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County Armagh
Catalogue of Fiche, Film & CDs
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Church Records - Church of Ireland 

Church Records -

Church Records -
Roman Catholic



Electoral Lists

Estate Documents   - New


Manor Records


Miscellaneous Records

Muster Rolls

Parish Records

Poll Tax

Quaker Records    




Kilmore PR.  C. 1789-1795, 1799-1879,  M. 1799-1845,  B. 1824-1871,
Confirmations  1824,  Vestry Books  1733-1779, 1813-1944
Film Arm 10
Knocknamuckley PR.  C.  1838 - 1863,  M. 1838 - 1845,  B. 1853 - 1880
Alphabetical List of Names    C.   June 7 1863 - May 17 1866
Alphabetical List of Names    C.   May 23, 1866-April 14, 1869
Alphabetical List of Names    C.   April 14, 1869-August 6, 1876
Film Arm 2
Loughgall Parish
C.  1706-1729, 1779-1815,   M.  1706-1729, 1779-1815,  B. 1706-1729, 1813-1815
Film Arm 6
Loughgall Parish.   C.  1840-1872
Film Arm 7
Mullavilly Parishes [includes Tandragee Town]
C. 1821-1872,  M. 1821-1845,   B. 1821-1871.
Film Arm 8
Seagoe Parish [MIC:/1/74A/1]
C.      1672-1731, 1735-1821, 1829-1871
M.      1672-1731, 1735-1821, 1826-1841
B.      1672-1731, 1735-1821, 1829-1871
Film Arm 9


Loughgall Presbyterian Church Co. Armagh.C. 1842-1965,  M 1845-1879,  M 1881-1925

Film Arm 1
Lurgan PR 1746-1877
Baptisms with Index 1746-1775, 1843-1877
Book A 1805-1846, Book B 1801-1846, Book H 1806-1835 with Index
Names of Children & Persons Baptized C.1745-1758, 1758-1783,   M.1746-1759
C. 1843-1877,  Baptisms with Index C.1805-1846,
Baptisms Index [Book A] C. 1801-1846, Baptisms Index [Book B]  C. 1806-1835 [Book H]
Film Arm 4
1st Lurgan PR.
C. 1843-1878, C.1878-1949,  M. 1845-1851, M. 1851-1857,  M 1857-1976,   M.1876-1929   
Film Arm 5
Shankill, Hill Street Lurgan Church Records
C. 1861-1961,  M. 1864-1891,  M. 1892-1916
Congregation of 2nd Lurgan 1863,  Building Lease 1871-1886,  Building Lease 1884,   
Congregational Minutes Books1861-1871, Congregational Minutes Books1888-1889,
Congregational Minutes Books1891-1897
Film Arm 3


The Irish Catholic Directory, Almanac & Registry, 1889
Contents include:
Irish Diocesan Register, Province of Armagh, p118-142
INDEX of Irish Dioceses, p219
INDEX of Parishes & Post Towns in Ireland, p219-229
INDEX of Bishops, Priests & Curates, with Dioceses & Post-towns, p230-284
Provincials of Religious Orders in Ireland, p285
Film England IoM 3
Parish Registers in Northern Ireland
Film Irl Gen 26
Marriages for various years between 1827 and 1844 from Magheralin, Moira, Seagoe, Seapatrick and Shankill RC Churches
LDS Film 926081


Register of Prisoners in Armagh Jail, c1881
Film Irl Gen 29 


1805-6-7 Holden’s Triennial Directory of 85 Provincial Towns in Great Britain & Ireland
Includes Belfast
fiche England Gen 159
1820 Directory of Armagh Armagh
[Part of the Nick Vine Hall Collection
fiche Arm 3
1888 Bassett’s Book of Armagh


Electoral registers of Armagh 1851-1872
Film Irl Gen 26
Armagh County Townlands Elector lists 1841 & 1851
Film Irl Gen 27


Paterson collection of estate documents of counties Tyrone and Armagh, ca 1709-1901. Includes the following:

Calendar of Paterson documents 1709-1901 Item 1

Ledgers of Hugh Boyle, accounts of tenants on an estate in the parishes of Clonfeacle and Eglish, County Armagh 1851-1852 (Includes index to tenants) and 1861-1889. Items 2-3

Rent book of Keady estate, County Armagh, parishes of Keady & Derrynoose, 1833-1850 Item 4.
LDS Film 258637  


Irish INDEX No 2 Includes some Residents of Armagh


Manor Court of Armagh 1625-1627 Leases of Land
Miscellaneous [including Muster, Militia, etc.]  T.473 Antrim MSS, 1603-1814
Copy of extracts from the family papers of the Earl of Antrim 1924-1925
Grants of lands in County Antrim to Randall McDonald 1604-1629
Kintyre papers relative to Antrim. Earl of Antrim created Marquis 1644
Raising of £3,000 for arms against Scotland
Antrim Tenants
Film Irl Gen 30
Armagh Estates Tenants & Bog Rents 1840-1841
Charlemont and Cladymore Manors, including Maps, 1824 
Names of Tenants, description of land and its value
Charlemont Accounts 1850-1865

'Reference to the Book of Maps of the Turf Bogs situate in the Manors of Charlemont,
Cladymore & Castle Caulfield in the Counties of Armagh and Tyrone.'

Charlemont Estate, Bog Rents
Names of Tenants
Description of land and its value 1831-1834

'Survey & Valuation of the Turf Bogs, situate in the Manors of Charlemont & Cladymore, arranged according to the Residence of the Occupiers, forming a Book of Reference between the Rent Ledger and the Bog Maps, & showing the Location, Extent & Value of the Bogs, 1831.
The Moy Estate situate in Charlemont Manor.

