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Seminars & Workshops 2014
handson workshop

Seminar - Short Hands-On Family History Workshops

Presenter: Alex Glennie

Wednesday August 6th
Monday August 11th
Wednesday August 20th
Wednesday August 27th
A presentation of some family history resources, with Scottish examples, showing how to find elusive ancestors in a variety of ways. Each session is the same -- all will run from 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm, and each will include a "Hands-On" workshop.

NOTE: Maximum 10 participants per session.

Bookings are essential

$15 for members, $17.50 for non-members

1/41 Railway Road, Blackburn 3130

Phone 9877 3789 or email to book your place.

Sunday 2nd
2.00 - 4.00pm

  $15 members
  $17.50 non-members

Seminar - Heirs and Estates

Kath Ensor has many years of experience working for the State Trustee.

Kath Ensor
(State Trustees)

Sunday 2nd
2.00 pm

  $15 members
  $17.50 non-members

Seminar - Meeting Lady Teviot: Wills and Administrations
Lady Teviot is one of the foremost Family Historians in the UK.   Come along and make the most of a rare opportunity to share her knowledge and experience.

Lady Teviot

Sunday 30th
2.00 - 4.00pm

  $15 members
  $17.50 non-members

Seminar - Preparing for your Overseas Trip
Making adequate preparations for your research trip overseas can save you time and money.   Come along for advice on what you can do before you leave in order to get the most out of your expedition.

Douglas Browning

Sunday 27
2.00 - 4.00pm

  $15 members
  $17.50 non-members

Seminar - Finding Families Using Today's Resources
Learn about Facebook, Twitter, creating webpages, etc. Come along and learn what online resources can help, and where they can be found.

Meg Bate
(Victorian GUM Inc.)
Sunday 25
2.00pm - 4.00pm

  $15 members
  $17.50 non-members
Seminar - Legacy
Legacy Family Tree software is available as a free download from Vic GUM and from Learn the basics of its use in this presentation and discussion session.
Note -- not a workshop, so your own laptop will not be required.
Patsy Daly
(Victorian GUM Inc.)
Sunday 29
2.00 - 4.00pm

  $15 members
  $17.50 non-members
Seminar - Workhouses in England
We will occasionally find that members of our family spent some time in workhouses. Why were they there? What were conditions like? Where to find them?
Jenny Harkness
Sunday 27
11am - 4.00pm

  ˝ day $15
  full day $25
  ˝ day $17.50
  full day $30
Seminar - National Archives
Find out what valuable resources are available for Family History and how to access them.
Douglas Browning
  (England & Wales)
Lyn Thorne
David Thomson
Wednesday 6
Monday 11
Wednesday 20
Wednesday 27
3pm - 5.00pm

  $15 members
  $17.50 non-members
Workshop - Hands-On
A presentation of some Family History resources, with Scottish examples showing how to find elusive ancestors in a variety of ways. Includes a hands on session.

Limit of 10 per session (Each session will be the same presentation)
Alex Glennie
Sunday 28
2pm - 4.00pm

  $15 members
  $17.50 non-members
Seminar - The Lads Who Came Home
We hear a lot about life in the trenches in WW1 but what happened to the soldiers after the War?
Charlie Farrugia
Saturday 25
Sunday 26
10am - 4.00pm each day

  $18 members
  $20 non-members
  children gold coin
Exhibition - Bygone Days
A rare opportunity to view examples of beautiful Victorian women’s dress, and accessories. Also on display will be some examples of domestic life. You can enjoy a walk in Rosanna parklands as well.

Bookings essential -- please state which day, and a preference for morning or afternoon.
Sunday 30
11am - 4.00pm

  $15 members
  $17.50 non-members

Family History Forum
Faced with some brick walls or difficult problems? Talk to expert consultants to help find answers.
Venue: Blackburn RSL Hall, 2 Diggers Way, Blackburn Shopping Centre.
Consultants for
England, Scotland,
Ireland, Australia and
Europe Family History Programmes
Cost of seminars & workshops is $15 for members and $17.50 for non-members unless stated otherwise.  Bookings are essential.









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