallonreagh (Irl. C21.7)
Garrynogher (Irl. C21.6)
Gortachurk (Irl. C21.6)
Graddum (Irl. C21.6)
Greaghagibney (Irl. C21.7)
Grousehall (Irl. C21.7)
Inishbeg (Irl. C21.6)
Keelderry (Irl. C21.6)
Keenagh (Irl. C21.6)
Kiffagh (Irl. C21.6)
Kilbride (Irl. C21.7)
Kildorragh (Irl. C21.6)
Kilgolagh (Irl. C21.6)
Kilgolagh (Irl. C21.7)
Kill (Irl. C21.6)
Killycrone (Irl. C21.7)
Killydoon (Irl. C21.6)
Killydoon (Irl. C21.7)
Killydream (Irl. C21.6)
Killygarry (Irl. C21.6)
Killyhoy (Irl. C21.7)
Killyhoy Lower (Irl. C21.7)
Killymeehan (Irl. C21.7)
Killymullin (Irl. C21.7)
Killynure (Irl. C21.6)
Killyrue (Irl. C21.7)
Killytogher (Irl. C21.6)
Kilmacnoran (Irl. C21.7)
Kilmainham (Irl. C21.6)
Kilnacrott (Irl. C21.6)
Kilnacreeve (Irl. C21.6)
Kilnacreevy (Irl. C21.7)
Kilnacross (Irl. C21.7)
Kilnaglare (Irl. C21.6)
Kilnaleck (Irl. C21.6)
Kilsaran (Irl. C21.7)
Knockataggart (Irl. C21.7)
Knockatudor (Irl. C21.7)
Knockfad (Irl. C21.6)
Lappanbane (Irl. C21.7)
Lappanduff (Irl. C21.7)
Larah (Irl. C21.7)
Latnadronagh (Irl. C21.6)
Lattacapple (Irl. C21.7)
Lecharry (Irl. C21.6)
Legwee (Irl. C21.6)
Lisananagh (Irl. C21.7)
Lisanny (Irl. C21.7)
Lisarney (Irl. C21.7)
Lisatoo (Irl. C21.7)
Lisboduff (Irl. C21.7)
Lisbree (Irl. C21.7)
Lisclone (Irl. C21.7)
Lisdeegin (Irl. C21.6)
Lisdonnish (Irl. C21.6)
Lisdunvis (Irl. C21.6)
Lisgannon (Irl. C21.7)
Lisinigan (Irl. C21.7)
Lislea (Irl. C21.7)
Lislin (Irl. C21.7)
Lismagratty (Irl. C21.6)
Lisnabrinnia (Irl. C21.7)
Lisnadarragh (Irl. C21.7)
Lisnaglea (Irl. C21.7)
Lisnashanna (Irl. C21.6)
Listasrin (Irl. C21.7)
Longfield (Irl. C21.7)
Loughdavin (Irl. C21.7)
Loughlinnan (Irl. C21.7)
Lower Kill (Irl. C21.6)
Maghera (Irl. C21.7)
Monelty (Irl. C21.7)
Moneycass (Irl. C21.7)
Mountnugent (Irl. C21.7)
Mountpallas (Irl. C21.7)
Moynagh Lower (Irl. C21.7)
Moynagh Upper (Irl. C21.7)
Mullacastle (Irl. C21.6)
Mullaghoran (Irl. C21.6)
Mulnecreff (Irl. C21.7)
Oakwood (Irl. C21.6)
Pollareagh (Irl. C21.6)
Pollareagh (Irl. C21.7)
Portaclare (Irl. C21.6)
Pottle (Irl. C21.7)
Pottlebane (Irl. C21.6)
Racraveen (Irl. C21.7)
Raharverty (Irl. C21.6)
Raheelagh (Irl. C21.7)
Raheg (Irl. C21.6)
Rakenny (Irl. C21.7)
Raskill (Irl. C21.7)
Rassan (Irl. C21.6)
Rockfield (Irl. C21.6)
Ronard (Irl. C21.7)
Sallaghill (Irl. C21.6)
Stradone Village (Irl. C21.7)
Tirlahode Lower (Irl. C21.7)
Tirlahode Upper (Irl. C21.7)
Togher (Irl. C21.6)
Toghernaross (Irl. C21.7)
 Tonagh (Irl. C21.6)
Tonyconnelly (Irl. C21.7)
Tonyin (Irl. C21.6)
Tullavally (Irl. C21.7)
Tullyagan (Irl. C21.7)
Tullyboy (Irl. C21.7)
Tullybrick (Irl. C21.7)
Tullyco (Irl. C21.7)
Tullygullin (Irl. C21.6)
Tullynacross (Irl. C21.7)
Tullyunshin (Irl. C21.7)
Upper Kill (Irl. C21.6)

Barony:      Annagelliff
Parish:        Loughtee Upper, Annagelliff
Barony:      Ballymachugh
Parish:       Clanmahon
Barony:     Castlerahan
Parish:      Castlerahan
Barony:     Loughtee Upper
Parish:      Castleterra
Film Irl C215



Barony:     Loughtee
Parish:      Castleterra
Barony:    Castlerahan & Clanmahon
Parish:      Crosserlough & Drumlumman
Film Irl C216

Barony:   Clanmahon
Parish:     Drumlumman
Barony:   Loughtee Upper & Tullygarvy
Parish:     Drung & Larah
Film Irl C217

Barony:    Clanmahon
Parish:      Kilbride
Barony:    Clanmahon & Loughtee Upper
Parish:      Kilmore, Lavy
Barony     Tullyhaw
Parish       Kinawley
Barony     Castlerahan & Bary
Parish       Lurgan & Munterconnaght
Film Irl C218

Barony:    Castlerahan & Bary
Parish:      Lurgan & Munterconnaght
Barony:    Castlerahan
Parish:      Mullagh
Film Irl C219/C319


County Cavan Townlands in the 1841 Census held in the AIGS Library
Note  these items are microfilm of the original Census records and are filed in the Irish Film cabinets under the designation C 41.

Aghullaghy (Irl. C31.13/C41.13)
Ardarragh (Irl. C31.13/C41.13)
Ardra (Irl. C31.13/C41.13)
Aughnacur (Irl. C31.13/C41.13)
Bawn (Irl. C31.13/C41.13)
Behy (Irl. C31.13/C41.13)
Bohora (Irl. C31.13/C41.13)
Brankhill (Irl. C31.13/C41.13)
Bruse (Irl. C31.13/C41.13)
Cappagh (Irl. C31.13/C41.13)
Cloggy (Irl. C31.13/C41.13)
Drumalt (Irl. C31.13/C41.13)

Barony: Tullyhunco
Parish:  Killeshandra 
Film Irl C31.13/C41.13


Census Index: 1831 Londonderry & 1841 Cavan


Index to Officers in Cavan Militia 1708-1825
Film Irl Gen 43


Ordinance Survey Name Books
Corporation Minute Books  1708-1755
Minute Freemen's Oaths
Lists of Burgesses
List of persons entitled to graze beasts on town property
Corporation leases
Rules for Belturbet Plate Horse Race
Film Irl Gen 43



Parish Registers in Northern Ireland
Film Irl Gen 26
Parish Register printouts
Drung Christenings Item 2: 1735-1827
LDS Film 883696  


Tithe Applotment Books c1823 – 1838
Film Tithes N 3-5b

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