The Manor of Castle Caulfield & Claymore Manor rentals
Tenants names, description of land and its value
'Maps of the Turf Bogs belonging to the Manors of Charlemont, Cladymore & Castle Caulfield in the Counties of Armagh & Tyrone,1828-1831.'

Bog occupiers of Aughtmagorgan, Corclea & Granemore County Armagh 1844-1845
Schedule of the leases of the Earl of Charlemont's Ulster Estates 
Names of Tenants, land descriptions and its value. County Armagh 1855-1945 
Includes Tenants names, description of land and its value & Maps   
Film Irl Gen 27
Incumbered Estates Court, Sale of Lands of Marlacoobeg, Rentals
Rental of the Archbishop of Armagh 1615  
Film Irl Gen 29

Forkhill Estate Armagh    
Film Irl Gen 29
Southwell Rent Roll 1742
Robert Maxwell Rent Roll 1742-1743
Leases, Bonds of Co. Armagh 1783-1842  
Film Irl Gen 34



Townland Maps of County Armagh
fiche Arm 1
PRONI Pre-Ordnance Survey Maps & Plans, Surveys & Valuations
Film Irl Gen 26


The Armagh County Museum Records An interesting and under used source
 fiche Arm 2
Miscellaneous [including Electoral Rolls]
State of Diocese of Derry & Armagh, 1693 [Lists of clergy, state of churches, etc.]
School registers & Rent Rolls, 1700-1865
Inch School Records, 1840-1847
Southwell Rent Roll 1742
Annacloy School Roll 1825-1865
Robert Maxwell Rent Roll 1742-1743
Peace Book warrants 1663-1844
High Sheriffs of Co. Armagh 1656-1704
Leases, Bonds of Co. Armagh 1783-1842
Creggan Parish 1611-1840
Film Irl Gen 34



Muster Roll Springhill Corps 27 January 1852
Armagh Militia [A-C] 1808
Will of Richard Gervais Ker 1823 
Film Irl Gen 30

The Muster Roll of Armagh 1630, p131-164
Men in alpha sequence from 1831-c1855, with many interesting observations relative to issues of arms, transfers to Armagh Militia, police, etc. also details such as deaths & enrolments.
Seagrove Yeomanry, Journal Occurrence & Memorandum Book 1820 [1792-1839]
Armagh Militia Records
8th The Armagh Regiment 1793-1833
75th Regiment 1833-1854
75th Armagh Light Infantry 1854-1881
3rd Battalion Princess Victoria's Regiment 1881-1907
Officers serving in the Armagh Regiment 1801, 1813, 1854
Officers serving in the Light Infantry 1855,1857-1859,1864-1865,1868-1871, 1874-1881
Officers serving in 3rd Battalion Princess Victoria's [Royal Irish Fusiliers]1881-1907
Film Irl Gen 28



Parish Registers in Northern Ireland
Film Irl Gen 26
Grange Parish Armagh 
Film Irl Gen 29
History of the Parish of Portadown Armagh. Includes:
List of Chairmen of Town Commissioners & Clerks 1828-1901
History of the Parish
History of the Parochial Schools 
List of Clergy of Portadown Parish 1826-1899
List of Church Wardens 1826-1901 
Parochial Treasurers & Secretaries of Select Vestry 1870-1899
Organists 1859-1897
Film Irl Gen 29



County Armagh Poll Tax 1660
Film Irl Gen 29

Removal certificate book Lurgan Monthly Meeting 1796-1914
Film Arm 11
Richhill Monthly Meetings, Kilmore Parish
Meeting minutes 1793-1952
Marriage Register 1847-1913
Births 1878-1920
Births 1812-1878
Burials 1812-1920
Marriages 1816-1850
Register of members
Film Arm 12


See alphabetical set of Tithe films below
Tithe Applotment Books of Northern Ireland  c1823-1838 [Books]
Film Tithes N 38-66
Tithe Applotment Books of Northern Ireland  c1823-1838 [Index to Surnames]
Film Tithes N 1-35 
Tithe Applotment Books of Northern Ireland  c1823-1838 [Iindex to Townlands]
Film Tithes N 36-37


Armagh District Registry
Armagh District Will Book 1861-1864
Film Arm W1
Armagh District Will Book 1864-1868
Film Arm W2
Armagh District Will Book 1858-1861
Film Arm W3
Armagh District Will Book 1872-1875
Film Arm W4
Armagh District Will Book 1877-1879
Film Arm W5
Armagh District Will Book 1880-1881
Film Arm W6
Armagh District Will Book 1882-1883
Film Arm W7
Armagh District Will Book 1884-1885
Film Arm W8
Armagh District Will Book 1886-1887
Film Arm W9
Armagh District Will Book 1888-1889
Film Arm W10
Armagh District Will Book 1890
Film Arm W11
Armagh District Will Book 1891
Film Arm W12
Armagh District Will Book 1892
Film Arm W13
Armagh District Will Book 1893
Film Arm W14
Armagh District Will Book 1894
Film Arm W15
Armagh District Will Book 1895
Film Arm W16
Armagh District Will Book 1896
Film Arm W17
Armagh District Will Book 1897
Film Arm W18
Armagh District Will Book 1898
Film Arm W19
Armagh District Will Book 1899
Film Arm W20
Armagh District Will Book 1900
Film Arm W21

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