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Alexander Henderson Awards for 2016
for the Best Australian Family History

1st Place

BOOK - The Complete History of Arthur and Rose: the Martin, Jacka, Crougey and Commbe families in Cornwall and South Australia.

AUTHOR  Tony and Wendy Edwards.

2nd Place

BOOK - The Baggotts from Herbertstown.

AUTHOR  Margaret Vines.

3rd Place

BOOK - Pioneer Brothers: Henry and John Muller, their heritage and descendants, 1715-2015.

AUTHOR  Margaret Fleming and Marie Dickson.

Entrants     Listed in order of receipt

BOOK - At The Toss of a Coin He Came to Australia: a family history and the story of George Robertson Pirie.

AUTHOR  Anne McKernan.

BOOK - In Morse Code: tracing the family histories of James, Charles & Edwin Morse who migrated to Van Diemen's Land between 1842 & 1855.

AUTHOR  Alan F. Dyer.

BOOK - A Picture of Pitchers, tales of a Dorset Diaspora.

AUTHOR  Robyn Crocker.

BOOK - You Canít Turn the Clock Back: the story of Wilfred Hirst and Edna Senior, their forebears and descendants.

AUTHOR  Dale Hirst.

BOOK - Two Crosses: Ephraim and Jack Ė a proletarian history.

AUTHOR Jack Cross.

BOOK - A Publicanís Life in Early Sydney: Charles James Bullivant, Ensign.

AUTHOR  Margaret Miller and Grahame Thom.

BOOK - The Family of Captain Henry Miller: from Ulster to Australia, a journey.

AUTHOR Bronwyn Cunnington.

BOOK - A Cornish Songline.

AUTHOR Robert Gribben.




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